Tolleys, West Virginia

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Location within the state of West Virginia
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Tolleys (the United States)
Coordinates: 37°45′21″N81°18′41″W / 37.75583°N 81.31139°W / 37.75583; -81.31139 Coordinates: 37°45′21″N81°18′41″W / 37.75583°N 81.31139°W / 37.75583; -81.31139
Country United States
State West Virginia
County Raleigh
1,975 ft (602 m)
Time zone UTC-5 (Eastern (EST))
  Summer (DST) UTC-4 (EDT)
GNIS ID 1548113 [1]

Tolleys is an unincorporated community in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

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Mullens High School was a high school located in Mullens, Wyoming County, West Virginia. It was closed in 1998 after consolidating with nearby Pineville High School to form Wyoming East High School.

Hinton–Alderson Airport is a private-use airport located in Pence Springs, West Virginia, between the larger communities of Hinton and Alderson. The airport is privately owned by James Tolley Estate and operated by On Course Aviation LLC.

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