North Antrim (Assembly constituency)

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Coordinates: 54°57′50″N6°10′26″W / 54.964°N 6.174°W / 54.964; -6.174


North Antrim
Northern Ireland Assembly
Parliamentary Constituency
North Antrim shown within Northern Ireland
Current constituency
Created 1973
Seats6 (1996–2016)
5 (2017–)
  •   Jim Allister (TUV)
  •   Paul Frew (DUP)
  •   Philip McGuigan (SF)
  •   Mervyn Storey (DUP)
  •   Robin Swann (UUP)
Districts Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

North Antrim (Irish: Aontroim Thuaidh, Ulster Scots: North Anthrim) is a constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The seat was first used for a Northern Ireland-only election for the Northern Ireland Assembly, 1973. It usually shares boundaries with the North Antrim UK Parliament constituency, however the boundaries of the two constituencies were slightly different from 1983 to 1986 as the Assembly boundaries had not caught up with Parliamentary boundary changes.

In 1996 members of the Northern Ireland Forum were elected from the newly drawn Parliamentary constituencies but the 51st Parliament of the United Kingdom, elected in 1992 under the 1983–95 constituency boundaries, was still in session. However the boundaries of North Antrim were not changed in the 1996–1997 redistribution.

Members were elected from the constituency to the 1975 Constitutional Convention, the 1982 Assembly, the 1996 Forum and then to the current Assembly from 1998.

For further details of the history and boundaries of the constituency, see North Antrim (UK Parliament constituency).


1973 John O'Hagan
Hugh Wilson
(Alliance Party)
7 seats
William Craig
John Baxter
David McCarthy
James Craig
Ian Paisley
1974 by-election Clifford Smyth
1975 John Turnley
William Wright
David Allen
Ken McFaul
1982 Sean Farren
Seán Neeson
(Alliance Party)
Joe Gaston
Roy Beggs
Cecil Cousley
Jim Allister
Jack McKee
1996 5 seats
Robert Coulter
5 seats
Ian Paisley Jr.
1998 6 seats
James Leslie
6 seats
Gardiner Kane
2003 Philip McGuigan
(Sinn Féin)
Mervyn Storey
2007 Declan O'Loan
Daithí McKay
(Sinn Féin)
June 2010
Paul Frew
2011 Jim Allister
Robin Swann
David McIlveen
2016 Phillip Logan
August 2016
Philip McGuigan
(Sinn Féin)
2017 5 seats
5 seats
5 seats

Note: The columns in this table are used only for presentational purposes, and no significance should be attached to the order of columns. For details of the order in which seats were won at each election, see the detailed results of that election.


Northern Ireland Assembly


2017 Assembly election: North Antrim – 5 seats [1]
Sinn Féin Philip McGuigan 15.87,6007,6017,7297,7697,9609,780
UUP Robin Swann 12.56,0226,0326,0496,1276,9668,413
TUV Jim Allister 12.96,2146,2156,2297,5647,6797,8347,989
DUP Paul Frew 14.56,9756,9776,9847,0557,1357,1997,231
DUP Mervyn Storey 14.36,8576,8636,8686,8966,9657,0137,066
DUP Phillip Logan 11.95,7085,7095,7115,7765,8105,8405,860
SDLP Connor Duncan7.33,5193,5273,6653,7594,992
Alliance Patricia O'Lynn5.42,6162,6552,7213,030
TUV Timothy Gaston3.11,5051,5061,509
Green (NI) Mark Bailey1.1530547580
Independent Republican Monica Digney0.9435454
Independent Adam McBride0.2113
Electorate: 76,739  Valid: 48,094  Spoilt: 424 (0.87%)  Quota: 8,016  Turnout: 63.22% (48,518)


    2016 Assembly election: North Antrim – 6 seats
    TUV Jim Allister 13.25,3995,4105,4275,4585,7885,8417,600
    DUP Paul Frew 13.25,4295,4355,4495,4635,6545,7175,8226,095
    DUP Mervyn Storey 13.15,3825,3955,4035,4285,4815,5665,5925,7108,443
    DUP Phillip Logan 8.93,6353,6423,6513,6723,7243,7593,8344,1314,7247,165.24
    UUP Robin Swann 8.73,5853,6193,6444,3064,4234,7764,8415,2175,4205,545.44
    Sinn Féin Daithí McKay 12.95,2975,3025,3505,3535,3745,4595,4625,4665,4735,473.98
    SDLP Connor Duncan7.53,0933,1463,2453,2473,2763,8513,8573,8643,8793,886.84
    DUP David McIlveen 7.83,2093,2123,2133,2303,2563,2733,3223,604
    TUV Timothy Gaston4.81,9551,9591,9651,9912,1042,123
    Alliance Stephen McFarland3.21,3181,3971,6581,6711,718
    UKIP Donna Anderson2.51,0271,0421,0641,070
    UUP Andrew Wright2.0821826831
    Green (NI) Jennifer Breslin1.2513593
    NI Labour Kathryn Johnston0.6243
    NI Conservatives James Simpson0.292
    Electorate: 78,337  Valid: 40,998  Spoilt: 466 (1.12%)  Quota: 5,857  Turnout: 52.93%


      2011 Assembly election: North Antrim – 6 seats
      DUP Paul Frew 16.36,581
      Sinn Féin Daithí McKay 15.36,152
      DUP Mervyn Storey 13.36,083
      DUP David McIlveen 8.13,2753,8263,8323,8333,9413,9744,0636,594
      UUP Robin Swann 6.22,5182,5472,5662,5662,8292,8404,5784,9915,557
      TUV Jim Allister 10.14,0614,0934,6564,6574,7454,7594,9635,1895,430
      SDLP Declan O'Loan 9.13,6823,6893,6894,0364,6394,6414,7454,7984,816
      DUP Evelyne Robinson8.13,2563,3813,4053,4063,5393,7543,990
      UUP Bill Kennedy5.42,1892,2072,2372,2412,5642,583
      Alliance Jayne Dunlop4.61,8481,8601,8681,883
      TUV Audrey Patterson1.7668670
      Electorate: 74,760  Valid: 40,313  Spoilt: 670 (1.63%)  Quota: 5,760  Turnout: 54.82%


        2007 Assembly election: North Antrim – 6 seats
        DUP Ian Paisley 17.47,716
        Sinn Féin Daithí McKay 15.97,065
        DUP Ian Paisley Jr. 13.86,1067,264.04
        UUP Robert Coulter 11.45,0475,065.875,088.365,090.455,133.605,542.666,578.66
        DUP Mervyn Storey 11.75,1715,251.245,946.875,947.206,023.906,070.766,186.836,923.83
        SDLP Declan O'Loan 7.43,2813,282.363,282.623,583.363,755.173,955.914,001.134,060.824,071.826,498.23
        DUP Deirdre Nelson6.22,7402,762.952,891.782,894.422,953.202,987.043,042.713,534.804,044.804,091.99
        SDLP Orla Black4.82,1292,130.022,130.802,411.192,536.832,764.852,803.262,838.632,844.63
        UK Unionist Lyle Cubitt4.21,8481,858.541,874.531,874.641,971.352,052.112,148.85
        UUP Robin Swann2.91,2811,289.671,298.251,298.691,311.801,466.24
        Alliance Jayne Dunlop2.81,2541,255.191,257.401,267.741,298.25
        Independent Republican Paul McGlinchey0.9383383383482.44
        Independent James Gregg0.7310313.23319.21320.09
        Electorate: 72,814  Valid: 44,331  Spoilt: 324  Quota: 6,334  Turnout: 44,655 (61.3)


          2003 Assembly election: North Antrim – 6 seats
          DUP Ian Paisley 19.88,732
          DUP Ian Paisley Jr. 17.97,898
          UUP Robert Coulter 14.56,385
          DUP Mervyn Storey 8.23,6055,787.607,152.20
          Sinn Féin Philip McGuigan 14.06,1956,1956,195.206,195.206,198.206,198.266,199.466,207.946,496.94
          SDLP Sean Farren 8.33,6483,649.683,652.083,654.883,666.283,666.613,689.603,920.825,980.43
          UUP James Currie7.13,1533,247.083,320.683,598.683,676.363,735.984,041.244,975.045,049.97
          SDLP Declan O'Loan 5.42,3612,362.682,363.682,365.082,374.362,374.482,381.692,515.36
          UK Unionist Nathaniel Small0.9402444505779.40824.96825.60997.20
          Alliance Jayne Dunlop2.0867873.44883.64896.64914.40915.20953.14
          Independent Gardiner Kane 1.4623677.60703.20788.20819.88820.74
          PUP Billy McCaughey 0.5230244.84254.04297.64
          Electorate: 70,489  Valid: 44,099  Spoilt: 533  Quota: 6,300  Turnout: 44,632 (63.3)


            1998 Assembly election: North Antrim – 6 seats
            DUP Ian Paisley 21.310,590
            DUP Ian Paisley Jr. 9.04,4597,551.10
            SDLP Sean Farren 12.96,4336,433.996,434.236,479.236,662.278,300.27
            UUP Robert Coulter 10.95,4075,440.995,451.275,501.825,636.245,644.245,660.396,760.586,797.987,832.98
            UUP James Leslie 7.03,4583,480.113,486.953,509.553,702.173,713.503,733.054,465.624,473.875,335.745,991.097,580.09
            DUP Gardiner Kane 7.33,6383,776.934,053.734,107.234,242.284,247.694,249.394,285.124,290.164,327.914,344.065,818.10
            Sinn Féin James McCarry4.12,0242,0242,024.242,044.282,200.282,379.282,815.332,837.284,892.885,135.685,144.185,153.98
            Independent Unionist William Wright 6.63,2973,415.803,4613,515.223,730.243,731.283,733.833,791.253,792.953,955.604,002.35
            Alliance Jayne Dunlop4.62,2822,285.632,287.192,331.922,456.032,523.032,870.683,031.603,146.70
            Sinn Féin Joe Cahill 4.12,0212,0212,021.042,025.042,079.042,157.042,488.542,496.24
            UUP Patricia Campbell4.42,1992,207.582,210.782,226.562,350.952,361.952,401.90
            SDLP Malachy McCamphill4.01,9821,982.991,983.272,002.312,075.31
            PUP Richard Rodgers1.3641648.59653.15666.49
            Independent Republican Oliver McMullan 1.0478478.33478.49502.49
            Ulster Democratic Maurice McAllister0.8400414.85419.85422.08
            Independent Chris McCaughan0.4194195.32195.84
            Natural Law John Wright0.3156171.51179.03
            Independent Thomas Palmer0.13839.9844.06
            Electorate: 73,247  Valid: 49,697  Spoilt: 864  Quota: 7,100  Turnout: 50,561 (69.0)

              1996 Forum

              Successful candidates are shown in bold. [2]

              DUP Ian Paisley
              Ian Paisley Jr.
              Gardiner Kane
              Samuel McConaghie
              Maurice Mills
              UUP Robert Coulter
              Joe Gaston
              William Wright
              James Leslie
              James Simpson
              SDLP Sean Farren
              Dick Kerr
              Patrick McAvoy
              Malachy McCamphill
              Malachy McSparran
              Sinn Féin James McCarry
              Christine McAuley
              Alliance David Alderdice
              Gareth Williams
              UK Unionist Harry Gordon
              Laura Lyle
              Ulster Democratic Kenneth Blair
              Winston McConnell
              Independent McMullan Oliver McMullan
              John Robb
              PUP Mervyn Craig
              Alan Elder
              NI Women's Coalition Teresa Godfrey
              Irene Leacock
              Carol Nevin
              NI Conservatives Elizabeth Armstrong
              Mary Noble
              Labour coalition Robert Margrain
              Benjamin Adams
              Mark McKavanagh
              Niall Mulholland
              Ulster Independence Agnes McLeister
              Ivan McLaughlan
              Green (NI) Maria McAllister
              Graham Gingles
              Roger Frew
              Democratic Partnership Christopher McCaughan
              Paul Cunningham
              Workers' Party Rosemary McBride
              Pat Scullion
              Democratic Left Alan Darnbrook
              Colm McGinn
              Natural Law Francis Chalmers
              John Wright
              Independent Chambers Ryan Hay
              Jean Arbuthnot

              1982 Assembly Election

              1982 Assembly election: North Antrim – 8 seats
              DUP Ian Paisley 15.39,231
              DUP Jim Allister 9.65,8357,113
              UUP Joe Gaston 9.75,8565,9966,2516,2736,2967,669
              SDLP Sean Farren 8.35,0065,0075,0505,0505,1425,1465,1468,175
              Alliance Seán Neeson 5.43,2583,2733,3843,3855,2795,3115,3315,5056,830
              DUP Jack McKee 7.54,5154,8574,9225,2955,3065,3245,3325,3445,3457,872
              UUP Roy Beggs 8.14,8854,9775,0755,0875,1805,7636,4806,4896,4986,586
              DUP Cecil Cousley 6.84,1334,5434,6754,7784,7864,9745,0325,0405,0495,5406,835
              UUP Charles Brown6.03,6063,6413,6983,7033,7584,2274,5634,5644,5734,8154,885
              DUP Ken McFaul5.33,1533,3403,3853,4403,4483,4743,4813,4873,493
              SDLP Michael O'Cleary5.53,3213,3233,3573,3573,3743,3743,374
              UUP David Burnside 4.22,5422,5912,7192,7242,756
              Alliance Thomas Benson3.62,1702,1742,2602,261
              UUUP Robert Glass0.7444486
              Independent Unionist Price McConaghy0.6357380
              Ecology Malcolm Samuel0.5295297
              Electorate: 104,683  Valid: 60,510  Spoilt: 1,543 (2.49%)  Quota: 6,512  Turnout: 62,053 (59.28%)

                1975 Constitutional Convention

                1975 Constitutional Convention: North Antrim – 8 seats
                DUP Ian Paisley 31.119,335
                DUP Ken McFaul 12.37,65811,454.20
                DUP Clifford Smyth 9.35,80610,640.80
                Alliance Hugh Wilson 7.44,6014,691.604,720.404,757.065,764.625,964.796,007.796,098.908,243.90
                SDLP John Turnley 7.94,8884,901.804,909.604,913.115,030.315,032.315,967.115,985.486,012.089,240.08
                Vanguard William Wright 4.42,7613,4695,030.806,081.856,087.856,121.796,126.776,721.766,946.986,970.187,001.187,096.04
                Vanguard David Allen 3.62,2683,044.404,017.604,964.524,978.485,032.545,038.915,416.525,939.965,972.356,016.356,113.69
                UUP Adam Erwin2.81,7512,141.602,6543,087.293,099.873,153.363,156.964,712.675,669.625,722.815,794.816,066.37
                SDLP Denis Haughey 5.43,3713,375.203,378.803,379.583,434.173,439.374,781.174,786.974,817.57
                Unionist Party NI Iris Agnew5.03,1383,256.803,309.603,370.833,398.614,459.484,464.084,593.92
                UUP William Rainey2.61,5872,204.402,540.402,825.492,838.072,935.822,940.42
                SDLP James McClements3.72,3182,3242,326.402,328.742,375.132,376.73
                Unionist Party NI Samuel Murphy2.31,4251,497.601,528.201,553.941,580.93
                Alliance Maurice McHenry2.11,3111,3381,348.201,356.78
                Electorate: 103,469  Valid: 62,218  Spoilt: 866  Quota: 7,778  Turnout: 63,064 (60.9%)

                  1974 by-election to the Northern Ireland Assembly election, 1973

                  1974 by-election: North Antrim – 1 seat
                  DUP Clifford Smyth 61.829,739
                  SDLP John Turnley 21.610,421
                  UUP Iris Agnew11.55,546
                  Alliance Jack Fawcett5.02,430
                  Electorate: 104,168  Valid: 48,136  Spoilt: 0  Quota: 24,069  Turnout: 48,136 (46.7%)


                    1973 Assembly election: North Antrim – 7 seats
                    DUP Ian Paisley 20.414,553
                    UUP John Baxter 12.69,009
                    Vanguard William Craig 12.08,53810,025.07
                    SDLP John O'Hagan 8.76,2046,209.076,209.656,217.656,217.716,217.716,549.816,714.406,715.426,826.596,827.5911,100.59
                    Alliance Hugh Wilson 4.02,8762,896.282,900.342,914.342,915.652,931.263,252.114,122.844,132.586,431.236,593.656,938.768,666.76
                    UUP David McCarthy 7.25,1255,269.695,322.185,330.965,384.275,401.755,450.665,462.325,553.905,617.616,930.926,936.316,946.3111,704.31
                    DUP James Craig 5.43,8715,117.835,415.085,419.835,421.585,532.835,548.305,562.096,537.826,553.086,772.116,774.506,776.507,082.157,829.15
                    DUP Clifford Smyth 3.62,5724,749.765,087.905,090.875,092.725,296.625,320.435,332.076,008.136,022.896,117.676,118.686,121.686,334.636,828.63
                    UUP Trevor Strain5.53,9374,049.714,074.944,076.944,085.964,093.954,119.724,129.244,168.984,198.155,895.285,903.285,909.28
                    SDLP John Turnley 6.14,3764,379.124,379.124,381.124,381.164,381.454,522.854,603.254,605.254,748.664,751.14
                    UUP Samuel Steele4.63,2943,358.743,377.883,381.883,394.813,427.193,459.733,473.183,533.353,589.79
                    Alliance Phelim O'Neill 2.41,7011,713.871,715.031,717.031,7181,721.292,095.672,868.382,878.83
                    Vanguard David Burnside 2.11,5051,634.481,840.381,850.451,855.432,029.442,039.922,045.99
                    Alliance William Kelly2.31,6721,685.261,688.741,720.131,720.961,732.301,997.08
                    NI Labour Patrick McHugh1.2830840.14841.88989.22989.43994.22
                    Alliance James Miller0.9651671.67676.60680.60681.46682.24
                    Vanguard Thomas Seymour0.4315478.80606.11609.11609.58
                    NI Labour Robert Binnie0.3240246.24247.69
                    Electorate: 99,635  Valid: 71,249  Spoilt: 1,040  Quota: 8,907  Turnout: 72,289 (72.6%)

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