Athletics at the 1990 Commonwealth Games – Women's marathon

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The women's marathon event at the 1990 Commonwealth Games was held in Auckland, New Zealand on 31 January 1990. [1] [2]


Gold medal icon.svg Lisa Martin Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia 2:25:28
Silver medal icon.svg Tani Ruckle Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia 2:33:15
Bronze medal icon.svg Angela Hulley Flag of England.svg  England 2:36:35
4 Sally Ellis Flag of England.svg  England 2:37:46
5 Deborah Noy Flag of England.svg  England 2:39:01
6 Andri Avraam Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus 2:39.19
7 Helen Moros Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand 2:39:36
8 Odette Lapierre Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada 2:41:36
9 Sheila Catford Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 2:43:48
10 Sandra Mewett Flag of Bermuda.svg  Bermuda 2:46:21
11 Lynn Harding Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 2:47:24
12 Moira O'Neill Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland 2:48:52
13 Linda Hunter Flag of Zimbabwe.svg  Zimbabwe 2:52:52
14 Maryse Pyndian Flag of Mauritius.svg  Mauritius 2:55:50
- Marguerite Buist Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand DNF

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