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Deputy Secretary of the Treasury of the United States
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Seal of the Department of Treasury
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Flag of the Deputy Secretary of Treasury
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Justin Muzinich

since December 12, 2018
U.S. Department of Treasury
Reports to Secretary of the Treasury
Seat Washington, D.C.
AppointerThe President
with Senate advice and consent
Term length No fixed term
FormationFebruary 16, 1981 (1981-02-16)
First holder R. T. McNamar
Salary Executive Schedule, level 2
Website www.treasury.gov

The Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, in the United States government, advises and assists the Secretary of the Treasury in the supervision and direction of the Department of the Treasury and its activities, and succeeds the secretary in the secretary’s absence, sickness, or unavailability. The deputy secretary plays a primary role in the formulation and execution of Treasury policies and programs in all aspects of the department's activities. [1] In addition, the deputy secretary is the only official other than the secretary who can sign a Treasury Order, which is a document that delegates authority residing in the secretary or deputy secretary to another Treasury official, establishes Treasury policy, and establishes the reporting relationships and supervision of officials. [2] Former Deputy Secretaries include Roger Altman, [3] Lawrence Summers, [4] Stuart E. Eizenstat, [5] Kenneth W. Dam, [6] and Samuel Bodman. [7]

The office of deputy secretary is the successor of the "Under Secretary of the Treasury", the former chief deputy to the secretary. Today, several officials hold the title of "Under Secretary" of the Treasury. Among those who served as under secretary when it was the number-two position in the department include Dean Acheson, Henry Morgenthau Jr., John W. Hanes II, and O. Max Gardner (1946–47). [8] [9]

The current Deputy Secretary is Justin Muzinich. President Donald Trump announced his nomination of Muzinich on March 13, 2018. The nomination was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on a vote of 55–44. [10] [11]

On November 30, 2020, President-Elect Joe Biden announced that he would be nominating Adewale "Wally" Adeyemo as U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. If confirmed, Adeyemo would become the first African American Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.

List of Deputy Secretaries of the Treasury

#ImageNameTerm beganTerm ended Secretaries of the Treasury Serving Under President(s) served under
1 Blank.png R. T. McNamar 20 January 1981 [12] 7 October 1985 Donald Regan Ronald Reagan
James Baker
2 Richard Darman 1983 9.jpg Richard G. Darman 7 October 1985 [13] 28 August 1987
3 M Peter McPherson at lectern in 1981 (cropped).jpg M. Peter McPherson 15 October 1987 [14] 20 January 1989
Nicholas F. Brady
4 Blank.png John E. Robson 20 January 198930 December 1992 [15] George H.W. Bush
5 Blank.png Roger Altman 20 January 19932 April 1994 Lloyd Bentsen Bill Clinton
6 Blank.png Frank N. Newman [16] 3 April 19945 March 1995
Robert Rubin
7 Lawrence Summers Treasury portrait.jpg Lawrence Summers 11 March 19958 August 1999
8 2018-us-nationalbookfestival-stuart-eizenstat.jpg Stuart E. Eizenstat 22 September 199920 January 2001
Lawrence Summers
9 Kenneth Dam.jpg Kenneth W. Dam 20 January 200113 July 2004 Paul H. O'Neill George W. Bush
10 Samuel Bodman.jpg Samuel Bodman August 2004January 31 2005 John W. Snow
11 Robert Kimmitt, official Treasury photo.jpg Robert M. Kimmitt August 16, 2005January 20, 2009
Henry Paulson
12 Neal S. Wolin official portrait.jpg Neal S. Wolin May 18, 2009August 31, 2013 Timothy Geithner Barack Obama
13 Sarah Bloom Raskin official portrait.jpg Sarah Bloom Raskin March 19, 2014January 20, 2017 Jack Lew
14 Justin Muzinich counselor.jpg Justin Muzinich December 12, 2018Incumbent Steve Mnuchin Donald Trump
15 Wally Adeyemo.jpg Wally Adeyemo Nominee Janet Yellen (Nominee) Joe Biden

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