The King's Cup

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The King's Cup
"The King's Cup" (1933).jpg
Chili Bouchier & Harry Milton
Directed by Donald Macardle
Herbert Wilcox
Robert Cullen
Alan Cobham (Flying Scenes Co-ordinator)
Written byAlan Cobham
Produced byHerbert Wilcox
Starring Chili Bouchier
Harry Milton
William Kendall
Cinematography Freddie Young
Music by Lew Stone
Herbert Wilcox Productions (for) British & Dominions Film Corporation
Distributed by Woolf & Freedman Film Service (Uk)
Release date
  • January 1933 (1933-01)
Running time
76 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The King's Cup is a 1933 British drama film directed by Alan Cobham, Donald Macardle, Herbert Wilcox and Robert Cullen and starring Chili Bouchier, Harry Milton and William Kendall. [1] The film is named after the King's Cup air race, established by King George V in 1922 as an endurance race across Britain, to encourage development in engine design and the sport of aviation. Stars Chili Bouchier and Harry Milton were married at the time the film was made. [2]


Plot summary

A pilot who has lost his nerve following an accident regains it after meeting a woman and goes on to win a major air race.


Critical reception

TV Guide gave the film one out of four stars, and wrote, "the novelty of four directors did nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what appears on the screen." [3] while The Cinema Museum noted "a tantalizing glimpse of the (Brooklands) airfield and some of the flying that took place there before the Second World War." [2]

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