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The Tobique River (pro. Toe-Bick) is a river in northwestern New Brunswick, Canada. The river rises from Nictau Lake in Mount Carleton Provincial Park and flows for 148 kilometres to its confluence with the Saint John River near Perth-Andover. [1]

The Tobique River Flows in a general southwesterly direction down through Victoria County, New Brunswick. The Tobique is formed just outside the small community of Nictau, New Brunswick. It is made through the conjoining of the two main tributaries known as the Little Tobique River and the Campbell River. After the river forms in Nictau, it travels down through many small communities. These communities are Riley Brook, Blue Mountain Bend, Oxbow, and Three Brooks. It then passes through the town of Plaster Rock, where just below it is joined by the Wapske River. The Tobique flows west from there, past the Tobique First Nation, to the Saint John River. Just before the Tobique Dam, facing the dam, there is a beach to the left side, which is private property and a heavy rock cut to the right. This makes for very beautiful pictures during the fall foliage. In the summer the Tobique River is a popular tourist attraction for boating and kayaking. During the month of July, it is host to the Fiddlers on the Tobique river run.

The Tobique Narrows Dam was built between 1951 and 1953 by NB Power approximately one kilometre from the river's mouth. [2]

The river is named for a Maliseet chief Noel Tobec (1706-1767) who lived at the mouth of the river. [3] [4]

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Route 109 is a highway in New Brunswick, Canada; Its western terminus starts along the Tobique River on Route 105 in Perth-Andover. The route travels east where the route is known as Gulch Road passing through Craig Flats, Quaker Brook and Currie where it begins following the Tobique River again. The route then passes through Licford and Arthurette where it crosses the Tobique River briefly merging with Route 390 from the south side to the north side continuing to follow the river east. The route passes by Picadilly then passes by eastern terminus of Route 380 in Saint Almo. The route continues through Three Brooks and the western terminus of Route 395, then passes Ox Island entering Linton Corner where the route is now known as Main Street as it enters Plaster Rock. The route ends at the intersection of Route 108 and Route 385 near Roulston Lake, a distance of 35.9 kilometres.

The Tobique Narrows Dam is a hydroelectric dam built on the Tobique River in the Canadian province of New Brunswick and operated by NB Power corporation. Its power house has a capacity of 20 megawatts.

The Tinker Dam is a hydroelectric dam built in Tinker on the Aroostook River in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, and operated jointly by WPS Energy and NB Power. Its power house has a capacity of 34 megawatts.

The Beechwood Dam is a hydroelectric dam built on the Saint John River in the Canadian province of New Brunswick and operated by NB Power corporation. Its power house has a capacity of 113 megawatts.

Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, established in 1970, is the largest provincial park in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. It encompasses 174 square kilometres (67 sq mi) in the remote highlands of north-central New Brunswick. The park is a lesser-known gem of the Atlantic Canadian wilderness. Some outdoor enthusiasts refer to it as the "Algonquin of New Brunswick."

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The proposed sale of NB Power was an attempted takeover of New Brunswick's government-owned public utility assets by Hydro-Québec, Canada's largest utility. Announced on October 29, 2009 by premiers Shawn Graham and his Quebec counterpart, Jean Charest, the deal ultimately collapsed in March 2010, after months of controversy.

Route 385 is a 88-kilometre (55 mi) long mostly east–west secondary highway in the northwest portion of New Brunswick, Canada.

Route 390 is a 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) long mostly east–west secondary highway in the northwest portion of New Brunswick, Canada.

The Becaguimec Stream is a minor tributary of the Saint John River in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick. It rises in the hilly woods along the county line dividing Carleton County, Canada from York County, Canada in the western region of the province. Its watershed is adjacent to the South Branch of the Southwest Miramichi River, the Nashwaak River, the Keswick River and the Nackawic Stream.


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