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T3 Transit
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ParentCity of Charlottetown
Locale Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Service area urban area
Service type bus service
Fleetapproximately 12
Daily ridership250,000 per year
OperatorTrius Tours Limited
Website http://triustransit.ca/
Original 2005 transit branding Charlottetown Transit logo.png
Original 2005 transit branding

T3 Transit is a Canadian public transport company operating buses throughout the capital region of Prince Edward Island, including Charlottetown and the towns of Cornwall and Stratford.

Founded in 2005 as Charlottetown Transit, the 150th anniversary year of the city's incorporation. It is funded by the municipal and federal levels of government and provides service throughout the city's neighbourhoods. The province of Prince Edward Island does not provide transit subsidies toward the service. The last attempt at public transit was in the form of Charlottetown Urban Transit Systems Limited from late 1979 to 1981.

The name "Charlottetown Transit" was merely a marketing name and not a legally incorporated company. All buses are owned by the City of Charlottetown but are operated under contract by privately owned Trius Tours Limited.

In February, 2012, Charlottetown Transit changed its name to T3 Transit - Take Transit Today. The new brand offers services to Charlottetown, Cornwall, and Stratford, as well as a Summerside and County Line Express.

Most buses are designed to have the appearance of a tram or streetcar and were constructed by Dupont Industries (Thomas MVP EF Champlain 1608 LF and HF), as well as MCI Classic buses). The trolley buses are smaller than conventional transit bus designs and must be able to navigate the narrower streets and intersections in the city's downtown core.

Current operations have 10 bus routes running from Monday to Friday with reduced routes on Saturday as follows:

In 2018, T3 Transit ran a demonstration with an electric bus, an American made New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE. The company is considering upgrading its fleet in the future to electric buses. [1] If government funding goes through, the buses will be delivered 2020 or 2021. [2]

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Bus companies in Ontario range in scale from small family run businesses to subsidiaries of large international transportation groups. Many operate yellow school buses for student transportation on behalf of local school boards, while others concentrate on luxury coach charters and tours. Some municipalities use these private companies to run their public transit systems.

Public Schools Branch (PSB), formerly the English Language School Board or ELSB, is a Canadian school district in Prince Edward Island.

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