Sweden national rugby league team

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Team information
Governing body Sweden Rugby League
Region Europe
Head coachSebastian Johnson-Cadwell
Captain Fabian Wikander
IRL ranking 30, as of November 2019th
Team results
First international
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 20 - 20 Norway  Flag of Norway.svg
(Gothenburg, Sweden; 30 October 2010)
Biggest win
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 50 - 16 Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
(Łódź, Poland; 12 October 2019)
Biggest defeat
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark 122 - 8 Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
(Copenhagen, Denmark; 28 April 2012)

The Sweden national rugby league team (nicknamed the Barbarians) was founded in 2008.


For more Swedish stats, news, team results and more visit Sweden's RLEF Page.


Rugby League in Sweden was founded by Scott Edwards in 2008. The first competitive rugby league on Swedish soil was the 2nd annual Scandinavian Nines Tournament, hosted by Spartacus Reds in Gothenburg in April 2010. [1] Following the success of the 9's competition, a domestic league was founded in 2011, comprising three teams - Borås Ravens, Spartacus Reds and Gothenburg Lions. [2]

Sweden competed in their first rugby league international on 30 October 2010 when they drew 20 - 20 against Norway. Robin Larsson was the first player to score a try for Sweden.

Sweden earnt their first international rugby league win in July 2013, beating Norway in the Nordic Cup 40–22 in Oslo. [3] Later in the year, Sweden would win their first ever silverware, after they beat Denmark in August. This victory secured Sweden's first ever Nordic cup title.

In 2015 Impact Prowear became the proud sponsors of Sweden Rugby League providing the kits for both the National team as well as all 4 domestic teams in the Impact Prowear Swedish Rugby League for the next three seasons.

All-time results record

TeamFirst PlayedPlayedWinDrawLossPoints ForPoints AgainstLast Meeting
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic 2015110040122015
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark 201161051043102016
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 2017200228522018
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 201082151622442018
Flag of Poland.svg Poland 2019110050162019


12 October 2019Sweden def. Poland 50-16FriendlyŁódź, PolandNot known
13 October 2018 Norway def. Sweden 46-6FriendlyGothenburg, SwedenNot known
22 September 2018 Netherlands def. Sweden 24-4FriendlyGothenburg, SwedenNot known
9 September 2017 Netherlands def. Sweden 28-24FriendlyOslo, NorwayNot known
17 June 2017 Norway def. Sweden 38-18 Nordic Cup Oslo, NorwayNot known
7 August 2016 Norway def. Sweden 50-18 Nordic Cup Copenhagen, DenmarkNot known
16 July 2016 Norway def. Sweden 40-24 Nordic Cup Stockholm, SwedenNot known
17 October 2015 Norway def. Sweden 30-20 Nordic Cup Oslo, NorwayNot known
30 August 2014Sweden def. Norway 24-12 Nordic Cup Kävlinge, SwedenNot known [4]
16 August 2014 Denmark def. Sweden 44-6 Nordic Cup Copenhagen, DenmarkNot known
17 August 2013Sweden def. Denmark 38-12 Nordic Cup Kävlinge, SwedenNot known
24 July 2013Sweden def. Norway 40-22 Nordic Cup Oslo, Norway Not known [5]
28 July 2012 Norway def. Sweden 36-10 Nordic Cup Stockholm, SwedenNot known [6]
28 April 2012 Denmark def. Sweden 122-8 Test match Gladsaxe Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark 500+ [7]
2 July 2011 Denmark XIII def. Sweden 52-18 Nordic Cup Spartacus Rugby Club, Gothenburg, SwedenNot known [8]
30 October 2010Sweden drew Norway 20-20 Nordic Cup Spartacus Rugby Club, Gothenburg Not known [9]
IRL World Rankings
Official Men's Rankings as of November 2019
1Increase2.svg 2Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand
2Decrease2.svg 1Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia
3Decrease2.svg 1Flag of England.svg  England
4Steady2.svgFlag of Tonga.svg  Tonga
5Steady2.svgFlag of Fiji.svg  Fiji
6Increase2.svg 4Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg  Papua New Guinea
7Steady2.svgFlag of Samoa.svg  Samoa
8Decrease2.svg 2Flag of France.svg  France
9Decrease2.svg 1Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
10Decrease2.svg 1Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon
11Increase2.svg 5Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
12Steady2.svgFour Provinces Flag.svg  Ireland
13Increase2.svg 1Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
14Decrease2.svg 3Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
15Increase2.svg 4Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia
16Increase2.svg 1Flag of Malta.svg  Malta
17Increase2.svg 1Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
18Decrease2.svg 3Flag of the United States.svg  United States
19Increase2.svg 4Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
20Decrease2.svg 7Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica
21Decrease2.svg 1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
22Increase2.svg 3Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
23Increase2.svg 5Flag of the Cook Islands.svg  Cook Islands
24Increase2.svg 7Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey
25Decrease2.svg 1Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
26Increase2.svg 4Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
27Decrease2.svg 6Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada
28New.pngFlag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria
29Decrease2.svg 2Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg  Solomon Islands
30Increase2.svg 10Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
31Increase2.svg 4Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
32Increase2.svg 1Flag of Chile.svg  Chile
33New.pngFlag of Ghana.svg  Ghana
34Increase2.svg 16Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco
35Decrease2.svg 3Flag of Vanuatu.svg  Vanuatu
36Steady2.svgFlag of South Africa.svg  South Africa
37Decrease2.svg 8Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
38New.pngFlag of Cameroon.svg  Cameroon
39Decrease2.svg 2Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
40Increase2.svg 1Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia
41Increase2.svg 4Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil
42Steady2.svgFlag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
43Increase2.svg 4Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
44Increase2.svg 4Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria
45Increase2.svg 4Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia
*Change from July 2019

Current squad

22 September 2018 vs Netherlands; [10]

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The 2018–19 Rugby League European Championship C is the initial phase of European qualifying to the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. The series involves two pools of three teams in a round-robin tournament. These matches took place between 16 June and 15 September 2018.


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