Texas Cyclone (film)

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Texas Cyclone
Original poster
Directed by D. Ross Lederman
Screenplay by Randall Faye
Story by William Colt MacDonald
Produced byIrving Briskin
Starring Tim McCoy
Cinematography Benjamin H. Kline
Edited by Otto Meyer
Columbia Pictures
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • February 24, 1932 (1932-02-24)
Running time
63 minutes
57 minutes
(1953 TV release)
CountryUnited States

Texas Cyclone is a 1932 American Pre-Code Western film directed by D. Ross Lederman for Columbia Pictures. The film stars Tim McCoy as "Texas Grant", Shirley Grey, Wheeler Oakman and John Wayne, and features an early appearance by Walter Brennan as the sheriff.



"Texas" Grant rides into a strange town only to find that everyone there recognizes him, but not as Texas Grant. The town villains confuse him with a lawman named Jim Rawlings whom they had murdered a few years prior, because the two men look very similar. Hefty the bartender and Sheriff Collins used to be friends with Rawlings and come up with a plan to fool the local crooks into thinking Grant really is the man they killed. Even Helen, the dead lawman's widow, thinks her husband has returned from the grave when she first sees him.

Grant sees how the woman's ranch hands are mismanaging the ranch her husband left her and are even stealing from her, and decides to help her get the place back to financial solvency. Appointing himself the new boss and adopting the identity of Jim Rawlings, he fires all but one of the ranch hands, an honest young man named Steve Pickett, and together Grant and Pickett try to help the widow rebuild her enterprise.


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