A Trick of the Tail Tour

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A Trick of the Tail Tour
Concert by Genesis
Associated album A Trick of the Tail
Start date26 March 1976
End date11 July 1976
No. of shows63
Genesis concert chronology

The A Trick of the Tail Tour [1] [2] was a concert tour of the United States, Canada and European countries by English rock band Genesis. This was the first tour after Peter Gabriel left the band, and the only one with Bill Bruford on drums.


"A lot of the band thought he could sing better than I did anyway," remarked Gabriel of Phil Collins, who took over lead vocals. "The singing side he could handle, but I don't think he enjoyed singing some of my more obscure lyrics." [3]

The tour began on 26 March 1976 in London, Ontario, Canada and ended on 11 July 1976 in Luton, England. Shows in Glasgow and Stafford were filmed for Genesis: In Concert (1976).

Sample setlist

A sample setlist for this tour is: [2] [4]

  1. "Dance on a Volcano"
  2. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Medley (aka "Lamb Stew" / "Lamb Casserole" / "Lamb Cutlet") [5]
    1. "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"
    2. "Fly on a Windshield"
    3. "Broadway Melody of 1974"
    4. "The Carpet Crawlers"
  3. "The Cinema Show"
  4. "Robbery, Assault and Battery"
  5. "White Mountain"
  6. "Firth of Fifth"
  7. "Entangled"
  8. "Squonk"
  9. "Supper's Ready"
  10. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)"
  11. "Los Endos"
  12. Medley
    1. "it."
    2. "Watcher of the Skies"


Tour dates

US and Canada tour [2] [6]
26 March 1976 London Canada London Arena
27 March 1976 Waterloo University of Waterloo Physical Activities Complex
28 March 1976 Buffalo United States Century Theatre
29 March 1976 Hamilton Canada Hamilton Place Theatre
31 March 1976 Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens
1 April 1976
2 April 1976 Montreal Montreal Forum
3 April 1976 Ottawa Ottawa Civic Centre
4 April 1976 Quebec City Colisée de Québec
7 April 1976
2 Shows
Upper Darby United States Tower Theater
8 April 1976 New York City Beacon Theatre
9 April 1976
2 Shows
10 April 1976 Boston Orpheum Theatre
12 April 1976 Baltimore Lyric Theatre
13 April 1976 Pittsburgh Syria Mosque
14 April 1976 Cleveland Cleveland Music Hall
15 April 1976
16 April 1976 Chicago Auditorium Theatre
17 April 1976
19 April 1976 Columbus Ohio Theatre
20 April 1976 Detroit Ford Auditorium
21 April 1976 Milwaukee Riverside Theater
22 April 1976 Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Civic Center
23 April 1976 St. Louis Ambassador Theatre
25 April 1976 Kansas City Memorial Hall
29 April 1976 Berkeley Berkeley Community Theatre
30 April 1976 Fresno Warner Theatre
1 May 1976 Burbank Starlight Bowl
3 May 1976 San Diego San Diego Sports Arena
5 May 1976 Austin Memorial Auditorium
6 May 1976 Houston Houston Music Hall
7 May 1976 Fort Worth Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium
European tour [2] [6]
9 June 1976 London England Hammersmith Odeon
10 June 1976
11 June 1976
12 June 1976
13 June 1976
14 June 1976
15 June 1976 Cambrai France Palais des Grottes
16 June 1976
2 Shows
The Hague Netherlands Congresgebouw
17 June 1976
18 June 1976 Düsseldorf Germany Philipshalle
19 June 1976 Berlin Deutschlandhalle
21 June 1976 Brussels Belgium Forest National
22 June 1976
23 June 1976 Paris France Pavillon de Paris
24 June 1976 Lyon Palais des Sports de Gerland
26 June 1976 Bern Switzerland Festhalle Bern
27 June 1976 Munich Germany Olympiahalle
28 June 1976 Bern Switzerland Festhalle Bern
29 June 1976 Hamburg Germany Congresshalle
30 June 1976 Gothenburg Sweden Scandinavium
1 July 1976 Copenhagen Denmark Idrætsparken
2 July 1976 Düsseldorf Germany Philipshalle
3 July 1976 Sankt Goarshausen Freilichtbühne Loreley
4 July 1976 Heidelberg Rhein-Neckar-Halle
8 July 1976 Glasgow Scotland Apollo Theatre
9 July 1976
10 July 1976 Stafford England New Bingley Hall
11 July 1976 Luton Luton Sports Centre

Box office score data

List of box office score data with date, city, venue, attendance, gross, references
8 April New York City, United States Beacon Theatre 7,941 / 7,941$55,000 [7]
9 April
(2 shows)

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The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour was a North American and European concert tour by English rock band Genesis. It began on 20 November 1974 in Chicago, ended on 22 May 1975 in Besançon, France, and promoted their 1974 album of the same name. At each show, the album was played in its entirety, with one or two older songs as encores. The group's final tour with singer Peter Gabriel, it was marked by extensive theatricality, with multiple costumes worn by Gabriel, three backdrop screens that displayed 1,450 slides from eight projectors, laser lighting, and practical effects.

Wind & Wuthering Tour

The Wind & Wuthering Tour was an English, North American, South American and European concert tour by the English rock band Genesis.


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