Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Zambia)

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a ministry in Zambia. It is headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is responsible for conducting foreign relations.

List of ministers

The following is a list of Foreign Ministers of Zambia since the country gained independence in 1964: [1]

1 Simon Kapwepwe
No image.png 1964–1967
2 Reuben Kamanga
No image.png 1967–1968
3 Elijah Mudenda
4 Kenneth Kaunda
Kenneth Kaunda 1983-03-30.jpg 1969–1970
Moto Nkama
Minister of State
No image.png
(3) Elijah Mudenda
5 Vernon Mwaanga
(b. 1944)
No image.png 1973–1975
6 Rupiah Banda
(b. 1937)
Rupiah Banda.jpg 1975–1976
7 Siteke Mwale
No image.png 1976–1978
8 Wilson M. Chakulya No image.png 1979–1980
9 Lameck Goma
No image.png 1980–1986
10 Luke Mwananshiku
No image.png 1986–1990
11 Benjamin Mibenge
(b. 1942)
No image.png 1990–1991
(5) Vernon Mwaanga
(b. 1944)
No image.png 1991–1994
12 Remmy Mushota
No image.png 1994–1995
13 Christon Tembo
No image.png 1995–1996
14 Lawrence Shimba
No image.png 1996–1997
15 Keli Walubita
(b. 1943)
No image.png 1997–2002
16 Katele Kalumba
(b. 1952)
No image.png 2002
17 Kalombo Mwansa
(b. 1955)
No image.png 2002–2005
18 Ronnie Shikapwasha
(b. 1947)
No image.png 2005–2006
19 Mundia Sikatana
No image.png 2006–2007
20 Kabinga Pande
(b. 1952)
No image.png 2007–2011
21 Chishimba Kambwili
(b. 1969)
No image.png 2011–2012
22 Given Lubinda
(b. 1963)
No image.png 2012–2013
23 Effron Lungu
(b. 1952)
No image.png 2013
24 Wilbur Simuusa No image.png 2013–2014
25 Harry Kalaba
(b. 1976)
Valisminister Sven Mikser ja Sambia valisminister Harry Kalaba (31719036133).jpg 2014–2016
26 Joseph Malanji
(b. 1965)
Joseph Malanji 2018 (cropped).jpg 2018–2021
27 Stanley Kakubo
(b. 1980)
No image.png 2021–present

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In many countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government department responsible for the state's diplomacy, bilateral, and multilateral relations affairs as well as for providing support for a country's citizens who are abroad. The entity is usually headed by a foreign minister.

University of Zambia Public university in Lusaka, Zambia

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There is a small but recognisable community of Indians in Zambia. Unlike the better-known Indian communities of South East Africa, they were little-studied by historians until the 2000s.

Dr Reverend Peter Lusaka Chintala was a Zambian politician and diplomat.

Russia–Zambia relations Bilateral relations

Russia–Zambia relations is the bilateral relationship between Russia and Zambia.

Given Lubinda is a Zambian politician who served in the Cabinet of Zambia as Minister of Justice. He is a former Member of Parliament for the National Assembly of Zambia for Kabwata Constituency in Lusaka. He was first elected as Kabwata MP in 2001 under the PF ticket and was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2012 to 2013. He is also the current Vice President of the former ruling party the Patriotic Front. Lubinda is of mixed-race parentage. He is known as an outspoken politician.

Dipak Kumar A. Patel is a Zambian politician of Hindu Indian origin. His ancestral roots traces back to Gujarat, India. He served long tenures both as a legislator and as the Minister of Trade, Commerce, and Industry.

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Catherine Namugala a Zambian politician. She is the First Deputy Speaker of the Zambian Parliament. She was nominated to that position by President Edgar Lungu, on 18 September 2016. She is the former Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources in the Zambian Cabinet. She also served as the Member of Parliament (MP), representing Mafinga Constituency in the Zambian Parliament, from 2001 until 2016.

Visa requirements for Zambian citizens

Visa requirements for Zambian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Zambia. As of 02 July 2019, Zambian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 69 countries and territories, ranking the Zambian passport 75th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.

Cannabis in Zambia is illegal for recreational use. In December 2019, by unanimous decision, it was legalized for export and medicinal purposes only. Cannabis is known as Zam-Blaze, chwang, or dobo in Zambia.

Ministry of Tourism and Arts

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts is a ministry in Zambia. It is headed by the Minister of Tourism and Arts.

Joseph Malanji Zambian politician

Joseph Malanji is a Zambian politician and business executive currently serving as a member of the National Assembly. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2018 and 2021.

Kosovar–Zambian relations are foreign relations between Kosovo and Zambia.


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