Public holidays in Abkhazia

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The following is a list of Public holidays in Abkhazia :

Abkhazia autonomous region in Georgia and breakaway republic which is not recognized internationally

Abkhazia, officially the Republic of Abkhazia, is a de facto and partially recognized republic on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, south of the Greater Caucasus mountains, in northwestern Georgia. It covers 8,660 square kilometres (3,340 sq mi) and has a population of around 240,000. Its capital is Sukhumi and it is recognised as a state by Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Syria. While Georgia lacks control over Abkhazia, the Georgian government and most United Nations member states consider Abkhazia legally part of Georgia, whose constitution designates the area as the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

DateEnglish nameAbkhaz nameRussian nameRemarks
January 1-2 New Year's Day Новый год
January 7 Christmas Рождество ХристовоCelebration of the Birth of Jesus
January 14AzhyrnykhuaАжьырныҳәаАжьырныхуаCelebration of the creation of the world
March 8 International Women's Day Международный женский деньCelebration of women's rights and womanhood
May 9 Victory Day День ПобедыOn 9 May 1945, Nazi Germany was defeated and the Great Patriotic War came to an end in Europe
May 23Day of the Holy Apostle Simon the Zealot День Святого Апостола Симона Кананита
May 31Day of remembrance of the Caucasian War and the forced evictions of the Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus День памяти жертв Кавказской войны и насильственного выселения горских народов Кавказа
July 23 Flag Day День Флага РеспубликиOn 23 July 1992 the Flag of Abkhazia was officially adopted
August 14Day of the Defenders of the FatherlandДень памяти защитников ОтечестваOn 14 August 1992 the 1992-1993 war with Georgia started
September 30 Independence Day День освобождения Республики Абхазия/
День независимости Абхазии
On 30 September 1993 the 1992-1993 war with Georgia ended and Abkhazia gained de facto independence
November 26 Constitution Day День Конституции Республики АбхазииOn 26 November 1994 the current Constitution of Abkhazia was adopted
December 14Day of the children killed during the 1992-1993 war in Abkhazia День памяти детей, погибших в Отечественной войне в Абхазии (1992—1993 гг.)On 14 December 1992 a helicopter carrying evacuees from the Siege of Tkvarcheli was shot down, killing 25 children
Dhul Hijja 10 Eid al-Adha КурбанныхуаCommemoration of the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael in obedience to Allah

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Government of the Republic of Abkhazia government of the Republic of Abkhazia

The Government of the Republic of Abkhazia governs the partially recognised Republic of Abkhazia.

Foreign relations of Transnistria

The Transnistrian republic is recognized by three states with limited recognition, and is a member of one international organization, the Community for Democracy and Human Rights, that was established by these four states.

The office of Minister for Defence has been one of the most important in the breakaway Republic of Abkhazia due to the ongoing conflict with Georgia. The position was created 11 October 1992, shortly after the outbreak of the 1992-1993 war with Georgia. The first Minister for Defence was Vladimir Arshba, but due to his injuries for most of the time his functions were carried out by Deputy Minister for Defence and Chief of the General Staff Sultan Sosnaliev, who eventually also formally succeeded Arshba on 25 April 2003. Sosnaliev oversaw Abkhazia's successful expulsion of Georgian forces and remained Defence Minister until on 1 July 1996 he resigned to return to his native Kabardia.

The Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia was adopted by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia of the 12th convocation on 26 November 1994, and by the national referendum on October 3, 1999, with an amendment adopted by the national referendum on the same day. On the 15th anniversary of its adoption, a special meeting was held between the current convocation of the People's Assembly and many of the members who were present in 1994. Sergei Shamba reported that he had written down the exact time of adoption as 17:14.

Abkhazian passport passport

The Abkhazian passport is issued to citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia for the purpose of international travel and for the purpose of legal identification within Abkhazia. As Abkhazia is only recognised by Russia, Venezuela, Syria, Nicaragua and Nauru, for all other destinations Abkhazian citizens must use another passport for international travel.

Mirab Boris-ipa Kishmaria is the current Minister of Defence of the Republic of Abkhazia, which enjoys only limited recognition internationally.

Daur Tarba Abkhazian politician

Daur Tarba is the current Minister for Agriculture of Abkhazia. In the past, he has also been Chairman of United Abkhazia at a time when it was the ruling party, Vice Premier and head of the Ochamchira district.

Leonid Lakerbaia, was the Prime Minister of Abkhazia in the Government of President Ankvab from 27 September 2011 until his resignation on 2 June 2014 following the 2014 Abkhazian political crisis. Lakerbaia is also chairman of the socio-political movement Aitaira.

Alexander Viktorovich Stranichkin is an Abkhazian politician. A former vice-speaker of the People's Assembly of Abkhazia, Stranichkin currently serving as one of the four vice-premiers of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Yuri Voronov Abkhazian politician

Yuri Nikolaevich Voronov was a politician and academic from Abkhazia who was murdered in front of his apartment on the night of 11 September 1995. At the time of his death, he was Vice Premier and a member of the Abkhazian Supreme Soviet.

The Government of President Sergei Bagapsh was the Government of the Republic of Abkhazia from 2005 until 2011.

The Ministry for Culture and the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Abkhazia is a government agency of Abkhazia which holds an ministerial position in the Abkhazian government.

A-Mobile is the second mobile phone operator of Abkhazia behind Aquafon, both in number of subscriptions and in age.

Otar Khetsia has twice been Minister of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia.

The Minister for Internal Affairs holds a ministerial position in the government of the Republic of Abkhazia. The post existed in the Soviet period within the Council of Ministers of the Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, and since then has been occupied by 10 politicians, of whom three have occupied it twice. The current Minister is Aslan Kobakhia.

Government of President Khajimba

The Government of President Raul Khajimba is the current Government of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Erik Rshtuni was Chairman of the State Committee for Standards, Consumer and Technical Supervision of Abkhazia in the Government of President Khajimba from 2014 until 2016. Rshtuni was first appointed on 23 October 2014, after Raul Khajimba's election, who created the State Committee out of the State Administration for Standards, Metrology and Certification. Rshtuni served in the cabinets of Prime Ministers Beslan Butba and Artur Mikvabia, but he was replaced by Akhra Pachkoria on 1 November 2016, following the appointment of Beslan Bartsits as Prime Minister.

Khrips Jopua is a former Chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation of Abkhazia.

Beslan Bartsits former Prime Minister of Abkhazia

Beslan Bartsits is a former Prime Minister of Abkhazia, having been appointed by President Raul Khajimba on 5 August 2016 with his term ending 25 April 2018. In the past, he has served as Head of the Presidential Administration, Head of Gagra District and Member of Parliament.

Batal Kobakhia - Abkhaz archeologists, public figure; The deputy of 4th convocation (2007-2012), chairman of the committee for Human Rights and Rule of Law.