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This is a complete list of all of New Zealand's national cricket captains at official international level. As such it includes details of all the men who have captained at least one Test match or One Day International, all boys who have captained in at least one Youth Test or Youth ODI, and all women who have captained at least one women's Test match or women's one-day international. New Zealand became a full member of the Imperial Cricket Conference (now the International Cricket Council) on 31 May 1926 at the same time as India were made up to full membership, and their first-class cricket matches against other full member nations since that date have been Tests.


Men's cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand national cricket team for at least one Test match. Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player deputised for the appointed captain or was appointed for a minor proportion in a series.

The table of results by end of the New Zealand tour to Pakistan in 2022/23.

New Zealand Test match captains [1]
NumberPortraitNameYearOppositionLocationPlayedWonLostDrawnWin %
1 Tom Lowry 1931.jpg Tom Lowry 1929–30 England New Zealand4013
1931 England England3012
2 Curly Page and Stewie Dempster 1931.jpg Curly Page 1931–32 South Africa New Zealand2020
1932–33 England New Zealand2002
1937 England England3012
3 Walter Hadlee (cropped).jpg Walter Hadlee 1945–46 Australia New Zealand1010
1946–47 England New Zealand1001
1949 England England4004
1950–51 England New Zealand2011
4 Bert Sutcliffe 1958.jpg Bert Sutcliffe 1951–52 West Indies New Zealand2011
1953–54† South Africa South Africa2020
5 Merv Wallace (cropped).jpg Merv Wallace 1952–53 South Africa New Zealand20110.00
6 Geoff Rabone 1953.jpg Geoff Rabone 1953–54 South Africa South Africa3021
1954–55 England New Zealand2020
7 Harry Cave 1957.jpg Harry Cave 1955–56 Pakistan Pakistan3021
1955–56 India India5023
1955–56† West Indies New Zealand1010
8 John Richard Reid.jpg John R. Reid 1955–56 West Indies New Zealand3120
1958 England England5041
1958–59 England New Zealand2011
1961–62 South Africa South Africa5221
1962–63 England New Zealand3030
1963–64 South Africa New Zealand3003
1964–65 Pakistan New Zealand3003
1964–65 India India4013
1964–65 Pakistan Pakistan3021
1965 England England3030
9 Murray Chapple 1965/6† England New Zealand10010.00
10 Barry Sinclair MNZM (cropped).jpg Barry Sinclair 1965–66 England New Zealand2002
1967–68† India New Zealand1010
11 Graham Dowling 1967–68 India New Zealand3120
1968–69 West Indies New Zealand3111
1969 England England3021
1969–70 India India3111
1969–70 Pakistan Pakistan3102
1970–71 England New Zealand2011
1971–72† West Indies West Indies2002
12 Bevan Congdon 1971–72 West Indies West Indies3003
1972–73 Pakistan New Zealand3012
1973 England England3021
1973–74 Australia Australia3021
1973–74 Australia New Zealand3111
1974–75 England New Zealand2011
13 Glenn Turner 1975–76 India New Zealand3111
1976–77 Pakistan Pakistan2020
1976–77 India India3021
1976–77 Australia New Zealand2011
14 John Morton Parker, cricketer.jpg John Parker 1976/7† Pakistan Pakistan10010.00
15 Mark Burgess 1977–78 England New Zealand3111
1978 England England3030
1978–79 Pakistan New Zealand3012
1980–81† Australia Australia1010
16 Geoff Howarth 1979–80 West Indies New Zealand3102
1980–81 Australia Australia2011
1980–81 India New Zealand3102
1981–82 Australia New Zealand3111
1982–83 Sri Lanka New Zealand2200
1983 England England4130
1983–84 England New Zealand3102
1983–84 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3201
1984–85 Pakistan New Zealand3201
1984–85 West Indies West Indies4022
17 Jeremy Coney 1984–85 Pakistan Pakistan3021
1985–86 Australia Australia3210
1985–86 Australia New Zealand3102
1986 England England3102
1986–87 West Indies New Zealand3111
18 Jeff Crowe 11986–87 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1001
1987–88 Australia Australia3012
1987–88 England New Zealand2002
19 John Wright 1990 (cropped).jpg John Wright 1987–88† England New Zealand1001
1988–89 India India3120
1988–89 Pakistan New Zealand2002
1989–90 Australia Australia1001
1989–90 India New Zealand3102
1989–90 Australia New Zealand1100
1990 England England3012
20 Martin Crowe 2011.jpg Martin Crowe 11990–91 Pakistan Pakistan3030
1990–91 Sri Lanka New Zealand2002
1991–92 England New Zealand3021
1992–93 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe2101
1992–93 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2011
1992–93 Australia New Zealand3111
1993–94 Australia Australia1001
21 Ian Smith 1990–91† Sri Lanka New Zealand10010.00
22 Ken Rutherford 1992–93 Pakistan New Zealand1010
1993–94† Australia Australia2020
1993–94 Pakistan New Zealand3120
1993–94 India New Zealand1001
1994 England England3012
1994–95 South Africa South Africa3120
1994–95 West Indies New Zealand2011
1994–95 South Africa New Zealand1010
1994–95 Sri Lanka New Zealand2011
23 Lee Germon cricketer.jpg Lee Germon 1995–96 India India3012
1995–96 Pakistan New Zealand1010
1995–96 Zimbabwe New Zealand2002
1995–96 West Indies West Indies2011
1996–97 Pakistan Pakistan2110
1996–97 England New Zealand2011
24 Stephen Fleming ONZM (cropped).jpg Stephen Fleming 1996–97† England New Zealand1010
1996–97 Sri Lanka New Zealand2200
1997–98 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe2002
1997–98 Australia Australia3021
1997–98 Zimbabwe New Zealand2200
1998 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3120
1998–99 India New Zealand2101
1999 England England4211
1999–2000 India India3012
1999–2000 West Indies New Zealand2200
1999–2000 Australia New Zealand3030
2000–01 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe2200
2000–01 South Africa South Africa3021
2000–01 Zimbabwe New Zealand1001
2000–01 Pakistan New Zealand3111
2001–02 Australia Australia3003
2001–02 Bangladesh New Zealand2200
2001–02 England New Zealand3111
2002 Pakistan Pakistan1010
2002 West Indies West Indies2101
2002–03 India New Zealand2200
2003 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2002
2003–04 India India2002
2003–04 Pakistan New Zealand2011
2003–04 South Africa New Zealand3111
2004 England England3030
2004–05 Bangladesh Bangladesh2200
2004–05 Australia Australia2020
2004–05 Australia New Zealand3021
2004–05 Sri Lanka New Zealand2101
2005 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe2200
2005–06 West Indies New Zealand3201
2005–06 South Africa South Africa3021
2006–07 Sri Lanka New Zealand2110
25 Dion Nash 1998–99 South Africa New Zealand30120.00
26 Daniel Vettori ONZM (cropped).jpg Daniel Vettori 2007–08 South Africa South Africa2020
2007–08 Bangladesh New Zealand2200
2007–08 England New Zealand3120
2008 England England3021
2008–09 Bangladesh Bangladesh2101
2008–09 Australia Australia2020
2008–09 West Indies New Zealand2002
2008–09 India New Zealand3012
2009 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2020
2009–10 Pakistan New Zealand3111
2009–10 Bangladesh New Zealand1100
2009–10 Australia New Zealand2020
2010–11 India India3012
2010–11 Pakistan New Zealand2011
27 Ross Taylor (cropped).jpg Ross Taylor 2011–12 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe1100
2011–12 Australia Australia2110
2011–12 Zimbabwe New Zealand1100
2011–12 South Africa New Zealand3012
2012 West Indies West Indies2020
2012 India India2020
2012–13 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2110
2016–17 India India1010
28 Brendon McCullum ONZM investiture (cropped).jpg Brendon McCullum 2012–13 South Africa South Africa2020
2012–13 England New Zealand3003
2013 England England2020
2013–14 Bangladesh Bangladesh2002
2013–14 West Indies New Zealand3201
2013–14 India New Zealand2101
2014 West Indies West Indies3210
2014–15 Pakistan United Arab Emirates3111
2014–15 Sri Lanka New Zealand2200
2015 England England2110
2015–16 Australia Australia3021
2015–16 Sri Lanka New Zealand2200
2015–16 Australia New Zealand2020
29 Kane Williamson.jpg Kane Williamson 2016 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe2200
2016 South Africa South Africa2011
2016–17 India India2020
2016–17 Pakistan New Zealand2200
2016–17 Bangladesh New Zealand2200
2016–17 South Africa New Zealand3012
2017–18 West Indies New Zealand2200
2017–18 England New Zealand2101
2018–19 Pakistan United Arab Emirates3210
2018–19 Sri Lanka New Zealand2101
2018–19 Bangladesh New Zealand2200
2019 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2110
2019–20 England New Zealand2101
2019–20 Australia Australia2020
2019–20 India New Zealand2200
2020–21 West Indies New Zealand1100
2020–21 Pakistan New Zealand2200
2021 England England1001
2021 India England1100
2021–22 India India11
30 Tom Latham 2019–20 Dagger-14-plain.png Australia Australia1010
2020–21 Dagger-14-plain.png West Indies New Zealand1100
2021 Dagger-14-plain.png England England1100
2021–22 Dagger-14-plain.png India India1010
2021–22 Dagger-14-plain.png Bangladesh New Zealand2110
2021–22 Dagger-14-plain.png South Africa New Zealand1110
31 Tim Southee 3.jpg Tim Southee 2022/23 Pakistan Pakistan20020.00
Grand Total [2] 45710917817023.85


Men's One-Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand national cricket team for at least one One Day International.

New Zealand ODI captains [3]
NumberNameYearPlayedWonLostTiedNo resultWin %
1 Bevan Congdon 1973–19757130325.00
2 Glenn Turner 1975–19767520071.42
3 Mark Burgess 1978–19808260025.00
4 Geoff Howarth 1980–19856031260354.39
5 John Wright 1983–19903116150051.61
6 Jeremy Coney 1984–1987258160133.33
7 Jeff Crowe 1986–1988164120025.00
8 Martin Crowe 1990–19934421220148.84
9 Andrew Jones 1992202000.00
10 Ken Rutherford 1993–19943710241228.57
11 Gavin Larsen 19943120033.33
12 Lee Germon 1995–19973615192041.67
13 Stephen Fleming 1997–20072189810611347.80
14 Dion Nash 19997330150.00
15 Craig McMillan 2001–20028260025.00
16 Chris Cairns 2002–20037160014.29
17 Daniel Vettori 2004–20118241331754.67
18 Brendon McCullum 2009–20166236221361.02
19 Ross Taylor 2010–2012206120233.33
20 Kane Williamson 2012–present8443360554.17
21 Kyle Mills 2013–20144120133.33
22 Tom Latham 2017–20219810089.99
23 Tim Southee 2018101000.00
Grand total777353375642

Twenty20 International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand national cricket team for at least one Twenty20 International.

New Zealand Twenty20 International captains [4]
1 Stephen Fleming 2005–200652120
2 Daniel Vettori 2007–201028132130
3 Brendon McCullum 2008–201528130141
4 Ross Taylor 2010–2012136241
5 Kane Williamson 2012–present56281261
6 Kyle Mills 201321010
7 Tim Southee 2017-20212012260
8 Mitchell Santner 202131011
9 Tom Latham 202152030
Grand total160788704

Women's cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand women's cricket team for at least one women's Test match.

New Zealand women's Test match captains
1 Ruth Symons 1934/5 England New Zealand1010
2 Ina Lamason 1947/8 Australia New Zealand1010
1948/9 England New Zealand1010
3 Rona McKenzie 1954 England England3012
1956/7 Australia Australia1010
1957/8 England New Zealand2002
1960/1 Australia New Zealand1001
4 Trish McKelvey 1966 England England3003
1968/9 England New Zealand3021
1971/2 Australia Australia1100
1971/2 South Africa South Africa3102
1974/5 Australia New Zealand1001
1976/7 India New Zealand1001
1978/9 Australia Australia3012
5 Debbie Hockley 1984 England England3003
1984/5 India India3003
6 Lesley Murdoch 1989/90 Australia New Zealand3012
7 Karen Plummer 1991/2 England New Zealand3012
8 Sarah Illingworth 1994/5 India New Zealand1001
1994/5 Australia New Zealand1001
1995/6 Australia Australia1001
1996 England England3003
9 Maia Lewis 2003/4 India India1001
2004 England England1001
Grand total4521033

Women's One-Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand women's cricket team for at least one women's one-day international. New Zealand's greatest ODI success was under Emily Drumm when they won the 2000/1 World Cup.

New Zealand women's ODI captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Bev Brentnall 197353020
2 Trish McKelvey 1977/8-1981/2157170
3 Debbie Hockley 1984-1998/927120150
4 Ingrid Jagersma 1984/511000
5 Lesley Murdoch 1985/6-1989/90158061
6 Karen Plummer 1991/231020
7 Sarah Illingworth 1992/3-199629180101
8 Maia Lewis 1996/7-2004/545191241
9 Emily Drumm 1999/2000-2002/341280121
10 Catherine Campbell 2000/122000
11 Haidee Tiffen 2004–200945240210
12 Aimee Watkins 2008–20112230181
13 Amy Satterthwaite 201033000
14 Suzie Bates 2011–present76400351
Grand total32916921526

Women's Twenty20 International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand women's cricket team for at least one Twenty20 International match.

New Zealand women's Twenty20 International captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Maia Lewis 200411000
2 Haidee Tiffen 2006–200983140
3 Aimee Watkins 2009–201129190100
4 Suzie Bates 2011–present67421240
5 Sophie Devine 201442011
Grand total106642391

Youth cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand Under-19 cricket team for at least one under-19 Test match. Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player was captain for a minor proportion in a series.

New Zealand Under-19 Test match captains
1 David Hartshorn 1985/6 Australia Australia3003
2 John Murtagh 1986/7 Australia New Zealand3021
3 Lee Germon 1987/8 India New Zealand1100
1988/9 Australia Australia3021
4 Chris Cairns 1989 England England3102
5 Llorne Howell 1990/1 England New Zealand3201
1991/2 India India2011
6 Stephen Fleming 1992/3 Australia New Zealand2101
7 Richard Jones 1993/4 Pakistan Pakistan3003
8 Stephen Lynch 1994/5 Pakistan New Zealand3003
9 Craig McMillan 1995/6 Australia Australia3120
1996 England England3102
10 Jarrod Englefield 1998/9 England New Zealand3111
11 Brendon McCullum 2000/1 South Africa New Zealand3201
12 Andrew de Boorder 2007 India New Zealand3111
13 George Worker 2008 England England1010
14 Kane Williamson 2008 England England1001
Grand total43111022

Youth One-Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the New Zealand Under-19 cricket team for at least one Under-19 One Day International.

New Zealand Under-19 ODI captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 David Hartshorn 1985/630030
2 John Murtagh 1986/730030
3 Lee Germon 1987/8-1988/9102080
4 Chris Cairns 1988/9-198920020
5David Mills198920020
6 Llorne Howell 1990/1-1991/253020
7 Stephen Fleming 1992/331020
8 Richard Jones 1993/431020
9 Stephen Lynch 1994/532010
10 Craig McMillan 1995/6-199653020
11 Jarrod Englefield 1997/8-1998/9106040
12 James Franklin 1999/200051040
13 Brendon McCullum 2000/131011
14 Ross Taylor 2001/263021
15 Daniel Flynn 2003/462040
16 Marc Ellison 200663030
17 Andrew de Boorder 200731020
18 Kane Williamson 2008104132
19 Craig Cachopa 201064020
20 Will Young 2012114070
21 Tim Seifert 201331020
22 Leo Carter 201341030
23 Robert O'Donnell 201463030
24 Josh Finnie 201694050
25 Rachin Ravindra 201610010
26 Kaylum Boshier 201873040
Grand total136531782

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