Results of the 2021 Western Australian state election (Legislative Assembly)

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This is a list of electoral district results of the 2021 Western Australian election.


Percentages, margins and swings are calculated on notional estimates based on analysis of the redistributed electoral boundaries by the ABC's Antony Green for the Western Australian Parliamentary Library. [1]

Results summary

Legislative Assembly (IRV) – Counted 85.4% (CV) [2] [3]
  Labor 846,19259.95+17.7453Increase2.svg 13
  Liberal 300,35621.28−9.952Decrease2.svg 11
  Greens 97,7136.92−1.990Steady2.svg
  Nationals 56,4284.00−1.404Decrease2.svg 2
  No Mandatory Vaccination 23,1781.64+1.640Steady2.svg
  Australian Christians 20,8691.48−0.620Steady2.svg
  One Nation 17,8241.27−3.670Steady2.svg
  Shooters, Fishers, Farmers 9,6690.69−0.620Steady2.svg
  WAxit 7,9840.57−0.430Steady2.svg
  Liberal Democrats 7,1590.51+0.460Steady2.svg
  Western Australia 5,2760.37−0.090Steady2.svg
  Legalise Cannabis 4,9960.35+0.350Steady2.svg
  Sustainable Australia 1,3560.10+0.100Steady2.svg
  Socialist Alliance 7260.05−0.000Steady2.svg
  Liberals for Climate 5520.04−0.130Steady2.svg
  Independents 11,3280.80−1.040Steady2.svg
 Formal votes1,411,60696.24+0.78
 Informal votes55,0973.76−0.78
 Total 1,466,70359
 Registered voters/Turnout1,716,73285.44−2.09
Two-party-preferred vote [4]
Labor 69.7Increase2.svg 14.1
Liberal 30.3Decrease2.svg 14.1

Results by electoral district


2021 Western Australian state election: Albany [5]
Labor Rebecca Stephens 11,80450.8+6.2
Liberal Scott Leary4,23618.2+0.9
National Delma Baesjou2,48010.7−9.0
Greens Nelson Gilmour1,3105.6−1.0
Christians Ian 't Hart1,2465.4+0.3
One Nation Michelle Kinsella6022.6−4.2
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Karrie Louden4592.0+2.0
Legalise Cannabis Caroline Cull4171.8+1.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Sandra Madeo3251.4+1.4
Liberal Democrats Malcolm Dodson1700.7+0.7
Sustainable Australia Barry Purcell1430.6+0.6
WAxit Emil Bacanaru470.2+0.2
Total formal votes23,23996.7+0.1
Informal votes7993.3−0.1
Turnout 24,03887.5−1.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Rebecca Stephens 14,78063.7+7.8
Liberal Scott Leary8,43236.3+36.3
Labor hold 


2021 Western Australian state election: Armadale [6]
Labor Tony Buti 18,43474.4+7.7
Liberal Mahesh Arumugam1,8597.5−9.3
Christians Arthur Kleyn1,4245.7−0.6
Greens Jessica Openshaw1,1354.6−1.9
One Nation Jayden Carr6822.8+2.8
Western Australia Blake Clarke6492.6+2.6
No Mandatory Vaccination Lisa Moody4171.7+1.7
WAxit Eby Mathew1710.7+0.7
Total formal votes24,77195.3+0.8
Informal votes1,2294.7−0.8
Turnout 26,00080.7−0.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Tony Buti 21,15985.5+10.3
Liberal Mahesh Arumugam3,59714.5−10.3
Labor hold Swing +10.3


2021 Western Australian state election: Balcatta [7]
Labor David Michael 15,89466.5+19.9
Liberal Wayne Evans4,49718.8−17.3
Greens Benedict Guinery1,8187.6−2.7
Christians Rose Anderson5042.1−1.1
Liberal Democrats Damian Coletta4892.0+1.2
No Mandatory Vaccination Daniel Thornton4531.9+1.9
WAxit Domenic Staltari2381.0+1.0
Total formal votes23,89395.1+1.6
Informal votes1,2224.9−1.6
Turnout 25,11585.0−1.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor David Michael 18,08775.8+17.7
Liberal Wayne Evans5,79024.2−17.7
Labor hold Swing +17.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Baldivis [8]
Labor Reece Whitby 21,13079.8+37.0
Liberal Luke Derrick2,1228.0−6.4
Greens Jody Freeman1,0373.9−1.3
Independent Andrea Tokaji9323.5+3.5
One Nation Martin Suter4641.8−5.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Chaz Rizzo3331.3+1.3
Liberal Democrats David Marshall3211.2+1.2
WAxit Brianna McLernon1490.6+0.6
Total formal votes26,48896.6+1.0
Informal votes9243.4−1.0
Turnout 27,41284.2+10.9
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Reece Whitby 23,01386.9+20.3
Liberal Luke Derrick3,46913.1−20.3
Labor hold Swing +20.3


2021 Western Australian state election: Bassendean [9]
Labor Dave Kelly 17,09470.7+11.2
Liberal Felicia Adeniyi2,95412.2−10.7
Greens Charles Pratt2,0058.3−2.6
Christians Dean Powell7052.9−0.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Leni Erceg6852.8+2.8
One Nation Lesley Pallister4862.0+1.7
WAxit Peter Martin2651.1−1.6
Total formal votes24,19495.4+1.5
Informal votes1,1724.6−1.5
Turnout 25,36686.0−2.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Dave Kelly 19,72781.6+10.0
Liberal Felicia Adeniyi4,45218.4−10.0
Labor hold Swing +10.0


2021 Western Australian state election: Bateman [10]
Labor Kim Giddens 12,10645.8+15.5
Liberal Matt Woodall9,76237.0−12.8
Greens Adam Abdul Razak1,8156.9−3.5
Independent Steve Kepert8563.2+3.2
Christians Fiona McKenzie-Brown7742.9−0.2
Liberal Democrats Gregory Leech3411.3+1.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Christina Tseng3141.2+1.2
Western Australia Bill Koul2280.9+0.1
One Nation Barry Mason2130.8−3.2
Total formal votes26,40997.2+0.7
Informal votes7622.8−0.7
Turnout 27,17189.6−1.3
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Kim Giddens 14,96356.7+14.5
Liberal Matt Woodall11,43643.3−14.5
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +14.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Belmont [11]
Labor Cassie Rowe 16,72270.4+21.3
Liberal Charlotte Butler3,81916.1−14.2
Greens Clint Uink1,6517.0−0.6
Christians Nitasha Naidu5662.4+0.5
One Nation Chris Fenech4331.8−4.7
No Mandatory Vaccination Shaun Rose3741.6+1.6
WAxit Mohammed Boksmati1740.7−0.6
Total formal votes23,73995.9+1.1
Informal votes1,0194.1−1.1
Turnout 24,75882.5+1.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Cassie Rowe 18,79579.2+17.8
Liberal Charlotte Butler4,93820.8−17.8
Labor hold Swing +17.8


2021 Western Australian state election: Bicton [12]
Labor Lisa O'Malley 13,55655.1+15.2
Liberal Nicole Robins7,55930.7−11.6
Greens Annie Hill Otness2,45010.0−1.1
One Nation Jonathon Graham2971.2+1.2
No Mandatory Vaccination Silvia Hirsbrunner2931.2+1.2
Liberal Democrats Michael Prinz2671.1+1.1
Christians Deonne Kingsford1850.8−0.3
Total formal votes24,60797.5+0.5
Informal votes6282.5−0.5
Turnout 25,23589.2−0.3
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Lisa O'Malley 16,13665.6+11.9
Liberal Nicole Robins8,46634.4−11.9
Labor hold Swing +11.9


2021 Western Australian state election: Bunbury [13]
Labor Don Punch 14,79160.5+16.9
Liberal Matt Foreman4,60418.8−3.6
Greens Patricia Perks1,1704.8−2.0
National Codee-Lee Down1,0814.4−9.4
One Nation Gail Jones6562.7−6.2
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Shane Hastie6152.5−1.0
Legalise Cannabis Kelly Hibbert5822.4+2.4
Western Australia Kieran Noonan4151.7+1.7
No Mandatory Vaccination Anthony Merrifield3481.4+1.4
Sustainable Australia James Minson1580.6+0.6
WAxit Dan Acatinca430.2−0.1
Total formal votes24,46395.5+0.2
Informal votes1,1634.5−0.2
Turnout 25,62684.1−2.0
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Don Punch 17,73072.5+12.0
Liberal Matt Foreman6,71927.5−12.0
Labor hold Swing +12.0

Burns Beach

2021 Western Australian state election: Burns Beach [14]
Labor Mark Folkard 17,19370.1+25.8
Liberal Trish Botha4,54518.5−19.0
Greens Louis Marchant1,3555.5−3.6
Christians Graeme Offereins6252.5+0.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Meredith Campbell5852.4+2.4
WAxit Peter Rosengrave2230.9−0.3
Total formal votes24,52696.4+1.7
Informal votes9163.6−1.7
Turnout 25,44284.9+1.3
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Mark Folkard 18,84976.9+21.5
Liberal Trish Botha5,66923.1−21.5
Labor hold Swing +21.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Butler [15]
Labor John Quigley 19,80677.0+19.4
Liberal Linda Aitken3,56513.9−6.3
Greens Elizabeth Kamara1,0374.0−2.3
No Mandatory Vaccination P. Becker6092.4+2.4
Christians Katrina Hildebrandt5422.1+0.4
WAxit Raj Bawa1780.7−0.2
Total formal votes25,73796.2+1.1
Informal votes1,0143.8−1.1
Turnout 26,75181.8+9.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor John Quigley 21,16882.2+11.7
Liberal Linda Aitken4,56917.8−11.7
Labor hold Swing +11.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Cannington [16]
Labor Bill Johnston 16,88471.8+17.3
Liberal Bruce Henderson3,05913.0−11.1
Greens River Clarke1,4766.3−2.8
Christians Mark Staer1,0924.6+0.9
One Nation Gabrielle Iriks3851.6−4.5
Liberal Democrats Eric Ondra3041.3+1.3
No Mandatory Vaccination June Cahill3021.3+1.3
Total formal votes23,50296.2+1.1
Informal votes9273.8−1.1
Turnout 24,42983.9+0.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Bill Johnston 18,89980.4+12.9
Liberal Bruce Henderson4,59619.6−12.9
Labor hold Swing +12.9


2021 Western Australian state election: Carine [17]
Liberal Tony Krsticevic 12,01244.4−5.8
Labor Paul Lilburne 11,99344.3+17.1
Greens Nicholas D'Alonzo2,3698.8−1.7
No Mandatory Vaccination A. Cox4901.8+1.8
WAxit Marilyn Tringas1970.7−0.7
Total formal votes27,06197.2+0.8
Informal votes7932.8−0.8
Turnout 27,85490.7−3.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Paul Lilburne 14,19552.5+12.7
Liberal Tony Krsticevic 12,86447.5−12.7
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +12.7

Central Wheatbelt

2021 Western Australian state election: Central Wheatbelt [18]
National Mia Davies 10,10147.5+1.4
Labor Michelle Nelson7,19133.8+14.3
Liberal Rob Forster1,7628.3−3.3
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Stuart Singleton7393.5−1.8
Christians Dennis Pease4272.0−0.1
One Nation Shaun Reid4051.9−9.6
Greens Annabelle Newbury3881.8−1.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Brendon Cahill1790.8+0.8
WAxit Estelle Gom700.3+0.3
Total formal votes21,26295.8−0.3
Informal votes9384.2+0.3
Turnout 22,20085.8−3.9
Two-candidate-preferred result
National Mia Davies 12,90160.7−11.5
Labor Michelle Nelson8,35739.3+11.5
National hold Swing −11.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Churchlands [19]
Liberal Sean L'Estrange 11,08743.9−9.2
Labor Christine Tonkin 9,93839.4+15.8
Greens Mark Twiss2,64010.5−3.6
Independent Jim Bivoltsis7142.8−1.3
Christians Ray Moran3941.6−0.5
No Mandatory Vaccination L. Pearce3201.3+1.3
WAxit Alexandra Farsalas1460.6−0.9
Total formal votes25,23997.5+0.7
Informal votes6502.5−0.7
Turnout 25,88989.0+0.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Christine Tonkin 12,82150.8+12.5
Liberal Sean L'Estrange 12,41349.2−12.5
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +12.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Cockburn [20]
Labor David Scaife 17,71468.4+16.7
Liberal Owen Mulder4,82218.6−9.8
Greens Jesse Smith1,6556.4−2.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Elspeth Taimre4611.8+1.8
One Nation Igor Mironenko4561.8−0.1
WAxit Andrew Baker4261.6+0.4
Liberal Democrats Brian Murray3741.4+1.4
Total formal votes25,90896.3+1.4
Informal votes9953.7−1.4
Turnout 26,90387.4+1.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor David Scaife 19,87076.7+12.4
Liberal Owen Mulder6,02423.3−12.4
Labor hold Swing +12.4


2021 Western Australian state election: Collie-Preston [21]
Labor Jodie Hanns 16,08562.2+12.3
Liberal Jane Goff3,77814.6−3.3
National Wayne Sanford2,2458.7−4.3
Greens Gordon Scantlebury8893.4−0.9
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Clinton Thomas7733.0−0.9
One Nation Michael Williams5332.1−6.6
No Mandatory Vaccination Christine Merrifield4871.9+1.9
Legalise Cannabis Emily Wilkinson4581.8+1.8
Independent Russell Sheridan3851.5+1.5
Sustainable Australia Graham Butler1490.6+0.6
WAxit Jackie Tomic710.3+0.3
Total formal votes25,85396.0+0.2
Informal votes1,0824.0−0.2
Turnout 26,93587.6+1.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Jodie Hanns 18,96373.4+8.7
Liberal Jane Goff6,87926.6−8.7
Labor hold Swing +8.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Cottesloe [22]
Liberal David Honey 12,62446.8−10.7
Labor Gemma West7,63728.3+6.2
Greens Theresa Moss3,41012.7+0.8
Independent Tony Parker2,6709.9+9.9
No Mandatory Vaccination R. Drayton3291.2+1.2
WAxit Paul Batsioudis2761.0+0.2
Total formal votes26,94697.4+0.8
Informal votes7152.6−0.8
Turnout 27,66188.6+0.2
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal David Honey 15,47057.4−6.6
Labor Gemma West11,47042.6+6.6
Liberal hold Swing −6.6

Darling Range

2021 Western Australian state election: Darling Range [23]
Labor Hugh Jones 14,85456.0+14.2
Liberal Alyssa Hayden 7,49428.3−1.7
Greens Matthew Lacey1,2544.7−2.9
Christians Eric Eikelboom1,2304.60.0
One Nation Anthony Fenech5242.0−6.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Judith Congrene4061.5+1.5
Liberal Democrats Matthew Thompson3351.3+1.3
Western Australia Brett Clarke1870.7+0.7
Independent Dean Strautins1570.6+0.6
WAxit Alan Svilicic650.2−1.0
Total formal votes26,50696.4+1.3
Informal votes9813.6−1.3
Turnout 27,48788.2+1.0
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Hugh Jones 16,82263.5+7.5
Liberal Alyssa Hayden 9,66836.5−7.5
Labor hold Swing +7.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Dawesville [24]
Labor Lisa Munday 15,02457.7+24.4
Liberal Zak Kirkup 8,40032.3−4.6
Greens Stewart Godden8203.2−1.2
One Nation Kerry Gilmour3981.5−7.8
Legalise Cannabis Mark Charles3631.4+1.4
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Peter Stacey3371.3−1.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Elijah Stonehouse2380.9+0.9
National Patricia Leake1780.7−1.5
Sustainable Australia Karen Oborn1250.5+0.5
WAxit Melissa Oancea740.3−0.4
Liberal Democrats Bradley Chalke620.2+0.2
Total formal votes26,01996.2+1.1
Informal votes1,0173.8−1.1
Turnout 27,03686.4+3.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Lisa Munday 16,63363.9+14.7
Liberal Zak Kirkup 9,37836.1−14.7
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +14.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Forrestfield [25]
Labor Stephen Price 15,77068.6+22.3
Liberal George Tilbury4,43819.3−10.7
Greens Beth McMullan1,0084.4−2.1
Christians Peter Lampard6042.6−0.2
One Nation Roger Barnett5182.3−7.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Cameron Peters3391.5+1.5
Western Australia Owen Doye2070.9+0.9
WAxit Mohammod Shahalam990.4−0.6
Total formal votes22,98396.1+1.3
Informal votes9273.9−1.3
Turnout 23,91085.4−1.5
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Stephen Price 17,34975.5+16.1
Liberal George Tilbury5,62924.5−16.1
Labor hold Swing +16.1


2021 Western Australian state election: Fremantle [26]
Labor Simone McGurk 14,64657.3+6.0
Greens Liberty Cramer4,76918.6+0.0
Liberal Miquela Riley3,83715.0−5.5
Socialist Alliance Sam Wainwright7262.8+0.8
No Mandatory Vaccination W. Schulze5772.3+2.3
Liberal Democrats Carl Schelling4921.9+1.9
Independent Rod Grljusich3181.2+1.2
Western Australia Janetia Knapp2160.8+0.2
Total formal votes25,58196.6+1.2
Informal votes9003.4−1.2
Turnout 26,48184.5+1.5
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Simone McGurk 19,95778.1+5.1
Liberal Miquela Riley5,59621.9−5.1
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Simone McGurk 16,80065.7−7.3
Greens Liberty Cramer8,75334.3+34.3
Labor hold 


2021 Western Australian state election: Geraldton [27]
Labor Lara Dalton 11,67654.7+21.0
National Ian Blayney 5,22224.5+7.0
Liberal Rob Dines2,75012.9−14.8
Greens Matt Roberts5362.5−1.5
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Chris Mellon3801.8−2.0
One Nation Bruce Davies3361.6−7.9
No Mandatory Vaccination Mark Long2481.2+1.2
WAxit Bey Bey Kung1270.6+0.6
Liberal Democrats Andrew Genovese770.4+0.4
Total formal votes21,35296.6+0.9
Informal votes7463.4−0.9
Turnout 22,09882.6−2.1
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Lara Dalton 13,17061.7+13.0
National Ian Blayney 8,17338.3−13.0
Labor gain from National Swing +13.0


2021 Western Australian state election: Hillarys [28]
Labor Caitlin Collins 15,67161.4+28.1
Liberal Peter Katsambanis 6,90027.0−11.0
Greens Greg Glazov1,3665.4−3.9
Legalise Cannabis Katrina Winfield5822.3+2.3
No Mandatory Vaccination W. Seeto4761.9+1.9
Liberals for Climate Rick Tylka3391.3+1.3
WAxit Zoran Jankulovski1840.7+0.5
Total formal votes25,51897.0+0.9
Informal votes8023.0−0.9
Turnout 26,32088.1−0.3
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Caitlin Collins 17,59769.0+19.3
Liberal Peter Katsambanis 7,91931.0−19.3
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +19.3


2021 Western Australian state election: Jandakot [29]
Labor Yaz Mubarakai 17,95064.5+24.1
Liberal Mihael McCoy6,46023.2−15.2
Greens Heather Lonsdale1,3474.8−1.9
Christians Marianne Pretorius9213.3−0.3
One Nation Dominic Kelly3881.4−5.4
Liberal Democrats Damon Miles2651.0+1.0
No Mandatory Vaccination P. Hallifax2620.9+0.9
WAxit Jagdip Singh2510.9−0.9
Total formal votes27,84496.8+0.7
Informal votes9143.2−0.7
Turnout 28,75889.5+5.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Yaz Mubarakai 19,77371.0+19.2
Liberal Mihael McCoy8,06729.0−19.2
Labor hold Swing +19.2


2021 Western Australian state election: Joondalup [30]
Labor Emily Hamilton 15,89265.4+25.2
Liberal Sheldon Ingham4,75619.6−24.2
Greens Angelo Watts1,1024.5−4.0
Christians Shanthi Hildebrandt5372.2+0.5
Independent Ziggi Murphy4842.0+2.0
Legalise Cannabis Bret Treasure4651.9+1.9
No Mandatory Vaccination Howard Davey3341.4+1.4
Liberal Democrats Peter McLoughlin2861.2+1.2
WAxit Jules Rikkers2401.0+0.2
Western Australia Peter Westcott2030.8−0.3
Total formal votes24,29996.2+0.8
Informal votes9483.8−0.8
Turnout 25,24787.3+1.5
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Emily Hamilton 18,15074.7+24.7
Liberal Sheldon Ingham6,13725.3−24.7
Labor hold Swing +24.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Kalamunda [31]
Labor Matthew Hughes 13,10051.3+14.3
Liberal Liam Staltari8,12431.8−5.9
Greens Lee-Anne Miles2,1648.5−4.3
Christians Brady Williams6512.5−0.2
No Mandatory Vaccination Michael Fane4151.6+1.6
Liberal Democrats Carolyn Trigwell3821.5+1.4
One Nation Maureen Butters3721.5−5.8
Western Australia Stephen Phelan2671.0−0.2
WAxit Robert Ellis740.3−0.7
Total formal votes25,54996.8+0.7
Informal votes8363.2−0.7
Turnout 26,38589.3−0.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Matthew Hughes 15,78161.8+9.5
Liberal Liam Staltari9,76338.2−9.5
Labor hold Swing +9.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Kalgoorlie [32]
Labor Ali Kent 7,78252.7+26.6
Liberal Kyran O'Donnell 3,69525.0−3.0
National Rowena Olsen1,60810.9−13.5
One Nation Patrick Redreau4943.3−8.8
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Jack Carmody4653.2−0.9
Greens Alex Wallace3282.2−2.0
Liberal Democrats Sam Rennie2171.5+1.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Enrico Piazza1400.9+0.9
WAxit Rustu Buyukcakar310.2+0.2
Total formal votes14,76096.2+0.2
Informal votes5913.8−0.2
Turnout 15,35178.1−2.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Ali Kent 9,15262.0+18.2
Liberal Kyran O'Donnell 5,60138.0−18.2
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +18.2


2021 Western Australian state election: Kimberley [33]
Labor Divina D'Anna 5,74753.9+9.0
Liberal Geoff Haerewa2,18720.5+3.2
Greens Naomi Pigram1,60115.0+5.8
National Millie Hills6586.2−10.1
One Nation Roger Modolo2212.1−6.0
Independent Kai Jones980.9−1.0
No Mandatory Vaccination A. Herman850.8+0.8
Western Australia Karl Fehlauer680.6+0.6
Total formal votes10,66596.3+0.4
Informal votes4103.7−0.4
Turnout 11,07570.4−9.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Divina D'Anna 7,61871.5+8.3
Liberal Geoff Haerewa3,04428.5−8.3
Labor hold Swing +8.3


2021 Western Australian state election: Kingsley [34]
Labor Jessica Stojkovski 15,88360.5+19.6
Liberal Scott Edwardes7,92530.2−12.4
Greens Isabella Tripp1,4615.6−4.4
One Nation Concetta Webber4361.7+1.7
No Mandatory Vaccination Lynda Crawford3731.4+1.4
WAxit Dianne McGarry1640.6−0.9
Total formal votes26,24296.8+0.9
Informal votes8713.2−0.9
Turnout 27,11390.2−1.5
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Jessica Stojkovski 17,54866.9+15.7
Liberal Scott Edwardes8,68733.1−15.7
Labor hold Swing +15.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Kwinana [35]
Labor Roger Cook 17,93676.9+19.8
Liberal Bianca Talbot2,53310.9−8.5
Greens Lauren Rickert1,1895.1−2.7
One Nation Steven Summerell6993.0−6.2
No Mandatory Vaccination Connie Portelli4051.7+1.7
WAxit Christopher Burnet2080.9−0.6
Liberal Democrats Christopher Vellnagel1750.8+0.7
Western Australia Venkat Devarapalli1650.7+0.7
Total formal votes23,31096.1+1.0
Informal votes9493.9−1.0
Turnout 24,25983.7+2.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Roger Cook 19,75484.8+14.0
Liberal Bianca Talbot3,55015.2−14.0
Labor hold Swing +14.0


2021 Western Australian state election: Landsdale [36]
Labor Margaret Quirk 18,21769.3+19.4
Liberal Brett Raponi5,29320.1−11.9
Greens Katrina House1,0904.1−2.1
Western Australia Shailee Desai8783.3+3.1
No Mandatory Vaccination Leah Beedham5792.2+2.2
WAxit Sareeta Doobree2360.9−0.7
Total formal votes26,29395.7+0.8
Informal votes1,1834.3−0.8
Turnout 27,47688.5+2.9
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Margaret Quirk 19,82075.4+15.8
Liberal Brett Raponi6,47124.6−15.8
Labor hold Swing +15.8


2021 Western Australian state election: Mandurah [37]
Labor David Templeman 16,77668.7+12.0
Liberal Ryan Burns4,87520.0−1.7
Greens Xanthe Turner7263.0−1.8
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Ian Blevin5312.2+2.1
Legalise Cannabis Rodney Beaton4121.7+1.7
One Nation Haydn Regterschot3881.6−11.2
No Mandatory Vaccination Samy Spinola2140.9+0.9
Independent Gavin Farbey1770.7+0.7
National Cons Ortheil1440.6−1.4
Sustainable Australia Katherine Summers1170.5+0.5
WAxit Marius Timis600.2−0.4
Total formal votes24,42094.6−0.2
Informal votes1,3865.4+0.2
Turnout 25,80682.1−2.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor David Templeman 18,36875.2+7.3
Liberal Ryan Burns6,04924.8−7.3
Labor hold Swing +7.3


2021 Western Australian state election: Maylands [38]
Labor Lisa Baker 15,30362.0+12.2
Greens Emma Pringle3,98516.1−1.0
Liberal Justin Iemma3,84815.6−11.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Carmel Addink5282.1+2.1
Christians Gaye Burnett4491.8−0.2
One Nation Maria Andreeva3391.4+1.4
WAxit Peter Baker2260.9−0.5
Total formal votes24,67896.4+1.3
Informal votes9183.6−1.3
Turnout 25,59686.1+0.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Lisa Baker 19,56679.3+11.5
Liberal Justin Iemma5,10320.7−11.5
Labor hold Swing +11.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Midland [39]
Labor Michelle Roberts 16,68465.8+16.6
Liberal Jo Cicchini4,89219.3−9.9
Greens Brendan Sturcke1,6976.7−2.2
Christians Ester Nabate6852.7+2.7
One Nation Teresa Olow5452.1−5.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Steve Kelly3991.6+1.6
Western Australia Brad Bedford3601.4+0.5
WAxit Mohit Bhasin1040.4−0.6
Total formal votes25,36695.6+0.3
Informal votes1,1694.4−0.3
Turnout 26,53583.9+0.3
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Michelle Roberts 19,13175.5+12.6
Liberal Jo Cicchini6,22124.5−12.6
Labor hold Swing +12.6


2021 Western Australian state election: Mirrabooka [40]
Labor Meredith Hammat 16,17371.6+8.9
Liberal Aaron Sawmadal2,27610.1−11.2
Greens Mark Cooper1,3335.9−0.5
One Nation Michael Mabood9394.2+4.2
Christians Dwight Randall7903.5+0.1
No Mandatory Vaccination Jessica Ayre4772.1+2.1
Independent Peter Dunne2571.1+1.1
Independent Kim Mubarak2000.9−0.5
WAxit Devinder Chhina1400.6−0.8
Total formal votes22,58592.8+0.7
Informal votes1,7607.2−0.7
Turnout 24,34581.3−3.4
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Meredith Hammat 18,87883.7+10.4
Liberal Aaron Sawmadal3,67616.3−10.4
Labor hold Swing +10.4


2021 Western Australian state election: Moore [41]
National Shane Love 8,35338.0+1.1
Labor Barni Norton7,43233.8+13.9
Liberal Darren Slyns3,70116.8−2.0
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Ross Williamson9844.5−1.3
Greens Brian Spittles6382.9−1.0
One Nation Ian Frizzell5792.6−10.1
No Mandatory Vaccination T. Asmutaitis2331.1+1.1
WAxit Richard Banka860.4+0.4
Total formal votes22,00696.3+0.3
Informal votes8553.7−0.3
Turnout 22,86187.9−3.6
Two-candidate-preferred result
National Shane Love 12,87058.5−6.3
Labor Barni Norton9,13241.5+41.5
National hold 


2021 Western Australian state election: Morley [42]
Labor Amber-Jade Sanderson 17,44770.4+18.0
Liberal Jim Seth3,93115.9−15.7
Greens Thomas Marcinkowski1,5256.2−3.2
Christians Alan Wells8153.3+0.5
One Nation Julian Scully4521.8+1.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Rhonda Kerslake3961.6+1.6
WAxit Aman Singh2170.9−0.8
Total formal votes24,78395.5+1.4
Informal votes1,1764.5−1.4
Turnout 25,95986.2−1.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Amber-Jade Sanderson 19,45878.6+16.2
Liberal Jim Seth5,31121.4−16.2
Labor hold Swing +16.2

Mount Lawley

2021 Western Australian state election: Mount Lawley [43]
Labor Simon Millman 14,65359.0+18.2
Liberal Suzanne Migdale5,80723.4−17.3
Greens Lucy Nicol2,76811.1−1.3
No Mandatory Vaccination John Watt5492.2+2.2
Christians Ellen Joubert4251.7−0.8
Western Australia Russell Goodrick3211.3+1.3
One Nation Herbie Schaal2030.8+0.8
WAxit Gurjant Sangha1080.4−1.1
Total formal votes24,83496.6+1.0
Informal votes8873.4−1.0
Turnout 25,72186.6−1.3
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Simon Millman 17,76871.6+17.5
Liberal Suzanne Migdale7,06328.4−17.5
Labor hold Swing +17.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Murray-Wellington [44]
Labor Robyn Clarke 14,48657.9+21.2
Liberal Michelle Boylan6,09924.4−5.1
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Mark McCall1,1494.6−1.5
National Leonie Lemmey7282.9−7.6
Legalise Cannabis Shaun Carney7262.9+2.9
Greens Vince Puccio7062.8−1.5
One Nation Bernie Wansbrough5132.0−9.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Aimee Herriot2811.1+1.1
Sustainable Australia Andrew Brown1640.7+0.7
Liberal Democrats Jayden Staszewski1100.4+0.4
WAxit Dinko Golem660.3+0.3
Total formal votes25,02895.2+0.3
Informal votes1,2694.8−0.3
Turnout 26,29786.5−1.5
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Robyn Clarke 16,81667.2+15.5
Liberal Michelle Boylan8,19332.8−15.5
Labor hold Swing +15.5


2021 Western Australian state election: Nedlands [45]
Labor Katrina Stratton 9,32735.7+9.1
Liberal Bill Marmion 9,16035.0−16.6
Greens Tamara Alderdice3,54913.6−1.9
Independent Fiona Argyle2,88311.0+11.0
Independent Andrew Mangano6322.4+2.4
No Mandatory Vaccination Vivien Forrest4121.6+1.6
WAxit Dennis Jennings1790.7−0.7
Total formal votes26,14297.6+0.8
Informal votes6482.4−0.8
Turnout 26,79088.4+1.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Katrina Stratton 13,80552.8+10.8
Liberal Bill Marmion 12,33047.2−10.8
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +10.8

North West Central

2021 Western Australian state election: North West Central [46]
Labor Cherie Sibosado3,11440.2+13.5
National Vince Catania 3,07539.7+3.6
Liberal Alys McKeough6117.9−7.9
Greens Sandy Burt3184.1−1.5
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Stefan Colagiuri2333.0+2.6
One Nation Robert Tonkin2323.0−8.4
No Mandatory Vaccination A. Agyputri811.0+1.0
Independent Henry Seddon400.5+0.5
WAxit Brendan McKay370.5+0.2
Total formal votes7,74195.5+0.1
Informal votes3674.5−0.1
Turnout 8,10873.8−5.5
Two-candidate-preferred result
National Vince Catania 3,99751.7−8.4
Labor Cherie Sibosado3,73848.3+8.4
National hold Swing −8.4


2021 Western Australian state election: Perth [47]
Labor John Carey 16,59463.5+16.3
Liberal Kylee Veskovich4,66617.9−15.2
Greens Francesca Pandolfino4,17716.0+1.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Scott Beard4761.8+1.8
WAxit Angelo Minniti2250.90.0
Total formal votes26,13896.8+0.5
Informal votes8583.2−0.5
Turnout 26,99684.1+2.7
Two-party-preferred result
Labor John Carey 20,71979.3+16.6
Liberal Kylee Veskovich5,41820.7−16.6
Labor hold Swing +16.6


2021 Western Australian state election: Pilbara [48]
Labor Kevin Michel 9,07561.0+30.1
National Scott Bourne2,71518.3−9.1
Liberal Camilo Blanco1,2418.3−6.9
Greens Machelle Vaughan-Cartner5043.4−0.7
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers David Allison-Forrest4533.0−6.5
One Nation Sandi Crouch4322.9−8.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Max Elliott2701.8+1.8
Western Australia Don Hyland1150.8+0.8
WAxit Navneet Jawanda680.50.0
Total formal votes14,87395.2−0.2
Informal votes7484.8+0.2
Turnout 15,62167.1−0.8
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Kevin Michel 10,45970.4+18.2
National Scott Bourne4,40829.6+29.6
Labor hold 


2021 Western Australian state election: Riverton [49]
Labor Jags Krishnan 12,85050.0+16.1
Liberal Anthony Spagnolo8,92834.7−10.2
Greens Simon Blackburn1,9897.7−1.6
Christians Dena Gower9553.7−0.9
Liberal Democrats Chris Holman4441.7+1.7
Western Australia Terry Lee2931.1+0.0
No Mandatory Vaccination Penelope Scull2420.9+0.9
Total formal votes25,70197.4+1.2
Informal votes6752.6−1.2
Turnout 26,37690.8−0.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Jags Krishnan 15,15759.0+13.2
Liberal Anthony Spagnolo10,53741.0−13.2
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +13.2


2021 Western Australian state election: Rockingham [50]
Labor Mark McGowan 19,66182.8+21.3
Liberal Michael McClure2,3229.8−7.9
Greens Breanna Morgan7533.2−4.0
One Nation Geoff George4892.1−6.6
No Mandatory Vaccination Tom Hawkins3831.6+1.6
Liberal Democrats William Lofts1510.6+0.6
Total formal votes23,75996.7+1.1
Informal votes8013.3−1.1
Turnout 24,56083.9−1.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Mark McGowan 20,83687.7+14.2
Liberal Michael McClure2,91612.3−14.2
Labor hold Swing +14.2


2021 Western Australian state election: Roe [51]
National Peter Rundle 8,50641.6−0.1
Labor Bradley Willis5,97929.2+14.7
Liberal David Dwyer3,00414.7−9.9
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Bevan Steele9824.8−0.2
Greens Nikki Starr8094.0+0.5
Christians Cathie Kelly5022.5+0.1
One Nation Graham Bushby3521.7−6.3
WAxit Gary Jammu1800.9+0.9
No Mandatory Vaccination Nita Thakrar1310.6+0.6
Total formal votes20,44596.10.0
Informal votes8333.9+0.0
Turnout 21,27886.1−5.1
Two-candidate-preferred result
National Peter Rundle 12,48361.1−2.7
Labor Bradley Willis7,94638.9+38.9
National hold 


2021 Western Australian state election: Scarborough [52]
Labor Stuart Aubrey 12,75050.3+20.7
Liberal Liza Harvey 8,80834.7−13.0
Greens SP Becker2,3319.2−4.8
No Mandatory Vaccination Vanya Markovina4982.0+2.0
Independent Dave Vos3371.3+1.3
Western Australia Troy Coward3001.2+0.0
Liberals for Climate Daniel Bridgewater2130.8+0.8
WAxit Johnny Boccardi1250.5−0.9
Total formal votes25,36297.0+1.0
Informal votes7713.0−1.0
Turnout 26,13384.4+7.0
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Stuart Aubrey 15,31560.4+16.1
Liberal Liza Harvey 10,03939.6−16.1
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +16.1

South Perth

2021 Western Australian state election: South Perth [53]
Labor Geoff Baker 12,47349.9+20.3
Liberal Ryan Chorley8,84635.4−14.7
Greens Mark Brogan2,59710.4−1.4
Liberal Democrats Jack Taylor6172.5+2.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Dwain Hill4401.8+1.8
Total formal votes24,97397.0+0.6
Informal votes7803.0−0.6
Turnout 25,75386.7+0.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Geoff Baker 15,00760.1+17.3
Liberal Ryan Chorley9,96239.9−17.3
Labor gain from Liberal Swing +17.3

Southern River

2021 Western Australian state election: Southern River [54]
Labor Terry Healy 18,71876.0+26.3
Liberal Ruben Zandman2,87911.7−27.2
Greens Simone Collins8753.6−2.8
Christians Gerard Spoelstra7993.2+3.2
One Nation Malcolm Heffernan3341.4+1.4
No Mandatory Vaccination Katie Hawkes3071.2+1.2
WAxit Shazi Siddiqui2831.1+0.2
Liberal Democrats Wesley Du Preez2571.0+0.4
Independent Julia Walsh1880.8+0.8
Total formal votes24,64096.0+0.7
Informal votes1,0394.0−0.7
Turnout 25,67986.6+1.0
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Terry Healy 20,47283.1+25.3
Liberal Ruben Zandman4,15516.9−25.3
Labor hold Swing +25.3

Swan Hills

2021 Western Australian state election: Swan Hills [55]
Labor Jessica Shaw 17,25569.8+20.4
Liberal Rod Henderson4,57118.5−9.6
Greens Melanye Wawrik1,1894.8−2.7
No Mandatory Vaccination Timothy Bunton7823.2+3.2
Christians Magdeleen Strauss6752.7+2.5
WAxit Asif Ali2561.0−0.6
Total formal votes24,72895.2−0.5
Informal votes1,2454.8+0.5
Turnout 25,97385.8+8.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Jessica Shaw 19,06977.1+15.0
Liberal Rod Henderson5,65522.9−15.0
Labor hold Swing +15.0


2021 Western Australian state election: Thornlie [56]
Labor Chris Tallentire 17,50174.2+21.5
Liberal Kevin McDonald3,27313.9−11.1
Greens Rachel Wright1,1594.9−2.0
Christians Madeleine Goiran1,0024.2+0.7
No Mandatory Vaccination Rachael Hall4882.1+2.1
WAxit J. S. Masih1770.8−0.6
Total formal votes23,60095.8+1.8
Informal votes1,0354.2−1.8
Turnout 24,63583.0−2.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Chris Tallentire 19,08180.9+15.1
Liberal Kevin McDonald4,50819.1−15.1
Labor hold Swing +15.1


2021 Western Australian state election: Vasse [57]
Liberal Libby Mettam 11,69744.1−2.1
Labor Chris Hossen8,99834.0+13.3
Greens Mia Krasenstein2,76510.4−3.4
National Peter Gordon1,1354.3−15.0
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Cameron Van Veen5212.0+2.0
No Mandatory Vaccination A. W. Judd4891.8+1.8
Legalise Cannabis Neridah Rich4031.5+1.5
One Nation Jackson Wreford2531.0+1.0
Sustainable Australia Brad Satchell1910.7+0.7
WAxit Nicolas Oancea460.2+0.2
Total formal votes26,49896.5+0.5
Informal votes9583.5−0.5
Turnout 27,45687.8+2.8
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Libby Mettam 14,38754.3−10.3
Labor Chris Hossen12,10745.7+10.3
Liberal hold Swing −10.3

Victoria Park

2021 Western Australian state election: Victoria Park [58]
Labor Hannah Beazley 14,67363.7+12.6
Liberal Amanda-Sue Markham3,73316.2−12.0
Greens Gerard Siero2,91212.6−2.0
Liberal Democrats Aaron Farrell5422.4+2.4
Christians Janine Vander Ven5222.3−1.4
No Mandatory Vaccination Sue-Ann Connolly3501.5+1.5
One Nation Darren Sandow3071.3+1.3
Total formal votes23,03996.7+1.1
Informal votes7823.3−1.1
Turnout 23,82183.0+0.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Hannah Beazley 17,93277.8+11.1
Liberal Amanda-Sue Markham5,10522.2−11.1
Labor hold Swing +11.1


2021 Western Australian state election: Wanneroo [59]
Labor Sabine Winton 18,36671.8+24.4
Liberal Paul Miles 4,68618.3−11.3
Greens Matthew Ward1,1504.5−3.2
No Mandatory Vaccination J. Bullock6372.5+2.5
Western Australia Lilian Siviour4041.6+0.5
WAxit Sandy Culum-Buzak3351.3+0.8
Total formal votes25,57895.7+0.2
Informal votes1,1524.3−0.2
Turnout 26,73085.4+5.2
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Sabine Winton 20,05978.4+19.8
Liberal Paul Miles 5,51621.6−19.8
Labor hold Swing +19.8


2021 Western Australian state election: Warnbro [60]
Labor Paul Papalia 19,30076.9+16.2
Liberal Mark Jones3,32413.2−2.7
Greens Robert Delves1,0164.0−2.9
One Nation Liam Hall6162.5−9.5
No Mandatory Vaccination Brandon Suchalla-Young4631.8+1.8
WAxit Bob Velev2180.9−0.1
Liberal Democrats Cameron McMaster1710.7+0.7
Total formal votes25,10896.4+0.7
Informal votes9303.6−0.7
Turnout 26,03884.3+3.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Paul Papalia 20,94583.4+9.7
Liberal Mark Jones4,15716.6−9.7
Labor hold Swing +9.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Warren-Blackwood [61]
National Terry Redman 8,21932.6−3.6
Labor Jane Kelsbie 8,19732.6+11.7
Greens Jeff Pow3,36213.4−1.2
Liberal Marie O'Dea2,51310.0−5.8
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Paul Da Silva1,0484.2−1.5
Legalise Cannabis Nick Lethbridge5882.3+2.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Helen Allan5262.1+2.1
One Nation Steven Regterschot4191.7−5.3
Sustainable Australia Peter Strachan3091.2+1.2
Total formal votes25,18196.2+0.5
Informal votes9943.8−0.5
Turnout 26,17587.6−0.8
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Jane Kelsbie 12,90351.3+14.1
National Terry Redman 12,26648.7−14.1
Labor gain from National Swing +14.1

West Swan

2021 Western Australian state election: West Swan [62]
Labor Rita Saffioti 20,63577.9+19.2
Liberal Dave Nesbit3,12211.8−13.7
Greens Manjot Singh1,0383.9−2.3
Christians Brian Warburton8233.1+1.3
No Mandatory Vaccination Genevieve Cocliff4381.7+1.7
WAxit Lucky Saini4211.6+0.7
Total formal votes26,47795.7+1.0
Informal votes1,2044.3−1.0
Turnout 27,68185.8−3.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Rita Saffioti 22,27884.2+15.7
Liberal Dave Nesbit4,19415.8−15.7
Labor hold Swing +15.7


2021 Western Australian state election: Willagee [63]
Labor Peter Tinley 15,57666.1+11.3
Liberal Barry Jones4,52519.2−9.3
Greens Felicity Townsend2,1979.3−1.9
No Mandatory Vaccination Susan Poole5072.2+2.2
One Nation Mark Dalrymple4341.8+1.8
Liberal Democrats Michael Mitchell3101.3+1.3
Total formal votes23,54996.3+1.1
Informal votes9063.7−1.1
Turnout 24,45586.1−2.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Peter Tinley 18,15677.1+9.5
Liberal Barry Jones5,38722.9−9.5
Labor hold Swing +9.5

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2017 Western Australian state election

The 2017 Western Australian state election was held on Saturday 11 March 2017 to elect members to the Parliament of Western Australia, including all 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 36 seats in the Legislative Council. The eight-and-a-half-year two-term incumbent Liberal–WA National government, led by Premier Colin Barnett, was defeated in a landslide by the Labor opposition, led by Opposition Leader Mark McGowan.

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This is a list of electoral district results of the 2017 Western Australian election.

2021 Western Australian state election State general election for Western Australia, held on 13 March 2021

The 2021 Western Australian state election was conducted on Saturday 13 March 2021 to elect members to the Parliament of Western Australia, where all 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 36 seats in the Legislative Council were up for election.


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