Hidden River (Colorado)

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Hidden River [1]
Physical characteristics
  coordinates 40°21′28″N105°42′49″W / 40.35778°N 105.71361°W / 40.35778; -105.71361
Confluence with Spruce Creek
40°20′43″N105°41′40″W / 40.34528°N 105.69444°W / 40.34528; -105.69444 Coordinates: 40°20′43″N105°41′40″W / 40.34528°N 105.69444°W / 40.34528; -105.69444
9,685 ft (2,952 m)
Basin features
Progression SpruceBig Thompson
South PlattePlatte

Hidden River is a tributary of Spruce Creek in Larimer County, Colorado. The stream's source is near the summit of Stones Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. It flows southeast to a confluence with Spruce Creek in Spruce Canyon.

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Spruce Creek is a tributary of the Big Thompson River in Larimer County, Colorado. The stream's source is near Sprague Pass in Rocky Mountain National Park. It flows east through Spruce Canyon to a confluence with the Big Thompson in Forest Canyon.

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