List of Australia national cricket captains

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The Cricket Captains' Walk in Cootamundra, New South Wales, is a series of busts representing the captains of the Australian Test cricket team. CootamundraCaptainsWalk.JPG
The Cricket Captains' Walk in Cootamundra, New South Wales, is a series of busts representing the captains of the Australian Test cricket team.

This is a list of the people who have been the official Australian captains in Tests, ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals cricket teams.


Australia participated in the first Test match in cricket in 1877, the first One Day International in 1971 (both against England) and the first Twenty20 international in 2005 (against New Zealand). In addition to officially sanctioned international matches and tours organised by the Australian Cricket Board (now known as Cricket Australia), there have been two major rebel Australian sides. In the 1970s many of Australia's leading players signed up for Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket and played in a number of SuperTests against other international sides. Then in the mid-1980s there were two rebel Australian tours to South Africa, which was at that time banned from official competition because of the apartheid regime then in force there. The captains of those Australian sides are also listed below.

Men's cricket

Test match captains

List of Australian test captains, hanging at the MCG Australian test captains list.jpg
List of Australian test captains, hanging at the MCG

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australian cricket team for at least one Test match (not including vice-captains and other players who have deputised on the field for any period of time during a match where the captain has been unable to play). Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player deputised for the appointed captain or were appointed by the home authority for a minor proportion in a series. The dagger classification follows that adopted by Wisden Cricketers' Almanack .

The table of results is complete up to the fourth Test against India in January 2021.

Australian Test match captains
1 Dave Gregory
Dave Gregory p38.jpg
1876–77 England Australia2110
1878–79 England Australia1100
2 Billy Murdoch
Billy Murdoch c1895b.jpg
1880 England England1010
1881–82 England Australia4202
1882 England England1100
1882–83 England Australia3120
1882–83 England Australia1100
1884 England England3012
1884–85 England Australia1010
1890 England England2020
3 Tom Horan
Tom Horan c1890.jpg
1884–85 England Australia20200.00
4 Hugh Massie
Hugh Massie.jpg
1884–85 England Australia1100100.00
5 Jack Blackham
Jack Blackham c1885cr.jpg
1884–85 England Australia1100
1891–92 England Australia3210
1893 England England3012
1894–95 England Australia1010
6 Tup Scott
Tup Scott.jpg
1886 England England30300.00
7 Percy McDonnell
PS McDonnell (cropped).JPG
1886–87 England Australia2020
1887–88 England Australia1010
1888 England England3120
8 George Giffen
George Giffen c1895.jpg
1894–95 England Australia422050.00
9 Harry Trott
1896 England England3120
1897–98 England Australia5410
10 Joe Darling
Joe Darling c1905cr.jpg
1899 England England5104
1901–02 England Australia3210
1902 England England5212
1902–03 South Africa South Africa3201
1905 England England5023
11 Hugh Trumble
Hugh Trumble c1893.jpg
1901–02 England Australia2200100.00
12 Monty Noble
Monty Noble c1905.jpg
1903–04 England Australia5230
1907–08 England Australia5410
1909 England England5212
13 Clem Hill
Clem Hill c1905c.jpg
1910–11 South Africa Australia5410
1911–12 England Australia5140
14 Syd Gregory
Syd Gregory 1896.jpg
1912 1 South Africa England3210
1912 1 England England3012
15 Warwick Armstrong
Warwick Armstrong 1902.jpg
1920–21 England Australia5500
1921 England England5302
16 Herbie Collins
Herbie Collins card c1920cr.jpg
1921–22 South Africa South Africa3102
1924–25 England Australia5410
1926 England England3012
17 Warren Bardsley
Warren Bardsley c1909.jpg
1926 England England20020.00
18 Jack Ryder
Jack Ryder cricketer c1930.jpg
1928–29 England Australia514020.00
19 Bill Woodfull
Bill Woodfull 1934.jpg
1930 England England5212
1930–31 West Indies Australia5410
1931–32 South Africa Australia5500
1932–33 England Australia5140
1934 England England5212
20 Vic Richardson 4
1935–36 South Africa South Africa540180.00
21 Don Bradman
1936–37 England Australia5320
1938 England England4112
1946–47 England Australia5302
1947–48 India Australia5401
1948 England England5401
22 Bill Brown
1945–46 New Zealand New Zealand1100100.00
23 Lindsay Hassett 1
Hassett suit.jpg
1949–50 South Africa South Africa5401
1950–51 England Australia5410
1951–52 West Indies Australia4400
1952–53 South Africa Australia5221
1953 England England5014
24 Arthur Morris
Morris 1939.png
1951–52 West Indies Australia1010
1954–55 England Australia1010
25 Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson.jpg
1954–55 England Australia4121
1954–55 West Indies West Indies5302
1956 England England5122
1956–57 Pakistan Pakistan1010
1956–57 India India2200
26 Ray Lindwall
Ray Lindwall, late 1940s.jpg
1956–57 India India10010.00
27 Ian Craig
Ian Craig 1960b.jpg
1957–58 South Africa South Africa530260.00
28 Richie Benaud
Richie Benaud 1956.jpg |
1958–59 England Australia5401
1959–60 Pakistan Pakistan3201
1959–60 India India5212
1960–61 West Indies Australia52122
1961 England England4112
1962–63 England Australia5113
1963–64 South Africa Australia1001
29 Neil Harvey
Neil Harvey2.jpg
1961 England England1100100.00
30 Bob Simpson
Bob Simpson sweep.JPG
1963–64 South Africa Australia4112
1964 England England5104
1964–65 India India3111
1964–65 Pakistan Pakistan1001
1964–65 Pakistan Australia1001
1964–65 West Indies West Indies5122
1965–66 England Australia3102
1966–67 South Africa South Africa5131
1967–68 India Australia2200
1977–78 India Australia5320
1977–78 West Indies West Indies5131
31 Brian Booth
1965–66 England Australia20110.00
32 Bill Lawry 1967–68 India Australia2200
1968 England England4112
1968–69 West Indies Australia5311
1969–70 India India5311
1969–70 South Africa South Africa4040
1970–71 England Australia5014
33 Barry Jarman 1968 England England10010.00
34 Ian Chappell 3,4
1970–71 England Australia1010
1972 England England5221
1972–73 Pakistan Australia3300
1972–73 West Indies West Indies5203
1973–74 New Zealand Australia3201
1973–74 New Zealand New Zealand3111
1974–75 England Australia6411
1975 England England4103
35 Greg Chappell 4 1975–76 West Indies Australia6510
1976–77 Pakistan Australia3111
1976–77 New Zealand New Zealand2101
1976–77 England Australia1100
1977 England England5032
1979–80 West Indies Australia3021
1979–80 England Australia3300
1979–80 Pakistan Pakistan3012
1980 England England1001
1980–81 New Zealand Australia3201
1980–81 India Australia3111
1981–82 Pakistan Australia3210
1981–82 West Indies Australia3111
1981–82 New Zealand New Zealand3111
1982–83 England Australia5212
1982–83 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1100
36 Graham Yallop 1978–79 England Australia6150
1978–79 Pakistan Australia1010
37 Kim Hughes
Kim Hughes, April 2009 3.jpg
1978–79 Pakistan Australia1100
1979–80 India India6024
1981 England England6132
1982–83 Pakistan Pakistan3030
1983–84 Pakistan Australia5203
1983–84 West Indies West Indies5032
1984–85 West Indies Australia2020
38 Allan Border
Allan Border005.jpg
1984–85 West Indies Australia3111
1985 England England6132
1985–86 New Zealand Australia3120
1985–86 India Australia3003
1985–86 New Zealand New Zealand3012
1986–87 India India30032
1986–87 England Australia5122
1987–88 New Zealand Australia3102
1987–88 England Australia1001
1987–88 Sri Lanka Australia1100
1988–89 Pakistan Pakistan3012
1988–89 West Indies Australia5131
1989 England England6402
1989–90 New Zealand Australia1001
1989–90 Sri Lanka Australia2101
1989–90 Pakistan Australia3102
1989–90 New Zealand New Zealand1010
1990–91 England Australia5302
1990–91 West Indies West Indies5122
1991–92 India Australia5401
1992 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3102
1992–93 West Indies Australia5122
1992–93 New Zealand New Zealand3111
1993 England England6411
1993–94 New Zealand Australia3201
1993–94 South Africa Australia3111
1993–94 South Africa South Africa3111
39 Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor at the official naming at Bolton Park.jpg
1994–95 Pakistan Pakistan3012
1994–95 England Australia5311
1994–95 West Indies West Indies4211
1995–96 Pakistan Australia3210
1995–96 Sri Lanka Australia3300
1996–97 India India1010
1996–97 West Indies Australia5320
1996–97 South Africa South Africa3210
1997 England England6321
1997–98 New Zealand Australia3201
1997–98 South Africa Australia3102
1997–98 India India3120
1998–99 Pakistan Pakistan3102
1998–99 England Australia5311
40 Steve Waugh
1998–99 West Indies West Indies4220
1999 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3012
1999–2000 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe1100
1999–2000 Pakistan Australia3300
1999–2000 India Australia3300
1999–2000 New Zealand New Zealand3300
2000–01 West Indies Australia4400
2000–01 India India3120
2001 England England4400
2001–02 New Zealand Australia3003
2001–02 South Africa Australia3300
2001–02 South Africa South Africa3210
2002–03 Pakistan Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates3300
2002–03 England Australia5410
2003 West Indies West Indies4310
2003 Bangladesh Australia2200
2003–04 Zimbabwe Australia2200
2003–04 India Australia4112
41 Adam Gilchrist
Adam Gilchrist of Australia (cropped).jpg
2000–01 West Indies Australia1100
2001 England England1010
2004 Sri Lanka Australia1100
2004–05 India India3201
42 Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting 2015.jpg
2003–04 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3300
2004 Sri Lanka Australia1001
2004–05 India India1010
2004–05 New Zealand Australia2200
2004–05 Pakistan Australia3300
2004–05 New Zealand New Zealand3201
2005 England England5122
2005–06 World XI Australia1100
2005–06 West Indies Australia3300
2005–06 South Africa Australia3201
2005–06 South Africa South Africa3300
2005–06 Bangladesh Bangladesh2200
2006–07 England Australia5500
2007–08 Sri Lanka Australia2200
2007–08 India Australia4211
2008 West Indies West Indies3201
2008–09 India India4022
2008–09 New Zealand Australia2200
2008–09 South Africa Australia3120
2008–09 South Africa South Africa3210
2009 England England5122
2009–10 West Indies Australia3201
2009–10 Pakistan Australia3300
2009–10 New Zealand New Zealand2200
2010 Pakistan England2110
2010–11 India India2020
2010–11 England Australia4121
43 Michael Clarke
Pm cricket shots09 5995.jpg
2010–11 England Australia1010
2011 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3102
2011–12 South Africa South Africa2110
2011–12 New Zealand Australia2110
2011–12 India Australia4400
2011–12 West Indies West Indies3201
2012–13 South Africa Australia3012
2012–13 Sri Lanka Australia3300
2012–13 India India3030
2013 England England5032
2013–14 England Australia5500
2013–14 South Africa South Africa3210
2014–15 Pakistan United Arab Emirates2020
2014–15 India Australia1100
2015 West Indies West Indies2200
2015 England England5230
44 Shane Watson
Shane Watson 2016 new5.jpg
2012–13 India India10100.00
45 Steve Smith
Steve Smith (cricketer), 2014 (cropped).jpg
2014–15 [1] India Australia3202
2015–16 New Zealand Australia3201
2015–16 West Indies Australia3201
2015–16 New Zealand New Zealand2200
2016 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3030
2016–17 South Africa Australia3120
2016–17 Pakistan Australia3300
2016–17 India India4121
2017 Bangladesh Bangladesh2110
2017–18 England Australia5401
2017–18 5
South Africa South Africa3120
46 Tim Paine
Poised for the start of Day 4 of the 3rd Test of the 2019 Ashes Ben Stokes; Tim Paine; umpire Joel Wilson; Usman Khawaja and Matthew Wade (48630622833) (cropped).jpg
2017–18 South Africa South Africa1010
2018–19 Pakistan United Arab Emirates2011
2018–19 India Australia4121
2018–19 Sri Lanka Australia2200
2019 England England5221
2019–20 Pakistan Australia2200
2019–20 New Zealand Australia3300
2020–21 India Australia4121
Grand total83439422621447.24


Test match vice-captains

A number of players have also served as vice-captain(s) in the test side including:

One Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australia national cricket team for at least one One Day International (ODI).

The table of results is complete up to the third ODI against West Indies in July 2021.

Australian One Day International captains
NumberNamePeriod of captaincyPlayedWonLostTiedNo resultWinning rate
1 Bill Lawry 197111000100.00%
2 Ian Chappell 61972–197511650054.55%
3 Greg Chappell 1975–19834921250345.65%
4 Bob Simpson 19782110050.00%
5 Graham Yallop 19794210166.67%
6 Kim Hughes 1979–19844921231447.77%
7 David Hookes 1983101000.00%
8 Allan Border 1985–1994178107671360.42%
9 Ray Bright 1986101000.00%
10 Geoff Marsh 1987–19914310075.00%
11 Mark Taylor 1992–976736301054.47%
12 Ian Healy 1996–19978530062.50%
13 Steve Waugh 1997–200210667353165.23%
14 Shane Warne 1998–1999111010090.91%
15 Adam Gilchrist 2001–2007171240175.00%
16 Ricky Ponting 72002–20122291645121276.03%
17 Michael Hussey 2006–2007404000.00%
18 Michael Clarke 2008–20157450210370.42%
19 Cameron White 201111000100.00%
20 Shane Watson 2012–20139531061.11%
21 George Bailey 2013–20152916100361.53%
22 Steve Smith 2015–20185125230352.08%
23 David Warner 201633000100.00%
24 Aaron Finch 2017–present4123180056.09%
25 Tim Paine 2018505000.00%
26 Alex Carey 20213210066.67%
Grand total95858133493460.64%


Twenty20 International captains

Ricky Ponting was Australia's first captain in Twenty20 Internationals. On occasions when Ponting was unavailable, vice-captain Adam Gilchrist filled the role. In December 2007, Ponting was rested from the team to give the younger players exposure. Although vice-captain Gilchrist was in the team, 26-year-old Michael Clarke was selected as captain. Ponting called him the "obvious choice" and Clarke had been predicted to be the next full-time captain of Australia once Ponting stepped down from the captaincy. [16] With Gilchrist's retirement from all forms of representative cricket at the end of the 2007–08 season, Clarke was promoted to the regular vice-captain's position. [17] Thereafter, Cameron White was promoted as the captain, but George Bailey has taken over the captaincy in the two match series against India. [18]

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australia national cricket team for at least one Twenty 20 International (T20I). A total of eleven players have captained Australia in T20Is, of which Aaron Finch is most successful captain, with 22 wins.

The table of results is complete up to the fifth T20I against West Indies in July 2021.

Australian Twenty20 International captains
NumberNamePeriod of captaincyPlayedWonLostTiedNo resultWinning rate
1 Ricky Ponting 2005–2009177100041.17%
2 Adam Gilchrist 20072110050.00%
3 Michael Clarke 2007–2010181241173.52%
4 Brad Haddin 20092110050.00%
5 Cameron White 20116240033.33%
6 George Bailey 2012–20142814131051.78%
7 Aaron Finch 2014–present4923240246.93%
8 Steve Smith 2015–20168440050.00%
9 Shane Watson 2016101000.00%
10 David Warner 2016–20189810088.88%
11 Matthew Wade 2020101000.00%
Grand total14172642351.06%


Other Men's captains

Captains of World Series Cricket teams (during the Packer split) and of the Rebel Australian XI to visit apartheid South Africa in 1985–86 are as follows:

World Series Cricket 1977–78 and 1978–79

Ian Chappell captained the WSC Australians in five Supertests in 1977–78, winning one and losing four. His brother Greg Chappell took over for a sixth Supertest, which the WSC Australians won. In 1978–79 in Australia Ian Chappell captained the WSC Australians in four Supertests, winning one, losing two and drawing the other one. In the same season in the West Indies, Ian Chappell went on to captain in five Supertests, winning one, losing one and drawing three.

South Africa 1985–86 and 1986–87

Kim Hughes captained a Rebel Australian XI to South Africa in 1985–86. He captained his Australian XI in 3 Rebel "Tests", losing one of them and drawing the other two. He also captained in another rebel tour in 1986–87 in 4 Rebel "Tests", losing one of them and drawing the other three.

Women's cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australian women's cricket team for at least one women's Test match (not including vice-captains and other players who have deputised on the field for any period of time during a match where the captain has been unable to play). Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player deputised for the appointed captain or were appointed by the home authority for a minor proportion in a series.

The table of results is complete up to the only Test against England in July 2019.

Australian women's Test match captains
1 Margaret Peden 1934–35 England Australia3021
1937 England England3111
2 Mollie Dive 1947–48 New Zealand New Zealand1100
1948–49 England Australia3102
1951 England England3111
3 Una Paisley 1956–57 New Zealand Australia1100
1957–58 England Australia3003
4 Muriel Picton 1960–61 New Zealand New Zealand1001
1968–69 England Australia3003
5 Mary Allitt 1963 England England3012
6 Miriam Knee 1971–72 New Zealand Australia1010
7 Wendy Blunsden 1974–75 New Zealand New Zealand1001
8 Anne Gordon 1975–76 West Indies West Indies2002
1976 England England3003
9 Margaret Jennings 1976–77 India Australia1100
10 Sharon Tredrea 1978–79 New Zealand Australia3102
1984–85† England Australia1001
11 Jill Kennare 1983–84 India India4004
12 Raelee Thompson 1984–85 England Australia4211
13 Lyn Larsen 1987 England England3102
1989–90 New Zealand New Zealand3102
1990–91 India Australia3201
1991–92 England Australia1100
14 Belinda Clark [19] 1994–95 New Zealand New Zealand1001
1995–96 New Zealand Australia1001
1998 England England3003
2001 England England2200
2002–03 England Australia2101
2005 England England2011
15 Karen Rolton [20]
2005–06 India Australia1100
2007–08 England Australia1010
16 Jodie Fields [21]
Jodie Fields.jpg
2009 England England1001
2013 England England1001
2013–14 England Australia1010
17 Alex Blackwell
2017-18 WBBL ST v PS 18-01-07 Blackwell (03) (cropped).jpg
2010–11 England Australia1100
18 Meg Lanning
2018-19 WBBL PS v SS 19-01-06 Lanning (01).jpg
2015 England England1100
2019 England England1001
19 Rachael Haynes
Rachael Haynes 6.jpg
2017–18 England Australia1001
Grand total [22] 74201043

Women's One-Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australian women's cricket team for at least one women's One-Day International. Australia won the World Cup in 1977–78, 1981–82, 1988–89, 1997–98 and 2004–05.

The table of results is complete to the third ODI against New Zealand in October 2020.

Australian women's ODI captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Miriam Knee 197364011
2 Anne Gordon 197631020
3 Margaret Jennings 197833000
4 Sharon Tredrea 1982–19881514100
5 Jill Kennare 198444000
6 Raelee Thompson 198533000
7 Denise Emerson 198532010
8 Lyn Larsen 1986–199340270112
9 Karen Brown 199111000
10 Christina Matthews 199311000
11 Belinda Clark 1994–2005101830171
12 Karen Rolton 2001–200943300130
13 Lisa Sthalekar 200633000
14 Alex Blackwell 2009–20121312010
15 Jodie Fields 2009–20132918092
16 Meg Lanning 2014–present5749170
17 Rachael Haynes 2017–202076010
Grand total [23] [24] 3322612636

Women's Twenty20 International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australian women's cricket team for at least one women's Twenty20 International.

Australian women's Twenty20 International captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Belinda Clark 200511000
2 Karen Rolton 2006–2009138140
3 Jodie Fields 2009–201326160100
4 Alex Blackwell 2010–20112081110
5 Meg Lanning 2014–present75571170
6 Rachael Haynes 2017–202063030
Grand total [25] [26] 141933450

Youth cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australia Under-19 cricket team for at least one match. Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player was captain for a minor proportion in a series.

The table of results is complete to the one Test against Sri Lanka in 2019.

Australian Under-19 Test match captains
1 Darryl Smith 1978–79 England Australia2002
2 Laurie Potter 1980–81 Pakistan Pakistan3021
3 Mike Veletta 1981–82 Pakistan Australia3012
1983 England England3210
4 Jamie McPhee 1983–84 Sri Lanka Australia3102
5 Dean Reynolds 1984–85 India India3102
1984–85 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1010
1985–86 New Zealand Australia3003
1986–87 India Australia3201
6 Geoff Parker 1986–87 New Zealand New Zealand3201
7 Stuart Law 1987–88 West Indies Australia1010
8 Matthew May 1988–89 New Zealand Australia3201
9 Jason Gallian 1989–90 England Australia2002
10 Jamie Cox 1990 West Indies West Indies3201
11 Damien Martyn 1991 England England3111
12 Nathan Ashley 1992–93 New Zealand New Zealand2011
13 Rob Baker 1993–94 India India3111
14 Adam Smith 1994–95 India Australia3201
15 Clinton Peake 1995–96 New Zealand Australia3210
16 Brad Haddin 1996–97 Pakistan Pakistan2101
17 Tim Anderson 1997–98 Pakistan Australia3003
18 Michael Klinger 1999 England England3111
19 Nathan Hauritz 2000–01 Sri Lanka Australia2200
20 Tim Welsford 2000–01† Sri Lanka Australia1100
21 Greg Hunt 2002–03 England Australia3210
22 Tom Beaton 2009 India Australia1010
23 Mitchell Marsh 2009 India Australia1100
24 Seb Gotch 2009 India Australia1100
25 Jake Doran 2015 England England1001
26 Will Sutherland 2017 Sri Lanka Australia1001
27 Baxter Holt 2019 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1010
Grand total70261529

One-Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the Australia Under-19 cricket team for at least one Under-19 One Day International. The table of results is complete to the 2012 ICC Under-19 World Cup. Australia won the World Cup in 1987–88 and 2001–02.

Australian Under-19 ODI captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Braddon Green 197721010
2 Darryl Smith 1978–7911000
3 Mike Veletta 198321010
4 Jamie McPhee 1983–8432010
5 Dean Reynolds 1984–85 to 1986–871210020
6 Geoff Parker 1986–87 to 1987–881211010
7 Matthew May 1988–8933000
8 Jason Gallian 1989–9022000
9 Damien Martyn 199122000
10 Nathan Ashley 1992–9332010
11 Rob Baker 1993–9410010
12 Adam Smith 1994–9532010
13 Clinton Peake 1995–9631020
14 Brad Haddin 1996–9710100
15 Tim Anderson 1997–9898010
16 Michael Klinger 199932010
17 Nathan Hauritz 1999–2000 to 2000–0132010
18 Michael Clarke 1999–200053020
19 Tim Welsford 2000–0130012
20 Cameron White 2001–0288000
21 Greg Hunt 2002–0354010
22 Tim Paine 2003–0486020
23 Usman Khawaja 2005–0651040
24 Moises Henriques 2005–0654010
25 Simon Keen 2006–0711000
26 Michael Hill 2006–0722002
27 Phillip Hughes 2006–0710010
28 Daniel Burns 2006–0710010
29 Jeremy Smith 2006–0710010
30 Sam Robson 2006–0710010
31 Tim Buszard 200730030
32 Mitchell Marsh 2009–1075020
33 Tom Triffitt 200910010
34 Tim Armstrong 200921010
35 Jason Floros 200921010
36 Tom Beaton 200910010
37 Luke Doran 200911000
38 Sebastian Gotch 201131020
39 Cameron Bancroft 201120020
40 Kurtis Patterson 2011–1242020
41 Ashton Turner 201121010
42 Will Bosisto 2012138050
43 Damien Mortimer 201374030
44 Jake Doran 201310100
45 Alex Gregory 2013–14103070
46 Ben McDermott 201321010
47 Jaron Morgan 2013–1431020
Grand total1891141704

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Ian Chappell Australian cricketer

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Gregory Stephen Chappell is a former cricketer who represented Australia at international level in both Tests and One-Day Internationals (ODI). The second of three brothers to play Test cricket, Chappell was the pre-eminent Australian batsman of his time who allied elegant stroke making to fierce concentration. An exceptional all round player who bowled medium pace and, at his retirement, held the world record for the most catches in Test cricket, Chappell's career straddled two eras as the game moved toward a greater level of professionalism after the WSC schism.

Ricky Ponting Australian cricketer

Ricky Thomas Ponting is an Australian cricket coach, commentator, and former cricketer. He is considered one of the most successful captains in international cricket history, with 220 victories in 324 matches with a winning ratio of 67.91%. Ponting was captain of the Australian national team during its "golden era"; between 2004 and 2011 in Tests and 2002 and 2011 in One Day Internationals (ODIs). He is a specialist right-handed batsman, an excellent slip/close catching fielder, as well as a very occasional bowler. He was named "Cricketer of the Decade 2000".

Damien Martyn Australian cricketer

Damien Richard Martyn is an Australian cricket commentator and former cricketer, who played Tests and ODIs. He played for the national team sporadically in 1992–1994 before becoming a regular ODI player from 1999 to 2000 and a regular Test player in 2000 until his retirement in late 2006. He was primarily a right-handed middle-order batsman with a 'classical' technique, known in particular for his elegant strokemaking square of the wicket on the off-side and through the covers.

Michael Clarke (cricketer) Australian cricketer

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Shane Watson Australian cricketer

Shane Robert Watson is an Australian former cricketer, and occasional captain in all formats, who has played for Australia's national cricket team. He is a right-handed batsman and a right-handed fast-medium swing bowler who played international cricket between 2002 and 2016. He was the world No. 1 T20I all-rounder for 150 weeks, including an all-time record of 120 consecutive weeks. He was the last player to retire from Australia's golden era of the early 2000s.

Darren Lehmann Australian cricketer and coach

Darren Scott Lehmann is an Australian cricket coach and former cricketer who coached the Australian national team. Lehmann made his ODI debut in 1996 and Test debut in 1998. He was on the fringes of national selection for the entirety of the 1990s, and only became a regular in the ODI team in 2001 and Test team in late 2002, before being dropped in early 2005. Primarily an aggressive left-handed batsman, Lehmann was also a part-time left arm orthodox bowler, and gained renown for his disregard for physical fitness and modern dietary regimes. He announced his retirement from first-class cricket in November 2007.

Cameron White Australian cricketer

Cameron Leon White is a former Australian international cricketer who captained the national side in Twenty20 Internationals. A powerful middle order batsman and right-arm leg-spin bowler, White made his first-class cricket debut as a teenager in the 2000–01 season for the Victoria cricket team as a bowling all-rounder.

Michael Hussey Australian cricketer

Michael Edward Killeen Hussey is an Australian cricket coach, commentator and former international cricketer, who played all forms of the game. Hussey is also widely known by his nickname 'Mr Cricket'. Hussey was a relative latecomer to both the one-day international and Test Australian teams, debuting at 28 and 30 years of age in the respective formats, with 15,313 first-class runs before making his Test debut.

Brad Haddin Australian cricketer

Bradley James Haddin, is a former Australian cricketer, vice-captain and coach who represented Australia in all three forms of international cricket. He played domestically for New South Wales as a right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper. Haddin was a member of the Australian World cup winning squad at the 2015 Cricket World Cup and played for the Sydney Sixers in the Big Bash League.

Tim Paine Australian cricketer

Timothy David Paine is an Australian international cricketer who currently captains the Australian national team in Test cricket. A right-handed batsman and a wicket-keeper, he plays for the Tasmanian Tigers in Australian domestic cricket and was the captain of the Hobart Hurricanes before his selection for Australia in the 2017–18 Ashes series.

George Bailey (cricketer, born 1982) Australian cricketer

George John Bailey is a former Australian cricketer, who played all formats for the national team and captained the team in limited-over formats. Domestically, Bailey played for the Tasmanian cricket team in all three domestic state competitions as well as the Hobart Hurricanes and Melbourne Stars in the Twenty20 Big Bash's successor, the KFC Big Bash League. He has also played in the Indian Premier League and T20 Blast.

Australian cricket team in the West Indies in 2002–03

The Australian cricket team toured the West Indies from April to June, 2003, outside the normal West Indies cricket season, to play for the Frank Worrell Trophy.

The Bangladesh national cricket team played two Test matches and three One Day International (ODI) matches on a mid-year tour of Australia in 2003. They were captained by all-rounder Khaled Mahmud. The Australians were under a split captaincy—Steve Waugh in the Tests and Ricky Ponting in the following ODIs. The series marked the first time a Test match had been played outside an Australian state capital city; with matches played at Bundaberg Rum Stadium in Cairns, and the newly upgraded Marrara Oval in Darwin.

Cricket in Australia

Cricket is the most popular summer sport in Australia at international, domestic and local levels. It is regarded as their national summer sport, and widely played across the country, especially from the months of September to April. The peak administrative body for both professional and amateur cricket is Cricket Australia. The 2017–18 National Cricket Census showed 1,558,821 Australians engaged in cricket competitions or programs – an increase of 9% from the previous year. 30% of cricket's participants are now female, and 6 in every 10 new participants are female, one of the highest year-on-year participation growth figures. In terms of attendance figures, more than 2.3 million people attended cricket during the 2017–18 summer, surpassing the record of 1.8 million set in 2016–17.

Steve Smith (cricketer) Australian international cricketer

Steven Peter Devereux Smith is an Australian international cricketer and former captain of the Australian national team. He represents New South Wales in domestic cricket. Smith has been compared to Donald Bradman due to his distinctively high Test batting average.

The Pakistan cricket team toured Australia for a 3-match Test series, a 5-match ODI series, and 1 Twenty20 International from 19 December 2009 to 5 February 2010.


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