Auckland Future

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Auckland Future
Founded 2016
Political position Centre-right
Colors     Blue
SloganMake it happen
Auckland Council [1]
0 / 20
Auckland Local Board Members
4 / 149

Auckland Future is a political ticket which runs for seats on the Auckland Council. It campaigned on a fiscally conservative platform.



Auckland Future has a four-point policy for a fiscally conservative Auckland. It consists of the following pledges; [2]

  1. Keeping rates low
  2. Cutting waste
  3. Reducing staff costs
  4. Getting debt under control

The ticket was formed in order to combat dissatisfaction with the status quo in the Auckland Council while under Mayor Len Brown, who served two terms 2010-16. Auckland Future's aims were to ensure that rates are kept low and that it could be held accountable by those who elected them for any pledges it committed to. [3]

Many National Party members supported the ticket, and given that National does not run candidates in local body elections, the support from its members was an indication of the party's support for Auckland Future. [4] Like the National Party, Auckland Future intends to be a fiscally conservative ticket and much of the policy is ideologically aligned with the National Party. However, the vote seemed split with Communities and Residents, a more traditional centre-right local body ticket, who returned more candidates to the Council than Auckland Future, including former National MP and Mayor of Auckland City Christine Fletcher. [5]

Elected Representatives

Current Representatives [6]

Local Boards

Former Representatives


Local boards

Election results

ElectionCandidates nominatedSeats won
Local Board CandidatesCouncil CandidatesLocal Board SeatsCouncil Seats
2016 [7] 29/1499/20
4 / 149
1 / 20


Auckland Future is governed by a by a 10-member board, which in 2017 was made up of; [8]


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