1935 Northern Rhodesian general election

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General elections were held in Northern Rhodesia on 16 September 1935. [1]


Electoral system

The seven elected members of the Legislative Council were elected from seven single-member constituencies, with the Ndola seat split into two to form the new constituency of Nkana; Livingstone and Western had previously elected two members, but was reduced to one. [2] There were a total of 3,203 registered voters. [2]

ConsitutencySettlementsRegistered voters
Eastern Fort Jameson, Lundazi, Petauke 144
Livingstone and Western Balovale, Kalabo, Lealui, Livingstone, Mankoya, Senanga, Sesheke 334
Midland Broken Hill (South), Lusaka, Mumbwa 376
Ndola Fort Rosebery, Kawambwa, Luanshya Ndola 862
Nkana Kasempa, Mufulira, Mwinilunga, Nkana, Solwezi 713
Northern Abercorn, Broken Hill, Chinsali, Isoka, Kasama, Luwingu, Mkushi, Mpika, Mporokoso, Serenje 547
Southern Kalomo, Mazabuka, Namwala 227
Source: Legislative Council of Northern Rhodesia [2]


Voter turnout was 80% in the east and midland areas, 72% in Ndola and the south, 70% in the north and 50% in Nkana. [3]

Broken Hill Stewart Gore-Browne 25369.32Elected
Arthur Davison11230.68
Eastern John Bruce 8066.12Elected
Thomas Spurgeon Page 4133.88
Livingstone and Western Leopold Moore UnopposedElected
Midland John Brown 13538.03Elected
Charles Fitzwilliams13437.75
Edward Cholmeley8624.23
Ndola Arthur Stephenson 24337.79Elected
John Burney23035.77
Benjamin Rout17026.44
Nkana Catherine Olds 20753.63Elected
Harold Webb17946.37
Southern Charles Knight 9560.13Elected
Thomas Henderson Murray 6339.87
Source: East Africa [4] [1]


The newly elected Legislative Council met for the first time on 16 November 1935. [5]


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