List of ghost towns in Manitoba

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Over the course of its history, the province of Manitoba has witnessed numerous of its populated communities experience decline to become ghost towns. Triggers were usually changes in economic conditions, such as natural resource prices or resource depletion, or changes in transportation networks, such as rail alignment selection, rail line closures and highway realignments.[ citation needed ]


Community Rural municipality Peak populationPeak year
Albert Rural Municipality of Albert  
Archibald Rural Municipality of Pembina  
Argyle Rural Municipality of Rockwood  
Belleview Rural Municipality of Sifton  
Bender Hamlet Rural Municipality of Armstrong  
Bradburn Rural Municipality of Dufferin  
Bradwardine Rural Municipality of Daly  
Carnagie Rural Municipality of Elton  
Ebor Rural Municipality of Pipestone  
Ewart Rural Municipality of Pipestone  
Grand Valley  
Isabella Rural Municipality of Miniota  
Lauder Rural Municipality of Cameron  
Manitoba City  
McArthur's Landing  
Millwood Municipality of Russell – Binscarth  
Moore Park  
Mountain Road  
Odanah Rural Municipality of Odanah  
Old Dauphin  
Old Deloraine  
Old Stockton  
Sioux Village  
Snowflake Rural Municipality of Pembina  
Souris City  
Whitewater Rural Municipality of Whitewater  

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Lynn Lake is a town in the northwest region of Manitoba, Canada, approximately 1,071 km (665 mi) from Winnipeg. The town is the fourth-largest town in Manitoba in terms of land area. It is centred on the original urban community of Lynn Lake. The town was named after Lynn Smith, chief engineer of Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. There are many outfitters in the Lynn Lake area, offering services for most wilderness experiences, including sport fishing and bear and moose hunting.

Roblin is an unincorporated urban community in the Municipality of Roblin, Manitoba, Canada. It is located approximately 400 km (250 mi) northwest of Winnipeg.

Creighton is a northern town in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, named after Thomas Creighton. It had a 2016 census population of 1,402 inhabitants, down 0.3% from 1,498 inhabitants in 2011.

Niverville, Manitoba Place in Manitoba, Canada

Niverville is a town in Eastman Region, Manitoba, Canada. The town lies between the northwest corner of the Rural Municipality of Hanover and the southeastern portion of the Rural Municipality of Ritchot. Niverville's population as of the 2021 census is 5,947, the largest town and 10th-largest community in Manitoba.

Gillam, Manitoba Town in Manitoba, Canada

Gillam is a town on the Nelson River in northern Manitoba, Canada. It is situated between Thompson and Churchill on the Hudson Bay Railway line.

Snow Lake is a town in Manitoba, Canada, located 685 km north of Winnipeg at the end of Provincial Road 392. The main industry is, and always has been, mining; currently with one mine producing Zinc, and another lithium. The official Town of Snow Lake is a very large, overwhelmingly rural area that is centered about the urban community of Snow Lake, which lies very near its geographical center. The Town is as large in area as a typical rural municipality in the more southern parts of Manitoba.

Leaf Rapids is a town in north west Manitoba, Canada. The town was developed as an experimental model; a model that other northern communities could replicate as they strove for modern convenience and luxury in a northern environment. The community is located approximately 1,000 km north of Winnipeg along the Churchill River. The original (urban) community of Leaf Rapids is on Manitoba Provincial Road 391, although most of the large official town created later lies east of this community. This town is as large as a typical Rural Municipality in the more southern parts of Manitoba.

Carberry, Manitoba Town in Manitoba, Canada

Carberry is a town in southwestern Manitoba, Canada. It is situated 3 kilometres south of the Trans-Canada Highway on Highway 5 in the Municipality of North Cypress – Langford, and has a population of 1,738 people.

Alidaə-LEE-də is a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan within the Rural Municipality of Reciprocity No. 32 and Census Division No. 1. The village is approximately 85 km (53 mi) east of the City of Estevan. Farming and oil are the major local industries. Several ghost towns are in the vicinity, including Nottingham to the east, Auburnton, to the west, and Cantal to the north-west. With the investment of oil and other industries, the area continues to grow.

Anola Place in Manitoba, Canada

Anola is an unincorporated community in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is located 24 kilometres east of Winnipeg and 40 kilometres north of Steinbach in the Rural Municipality of Springfield. The community has a population of approximately 200 people.

Lists of ghost towns in Canada

This is a list of lists of ghost towns in Canada. A ghost town is a town that once had a considerable population, that has since dwindled in numbers causing some or all its business to close, either due to the rerouting of a highway, train tracks being pulled, or exhaustion of some natural resource.

Lille, Alberta Former village in Alberta, Canada

Lille is a ghost town and former village in the Crowsnest Pass area of southwest Alberta, Canada. It was a company-built coal mining community that, between 1901 and 1912, hosted a population that grew to over 400. The mines at Lille closed in 1912, due primarily to weak coal prices, increasing production costs, and the increasingly poor quality of the coal. The community was then dismantled and most of its structures were moved elsewhere. Today the site is an Alberta Provincial Historic Resource and is known for the elegant ruins of a set of Bernard-style coke ovens that was imported from Belgium.

Beulah is a term from the Biblical Hebrew to refer to the Lord's country, Beulah (land). It may also refer to:

Grandview Municipality is a rural municipality (RM) in the Parkland Region of Manitoba, Canada. It is located in a valley between Duck Mountain Provincial Forest & Park and Riding Mountain National Park, which both lie partially within the RM's territory.