Sprague Lake (Colorado)

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Sprague Lake
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Sprague Lake
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Sprague Lake
Location Colorado
Coordinates 40°19′12″N105°36′17″W / 40.32000°N 105.60472°W / 40.32000; -105.60472 Coordinates: 40°19′12″N105°36′17″W / 40.32000°N 105.60472°W / 40.32000; -105.60472
Basin  countriesUnited States
Surface elevation2,648 m (8,688 ft)

Sprague Lake is a scenic lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, located on the south side of Glacier Creek, about two miles south of the Hollowell turnoff. The half-mile walk around the lake is wheelchair accessible and features boardwalks and bridges with views of Flattop Mountain and Hallet Peak. The lake is popular for Brook trout fishing. [1]


The area is named after Abner Sprague, who started a homestead there in 1874. [2] Later, he opened a lodge for dude ranching, hunting, and fishing. To improve the fishing, he dammed the far end of the lake. The area became part of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915 and continued to serve guests as the Sprague Hotel. In 1919, guests paid $6.00 per room with a private bath, and $1.00 for regular meals. [3] [4] The hotel, which no longer exists, stood near the present-day parking lot.

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History of Rocky Mountain National Park began when Paleo-Indians traveled along what is now Trail Ridge Road to hunt and forage for food. Ute and Arapaho people subsequently hunted and camped in the area. In 1820, the Long Expedition, led by Stephen H. Long for whom Longs Peak was named, approached the Rockies via the Platte River. Settlers began arriving in the mid-1800s, displacing the Native Americans who mostly left the area voluntarily by 1860, while others were removed to reservations by 1878.