Sony Music Philippines

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Sony Music Philippines, Inc.
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment [1]
Founded1995 (re-opened in 2018 (2018))
Country of origin Philippines
Location27th Floor, IBP Tower, Julia Vargas Avenue corner Jade Drive, Ortigas Center, 1605 Pasig, Metro Manila

Sony Music Philippines, Inc. is a record label based in the Philippines, which was founded in 1995 [2] as an imprint [3] of the international music label Sony Music Entertainment and a part of its Asia-Pacific chain. After the closure of the local label caused by widespread piracy problem in the Philippines on 2012, [4] it resumed its operations on 2018. [5]


Sony Music also released video karaoke VCDs versions of the label's songs in the Philippines.


In 1995, after OctoArts International (now PolyEast Records) signed a distribution deal with EMI, Sony Music Philippines was established with its first office at the Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong. [2] In 2005, as an after-effect of the Sony BMG merger (which happened a year earlier), it merged with Bertelsmann's local label BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc. (itself founded in the 1980s) to become Sony BMG Music Entertainment Philippines. [6] In 2009, the label was renamed Sony Music Entertainment Philippines.

After the label closed its Manila office in 2012, Sony Music signed with Ivory Music and Video (formerly Ivory Records) as the exclusive licensee of its international releases in the Philippines. [5] This was the first time since the early 1990s (under OctoArts) that international Sony Music releases were licensed by an independent Philippine label.

Upon the Sony Music Philippines reopening in 2018, the label held a press event one year later, announcing the new roster of artists signed to them which includes Ben&Ben, The Vowels They Orbit, Alex Bruce, Syd Hartha, and the band Nathan & Mercury. [7]

In the same year, Filipino boy band SB19 signed a recording contract with the label. [8]



Offmute (sublabel)


BMG Records (Pilipinas)

Sony Music Entertainment Philippines

Sony BMG Music Entertainment Philippines

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