Miller/Knox Lagoon

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Miller/Knox Lagoon is a lake in Richmond, California. [1]



The lake is fed by underground salt water from San Pablo Bay and is man-made.[ citation needed ] It is located in the Pt. Richmond neighborhood. [1] The pond is located within Miller/Knox Regional Park. [1] The hole in the ground that was filled to form a water body was formerly part of quarries used during public works in the city of Richmond during the World War II home front.[ citation needed ]

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Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline is a 295-acre (1.19 km2) bayside park near the Brickyard Cove neighborhood of the Point Richmond District in Richmond, California.

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Brickyard Cove is a body of water in the Brickyard Cove neighborhood of the Point Richmond area of Richmond, California. The cove is situated between the Harbor Channel, a deepwater shipping channel that connects the San Francisco Bay with the Port of Richmond and the mainland. The cove is located between Point Potrero and Ferry Point. A marina is located in the cove and the Red Oak Victory part of Rosie the Riveter/World War II Homefront National Historic Park is docked in the western end of the cove.

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Giant was an unincorporated community, now within Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, and annexed to Richmond in Contra Costa County, California. It lies at an elevation of 23 feet.

Hilltop Lake Park, United States, is a city of Richmond, California park in the San Francisco Bay Area situated at Richmond Parkway and Lakeside Drive in the Hilltop neighborhood. The park encompasses Hilltop Lake and several tributaries of Garrity Creek, a grasslands covered canyon. It is located between housing and Hilltop Mall Shopping Center and is a small pristine area surrounded by otherwise developed urban and suburban areas consisting of waterfowl and wildlife wetlands habitat. The park has 35 acres and the city is trying to further develop the park with a small visitor center, pier in the lake, trails, and accessibility with the surrounding area including the Richmond-Hilltop Y.M.C.A..

Duvall Lake is located in Pope Valley, east of the Napa Valley. It covers 17 acres (6.9 ha) and was completed in 1940.

Sans Souci Valley was the name of a valley in San Francisco, California, in the area corresponding to present day's Lower Haight and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods. This valley once allowed excess storm water to flow from Buena Vista Hill and Lone Mountain, through the Panhandle, to the area located near Duboce Park, along the path today known to cyclists as The Wiggle. The creek was not a surface creek in the dune region except as overflow.


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Coordinates: 37°54′57″N122°23′11″W / 37.9159°N 122.3863°W / 37.9159; -122.3863