Moonlight on the Prairie

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Moonlight on the Prairie
Moonlight on the Prairie.jpg
Film poster
Directed by D. Ross Lederman
Written by William Jacobs
Produced by Bryan Foy
Starring Dick Foran
CinematographyFred Jackman Jr.
Edited by Thomas Pratt
Music by Leo F. Forbstein
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date
  • November 2, 1935 (1935-11-02)
Running time
63 minutes
CountryUnited States

Moonlight on the Prairie is a 1935 American Western film directed by D. Ross Lederman. [1] It was the first of a Warner Bros. singing cowboy film series with Dick Foran and his Palomino Smoke. A print is preserved in the Library of Congress collection. [2]




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