Australian Christians (political party)

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Australian Christians
PresidentTrevor Young
Founded2011;10 years ago (2011)
Split from Christian Democratic Party
Headquarters16 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park, Western Australia, 6017
Ideology Conservatism
Social conservatism
Christian right
Political position Right-wing
Religion Protestant Christianity

The Australian Christians is a political party in Australia that is described as socially conservative and Christian-conservative. It was founded in 2011, and registered with the Australian Electoral Commission on 15 December 2011. [2] The party's candidates are all committed Christians, "seeking to be a voice for Christian values". [3]


The party aims to represent Christian values, appealing to the 2.7 million voters who go to church at least once a month. [4] It was formed after the Victorian and Western Australian branches of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) voted to form a new party. The party has endorsed senate candidates in Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and plans to expand into South Australia and Queensland. [5] The party has decided not to operate in New South Wales, where the CDP has one seat in the Legislative Council. [6]

The party contested the 2012 Melbourne state by-election, receiving about 1% of the vote. The party contested the 2013 Western Australian state election, receiving 1.95% of the vote. [7]

It also contested the 2013, 2016 and 2019 federal elections. At the 2016 federal election, Australian Christians fielded senate candidates for Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland and a total of eighteen candidates for seats in the House of Representatives across Victoria and Western Australia

The Party has been growing across Western Australia, and has contested all State and by-elections since 2011. The Party is headquartered in Osborne Park, WA.

In May 2017, Cory Bernardi, the leader of the Australian Conservatives, met the national and Victoria state leaders of the Australian Christians to discuss a merger between the two parties. [8] In September 2017, the Victoria state leadership of the Australian Christians agreed to merge the branch with the Conservatives, whilst the WA branch remained. The Western Australian branch continues to function and is standing candidates in that state for both the House of Representatives and the Senate at the 2019 federal election. [9] It fielded candidates at the 2021 WA state election but did not win any seats.

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Results of the 2013 Australian federal election (Senate)

The following tables show state-by-state results in the Australian Senate at the 2013 Australian federal election.

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The Australian Conservatives was formed in July 2016 as a conservative political activist group in Australia and as a political party in February 2017. It was led by Cory Bernardi, who had been elected to the Senate for the Liberal Party, but resigned citing disagreements with the Liberal/National Coalition, its policies and leadership under Malcolm Turnbull.


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