Titan (game engine)

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Developer(s) Stainless Steel Studios
Stable release
2.0 / May 11, 2004
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Game engine
Website Tilted Mill Entertainment web site

Titan is a game engine developed by Stainless Steel Studios used in the real-time strategy genre. It was mainly used as a PC game engine in the early 2000s. The engine was used in Stainless Steel Studio's early games, such as Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World .


Titan 2.0

Titan 2.0, an update of the original Titan Engine, was to be a comprehensive real-time strategy engine, and was sold before Stainless Steel Studios was dissolved in 2005. [1]


SSSI described their engine on their website (before it shut down) at the day of its release. They said it would handle all objects in the gaming world, has an integrated scenario editor, a powerful multiplayer mode and communicator, built-in artificial intelligence and 3D graphics. [2] The engine was announced in May 2004, [3] and was designed by SSSI, whose head designer is Rick Goodman, the designer of Empire Earth and Age of Empires . SSSI's last game made using this engine was Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War . [4] Since SSSI has closed, its website, the original Titan website, and any information about Titan 2.0 has for the most part disappeared. Little more is known about the original game processor[ clarification needed ], other than that it was used in some of the Empire series, such as Empire Earth .

Price and purchasing

After its press release, the engine was promptly purchased by Tilted Mill Entertainment, a small production company in Massachusetts. The engine was also available for purchase to anyone for US$250,000 at its release. [2]

Games Using Titan 2.0

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Empire Earth is a series of real-time strategy video games developed by Stainless Steel Studios and Mad Doc Software, and published by Sierra Entertainment. The games in the series are historical RTS games that are similar to Age of Empires. Rick Goodman, who designed Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, was one of the lead designers of Age of Empires. The games use the Titan and Titan 2.0 engine, which was sold after Stainless Steel Studios closed.

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Fork Particle is a computer graphics visual effects modeling and software development kit (SDK) developed and sold by Fork Particle, Inc. Fork Particle uses its real time particle system technology to simulate visual effects or particle effects such as CGI explosions, fire, rain, smoke, dust, etc. Fork Particle is used in video games and visual simulation software such as a flight simulator. It has been licensed to game developers for Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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