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West Kallada
Padinjare Kallada
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West Kallada has regular ferries to Kollam
Coordinates: 9°00′28″N76°37′25″E / 9.0077577°N 76.6235876°E / 9.0077577; 76.6235876 Coordinates: 9°00′28″N76°37′25″E / 9.0077577°N 76.6235876°E / 9.0077577; 76.6235876
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Kollam
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0476
Vehicle registration KL-61
Nearest cityKollam
Lok Sabha constituencyMavelikkara
Vidhan Sabha constituencyKunnathoor
Climate Tropic (Köppen)

West Kallada is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. [1]



As of 2001 India census, West Kallada had a population of 17,958 with 8,705 males and 9,253 females. [1]

Kallada Valiyapally

St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church at West Kallada is one of the most important pilgrimage centres in the Malankara Church. The Church has a history dating from AD 9th century.

The history of this Church mentioned in the Church records held by Pulikottil Mar Dionyius ( former supreme head of malankara orthodox church) and Chitramezhuthu KM Varghese show how the first Church in Kallada was destroyed by internecine feud between the Karthas of east Kallada and west Kallada and how a matriarch of Thulassery Manapurathu family recovered the cross of the destroyed Church from the river and prevailed on Avani Rajni (Queen of west Kallada) to allot some land for building a new Church. She was won over by handsome gifts of precious stones by the members of Thulassery Manapurathu Tharavad.The Kallada St Mary's ValiyaPalli also known as Thulassery Manapurathu Marthamariyam Church was established by the descendants of the West Asian migration to Kollam in 9th century AD. The prominence given to the Marthamariam church horse in the ‘kettukaazhcha’ festival stands as a glowing testimony to the enviable position enjoyed by the Church as well as the communal harmony that prevailed during the time. Priests belonging to twenty three generations of ThulasseryManapurathu have been laid to rest within the 'holy of holies' ( Madbaha) of Kallada ValiyaPalli just beside the mortal remains of Mar Anthrayos . The twenty fourth generation priest of ThulasseryManapurathu Rev. Fr. Mathai Kathanar was laid to rest beside the 'holy of holies'/ Chancel (Madbaha )of the Kallada ValiyaPalli.

The Tomb of Mar Anthrayos Bava (കല്ലട വല്യപ്പൂപ്പന്‍) is in this church. So the Church called Mar Anthrayos Pilgrim Church.

Mar Andrews also called Kallada Valiyappoon reached Mulanhthurthy in 1678 along with his three brothers, one of whom was a Ramban. He stayed for a long period there but later travelled eastward because of the non-cooperation of some of the inhabitants of the land.

He reached Vettikkal which was a trading centre between Kochi and Travancore. There, he found a chapel. He acquired a small piece of land near to it and started living there.

One of the brothers who were with him got married and continued to live in Mulanthuruthy. The Parumala Thirumeni and the Holy Kattumangadu Bavas who are born in this ancestry.

From Vettikkal Mar Andréws Bava travelled to Kuruppampadi, Puthenkavu, Manarkadu and from there to Kallada. A Christian church in the name of Mother Mary which was established in AD 9th century was present here. The antiquity of this shrine attracted Mar Andrews Bava. The members of Thulassery Manapurathu Tharavad who were the traditional priests of the Kallada Valiyapally welcomed and took care of Andrews Bawa who stayed in the Tharavad's 'meda' . His last days were spent at Kallada.

When he expired, his body was buried below the Madbaha of the shrine. That many people received blessings through his intercession was a testimony to his saintliness. He died on the Kumbham 19th of the Malayalam calendar and so his commemoration feast is celebrated on that day.

Mar Andrews Commemoration Festival at St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, West Kallada is celebrated on March 1,2,3(Malayalam month of Kumbham 18th and 19th). [2]

Thiruvatta Temple

Thiruvatta Temple (Malayalam: തിരുവാറ്റ ശ്രീ മഹാദേവർ ക്ഷേത്രം ) is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva at Westkallada

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 Vallam Kali (boat race) held on the Kallada River 

Thaipooya kavadi at kodumthuruthil tempkle

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Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are the prominent religions in Kollam district. As per the Census 2011, out of the total population of 2,635,375 persons, 64.42% follow Hinduism, 19.30% follow Islam and 16.00% follow Christianity. Other religions comprise 0.04%, while 0.25% did not state any religion.

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Valiyapally is a title given to a main church in a diocese of the Christian denominations Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and Jacobite Syrian Christian Church.

St. Mary's Church or Marth Maryam Cathedral is a valiyapally situated in Kothamangalam town of India. It is located in Ernakulam district of Kerala state, India.

There are many places of worship in the town of Piravom in the Indian state of Kerala, catering for the Hindu and Christian faiths. Religious festivals are also celebrated.

Kollam Orthodox Diocese

The Kollam Orthodox Diocese, one of the 30 dioceses of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, was created after the Mulanthuruthy Synod in 1876. Zachariah Mar Anthonios is the metropolitan bishop of the diocese, whose head office is in Bishop House, Cross Junction, Kadappakada, Kollam, Kerala, India.


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