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Top Fly
EC-ITP 1 Swearingen SA.227BC Merlin III TopFly Cargo MAH 14MAY04 (11399842323).jpg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Commenced operations1998
Ceased operations2009
Fleet size Fleet below
Headquarters Gran Canaria Airport, Spain

Top Fly was a charter airline and passenger and cargo airline based in Gran Canaria, Spain.



Top Fly was founded in 1998. The company also operated a pilot training schools, one based in Sabadell Airport and another in Monflorite, Huesca Airport. [1]

Top Fly operated both charter and air taxi services, as well as air medical services on demand to all European and Africa airports. Top Fly ceased commercial operations in November 2009. CanaryFly, a new airline, was founded by former Top Fly employees, inheriting some of the former Top Fly fleet. The company continued to trade as a Pilot Training school but in June 2012 went bankrupt. [2]

CanaryFly began operations on the former Top Fly network utilising an ATR 42-300 and the former Top Fly Swearingen Metroliner aircraft.


Top Fly operated the following destinations:




The Top Fly fleet included the following aircraft as of 23 July April 2011. [3]

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