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Monster often a type of grotesque creature

A monster is often a type of grotesque creature, whose appearance frightens and whose powers of destruction threaten the human world's social or moral order.

This is a list of lists of dragons.

The following is a list of lists of legendary creatures, beings and entities from the folklore record. Entries consist of legendary and unique creatures, not of particularly unique individuals of a commonly known species.

English folklore examples, orgins, and histories various parts of english folklore.

English folklore consists of the myths and legends of England, including the English region's mythical creatures, traditional recipes, urban legends, and folktales. English folklore encompasses the traditional Robin Hood tales, the Brythonic-inspired Arthurian legend, and the more contemporary urban legends and monsters such as the Beast of Bodmin Moor. English folklore takes a heavy influence from Pagan tradition, with a number of figures, legends, and creatures being adapted from the pre-Christian traditions of the region. This Pagan influence means that English folklore generally differs between regions in the country, however some myths pervade most of the country.

Sigbin Philippine mythical creature

The Sigbin or Sigben is a creature in Philippine mythology said to come out at night to suck the blood of victims from their shadows. It is said to walk backwards with its head lowered between its hind legs, and to have the ability to become invisible to other creatures, especially humans. It resembles a hornless goat, but has very large ears which it can clap like a pair of hands and a long, flexible tail that can be used as a whip. The Sigbin is said to emit a nauseating odor.

Korean dragon

Korean dragons are legendary creatures in Korean mythology and folklore. The appearance of the dragon reflects its relation to its East Asian counterparts, including the Chinese dragons.

Philippine mythical creatures Wikimedia list article

Philippine mythical creatures are the mythical beasts, monsters, and enchanted beings of more than 140 ethnic groups in the Philippines. Each ethnic people has their own unique set of belief systems, which includes the belief in various mythical creatures. Due to this, there has been around 500 recorded different mythical creatures in Philippine mythology, each belonging to specific belief systems of certain ethnic peoples. Although the number may be expanded into around a thousand, as the mythical creatures of more than a hundred ethnic groups in the country have yet to be recorded and published by scholars. There are also some mythical creatures in Philippine mythology that have been imported or altered due to colonialism and globalization, nonetheless, majority have retained their indigenous beliefs rooted in folklore.

Philippine folk literature

Philippine folk literature refers to the traditional oral literature of the Filipino people. Thus, the scope of the field covers the ancient folk literature of the Philippines' various ethnic groups, as well as various pieces of folklore that have evolved since the Philippines became a single ethno-political unit.

Mythic humanoids are mythological creatures that are part human, or that resemble humans through appearance or character.

Legendary creature supernatural animal, generally a hybrid, sometimes part human, whose existence cannot be proven, described in legends, myths, fables, folklore

A legendary, mythical and mythological creature, also called a fabulous creature and fabulous beast, is a supernatural animal, generally a hybrid, sometimes part human, whose existence has not or cannot be proved and that is described in folklore but also in historical accounts before history became a science.

Lists of humanoids Wikipedia list article

Lists of humanoids cover humanoids, imaginary species similar to humans. They are organized by type, and by medium.

Outline of fantasy Overview of and topical guide to fantasy

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to fantasy:

Kanglei mythology

Kanglei mythology or Manipuri mythology or Meitei mythology are the body of narrative myths, originally told by the Meitei people and a genre of Ancient Meitei folklore. Kanglei mythology forms one of the main characteristics of the art and culture of Manipur including Meitei literature.