Athletics at the 1998 Commonwealth Games – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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The men's 20 kilometres walk event at the 1998 Commonwealth Games was held on 17 September in Kuala Lumpur.

Athletics at the 1998 Commonwealth Games

At the 1998 Commonwealth Games, the athletics events were held at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 16–21 September 1998.

Kuala Lumpur Capital of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, officially the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, or commonly known as KL, is the national capital and largest city in Malaysia. As the global city of Malaysia, it covers an area of 243 km2 (94 sq mi) and has an estimated population of 1.73 million as of 2016. Greater Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Klang Valley, is an urban agglomeration of 7.25 million people as of 2017. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Southeast Asia, in both population and economic development.



Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
Nicholas A'Hern Flag of Australia.svg  Australia 1:24:59
Arturo Huerta Flag of Canada.svg  Canada 1:25:49
Nathan Deakes Flag of Australia.svg  Australia 1:26:06
Darrell Stone Flag of England.svg  England 1:26:37
David Kimutai Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 1:26:57
Teoh Boon Lim Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia 1:27:47 PB
Martin Bell Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 1:29:20
Julius Sawe Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya 1:29:23
Harbans Narinder Singh Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia 1:30:13
10 Chris Maddocks Flag of England.svg  England 1:30:21
11 Tim Berrett Flag of Canada.svg  Canada 1:31:19
12 Andrew Drake Flag of England.svg  England 1:32:04
13 Steve Partington Flag of the Isle of Man.svg  Isle of Man 1:32:15
14 Brent Vallance Flag of Australia.svg  Australia 1:36:29
15 Mohd Sharrulhaizy Abdul Rahman Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia 1:36:32 PB
16 Dip Chand Flag of Fiji.svg  Fiji 1:52:47
17 Pradeep Chand Flag of Fiji.svg  Fiji 2:03:38