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Location in Kerala, India
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Thrikkovilvattom (India)
Coordinates: 8°54′0″N76°39′0″E / 8.90000°N 76.65000°E / 8.90000; 76.65000 Coordinates: 8°54′0″N76°39′0″E / 8.90000°N 76.65000°E / 8.90000; 76.65000
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Kollam
  Total18.66 km2 (7.20 sq mi)
  Density3,300/km2 (8,500/sq mi)
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration KL-

Thrikkovilvattom is a panchayat in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. It is situated 9km east of Kollam City. [1]



As of 2001 India census, Thrikkovilvattom had a population of 36764 with 18125 males and 18639 females. [1]

Places of interest

[Mukhathala temple]Murari Temple is very famous place of worship here. The last uthsavam(festival) of a Malayalam year in the entire kerala takes place here.

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Kollampronunciation , known by its former name Quilonpronunciation  and Coulão, and Desinganadu, is an old seaport and city on the Laccadive Sea coast of the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated 66 kilometers north of the state capital Trivandrum. The city is on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake. Kollam has a strong commercial reputation since the days of the Phoenicians and Romans. Fed by the Chinese trade, it was mentioned by Ibn Battuta in the 14th century as one of the five Indian ports he had seen during the course of his twenty-four-year travels. Desinganadu's rajas exchanged embassies with Chinese rulers while there was a flourishing Chinese settlement at Kollam. In the 9th Century, on his way to Canton, China, Persian merchant Sulaiman al-Tajir found Kollam to be the only port in India visited by huge Chinese junks. Marco Polo, the Venetian traveller, who was in Chinese service under Kublai Khan in 1275, visited Kollam and other towns on the west coast, in his capacity as a Chinese mandarin. Kollam is also home to one of the seven churches that were established by St Thomas.

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Paravur (Paravoor), is a town and a municipality in the Kollam Metropolitan Area of Kollam district in the Indian state of Kerala. Paravur railway station is the last station in Kollam district which is on the route to Trivandrum while travelling towards South India.

Kollam district is one of 14 districts of the state of Kerala, India. The district has a cross-section of Kerala's natural attributes; it is endowed with a long coastline, a major Laccadive Sea seaport and an inland lake. The district has many water bodies. Kallada River is one among them, and the east side land of river is East Kallada and the west side land is West Kallada.

Alappad Village in Kerala, India

Alappad is a coastal village in the Kollam district of the Indian state Kerala. It is situated on a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the TS Canal – the village is approximately 16 km long and its narrowest point is as thin as 33 meters. Connect to the mainland is by bridge as well as by country boat ferries, operated by the Panchayat and private parties. Until recently there was only one bridge at the southern point of the land strip, but after the 2004 tsunami, two other bridges have been constructed. The protests are taking place in the village against Unscientific sand mining by IREL.

Pattazhy village settlement Pattazhy in Kerala, India

Pattazhy, also Pattazhiis a village located in Pathanapuram taluk in the eastern part of the Kollam District, Kerala state, India. It is best known as the site of an ancient Bhagavathy temple, Pattazhy Devi Temple.

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Aryankavu is a village in Punalur, Kollam district, Kerala. It lies at the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu on National Highway 744 near Thenmala.

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Karunagappalli, also written as Karunagappally, is a municipality in Kollam district of Kerala, India. Karunagappalli is situated .24 km north of Kollam and 60 km (37 mi) south of Alappuzha. Karunagappalli taluk consists of Alappad, Ochira, Adinad, Karunagappally, Thazhava, Pavumba, Thodiyoor, Kallalibhagom, Thevalakkara, Chavara, Neendakara, Clappana, Kulasekharapuram, Thekkumbhagam, Ayanivelikulangara, Panmana, Ponmana and Vadakumthala. The taluk is bound on the north by Kayamkulam, on the east by Kunnathur taluk, on the south by Kollam and on the west by the Arabian Sea. It is one of the fastest developing towns in Kerala and is part of Kollam metropolitan area.

Kundara Census Town in Kerala, India

Kundara is a census town in Kerala and is part of the Kollam Metropolitan Area, India. Kundara is situated 13 km east of Kollam city, 14 km west of Kottarakkara, and 24 km north of Paravur. Kundara is significant for its historic involvement in the Indian independence movement.

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Chirakkara is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. Chirakkara is 16 km away from the City of Kollam and 8 km away from Paravur Town, which is famous for festivals, estuary, backwaters and beaches.

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Chithara is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India.

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Kottukkal is a village in Kollam district of Kerala, India. The historical importance of the village is linked to Kottukal cave temple, built before 800 CE. The village comes under Ittiva panchayath and it is the most prominent town in this panchayath. The village has many libraries such as Safder Hashmi library and Kairaly library. Attractions include the district agricultural farm. Ancient temples here include more than 6 temples surrendered in 3 kilometers of Kottukkal, such as the Cave temple.

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Mayyanad is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India.

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Mulavana is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. The place is filled with almost all types of shops,which includes stationary,fancy,textile etc. The Mulavana fish market is regarded as the best market while comparing with the surrounding places.

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Mynagappally is a village in Kollam district in the Indian state of Kerala.

Sasthamkotta village in Kerala, India

Sasthamkotta or Sasthamcotta is a village in the Kunnathoor Tehsil of Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India. Kunnathoor taluk headquarters is located at Sasthamkotta. Sasthamkotta fresh water lake is the largest fresh water lake in Kerala.

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Thevalakkara is a village in the Karunagappally taluk, Kollam district of the state of Kerala, India. Formerly known as Quilon, it is one of the 14 districts of Kerala.Thevalakkara is the land which contain a famous Devi temple and along with newly constructed mosque and church in the same area.Thevalakkara is home to great people like Thevalakkara Kunjanpilla and also his son and famous dramatist Babykuttan Thoolika and famous director Thevalakkara Chellapan.*Thoolika* drama troops main office was located in this place.This place is a land of unity.

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Thrikkaruva is a village in Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India.

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Enathu is a village in Adoor Thaluk of Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala, India.

Punthalathazham Neighbourhood in Kollam, Kerala, India

Punthalathazham is a landlocked neighbourhood of the city of Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located around six kilometres east of the core Kollam (Quilon) city towards Kannanalloor . This place has a little geographical importance and serves as the tail boundary of Kollam Municipal Corporation. Inhabitants belong to working and middle classes.

Mukhathala town in Kerala, India

Mukhathala is a small town and block panchayat in Kollam district of Kerala, India. The area is known for the famous Murari Temple which holds a unique position in the cultural history of Travancore.


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