List of England cricket captains

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This is a list of England cricket captains, comprising all the men, women and youths who have captained an England cricket team at official international level. The international match categories are Test, One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International (T20I).


International cricket began in 1877 when the England men's team played in the first-ever Test match. England have played more Test matches, and had more captains, than any other team. In the 19th century, the captains for overseas tours were chosen by the promoters. The early tours were mostly organised by professionals, especially James Lillywhite, Alfred Shaw and Arthur Shrewsbury. Some amateur-led tours went abroad under Lord Harris and Lord Hawke. Home captains were selected by the home ground authority, who often favoured a local player. For over 73 years, commencing with the 1903–04 tour of Australia and ending with the Centenary Test in 1977, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) organised international tours and selected the England team. On these tours, the team was called MCC in non-international matches and England in the internationals. MCC established a tradition of having amateur, rather than professional, captains. After Shrewsbury in 1886–87, there wasn't another professional captain until Len Hutton in 1952. The amateur/professional distinction was abolished in 1962, though some former amateurs captained England after that. In 1971, Ray Illingworth captained England in their first ODI. In 1977, management of the England team was taken over by the former Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB) until 1 January 1997, and from then by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). England played their first T20I in 2005 under the captaincy of Michael Vaughan.

The England Women's team made their international debut on the 1934–35 tour of Australia and New Zealand when they were captained by Betty Archdale. Women's internationals were played sporadically until the last quarter of the twentieth century when ODIs became frequent. The first ODI match was played in 1973 when England Women were led by Rachael Heyhoe-Flint. England Women's first T20I was played in 2004 under the captaincy of Clare Connor.

The England under-19 cricket team began playing Test matches in 1974 and ODI matches in 1976. Their first captains were Nigel Briers and Chris Cowdrey respectively.

Men's cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the England men's team in at least one Test match. It has been updated to the end of the first Test against India in February 2021. Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player deputised for the appointed captain or was appointed by the home authority for a minor proportion in a series. The dagger classification follows that adopted by Wisden Cricketers' Almanack .

English Test match captains [1]
1 James Lillywhite
James Lillywhite.jpg
1876–77 Report Australia Australia2110
2 Lord Harris
Lord Harris Vanity Fair.jpg
1878–79 Report Australia Australia1010
1880 Report Australia England1100
1884 Report Australia England2101
3 Alfred Shaw
AlfredShaw RedLillywhite1876.jpg
1881–82 Report Australia Australia4022
4 A N Hornby
Albert Hornby.jpg
1882 Report Australia England1010
1884† Report Australia England1001
5 Ivo Bligh
Ivo Bligh Vanity Fair 7 April 1904.jpg
1882–83 Report Australia Australia4220
6 Arthur Shrewsbury
Arthur Shrewsbury.jpg
1884–85 Report Australia Australia5320
1886–87 Report Australia Australia2200
7 Allan Steel
Ranji 1897 page 259 A. G. Steel.jpg
1886 Report Australia England3300
1888† Report Australia England1010
8 Walter Read
1887–88 Report Australia Australia1100
1891–92 Report South Africa South Africa1100
9 W G Grace
1888 Report Australia England2200
1890 Report Australia England2200
1891–92 Report Australia Australia3120
1893 Report Australia England2101
1896 Report Australia England3210
1899† Report Australia England1001
10 C. Aubrey Smith
C. Aubrey Smith in Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936).jpg
1888–89 Report South Africa South Africa1100
11 Monty Bowden [lower-alpha 1] 1888–89† Report South Africa South Africa1100
12 Andrew Stoddart
Ranji 1897 page 213 A. E. Stoddart's forward-drive.jpg
1893† Report Australia England1001
1894–95 Report Australia Australia5320
1897–98 Report Australia Australia2020
13 Sir Tim O'Brien
Sir Tim O' Brien cricketer.jpg
1895–96† Report South Africa South Africa1100
14 Lord Hawke
Lord Hawke - Vanity Fair-alt-edit-2-cropped.jpg
1895–96 Report South Africa South Africa2200
1898–99 Report South Africa South Africa2200
15 Archie MacLaren
Archie MacLaren.jpg
1897–98† Report Australia Australia3120
1899 Report Australia England4013
1901–02 Australia Australia5140
1902 Report Australia England5122
1909 Australia England5122
16 Plum Warner
Warner stance 2.jpg
1903–04 Report Australia Australia5320
1905–06 South Africa South Africa5140
17 Honourable Stanley Jackson
Ranji 1897 page 189 F. S. Jackson making an on-drive.jpg
1905 Australia England5203
18 Tip Foster
RE Foster Cigarette Card.jpg
1907 South Africa England3102
19 Frederick Fane
Frederick Fane 1912cr.jpg
1907–08† Australia Australia3120
1909–10† South Africa South Africa2110
20 Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones.jpg
1907–08 Australia Australia2020
21 H D G Leveson-Gower
Ranji 1897 page 311 H. D. G. Leveson-Gower's push-stroke in the slips.jpg
1909–10 South Africa South Africa3120
22 Johnny Douglas
Johnny Douglas portrait.jpg
1911–12 [lower-alpha 2] Australia Australia5410
1913–14 South Africa South Africa5401
1920–21 Australia Australia5050
1921† Australia England2020
1924† South Africa England1001
23 C B Fry
CB Fry batting.jpg
1912 Report South Africa England3300
1912 Report Australia England3102
24 Honourable Lionel Tennyson
Lionel Hallam Tennyson c1922.jpg
1921 Australia England3012
25 Frank Mann [lower-alpha 3]
Francis Thomas Mann c1924.jpg
1922–23 South Africa South Africa5212
26 Arthur Gilligan [lower-alpha 4]
Arthur Gilligan.jpg
1924 South Africa England4301
1924–25 Australia Australia5140
27 Arthur Carr
Arthur Carr c1925.jpg
1926 Australia England4004
1929† South Africa England2101
28 Percy Chapman
Percy Chapman.jpg
1926† Australia England1100
1928 West Indies England3300
1928–29 Australia Australia4400
1930 Australia England4112
1930–31 South Africa South Africa5014
29 Rony Stanyforth 1927–28 South Africa South Africa4211
30 Greville Stevens 1927–28† South Africa South Africa1010
31 Jack White 1928–29† Australia Australia1010
1929 South Africa England3102
32 Harold Gilligan [lower-alpha 4] 1929–30 [lower-alpha 5] New Zealand New Zealand4103
33 Honourable Freddie Calthorpe 1929–30 [lower-alpha 5] West Indies West Indies4112
34 Bob Wyatt
Bob Wyatt Cigarette Card.jpg
1930† Australia England1010
1932–33† New Zealand New Zealand1001
1933† West Indies England1100
1934 Australia England4112
1934–35 West Indies West Indies4121
1935 South Africa England5014
35 Douglas Jardine
Douglas Jardine.jpg
1931 New Zealand England3102
1932 India England1100
1932–33 Report Australia Australia5410
1932–33 New Zealand New Zealand1001
1933 West Indies England2101
1933–34 India India3201
36 Cyril Walters 1934† Australia England1010
37 Gubby Allen
1936 India England3201
1936–37 Australia Australia5230
1947–48 West Indies West Indies3021
38 Walter Robins 1937 New Zealand England3102
39 Wally Hammond
Wally Hammond.jpg
1938 Australia England4112
1938–39 South Africa South Africa5104
1939 West Indies England3102
1946 India England3102
1946–47 Australia Australia4022
1946–47 New Zealand New Zealand1001
40 Norman Yardley 1946–47† Australia Australia1010
1947 South Africa England5302
1948 Australia England5041
1950 West Indies England3120
41 Ken Cranston 1947–48† West Indies West Indies1001
42 George Mann [lower-alpha 3] 1948–49 South Africa South Africa5203
1949 New Zealand England2002
43 Freddie Brown
Freddie Brown Cigarette Card.jpg
1949† New Zealand England2002
1950† West Indies England1010
1950–51 Australia Australia5140
1950–51 New Zealand New Zealand2101
1951 South Africa England5311
44 Nigel Howard 1951–52 India India4103
45 Donald Carr 1951–52† India India1010
46 Len Hutton
Len Hutton c1938.jpg
1952 India England4301
1953 Australia England5104
1953–54 Report West Indies West Indies5221
1954 Pakistan England2011
1954–55 Australia Australia5311
1954–55 New Zealand New Zealand2200
47 David Sheppard 1954† Pakistan England2101
48 Peter May 1955 South Africa England5320
1956 Australia England5212
1956–57 South Africa South Africa5221
1957 West Indies England5302
1958 New Zealand England5401
1958–59 Australia Australia5041
1958–59 New Zealand New Zealand2101
1959 India England3300
1959–60 West Indies West Indies3102
1961 Australia England3111
49 Colin Cowdrey [lower-alpha 6] 1959† India England2200
1959–60† West Indies West Indies2002
1960 South Africa England5302
1961† Australia England2011
1962† Pakistan England1100
1966 West Indies England3021
1967–68 West Indies West Indies5104
1968 Australia England4112
1968–69 Pakistan Pakistan3003
50 Ted Dexter 1961–62 Pakistan Pakistan3102
1961–62 India India5023
1962 Pakistan England4301
1962–63 Australia Australia5113
1962–63 New Zealand New Zealand3300
1963 West Indies England5131
1964 Australia England5014
51 M. J. K. Smith 1963–64 India India5005
1964–65 South Africa South Africa5104
1965 New Zealand England3300
1965 South Africa England3012
1965–6 Australia Australia5113
1965–66 New Zealand New Zealand3003
1966† West Indies England1010
52 Brian Close 1966† West Indies England1100
1967 India England3300
1967 Pakistan England3201
53 Tom Graveney
Tom Graveney 1954.jpg
1968† Australia England1001
54 Ray Illingworth [lower-alpha 7] 1969 West Indies England3201
1969 New Zealand England3201
1970–71 [lower-alpha 8] Australia Australia6204
1970–71 New Zealand New Zealand2101
1971 Pakistan England3102
1971 India England3012
1972 Australia England5221
1973 New Zealand England3201
1973 West Indies England3021
55 Tony Lewis 1972–73 India India5122
1972–73 Pakistan Pakistan3003
56 Mike Denness
Mike Denness.jpg
1973–74 West Indies West Indies5113
1974 India England3300
1974 Pakistan England3003
1974–75 Australia Australia5131
1974–75 New Zealand New Zealand2101
1975† Australia England1010
57 John Edrich 1974–75† Australia Australia1010
58 Tony Greig
1975 Australia England3003
1976 West Indies England5032
1976–77 India India5311
1976–77 Australia Australia1010
59 Mike Brearley 1977 Australia England5302
1977–78 Pakistan Pakistan2002
1978 Pakistan England3201
1978 New Zealand England3300
1978–79 Australia Australia6510
1979 India England4103
1979–80 Australia Australia3030
1979–80 India India1100
1981 Australia England4301
60 Geoffrey Boycott
1977–78† Pakistan Pakistan1001
1977–78 New Zealand New Zealand3111
61 Ian Botham
Ian Botham headshot.jpg
1980 West Indies England5014
1980 Australia England1001
1980–81 West Indies West Indies4022
1981† Australia England2011
62 Keith Fletcher 1981–82 India India6015
1981–82 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1100
63 Bob Willis
1982 India England3102
1982 Pakistan England2200
1982–83 Australia Australia5122
1983 New Zealand England4310
1983–84 New Zealand New Zealand3012
1983–84† Pakistan Pakistan1010
64 David Gower
David Gower.jpg
1982† Pakistan England1010
1983–84 Pakistan Pakistan2002
1984 West Indies England5050
1984 Sri Lanka England1001
1984–85 India India5212
1985 Australia England6312
1985–86 West Indies West Indies5050
1986† India England1010
1989 Australia England6042
65 Mike Gatting 1986 India England2011
1986 New Zealand England3012
1986–87 Australia Australia5212
1987 Pakistan England5014
1987–88 Pakistan Pakistan3012
1987–88 Australia Australia1001
1987–88 New Zealand New Zealand3003
1988† West Indies England1001
66 John Emburey 1988 West Indies England2020
67 Chris Cowdrey [lower-alpha 6] 1988† West Indies England1010
68 Graham Gooch
Graham Gooch 2005.jpg
1988† West Indies England1010
1988 Sri Lanka England1100
1989–90 West Indies West Indies2101
1990 New Zealand England3102
1990 India England3102
1990–91 Australia Australia4022
1991 West Indies England5221
1991 Sri Lanka England1100
1991–92 New Zealand New Zealand3201
1992 Pakistan England5122
1992–93 India India2020
1993 Australia England4031
69 Allan Lamb 1989–90† West Indies West Indies2020
1990–91† Australia Australia1010
70 Alec Stewart
1992–93† India India1010
1992–93 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1010
1998 South Africa England5212
1998 Sri Lanka England1010
1998–99 Australia Australia5131
2000† West Indies England1100
2001† Pakistan England1010
71 Michael Atherton
1993† Australia England2110
1993–94 West Indies West Indies5131
1994 New Zealand England3102
1994 South Africa England3111
1994–95 Australia Australia5131
1995 West Indies England6222
1995–96 South Africa South Africa5014
1996 India England3102
1996 Pakistan England3021
1996–97 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe2002
1996–97 New Zealand New Zealand3201
1997 Australia England6231
1997–98 West Indies West Indies6132
2001† Australia England2020
72 Nasser Hussain
Nasser Hussain.JPG
1999 New Zealand England3120
1999–2000 South Africa South Africa5122
2000 Zimbabwe England2101
2000 West Indies England4211
2000–01 Pakistan Pakistan3102
2000–01 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3210
2001 Pakistan England1100
2001 Report Australia England3120
2001–02 India India3012
2001–02 New Zealand New Zealand3111
2002 Sri Lanka England3201
2002 India England4112
2002–03 Report Australia Australia5140
2003 Zimbabwe England2200
2003† South Africa England1001
73 Mark Butcher
Cricket, Oval, 26th April 2007 006 (cropped).jpg
1999† New Zealand England1001
74 Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan600.jpg
2003 Report South Africa England4220
2003–04 Report Bangladesh Bangladesh2200
2003–04 Report Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3012
2003–04 Report West Indies West Indies4301
2004 Report New Zealand England2200
2004 Report West Indies England4400
2004–05 Report South Africa South Africa5212
2005 Report Bangladesh England2200
2005 Report Australia England5212
2005–06 Report Pakistan Pakistan2011
2007 Report West Indies England3300
2007 Report India England3012
2007–08 Report Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3012
2007–08 Report New Zealand New Zealand3210
2008 Report New Zealand England3201
2008 Report South Africa England3021
75 Marcus Trescothick
Tresco 1.jpg
2004† Report New Zealand England1100
2005–06† Report Pakistan Pakistan1010
76 Andrew Flintoff
Andrew Flintoff.jpg
2005–06 Report India India3111
2006 Report Sri Lanka England3111
2006–07 Report Australia Australia5050
77 Andrew Strauss
Andrew Strauss.JPG
2006 Report Pakistan England4301
2007† Report West Indies England1001
2008–09 Report West Indies West Indies5014
2009 Report West Indies England2200
2009 Report Australia England5212
2009–10 Report South Africa South Africa4112
2010 Report Bangladesh England2200
2010 Report Pakistan England4310
2010–11 Report Australia Australia5311
2011 Report Sri Lanka England3102
2011 Report India England4400
2011–12 Report Pakistan UAE3030
2011–12 Report Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2110
2012 Report West Indies England3201
2012 Report South Africa England3021
78 Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen.jpg
2008† Report South Africa England1100
2008–09 Report India India2011
79 Alastair Cook
Alastair Cook.jpg
2009–10 Report Bangladesh Bangladesh2200
2012–13 Report India India4211
2012–13 Report New Zealand New Zealand3003
2013 Report New Zealand England2200
2013 Report Australia England5302
2013–14 Report Australia Australia5050
2014 Report Sri Lanka England2011
2014 Report India England5311
2014–15 Report West Indies West Indies3111
2015 Report New Zealand England2110
2015 Report Australia England5320
2015–16 Report Pakistan UAE3021
2015–16 Report South Africa South Africa4211
2016 Report Sri Lanka England3201
2016 Report Pakistan England4220
2016–17 Report Bangladesh Bangladesh2110
2016–17 Report India India5041
80 Joe Root
HIP1146 (32217434933) (Joe Root cropped).jpg
2017 Report South Africa England4310
2017 Report West Indies England3210
2017–18 Report Australia Australia5041
2017–18 Report New Zealand New Zealand2011
2018 Report Pakistan England2110
2018 Report India England5410
2018–19 Report Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3300
2018–19 Report West Indies West Indies3120
2019 Report Ireland England1100
2019 Report Australia England5221
2019–20 Report New Zealand New Zealand2011
2019–20 Report South Africa South Africa4310
2020 Report West Indies England2200
2020 Report Pakistan England3102
2021 Report Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2200
2021 Report India India4130
81 Ben Stokes
BEN STOKES (11704837023) (cropped).jpg
2020† Report West Indies England1010
Grand total1031377305349
  1. Monty Bowden, aged 23 years 144 days, became England's youngest captain on 25 March 1889.
  2. Plum Warner captained the touring party, but illness prevented him from appearing in any of the Tests
  3. 1 2 George Mann was the son of Frank Mann, making them the first father and son to both captain England.
  4. 1 2 Arthur Gilligan and Harold Gilligan were brothers: the first brothers to captain England.
  5. 1 2 England had two overlapping Test series in the winter of 1929/30. Their first Test against New Zealand started on 10 January 1930. Their first Test against the West Indies started on 11 January 1930, making the first time England had simultaneously played two Test matches at once.
  6. 1 2 Chris Cowdrey is the son of Colin Cowdrey, making them the second father and son to both captain England after George and Frank Mann.
  7. The 1970 South Africa tour to England was called off and a Rest of the World XI was arranged to play a 5 match series to replace it. The games were originally was regarded as Test matches, but were later stripped of Test status. The Rest of the World XI won the series 4–1, with Illingworth captaining England in each match.
  8. The third Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia in 1970–71 was abandoned without a ball being bowled and is excluded from these statistics. This is in line with the approach adopted by Wisden and most statisticians, although the match has been recognised as an official Test match by the Australian Board of Control.

One Day International captains

This is a complete list of every man who has captained England in at least one One Day International (up to the end of the ODI series against India in March 2021).

The most successful captain in terms of win percentage, after a minimum of 10 games, is Mike Gatting. Eoin Morgan, however, is the only captain to lead England to a trophy, taking England to victory in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Nine men (Alan Knott, Norman Gifford, Adam Hollioake, Graham Thorpe, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Stuart Broad, James Taylor and Jos Buttler) have captained the England ODI side without ever captaining the Test team.

English ODI captains [2]
NumberNamePeriod of captaincyPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Ray Illingworth 1971–197331011
2 Brian Close 197232010
3 Mike Denness 1973–1975127041
4 John Edrich 197510001
5 Alan Knott 197610010
6 Tony Greig 197620020
7 Mike Brearley 1977–19802515091
8 Geoffrey Boycott 1977–197822000
9 Bob Willis 1978–198429160130
10 Ian Botham 1980–198194050
11 Keith Fletcher 1981–198252030
12 David Gower 1984–198924101130
13 Norman Gifford 198520020
14 Mike Gatting 1986–198837260110
15 John Emburey 198742020
16 Graham Gooch 1988–199350240233
17 Allan Lamb 199041030
18 Alec Stewart 1992–200341150251
19 Mike Atherton 1994–199743201211
20 Nasser Hussain 1997–200356280271
21 Adam Hollioake 1997–1999146080
22 Graham Thorpe 200130030
23 Marcus Trescothick 2001–2005105050
24 Michael Vaughan 2003–200760322224
25 Andrew Flintoff 2006–20071440100
26 Andrew Strauss 2006–201162271331
27 Paul Collingwood 2007–200925111121
28 Kevin Pietersen 2008124062
29 Alastair Cook 2010–201469361302
30 Eoin Morgan 2011–present121722 [lower-alpha 1] 407
31 Stuart Broad 201432010
32 James Taylor 201510001
33 Jos Buttler 2016–202185030
Grand total755379933928
  1. Includes 2019 Cricket World Cup Final, which was tied after 50 overs and the Super Over, but England won the match on boundary count

Twenty20 International captains

England played their first Twenty20 International in June 2005. Eoin Morgan holds the record for the most games as captain of the England t20I team, with 54 which includes 31 victories.

The most successful captain in terms of win percentage, after a minimum of 10 games, is Eoin Morgan. Paul Collingwood is the only captain to have led England to a trophy, however, winning the 2010 World Twenty20.

The table is complete up to the first of the T20I series against India in March 2021.

English Twenty20 International captains [3]
1 Michael Vaughan 2005–200721010
2 Andrew Strauss 2006–200930030
3 Paul Collingwood 2007–201030170112
4 Alastair Cook 200910010
5 Stuart Broad 2011–201427110151
6 Graeme Swann 201132010
7 Eoin Morgan 2012–present57332 [lower-alpha 1] 211
8 James Tredwell 201310001
9 Jos Buttler 2015–201842020
10 Moeen Ali 202010010
Grand total127652555
  1. Both games finished with scores level, but England won the Super-over deciders

Other Men's captains

England v Rest of the World, 1970

In 1970, the proposed South African tour of England was aborted. To replace the tour, a series of five games was played between a "Rest of the World" XI and the England Test team. At the time, these matches were thought of as Test matches. However, later they were stripped of Test status. England's captain in all five games was Ray Illingworth, who won one game, and lost the other four.

English vs Rest of the World Test match captains
1 Ray Illingworth 1970 Rest of the World England5140
Grand total5140

Women's cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the England women's cricket team for at least one women's Test match. The table of results is complete to the away Test against Australia in November 2017. Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which she captained at least one Test, that denotes that player was captain for a minor proportion in a series.

English women's Test match captains [4]
1 Betty Archdale 1934/5 Australia Australia3201
1934/5 New Zealand New Zealand1100
2 Molly Hide 1937 Australia England3111
1948/9 Australia Australia3012
1948/9 New Zealand New Zealand1100
1951† Australia England1100
1954 New Zealand England3102
3 Myrtle Maclagan 1951 Australia England2011
4 Mary Duggan 1957/8 New Zealand New Zealand2002
1957/8 Australia Australia2002
1963 Australia England3102
5 Cecilia Robinson 1957/8† Australia Australia1001
6 Helen Sharpe 1960/1 South Africa South Africa4103
7 Rachael Heyhoe-Flint 1966 New Zealand England3003
1968/9 Australia Australia3003
1968/9 New Zealand New Zealand3201
1976 Australia England3003
8 Susan Goatman 1979 West Indies England3201
9 Jan Southgate 1984 New Zealand England3003
1984/5 Australia Australia5122
10 Carole Hodges 1986 India England3003
1987 Australia England3012
11 Helen Plimmer 1991/2 New Zealand New Zealand3102
1991/2 Australia Australia1010
12 Karen Smithies 1995/6 India India3102
1996 New Zealand England3003
1998 Australia England3003
1999 India England1001
13 Clare Connor 2001 Australia England2020
2001/2 India India1001
2002 India England1001
2002/3 Australia Australia2011
2003 South Africa England2101
2004 New Zealand England1001
2005 Australia England2101
14 Charlotte Edwards 2005/6 India India1001
2006 India England2011
2007/8 Australia Australia1100
2009 Australia England1001
2010/1 Australia Australia1010
2013 Australia England1001
2013/4 Australia Australia1100
2014 India England1010
2015 Australia England1010
15 Heather Knight 2017/18 Australia Australia1001
Grand total94201460

Women's One Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the England women's cricket team for at least one Women's One Day International. The table of results is complete to the ODI series against New Zealand in July 2018.

English women's ODI captains [5]
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Rachael Heyhoe-Flint 1973–197697020
2 Mary Pilling 1977/832010
3 Susan Goatman 1979–1981/2158250
4 Jan Southgate 1984–1984/563030
5 Carole Hodges 1986–198754010
6 Jane Powell 1988/9–19901613030
7 Karen Smithies 1990–1999/200045230211
8 Helen Plimmer 1991–1991/285021
9 Ella Donnison 199933000
10 Clare Connor 2000–0566260391
11 Arran Brindle 200132010
12 Charlotte Edwards 2005–2016117720387
13 Nicky Shaw 2007–1043010
14 Heather Knight 2016–present3123080
15 Danielle Hazell 201611000
16 Anya Shrubsole 201810100
Grand total333195212610

Women's Twenty20 International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the England women's team for at least one Women's Twenty20 International. The table of results is complete as of 7 March 2021.

English women's Twenty20 International captains [6]
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Clare Connor 2004–200520020
2 Charlotte Edwards 2006–201693681231
3 Nicky Shaw 200710010
4 Jenny Gunn 2010–201332100
5 Heather Knight 2016–present48361110
6 Danielle Hazell 201810010
7 Nat Sciver 202111000
Grand total1491073381

Youth cricket

Test match captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the England under-19s for at least one under-19 Test match. The table of results is complete to September 2014. Where a player has a dagger (†) next to a Test match series in which he captained at least one Test, that denotes that player was captain for a minor proportion in a series.

England Under-19 Test match captains
1 Nigel Briers 1974 West Indies England3012
2 Chris Cowdrey 1976 West Indies England1100
3 Kevin Sharp 1978 West Indies England3102
4 Nigel Felton 1978/9 Australia Australia2002
5 Tim Boon 1979/80 West Indies West Indies3021
1981 India India3003
6 Laurie Potter 1982 West Indies England3021
7 Hugh Morris 1983 Australia England3120
8 Neil Lenham 1984/5 West Indies West Indies3021
9 Mike Roseberry 1986 Sri Lanka England3102
10 Trevor Ward 1986/7† Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1001
11 Mike Atherton 1986/7 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2002
12 Mark Ramprakash 1989 New Zealand England2011
13 Nick Knight 1989† New Zealand England1001
14 Wayne Noon 1989/90 Australia Australia3012
1990 Pakistan England3102
14 John Crawley 1990/1 New Zealand New Zealand3021
1991 Australia England3111
15 Phil Weston 1991/2 Pakistan Pakistan3111
1992 Sri Lanka England3102
16 Matthew Walker 1992/3 India India3111
1993 West Indies England3102
17 Michael Vaughan 1993/4 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka3012
1994 India England3012
18 Marcus Trescothick 1994/5 West Indies West Indies3012
1995 South Africa England3201
19 Alex Morris 1995/6 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe3201
1996† New Zealand England1001
20 Gareth Batty 1996 New Zealand England2011
21 Andrew Flintoff 1996/7 Pakistan Pakistan3102
1997 Zimbabwe England2101
22 Zac Morris 1997† Zimbabwe England1100
23 Paul Franks 1997/8 South Africa South Africa1001
24 Owais Shah 1997/8† South Africa South Africa1001
1998 Pakistan England3210
25 Michael Gough 1998/9 New Zealand New Zealand3111
1999 Australia England3111
26 Ian Bell 2000 Sri Lanka England2110
2000/1 India India3012
2001 West Indies England1001
27 Mark Wallace 2000† Sri Lanka England1010
28 Nicky Peng 2001† West Indies England1010
29 James Tredwell 2001† West Indies England 1 001
30 Joe Sayers 2003† South Africa England1010
31 Paul McMahon 2002 India England3102
32 Bilal Shafayat 2002/3 Australia Australia3120
2003 South Africa England2011
33 Alastair Cook 2004 Bangladesh England3201
34 Steven Davies 2004/5 India India3030
35 Varun Chopra 2005 Sri Lanka England3300
2006 India England3012
36 Ben Wright 2007 Pakistan England1100
37 Rory Hamilton-Brown 2007 Pakistan England1010
38 Tom Westley 2008 New Zealand England2101
39 Hamza Riazuddin 2009 Bangladesh England2101
40 Azeem Rafiq 2009/10 Bangladesh Bangladesh1010
2010 Sri Lanka England1010
41 Paul Best 2010† Sri Lanka England1100
42 Lewis Gregory 2011 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2002
43 Olly Stone 2013 South Africa South Africa2110
44 Will Rhodes 2014 South Africa South Africa2002
Grand total137343964

Youth One Day International captains

This is a list of cricketers who have captained the England under-19 team for at least one Under-19 One Day International. The table of results is complete to the end of the home series against South Africa in 2014.

English Under-19 ODI captains
NumberNameYearPlayedWonTiedLostNo result
1 Chris Cowdrey 197611000
2 Kevin Sharp 1977–197832010
3 Nigel Felton 1978/910010
4 Tim Boon 198111000
5 Laurie Potter 198222000
6 Hugh Morris 198321010
7 Neil Lenham 1984/531020
8 Mike Roseberry 198620020
9 Mike Atherton 1986/7–1987/8115060
10 Mark Ramprakash 198933000
11 Wayne Noon 1989/90–199041030
12 John Crawley 1990/1–199140040
13 Phil Weston 1991/230030
14 Matthew Walker 1992/3–199352030
15 Michael Vaughan 1993/4–199453020
16 Marcus Trescothick 1994/5–199554010
17 Alex Morris 1995/611000
18 Owais Shah 1996–1998147061
19 Andrew Flintoff 1996/7–199733000
20 Michael Gough 1998/9–199962040
21 Alex Loudon 1999/200063030
22 Ian Bell 2000–200195040
23 Nicky Peng 2001/262040
24 Paul McMahon 200230030
25 Bilal Shafayat 2002/330030
26 Samit Patel 2002/3–200341021
27 Alastair Cook 2003/4–200486020
28 Steven Davies 2004/551040
29 Varun Chopra 2005–2005/6, 2006122091
30 Moeen Ali 2005/653020
31 Greg Wood 2006/7115060
32 Rory Hamilton-Brown 200751031
33 Alex Wakely 2007/883050
34 Tom Westley 2007/8–200872113
35 Liam Dawson 2008/952030
36 Azeem Rafiq 2009–2009/10144091
37 Paul Best 2009/10–201084031
38 Lewis Gregory 2010/1130021
39 Adam Ball 2011/1227130131
40 Ben Duckett 2013112090
41 Jonathan Tattersall 201310100
42 Lewis McManus 201310100
43 Will Rhodes 2013/14149050
Grand total255105113811

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England cricket team Sports team

The England cricket team represents England and Wales in international cricket. Since 1997, it has been governed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), having been previously governed by Marylebone Cricket Club since 1903. England, as a founding nation, is a Full Member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) with Test, One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International (T20I) status. Until the 1990s, Scottish and Irish players also played for England as those countries were not yet ICC members in their own right.

Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lankan cricketer

Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara is a Sri Lankan cricket commentator, cricketer, former captain of the Sri Lanka national cricket team and a model. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the sport. Sangakkara scored 28,016 runs in international cricket across all formats in a career that spanned 15 years. At retirement, he was the second-highest run-scorer in ODI cricket and sixth-highest run scorer in Test cricket.

Richard Illingworth Cricket umpire

Richard Keith Illingworth is an English former cricketer, who is currently an umpire. The bulk of his domestic cricketing career occurred with Worcestershire, although he had a spell with Derbyshire, and overseas with Natal. He played in nine Tests and twenty five ODIs for England, including participating in the 1992 and 1996 Cricket World Cups. Several websites, mistakenly, report that he is Ray Illingworth's son but the two are not related.

Chamunorwa Justice "Chamu" Chibhabha is a Zimbabwean cricketer who bats right-handed and bowls right-arm medium pace. In January 2020, Zimbabwe Cricket named him as the captain of Zimbabwe's One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International (T20I) squads on an interim basis.

Eoin Morgan Irish-English cricketer

Eoin Joseph Gerard Morgan is an Irish-born cricketer who captains the England cricket team in limited overs cricket, Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League and Middlesex in the Vitality T20 Blast. Under his captaincy, England won the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, the first time they had won the tournament.

Ireland womens cricket team Ireland womens national cricket team

The Ireland women's cricket team represents Ireland in international women's cricket. Cricket in Ireland is governed by Cricket Ireland and organised on an All-Ireland basis, meaning the Irish women's team represents both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Andrew Balbirnie is an Irish cricketer, the current captain of the Ireland cricket team in all formats. Balbirnie is a right-handed batsman and an occasional wicket-keeper. He was born in Dublin and was educated at St. Andrew's College. He was one of the 11 cricketers to play in Ireland's first ever Test match, against Pakistan, in May 2018. In the match he became the first Test cap for Ireland in Test cricket. In December 2018, he was one of 19 players to be awarded a central contract by Cricket Ireland for the 2019 season.

The 2017–18 international cricket season was from September 2017 to April 2018. 28 Test matches, 93 One Day Internationals (ODIs), and 44 Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) were played during this period. Out of the 30 Test matches that were played four were day/night matches. The day/night Test match between South Africa and Zimbabwe was scheduled to last for only four days in duration, with the last such four-day Test match being played in 1973. The season started with India leading the Test cricket rankings, South Africa leading the ODI rankings, New Zealand leading the Twenty20 rankings, and England women leading the women's rankings. Additionally, the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code came into effect on 1 October 2017, superseding the 6th Edition of the 2000 Code of Laws, with many of the changes in the laws being incorporated into the ICC Standard Playing Conditions.

The Pakistan cricket team toured England in May 2019 to play five One Day Internationals (ODIs) and one Twenty20 International (T20I) match ahead of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The fixtures were part of both teams' preparation for the tournament. Three matches were played against English county sides as part of the tour, with 50-over matches played against Kent and Northants, and a Twenty20 match played against Leicestershire.

The England cricket team toured South Africa from December 2019 to February 2020 to play four Tests, three One Day Internationals (ODIs) and three Twenty20 International (T20I) matches. The Test series formed part of the inaugural 2019–21 ICC World Test Championship. Cricket South Africa confirmed the fixtures for the tour in May 2019.

The Australia cricket team toured England to play three One Day International (ODI) and three Twenty20 International (T20I) matches in September 2020. The ODI matches formed part of the inaugural 2020–23 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League. Originally, the matches were scheduled to take place in July 2020, but were moved back to September 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On 14 August 2020, Cricket Australia named a touring squad of 21 players, after gaining government exemptions to travel to the United Kingdom. The T20Is were played at the Rose Bowl in Southampton, the ODIs were played at Old Trafford in Manchester, with all the fixtures played behind closed doors.



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