Invisible Touch Tour

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Invisible Touch Tour
Tour by Genesis
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Associated album Invisible Touch
Start date18 September 1986
End date4 July 1987
No. of shows112
Genesis concert chronology

The Invisible Touch Tour was a worldwide concert tour by the English rock band Genesis. The tour began on 18 September 1986 in Detroit and ended on 4 July 1987 in London. [1] London dates at Wembley Stadium were filmed for a video release entitled Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium . The group earned as much as $300,000 a night in North America alone. [2]



Whilst the setlist varied, this is a representation of the average setlist from this tour. [3]

  1. "Mama"
  2. "Abacab"
  3. "Land of Confusion"
  4. "That's All"
  5. "Domino (Part 1: In the Glow of the Night – Part 2: The Last Domino)"
  6. "Your Own Special Way" (performed in Australia only)
  7. "In Too Deep" (eliminated after December 20, 1986)
  8. "The Brazilian"
  9. "Follow You Follow Me" (eliminated after December 13, 1986)
  10. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"
  11. "Home by the Sea"/"Second Home by the Sea"
  12. "Throwing It All Away"
  13. Medley
    1. "In the Cage"
    2. "...In That Quiet Earth"
    3. "Supper's Ready" ("Apocalypse in 9/8" and "As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs" sections) (replaced by "Afterglow" after November 23, 1986)
  14. "Invisible Touch"
  15. "Drum Duet"
  16. "Los Endos"
  17. "Turn It On Again (oldies medley)"

Every song from Invisible Touch was performed throughout the tour except for "Anything She Does"; however the song's promotional video was used to introduce the band at the beginning of each show on the tour. On the Australian leg, "Your Own Special Way" was performed for the first time since 1977. The 1987 U.S. and European legs of the tour saw the "Supper's Ready" section of the "In the Cage" medley dropped in favour of "Afterglow"*+. "In Too Deep" and "Follow You Follow Me" were dropped from set.

New songs "Throwing It All Away", and "Land of Confusion" contained several high notes that were vocally challenging for Collins to perform every night. To prevent potential damage to his voice, the songs were performed in a lower key from their original studio recordings as a safety measure after the initial North American leg of the tour. To this end however, the song "Invisible Touch" was placed in the set directly after the vocal stretching "Apocalypse in 9/8" (dropped for this very reason) and was never performed live in its original key of F on this or any tour thereafter. [4]

Tour band

Additional Musicians

Tour dates

North America
18 September 1986 Detroit United States Joe Louis Arena
19 September 1986
20 September 1986
22 September 1986 Toronto Canada CNE Stadium
24 September 1986 Philadelphia United States The Spectrum
25 September 1986
26 September 1986
27 September 1986
29 September 1986 New York City Madison Square Garden
30 September 1986
1 October 1986
2 October 1986
3 October 1986
5 October 1986 Rosemont Rosemont Horizon
6 October 1986
7 October 1986
8 October 1986
10 October 1986
13 October 1986 Inglewood The Forum
14 October 1986
15 October 1986
16 October 1986
17 October 1986
19 October 1986 Oakland Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum Arena
20 October 1986
21 October 1986
22 October 1986
23 October 1986
24 October 1986
23 November 1986 Auckland New Zealand Western Springs Stadium
25 November 1986 Sydney Australia Sydney Entertainment Centre
26 November 1986
27 November 1986
29 November 1986 Boondall Brisbane Entertainment Centre
30 November 1986
2 December 1986 West Lakes Football Park
5 December 1986 Perth Perth Entertainment Centre
6 December 1986
9 December 1986 Melbourne National Tennis Centre
10 December 1986
11 December 1986
13 December 1986 Olympic Park Stadium
15 December 1986SydneySydney Entertainment Centre
16 December 1986
17 December 1986
18 December 1986
19 December 1986
20 December 1986
North America
15 January 1987 Houston United States The Summit
16 January 1987
18 January 1987 Dallas Reunion Arena
19 January 1987
21 January 1987 Kansas City Kemper Arena
22 January 1987
23 January 1987 Chapel Hill Dean Smith Center
24 January 1987 Indianapolis Hoosier Dome
25 January 1987 Richfield Coliseum at Richfield
26 January 1987
27 January 1987
29 January 1987 Landover Capital Centre
31 January 1987Chapel HillDean Smith Center
1 February 1987 Lexington Rupp Arena
15 February 1987 Hartford Hartford Civic Center
16 February 1987 Worcester Centrum in Worcester
17 February 1987
18 February 1987
20 February 1987 Hampton Hampton Coliseum
21 February 1987
22 February 1987Chapel HillDean Smith Center
23 February 1987
25 February 1987 Atlanta Omni Coliseum
26 February 1987
28 February 1987 Orlando Florida Citrus Bowl
1 March 1987 Miami Miami Orange Bowl
13 March 1987 Tokyo Japan Nippon Budokan
14 March 1987
15 March 1987
16 March 1987
18 March 1987 Osaka Castle Hall
19 March 1987
10 May 1987 Málaga Spain Estadio La Rosaleda
13 May 1987 Madrid Vicente Calderón Stadium
15 May 1987 Milan Italy San Siro
16 May 1987 Montreux Switzerland Montreux Jazz Festival
17 May 1987 Rome Italy Stadio Flaminio
19 May 1987 Toulouse France Stade des Sept Deniers
North America
22 May 1987 Los Angeles United States Dodger Stadium
24 May 1987 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Stadium
25 May 1987 Washington, D.C. Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium
28 May 1987 Philadelphia Veterans Stadium
29 May 1987
30 May 1987 East Rutherford Giants Stadium
31 May 1987
2 June 1987 Paris France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
3 June 1987 Hippodrome de Vincennes
5 June 1987 Gentofte Denmark Gentofte Stadion
7 June 1987 Hannover West Germany Niedersachsenstadion
8 June 1987 Berlin Platz der Republik
10 June 1987 Dortmund Westfalenhallen
11 June 1987 Rotterdam Netherlands De Kuip
13 June 1987 Basel Switzerland St. Jakob Stadium
14 June 1987 Nancy France Stade Marcel Picot
16 June 1987 Vienna Austria Ernst-Happel-Stadion
18 June 1987 Budapest Hungary Népstadion
20 June 1987 Mannheim West Germany Maimarktgelände
21 June 1987 Munich Olympiastadion
23 June 1987 Nantes France Stade de la Beaujoire
24 June 1987ParisHippodrome de Vincennes
26 June 1987 Glasgow Scotland Hampden Park
28 June 1987 Leeds England Roundhay Park
1 July 1987 London Wembley Stadium
2 July 1987
3 July 1987
4 July 1987

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<i>Invisible Touch</i> 1986 studio album by Genesis

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Invisible Touch (song) 1986 single by Genesis

"Invisible Touch" is the title track and first single from the 1986 album of the same name by the English rock band Genesis. The song is a group composition which featured lyrics written by drummer and singer Phil Collins.

Follow You Follow Me 1978 single by Genesis

"Follow You Follow Me" is a love song written and recorded by English rock band Genesis. It was released in February 1978 as the first single from their ninth studio album, ...And Then There Were Three... (1978). The music was composed by the band, and the lyrics were written by bassist and guitarist Mike Rutherford.

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"Throwing It All Away" is the seventh track on the 1986 album Invisible Touch by Genesis. It was the second single from the album in 1986, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 22 in Britain, where it was released as the last single of the album in 1987. In the U.S., it also went to No. 1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart in October 1986 and the Album Rock Tracks chart in August 1986. The working title was "Zephyr and Zeppo".

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Turn It On Again: The Tour concert tour

Turn It On Again: The Tour was a 2007 concert tour of Europe and North America by the 1978-1996 lineup of the English rock band Genesis. The tour was notable for the return of drummer and vocalist Phil Collins, who had fronted the band during their most commercially successful period before leaving in 1996, rejoining founder members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, with their traditional on-stage musicians, Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer.

<i>Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium</i> 1988 video by Genesis

Invisible Touch Tour is a live video by the English rock band Genesis, released in 1988 on Virgin Music Video. It was the first concert ever shot in High Definition and cameras and lenses had to be flown in from the USA and Japan. It was directed by Jim Yukich and produced by Paul Flattery of FYI. It was edited at the band's facilities known as The Farm by Jerry Behrens and David Foster. It documents the band's four sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in London between 1–4 July 1987 at the end of their Invisible Touch Tour promoting their thirteenth studio album, Invisible Touch. A limited edition release included a CD single containing the live version of "Domino" as performed on the video. In 2003, the video was reissued on DVD and renamed Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium.

"Domino" is a song written by the band Genesis for their 1986 album Invisible Touch. The song was the sixth track on the album. The music was written by the band, while the lyrics were written by keyboardist Tony Banks. The song is divided into two parts, "In the Glow of the Night" and "The Last Domino".

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Genesis Live in London 1980 is a short concert film by the progressive rock band Genesis. It was filmed by the BBC at the Lyceum Theatre in London on 6 May 1980, but was not released until 2007. The show features the band performing live during the Duke tour. DVDs of the full show have been widely available for a number of years and are of generally less-than-standard DVD quality and some even have tracks missing, most frequently "The Knife". A 39-minute remastered excerpt from this concert was included on the DVD of the 2007 re-issue of Duke in higher quality and is the only officially released version to date; this re-issue was originally part of the Genesis 1976–1982 box set.

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We Cant Dance Tour

Following the release of We Can't Dance, Genesis spent 13 weeks performing 55 concerts between May and July 1992, with a 16-date UK tour in October/November, and the Cowdray Ruins Concert in September 1993. The popular worldwide tour sold out arenas and stadiums. This proved to be Collins's last tour with Genesis until the band reunited in 2007. The album was re-released as a SACD/DVD double disc set in October 2007. During the recording of We Can't Dance a 40-minute documentary called No Admittance was produced and broadcast on the Disney Channel. It has since been included in the bonus DVD released in 2007.

The Three Sides Live Encore Tour was a North American and European concert tour by English rock band Genesis. The tour began in August 1982 in Peoria, Illinois and ended in 2 October 1982 in Milton Keynes, England, with Peter Gabriel.


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