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GenreSupernatural [1]
Anime television series
Directed by Masakazu Obara
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Music by Yuki Kajiura
Yuriko Kaida (Vocals)
Studio Sunrise
Licensed by
Original network TV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Tokyo
Original run October 6, 2005 March 30, 2006
Episodes26 + 10 specials (List of episodes)
Original video animation
My-Otome: The Holy Maiden's Prayer
Studio Sunrise
ReleasedMarch 26, 2010
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My-Otome (舞-乙HiME, Mai-Otome) is an anime series created by Sunrise. Directed by Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, it is a spinoff of My-HiME anime series and as such My-Otome takes place in a new setting with new main characters.


The series originally premiered on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2005 to March 30, 2006. An OVA sequel to the series, My-Otome Zwei , has been made and released in Japan, and a prequel, My-Otome 0: S.ifr , has been completed. The series was licensed for North American distribution by Bandai Entertainment. Zwei leaves the story open for future sequels, and Sifr for future prequels. At Otakon 2013, Funimation Entertainment had announced that they have rescued My-Otome, along with a handful of other former BEI titles. [2] They also announced at the 2017 New York Comic Con that they will release My-HiMe , My-Otome, and a My-Otome Zwei + My-Otome 0: S.ifr pack, all on Blu-Ray + DVD combo packs on January 8, 2018. [3] They will start pre-orders on October 15, 2017. [4]

A new series was announced in June 2008, later announced as the My-HiME EXA manga. [5]


My-Otome's story takes place in the distant future on the planet Earl, colonized by immigrants from Earth centuries ago. "Old technology" has survived in the form of nanomachines that allow female virgins to take the role of Meister Otomes - bodyguards, attendants and warriors that serve the royalty of various kingdoms.

Arika Yumemiya has come to Windbloom Kingdom in search of her mother, whom Arika knows was an Otome. On her arrival she meets the top Coral Otome student, Nina Wáng, and Windbloom's heir to the throne, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom. The series follows Arika's progress as a student at Garderobe Academy and the machinations of those desiring the destructive power of the old technology for themselves.


Arika is first introduced in the first episode where she travels through the desert to Windbloom to find out more information about her mother, whom she was told was an Otome. After seeing the power of the 3rd Column, Shizuru, she decides to follow her mother and become an Otome. She is sometimes nicknamed Anty (Arinko-chan in Japanese) because her name, Arika, could be "蟻か" in Japanese, which means ant. The way her head turns into an ant's head is a way to show how she feels when someone calls her this nickname (which must have followed her all her life). She is cheerful and optimistic, but lacks the sophistication and "common sense" to deal with the royalty (due to her being a country bumpkin). She quickly gets acquainted with the other Corals and Pearls in Garderobe and becomes good friends with most of them, mainly Nina Wáng and Erstin Ho, her roommates.

Nina Wáng the top student in the Coral class and also one of Arika's roommates. She hails from Artai, a poorer kingdom than Windbloom with no Otome of its own. She and Nao are intended to fill this void and serve their country after graduating. Her father is Sergay Wáng, Nagi's right-hand man who is also part of the military. Arika found out that Nina was very sensitive to being tickled, which she enjoys exploiting. Nina is serious, determined and hard working because she wants to win the love of her adoptive father Sergay. Nina holds mixed feelings towards Arika. She is jealous of Arika's connections with Sergay and often annoyed with her cluelessness, but she shows friendship towards her on occasion. Nina's friend, Erstin Ho, was also her roommate who was in love with her.

In My-Otome, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom is the princess (and later Queen) of Windbloom. Her personality is completely opposite to her My-HiME incarnation. Rather than the polite, selfless and reserved attitude of the former, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom is boisterous, selfish, and arrogant. There are doubts on whether she is the true ruler - doubts which prove correct when the true ruler of Windbloom is discovered by Sergay Wáng. Mikoto the cat is her pet. She has a love-hate relationship with Nagi, leaning more towards the 'hate' end of the spectrum. It was never made clear in My-HiME what her true age was but in My-Otome it is explicitly said that she is 14 years old and later turns 15.

She first met Nina and Arika when she was evading her palace guards by attempting to jump to the next building's roof. When she fell the two rushed to her aid. Believing the guards to be kidnappers, they then helped her escape. Arika, who was raised in the country, was completely clueless as to Mashiro's arrogant attitude toward her, even when she showed them that she was the princess in which Nina apologized for their ignorance.

As time passed, Mashiro pushed the people around her harder and harder. She would repeatedly shirk her responsibilities as queen in order to visit Garderobe and laugh at Arika's clumsy attempts at Otome training. When the date of her birthday drew near, she increased the taxes to raise more money for the rebuilding of her castle and her own birthday celebration. As Sergay Wáng noted, the city was suffering from increasing unemployment. Small glimpses of her past revealed that when Mashiro was young, she was completely spoiled as a child, being given virtually anything she wanted on demand. When she overheard some of the rumors that she was not the true princess, Mashiro's behavior worsened due to her highly increased feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

During an emergency, she formed a contract with Arika to save their lives. Unfortunately for the two, the search for ways to break the contract yielded no answers. While Mashiro and Arika were initially very opposed to their contract, its life-binding conditions actually created a break in the tension between them, and they slowly began to bond.

A mysterious traveler who watches over Arika. Her uniform is similar to her Searrs "Mithril Dress" from My-HiME except it has long pants instead of shorts. Overtime, she would stay with Mai Tokiha and the Crystal Princess, Mikoto, in the Black Valley.

The My-Otome manga follows an alternate storyline; in it, Mashiro Blanc de Windbloom is actually a male imposter attending classes at Garderobe as a replacement for the real Mashiro after she was "killed" but later it is revealed that he is Mashiro's twin brother and the true heir. The manga was serialized in Shōnen Champion.

A spin-off manga titled My-Otome Saga: Ryū to Otome no Namida (舞-乙HiME列伝(マイオトメ・サガ) 竜と乙女の涙, Mai-Otome Retsuden: Ryū to Otome no Namida, lit. "My-Otome Saga: The Dragon and the Maiden's Tear"), set 100 years into the past of the My-Otome anime, was serialized in MediaWorks' Dengeki G's Magazine between February 2007 and July 30, 2007, containing five chapters. The manga is accompanied by a novel based on the same premise and characters but with a different title, My-Otome Saga: Ayane Kōrin♥Hen (舞-乙HiME列伝(マイオトメ・サガ) アヤネ降臨♥篇, Mai-Otome Retsuden: Ayane Kōrin♥Hen, lit. "My-Otome Saga: Ayane's Descent♥Chapter"), which is being published by Tokuma Shoten under their Tokuma Dual Bunko label. This novel and manga are part of the My-HiME Big Bang Project, a plan to release a large amount of products related to My-HiME and My-Otome in Japan in the year 2007. As of now, only six products within this project have been revealed so far. [6]

There is also a spin-off manga called My-Otome Arashi (舞‐乙HiME嵐, Mai-Otome Arashi), which takes place immediately after the events of My-Otome.

In addition, there's also a PlayStation 2 Game called My-Otome: Otome Butōshi!! (舞-乙HiME 乙女舞闘史!!, Mai-Otome: Otome Butōshi, lit. "My-Otome: Otome Dance Fight Chronicles!!")), which narrates all the main story outline of My-Otome, and highlights all the Dance Fights between Otomes.

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Erica Friedman extensively reviewed the series on her blog, Okazu. She called it a "total gyroscope of a story," noting various lesbian characters, and asked what writer had the girls "trek cross-country in the woods wearing bloomers and boots," saying that is absurd. [7] In reviews of other episodes, Friedman praised the story for "fast and furious" action and noted that there is some yuri moments. [8] She says that later episodes offer a "mixed bag" of such moments, saying that the series remains a "silly, action comedy-drama with loads of service frosting." [9]

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Naomi Shindō is a Japanese voice actress who works for Aoni Production. She is best known for her voice roles as Shizuru Fujino (Mai-hime), and Cagalli Yula Athha. She was born in Kyoto Prefecture, and her nickname is Cindy (シンディー).


My-HiME is a Japanese anime series, created by Sunrise. Directed by Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, it premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo from September 2004 to March 2005. The series focuses on the lives of HiMEs—girls with the capacity to materialize photons—gathered at Fuka Academy for secret purposes.

Ai Shimizu Japanese voice actress and professional wrestler

Ai Shimizu is a Japanese voice actress and professional wrestler. She has a career as a singer, signed to Lantis. She has released 14 singles and four albums. She covered Yumi Matsutoya's "Toki o Kakeru Shōjo" as the B-side of her first single "Angel Fish" in 2003. She is known to have a close relationship with Mai Nakahara, having collaborated in eight anime where most of the characters they voiced in together had close connections: DearS, Kage Kara Mamoru!, My-HiME, My-Otome, My-Otome Zwei, Please Twins!, Sola, Strawberry Panic! and the Lucky Star drama CD. Shimizu has worked sporadic professional wrestling matches since December 2013.

As is the case with most anime series, My-HiME has several soundtracks available.

Minami Kuribayashi

Minami Kuribayashi is a Japanese singer, songwriter, lyricist and voice actress from Shizuoka Prefecture. From 2016 to 2019, she performed under the stage name Minami.

Mika Kikuchi is a Japanese actress, voice actress and singer affiliated with BLACK SHIP.

Mashiro, a Japanese surname, may refer to:

My-Otome is the manga counterpart to Sunrise's My-Otome series, following a storyline different from that of the anime. It is authored by Hajime Yatate, Tatsuhito Higuchi (scenario), Hiroyuki Yoshino (scenario) and Kenetsu Satō (art). During its 44-chapter run, it was published in Akita Shoten's Shōnen Champion, with its first publication in August 2005, two months prior to the release of the anime. It is a semi-fusion of the Mai-Hime anime and manga.

<i>My-Otome Zwei</i>

My-Otome Zwei is a Japanese OVA anime series, created by Sunrise. Directed by Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino, it consists of four episodes, which were released across three-month intervals and is the sequel to the original My-Otome anime series. It is published in Japan by Bandai Visual and North America initially by Bandai Entertainment. At Otakon 2013, Funimation Entertainment had announced that they have rescued My-Otome Zwei, along with a handful of other former BEI titles. They also announced at the 2017 New York Comic Con that they will release My-HiMe, My-Otome, and a My-Otome Zwei + My-Otome 0: S.ifr pack, all on Blu-Ray + DVD combo packs on January 8, 2018. They will start pre-orders on October 15, 2017.

<i>My-HiME</i> (manga)

My-HiME is a manga based on Sunrise's My-HiME series, following a storyline different from that of the anime. It is authored by Hajime Yatate, Noboru Kimura (scenario), and Kenetsu Satō (art). During its 44-chapter run, it was published in Shōnen Champion. It has been licensed for English distribution by Tokyopop; all five volumes have been released. There is another My-HiME manga titled My-HiME EXA.

Yugo Takahashi is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production.

<i>My-HiME Destiny</i>

My-HiME Destiny is a light novel series published in Hobby Japan's monthly magazine, Novel Japan. It is the third universe established by the My-HiME Project. Like the My-Otome universe that went before it, it uses many elements from the My-HiME anime and manga series, such as the same character names and designs but with different lead characters and a different premise. Currently twelve chapters have been released.

<i>My-Otome 0: S.ifr</i>

My-Otome 0: S.ifr is a 2008 anime OVA produced by Sunrise and directed by Hisayuki Hirokazu, the former My-Otome character designer. It was developed as a prequel to the other My-Otome films of the time. The peculiar name "0~S.ifr~" relates to the number zero.

<i>Harukoi Otome</i>

Harukoi Otome: Otome no Sono de Gokigen'yō is a Japanese adult visual novel, developed by BaseSon and released on January 27, 2006. It is playable on Windows as a DVD.

Mai is a name that is used as a given name and a surname.

<i>Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys</i>

Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys is a 12-episode anime series co-produced by A-Real and Project No.9. It aired from April to June 2017.

<i>Stardust Wink</i> Shōjo manga series

Stardust Wink is a Japanese shōjo manga series by Nana Haruta. Stardust Wink was serialized in the monthly manga magazine Ribon from the February 2009 issue to the February 2013 issue.

<i>Kakushigoto: My Dads Secret Ambition</i>

Kakushigoto: My Dad's Secret Ambition is a Japanese comedy manga series by Kōji Kumeta. It was serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Magazine from December 2015 to July 2020, and has been collected in twelve tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by Ajia-do Animation Works aired from April to June 2020. A compilation film has been announced.


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