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The Christian O'Connell Show
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Genre Talk and Music
Running timeWeekdays 6am - 9am
(Gold 104.3)
Weekdays 7pm - 8pm (Nationally)
Country of origin Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia
Language(s) English
Home station Gold 104.3
Syndicates 101.7 WSFM
97.3 FM
Mix 102.3
Hosted by Christian O'Connell
Starring Christian O'Connell
Jack Post
Patrina Jones
Produced byTom Martin
Beck Lewis
Bryan Madigan
Original release3 June 2018 – present
Website The Christian O'Connell Radio Show
Podcast Podcast

The Christian O'Connell Show is a multi award winning radio show, hosted by Christian O'Connell.


The show airs between 6am and 9am on weekdays on Gold 104.3 in Melbourne and between 7pm and 8pm on Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, WSFM in Sydney, 97.3 FM in Brisbane, Mix 102.3 in Adelaide and 96FM in Perth. [1] A daily podcast of the previous morning's show is also produced.


Previously the show has aired on the original Virgin Radio (January 2001 - October 2005) and its successor station Absolute Radio (September 2008 - May 2018) in the United Kingdom.

In February 2018, O'Connell announced he would be leaving Absolute Radio and emigrating to Australia to host the Gold 104.3 breakfast show in Melbourne.

The final UK show was broadcast on 18 May 2018. [2] The last song played on the show was "Nothing Lasts Forever" by Echo & the Bunnymen.

Christian started his new show on Melbourne's Gold 104.3 on Monday 4 June 2018. [3] The first song played on air was "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" by AC/DC.

In October 2019, Australian Radio Network announced that the show will remain on Gold 104.3 until 2022. [4]

In April 2020, Australian Radio Network announced that The Christian O'Connell Show will be syndicated across the country from Monday 27 April, airing for one hour from 7PM until 8PM on weeknights on Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, WSFM in Sydney, 97.3 FM in Brisbane, Mix 102.3 in Adelaide and 96FM in Perth. [5] The show is highlights from the breakfast show which airs on Gold 104.3.


Christian O'Connell

Christian O'Connell (born 7 April 1973) is a British radio presenter. He began presenting on 2CR in Bournemouth in 1999, moving to Juice FM in Liverpool in 2000. He later moved to the weekday breakfast show on XFM and hosting Fighting Talk on BBC Radio 5 Live. After departing xFM, O'Connell began hosting the weekday morning breakfast show on Virgin Radio, then Absolute Radio (from 2006 - 2018) and Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, Australia.

Jack Post

Jack Post (born 9 November 1987) is O'Connell's producer and sidekick. He was previously a producer and contributor to the Hamish & Andy radio show. He continues to work on the Hamish & Andy Podcast. [6]

Patrina Jones (Pats)

Patrina Jones (born 27 June) is a newsreader and regular contributor on the show. She has been the voice of Gold 104.3 breakfast news since 2012.

Regular segments


Sing It For Melbourne

In mid-August 2018, the Global Liveability index was released from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which showed that Vienna had unseated Melbourne as the best city to live in. Christian, after conversing with the mayor, decided that Melbourne needed a song about how wonderful it is, somewhat similar to the idea of Ultravox's 1981 hit "Vienna" as he thought that was the only thing Vienna had over Melbourne. Jack Post wrote the song, with input from listeners.

The song reached #1 on the iTunes rock chart. All proceeds from the song are being donated to the Starlight Foundation. [7]

Christian O'Connell's Gran Final

Leading up to the 2018 AFL Grand Final Christian started a football competition for Melbourne Grandmas to compete in a longest kick competition. The event was held at Whitten Oval on Saturday 22 September 2018. The competition, which was entered into by more than 100 Melbourne Grans, was won by North Melbourne supporter, Bronwyn Fyfe. Her winning kick was 28.54 metres long.

The Gran Final was held again on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at the Whitten Oval. This year's winner was Carmel Hine with a winning kick of 27.9 meters.

One Last Dream

Christian asked bands to reunite and compete for the chance to play at One Electric Day with Jimmy Barnes and The Angels. The competition was won by Bungalow, a band who last performed in 1996.

Christian's $50,000 Pay Your Bills

Semi-regular segment (it comes and goes at different parts of the year). Listeners can enter on the Gold 104.3 website, for any bill and any amount, and if chosen the bill will be paid in full.

Christian's $10K Power Tower

New contest segment as of July 2020. Christian provides a subject (such as pizza toppings, or girls names that start with the letter a) and listeners have 15 seconds to name as many things as they can in that category.

Who's Calling Christian

O'Connell encourages listeners to contact celebrities and ask them to ring the show during a period of time. Originally launched on Absolute Radio, the celebrity who wins the public vote wins £10,000 for their charity, and the listener who gets them to call wins £10,000 for themselves (should a celebrity call without prompt from a listener, they will get the full £20,000). The best five telephone calls are selected by the presenters, and the listeners then vote for their favourite. In 2015, Maisie Williams was the winner, and in 2016 Judy Murray won.

Christian relaunched this competition on Gold 104.3 in Melbourne in August 2019, with 57 celebrities calling into the show. The winner was Olivia Newton-John, [8] and her Cancer Wellness And Research Centre received $20,000. The listener who convinced Newton-John to call said he was going to donate $10,000 of his winnings to the same charity.

In September 2020, the next round of Who's Calling Christian launched, with 53 celebrities calling in. The winner was Ricky Gervais, [9] and the charity All Dogs Matter will receive $40,000, as the listener who convinced Gervais to call in is located in the UK and therefore could not receive his $20,000 prize due to contest restrictions in the terms & conditions. Christian also surprised the second-placed celebrity, Shane Warne, the day after announcing Gervais as the winner, to give a $10,000 donation to an Australian charity supporting kids with cancer, as Christian wanted a local charity to benefit as well. [10]

Former Team Members

Richie Firth

Richard Mark Firth (born 8 May 1977) was Christian's co-host in the UK. He began working at Absolute Radio when several other members of the breakfast show left for different positions elsewhere in Absolute Radio and on other stations. Richie previously worked with O’Connell at a Bournemouth radio station, where he famously was the Travel Chicken. In 2015, he and Christian competed in and won the Red Bull Soapbox Race. [11]

Richie is married and a father of 3.

Firth also broadcasts on Absolute 80s between 13:00 and 16:00 every weekend. Since September 2018, he has co-hosted The Absolute Radio Hometime Show with Andy Bush.

Glenn Moore

Glenn Moore (born 20 January 1989) joined the team as the sport newsreader in October 2017 after the departure of Matt Dyson. He is a stand-up comedian and film buff. He currently serves as the sport newsreader on The Dave Berry Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio.

Margaret 'Maggie' Doyle

Maggie from Wexford, Ireland was the sport and travel presenter on the show before moving to BBC Radio Kent. Currently she works for RTÉ.

Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey was the newsreader for Absolute Radio, reading the news for the Breakfast show. He left the show on 25 September 2015, as well as leaving his position as head of news across the Bauer network, joining Sky News to become Senior News Editor.

Faye Carruthers

Faye Carruthers was the sports reader and a journalist for Absolute Radio, reading the sports news for the Breakfast Show. She joined the breakfast show in June 2014 and departed in February 2017.

Emma Jones

Emma Jones (born 1988) was a newsreader. She currently serves as the newsreader for The Dave Berry Breakfast Show.

Jenny Barsby

Jenny Barsby became resident newsreader in March 2017 taking over from Matt Dyson following the departure of Faye Carruthers from the show. Her final show was on Friday 25 August 2017.

Matt Dyson

Matt Dyson was the resident sports reader on Absolute Radio until October 2017. He joined the station in October 2015 to become the resident newsreader after the departure of Andrew Bailey. Dyson left the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show to join Dave Berry on the Absolute Radio Hometime show. [12] Matt also co-hosts Rock n Roll Football on Absolute Radio every Saturday with Matt Forde. He formerly worked for the now defunct XFM on the Breakfast Show. He also presents the Fantasy Premier League podcast; Gameweek. Matt is known on the show for his love of Avocado Pears and as the host of duck racing, with his catch phrase "release the ducks". [13] [14] He currently serves as the co-host of The Dave Berry Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio.

Past segments

UK Show

Australia show


Sony Radio Academy

2003Best UK Breakfast Show of the YearThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast ShowGold
2004UK DJ of the YearChristian O'ConnellGold
2005Entertainment AwardThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast ShowGold
National Breakfast Show of the YearThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast ShowGold
Best CompetitionThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast ShowGold
2006Sports showFighting TalkGold
2007Best CompetitionWho's Calling Christian?Gold
2010Best CompetitionWho's Calling ChristianGold
2013Music Radio Personality of the YearChristian O'ConnellGold
Best Use of Branded ContentThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast ShowGold
2014Best Use of Branded ContentThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast ShowGold

Other Awards

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