Tokyo Building

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The Tokyo Building
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Tokyo Building
General information
Location7-3, Marunouchi 2-chome,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CompletedOctober 2005
Owner Mitsubishi Estate
Management JR East Building Co., Ltd.
Antenna spireMaximum eaves height 164.1m, Maximum height 164.0m
Technical details
Floor count33 stories above ground, 4 stories below ground, 1 roof structure
Floor area1,606,896.79sq.ft. (Gross)
880,375.56sq.ft. (Net)
Lifts/elevators38 (passenger), 5 (freight)
Design and construction
ArchitectMitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.
DeveloperMitsubishi Estate
[1] [2]

The Tokyo Building is an office building located in Tokyo, Japan. [1] [3]


The Tokyo Building is primarily used for offices and serves as the headquarters of the following companies:

It also contains the Tokia retail and dining centre and the Cotton Club nightclub on its lower floors. [6] [7] [8]


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