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One of the earliest rugby cards (depicting Irish player Louis Magee) issued by Ogden's cigarettes in 1902 Louis Magee 1902.jpeg
One of the earliest rugby cards (depicting Irish player Louis Magee) issued by Ogden's cigarettes in 1902

A Rugby card is a type of trading card relating to Rugby football, usually printed on cardboard, silk, or plastic. These cards are most often found in the Australia, New Zealand and other countries where the sport is popular.



Early versions of rugby union trading cards came at the beginning of 20th century, when tobacco companies released their cigarette card series. The first collections consisted on black and white photographs of rugby players, such examples of this were series issued by Ogden and W.D. & H.O. Wills (both in 1902) and Taddy (1906). Later collections featured color illustrations of player portraits (Ogden, 1906) and live actions (issued by Gallagher in 1912).

In successive decades, other tobacco manufacturers launched series. In 1926, Ogden released a new black and white series of players. The same year, John Player & Sons released a series that consisted of caricatures of rugby players. [1] In 1935, W.A. & A.C. Churchman released an illustrated series displaying player portraits. [1]

Australian company Scanlens produced its first rugby league set in 1963, [2] releasing several collections during the 1970s and 1980s. [3] Other companies that produced cards were Stimorol (1988–91) and Regina (1992–93), until Dynamic Market took over the contract to produce rugby league cards in Australia. [3]

Another Australian company, "Select Australia", entered into the business in 2000. [3] The company was the official licensee for National Rugby League (NRL) cards (2010–12). [4] [5] Since then, the NRL licensed company "Elite Sport Properties" (ESP) to produce trading cards. [3] [6] The NRL also released its own collections, Startoons, featuring caricatures of players. [7]


Some rugby union/rugby league card collections released through the years include: [1] [2]

YearManufacturerSeriesType, format
1902Ogden'sFootballersBlack and white photographs of players
1902 Wills FootballersBlack and white photographs of players
1902Cadle'sFootballersBlack and white photographs of players
1906TaddyFootballersBlack and white photographs of players
1906Ogden'sFootball Club ColoursIllustrations of players
1909 Churchman Football Club ColoursIllustrations of players
1915Fred MorganWelsh Footballers & CricketersBlack and white photographs of players
1926Ogden'sFamous Rugby PlayersBlack and white photographs of players
1926 Player's FootballersCaricatures of players
1927 Wills New Zealand footballersBlack and white photographs of players [note 1]
1928 Player's Footballers [note 2] Illustrations of players
1929 Wills Rugby internationalsCaricatures of players
1930 Wills Rugby playersBlack and white photographs of players
1935 Churchman InternationalsIllustrations of players
1935Ogden'sFootball CaricaturesCaricatures of players
1938United Tobacco British Rugby Tour of S. Africa [note 3] Black and white player photographs of players
1963 Scanlens Football GumColor photographs of players [note 4]
1976 KFC All BlacksBlack and white photographs of players [note 1]
1995 Rugby Australia The WallabiesColor photographs of players [note 5]
1995 Futera Rugby Union 1995 [note 5]
1995Dynamic Marketing'95 ContendersColor photographs of players [note 1]
1996Card Crazy AuthenticsRugby SuperstarsColor photographs of players [note 6]
1998 Panini Premier Division 98Color photographs of players, teams, and emblems [note 7]
2016Tap'n'Play Super Rugby Featuring Super Rugby players.
2019GleniskIrish RugbyColor photographs of players [note 8]
2020 NRL StartoonsCaricatures of players [note 9]
  1. 1 2 3 Featuring New Zealand internationals.
  2. The word footballers included in this case several codes of football , from rugby union to association football
  3. Featuring players of British and Irish Lions and South African players.
  4. Rugby league players.
  5. 1 2 Featuring players of Australia national team
  6. Featuring New Zealand provincial players.
  7. Related to Premiership Rugby.
  8. Featuring Ireland international players. [8] [9]
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