Andong Province

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former province of the Republic of China
Antung Province

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Capital Tunghwa
former province of the People's Republic of China
Liaodong Province

Capital Andong (present name: Dandong)

Andong / Antung (Wade-Giles) (traditional Chinese :安東省; simplified Chinese :安东省; pinyin :Āndōng Shěng), or Liaodong (simplified Chinese :辽东省; traditional Chinese :遼東省; pinyin :Liáodōng Shěng) was a former province in Northeast China, located in what is now part of Liaoning and Jilin provinces. It was bordered on the southeast by the Yalu River, which separated it from Korea.



The name of the province Antung in Chinese means "pacify the east" and was likely inspired by the Protectorate General to Pacify the East established during the Tang Dynasty.

Antung Province was first created in 1934 as an anto (province) of the Japanese-controlled Empire of Manchukuo, when the former Fengtian Province was divided into three parts: Antung Province, Fengtian Province and Jinzhou Province. Antung was further sub-divided in 1939 into Antung Province and Tonghua Province.

After the annexation of Manchukuo by the Republic of China after the end of World War II, the Kuomintang reunited Antung and Tonghua, and continued to recognize the area as Antung Province. However, under the administration of the People's Republic of China, Antung Province was renamed as Liaodong Province and it was abolished in 1954, and its area was divided between Liaoning Province and Jilin Province.

Administration division

The capital of Antung Province from 19341939 was Tonghua, in modern-day Jilin. However, after the 1939 administrative reorganization of the province, the capital moved to Antung, an important border town between Manchukuo and Korea, and a major center on the railroad from Korea to Mukden.

The area of the province (from 19341939 and 19451954) was 62,160 km2 (24,000 sq mi).


NameAdministrative SeatSimplified ChineseHanyu PinyinSubdivisions
AndongAndong安东市Āndōng Shì6 districts
YingkouYingkou营口市Yíngkǒu Shì5 districts
TonghuaTonghua通化市Tōnghuà Shìnone
LiaoyangLiaoyang辽阳市Liáoyáng Shìnone
Tongliao DivisionXi'an通辽专区Tōngliáo Zhuānqū1 city & 4 counties
Directly-controlled25 counties

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The politics of Liaoning Province in the People's Republic of China is structured in a single party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

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Liaoxi was a former province in Northeast China, located in what is now part of Liaoning and Jilin provinces. It existed from 1949 to 1954, and its capital was Jinzhou.

The Shenyang–Dandong railway or Shendan Railway is a China Railway line connecting the Liaoning cities of Shenyang and Dandong, with an onward connection to Sinŭiju Ch'ŏngnyŏn Station in Sinŭiju, North Korea, on the P'yŏngŭi Line of the Korean State Railway. The line is 277 km (172 mi) in length and is subordinate to the Shenyang Railway Bureau. It is the most important of the railway lines connecting China with the DPRK.

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