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This list of heritage railways is a listing of heritage railways sorted by country, state or region. A heritage railway is a preserved or tourist railroad which is run as a tourist attraction, is usually but not always run by volunteers, and often seeks to re-create railway scenes of the past.




Vertical boiler loco Cockerill on the Dendermonde-Puurs Railway Dendermonde-Puurs Railway - 2006-08-20.jpg
Vertical boiler loco Cockerill on the Dendermonde-Puurs Railway

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Czech Republic


An NSJV restored train on the Nordsjaellands Veterantog NSJV train in Farum.jpg
An NSJV restored train on the Nordsjællands Veterantog
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  • Bevaringsforeningen Gedser Remise – roundhouseS, Falster, DJK
  • BjergBanenSH, Jylland
  • Blovstrødbanen N, Zealand, DJK
  • Bornholms Railway Museum- narrow gauge, Bornholm, future re establish a section of the former Nexøbane
  • Danish Railway MuseumFunen
  • Djursland Railway Museum – Jylland, DJK
  • Hanstholm fortress N, Jylland
  • Hedelands VeteranbaneN, Sjælland
  • Hjerl Hede FrilandsmuseumN, Jylland
  • LimfjordsbanenH, Jylland, DJK
  • Mariager-Handest VeteranbaneS, Jylland, DJK
  • Museumsbanen Maribo-BandholmS, Lolland, DJK
  • MY-VeterantogH, Sjælland, DJK
  • Nordisk Jernbane-KlubH, Falster, DJK
  • Nordsjællands Veterantog H, Sjælland
  • Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum – near Skjoldenæsholm Castle, Sjælland
  • Stenvad MosebrugcenterN, Jylland
  • Struer Jernbane-KlubH, Jylland
  • Struer Railway Museum- Jylland
  • Sydfynske VeteranjernbaneS, Fyn
  • Sydjyllands VeterantogH, Jylland
  • Vestsjællands VeterantogS, Sjælland, DJK
  • Veteranbanen Bryrup-VradsS, Jylland
  • Veteranbanen Haderslev-VojensS, Jylland, DJK
  • Veterantog VesH, Jylland, DJK
  • Videbæk-Skjern VeteranbaneS, Jylland
  • Østsjællandske JernbaneklubH, Sjælland

H Heritage rail operator | N Narrow gauge railway | S Standard gauge railway
DJK: Dansk Jernbane-Klub. Several heritage railways and operators are members of DJK


Lovisa & Wesijarvi Railway #6 at the Jokioinen Museum Railway LWR6 2-8-0 steam locomotive.jpg
Lovisa & Wesijärvi Railway #6 at the Jokioinen Museum Railway


The Froissy Dompierre Light Railway Franco Belge 040 KDL.jpg
The Froissy Dompierre Light Railway

For a comprehensive list of heritage railways in France, see the article Liste des chemins de fer touristiques de France (French version of this article).


The Hannoversches Strassenbahn-Museum 2005-06-26.HSM.jpg
The Hannoversches Straßenbahn-Museum

For a comprehensive list of heritage railways in Germany, see the article Liste der Museumseisenbahnen (German version of this article). The list includes railway museums that operate historic railway services.





Ventspils narrow-gauge railway Ventspils narrow gauge railway.jpg
Ventspils narrow-gauge railway


Fond de Gras railway station, Luxembourg Fond de Gras railway station.jpg
Fond de Gras railway station, Luxembourg



Steam locomotive on the Gamle Vossebanen Type 18 locomotive n. 255 at Garnes.jpg
Steam locomotive on the Gamle Vossebanen


Republic of Ireland

For a list of heritage railways in the Republic of Ireland, see the article List of heritage railways in the Republic of Ireland .


Locomotive Mariuta on the Viseu de Sus Railway Mocanita.JPG
Locomotive Mariuţa on the Vişeu de Sus Railway

San Marino

Restored AB 03 electric car in front of the Montale tunnel near the San Marino terminal station (2015) San-Marino, motorvagono de la eksa fervojo, 2.jpeg
Restored AB 03 electric car in front of the Montale tunnel near the San Marino terminal station (2015)


Train passing the largest bridge on the Sargan Eight railway Sarganska osmica 1.jpg
Train passing the largest bridge on the Šargan Eight railway


A train on the Cierny Hron Railway CHZ CKD Hronec.jpg
A train on the Čierny Hron Railway


Steam locomotive "Tren del centenari" from 1948, in Vilanova Railway Museum Tren del centenari 1848-1948.JPG
Steam locomotive "Tren del centenari" from 1948, in Vilanova Railway Museum


SRJ 28 Stortysken at Lenna Station (in Lanna) on the Upsala-Lenna Jernvag railway Steam engine srj28 lenna.jpg
SRJ 28 Stortysken at Lenna Station (in Länna) on the Upsala-Lenna Jernväg railway


Historic steam on the Rigi Railways, the oldest rack railway in Europe Historic steam train on the Rigi.jpg
Historic steam on the Rigi Railways, the oldest rack railway in Europe

United Kingdom and Crown dependencies

Isle of Man

Channel Islands

North America


United States



St. Kitts

South America


Tren a las Nubes Tren a las nubes crossing viaduct2.jpg
Tren a las Nubes
The Old Patagonian Express Trochita puente sobre Rio Chico.JPG
The Old Patagonian Express







Hong Kong

Peak Tram of Hong Kong Peak Tram approaching intermediate station.JPG
Peak Tram of Hong Kong


The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.jpg
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway


Cepu Forest Railway - Du Croo & Brauns locomotive Cepu Forest Railway Du Croo Brauns Locomotive.jpg
Cepu Forest RailwayDu Croo & Brauns locomotive




Historical Khyber Railway in Pakistan KhyberRailway 02.jpg
Historical Khyber Railway in Pakistan


Alishan steam train, engine no 31 Alishan station with Steam train.JPG
Alishan steam train, engine no 31


South Africa

Rovos Rail train about to depart from Capital Park Station Rovos Rail Capital Park Station.jpg
Rovos Rail train about to depart from Capital Park Station

Note that most of the heritage railway operators in South Africa have their own depots where locomotives and coaches are kept and serviced, but run on state-owned railways.




New Zealand

For a list of heritage railways in New Zealand, see the article List of New Zealand railway museums and heritage lines .

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Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad

The Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, often shortened to Rio Grande, D&RG or D&RGW, formerly the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, was an American Class I railroad company. The railroad started as a 3 ft narrow-gauge line running south from Denver, Colorado, in 1870. It served mainly as a transcontinental bridge line between Denver, and Salt Lake City, Utah. The Rio Grande was also a major origin of coal and mineral traffic.

Mountain railway Railway which operates within a mountainous region

A mountain railway is a railway that operates in a mountainous region. It may operate through the mountains by following mountain valleys and tunneling beneath mountain passes, or it may climb a mountain to provide transport to and from the summit.

Heritage railway Railway used for heritage/historical/tourism purposes

A heritage railway or heritage railroad is a railway operated as living history to re-create or preserve railway scenes of the past. Heritage railways are often old railway lines preserved in a state depicting a period in the history of rail transport.

Southern Fuegian Railway

The Southern Fuegian Railway or the Train of the End of the World is a 500 mm gauge steam railway in Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina. It was originally built as a freight line to serve the prison of Ushuaia, specifically to transport timber. It now operates as a heritage railway into the Tierra del Fuego National Park and is considered the southernmost functioning railway in the world.

Upsala-Lenna Järnväg (ULJ) is a narrow-gauge heritage railway in Uppsala County, Sweden. It is 33 km (21 mi) long and is a part of the once extensive Roslagen network. The gauge is the 891 mm, unique to Sweden. The railway is run by the SRJmf society.

Froissy Dompierre Light Railway

The Froissy Dompierre Light Railway is a 600 mm narrow gauge light railway running from Froissy to Dompierre-Becquincourt, through Cappy, in the Somme department, France. It is run as a heritage railway by APPEVA and is also known as P'tit Train de la Haute Somme. It is the last survivor of the 600 mm narrow gauge trench railways of the World War I battlefields.

Rail transport in Morocco was initially developed during the protectorate. It functioned primarily as a means to mobilize colonial troops and to transport natural resources. Later, a standard-gauge network was built.

Rail transport in Benin

Benin has a total of 578 km (359 mi) of single track, 1,000 mm railway. Rail construction began around 1900, with regular services commencing in 1906; rail operation was taken into government control in 1930.

Swedish three foot gauge railways Railway track gauge (891 mm)

Swedish three-foot gauge railways are railways with the gauge 891 mm, or 3 Swedish feet in the old Swedish measurement system. Railways with this gauge have only existed in Sweden. This was the most common narrow gauge in Sweden. As of 2016, the total network with this gauge is 65 km, all of which is electrified.

Stockholm–Roslagens Järnvägar (SRJ) was a private railway company in Sweden 1885–1951, running a vast network of narrow gauge railways in Roslagen north of Stockholm. The company was taken over by Swedish State Railways in 1951, formally combined into Swedish State Railways in 1959.

Narrow-gauge railways in Sweden

Sweden once had some fairly extensive narrow-gauge networks, but most narrow-gauge railways are now closed. Some were converted to 1,435 mmstandard gauge and some remain as heritage railways. The most common narrow gauge, 891 mm, exists only in Sweden. A smaller 3 ft 6 in gauge network existed, and 600 mm gauge was used mostly by smaller, industrial railways. Still other but lesser used gauges in the country were 693 mm, 802 mm, 1,099 mm, 1,188 mm and 1,217 mm, all converted or removed.

Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden, is a 700 mm narrow gauge heritage railway line around the Valkenburgse Meer in the south of Katwijk, Netherlands. Although the name translates as Steam Train Valkenburg Lake, technically actually trams are used for the tourist attraction. Carriages are mostly remakes of early-20th century tram carriages, built by the Nederlandse Smalspoor Stichting in Katwijk.


The B class of the Swedish State Railways (SJ) was a type of steam locomotive for mixed traffic, introduced in 1909. 96 locomotives were built for SJ by between 1909 and 1919. The 4-6-0 B class was part of the development of modern superheated locomotives that had begun with the A class in 1906. Intended for fast freight trains and heavy stopping passenger trains, they proved to be highly useful in all types of traffic, and remained in use until the end of steam operations in Sweden.


The passenger train locomotives number 27–29 of Stockholm–Roslagens Järnvägar, usually referred to as stortyskarna, were the largest steam locomotives ever built for the Swedish three foot gauge railways. Initially used in fast passenger trains from Stockholm to Rimbo and Hallstavik, they were moved to freight service after the Stockholm–Rimbo Line was electrified in 1946. They hauled iron ore from Dannemora mine and transporter wagons from Uppsala, but were replaced by diesel locomotives during the 1950s. Two locomotives were leased at different times to the narrow-gauge network in Västergötland. Their last service was between Rimbo and Hallstavik in 1960. SRJ 28 has been preserved.

Pays de Waes (locomotive)

The Pays de Waes is a preserved tank locomotive built in 1844, which is part of the historical collection of the National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB), on display at Train World. It is reputed to be the oldest preserved locomotive on the European continent.

Norra Hälsinglands Järnväg Former railway in Sweden

Norra Hälsinglands Järnväg (NHJ) was a narrow-gauge railway between Hudiksvall and Bergsjö in northern Gävleborg County, Sweden, in operation from 1896 to 1962. It was often called Bergsjökoa.


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