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2005 Aichi
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A part of the Global Loop at Expo 2005
BIE-classUniversal exposition
CategoryInternational Registered Exhibition
NameAi-chikyūhaku (愛・地球博)
MottoNature's Wisdom
Area173 hectares (430 acres)
Invention(s) ASIMO
Mascot"Morisco" Forest Grandfather and "Kiccoro" Forest Child
City Aichi
VenueSeto and Nagakute
Coordinates 35°10′34.2″N137°5′26.5″E / 35.176167°N 137.090694°E / 35.176167; 137.090694
AwardedJune 12, 1997 (1997-06-12)
OpeningMarch 25, 2005 (2005-03-25)
ClosureSeptember 25, 2005 (2005-09-25)
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Expo 2005 was a World Expo [1] held for 185 days between Friday, March 25 and Sunday, September 25, 2005, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, east of the city of Nagoya. Japan has also hosted Expo '70 Osaka (World Expo), Expo '75 Okinawa (Specialised Expo), Expo '85 Tsukuba (Specialised Expo), and Expo '90 Osaka (Horticultural Expo) [2] and will host Expo 2025 Osaka (World Expo). [3]



The theme of the Expo was "Nature's Wisdom", with national and corporate pavilions expressing themes of ecological co-existence, renewable technology, and the wonders of nature. In Japanese, this is rendered as Ai-chikyūhaku (愛・地球博), which means (roughly) "Love the Earth Expo," as well as being a play on the name of the host prefecture, 愛知 (Aichi). According to the official website:

We must come together and share our experience and wisdom, in order to create a new direction for humanity which is both sustainable and harmonious with nature.


The main site of the Expo was a forested area in Nagakute, east of Nagoya, covering an area of about 1.73 square kilometres (430 acres). A smaller area of 0.15 square kilometres (37 acres) nearby, accessible by gondola from the main site near Seto was also part of the Expo. Great care was taken to build the pavilions out of recycled or recyclable materials, to minimize environmental impact on the site, and to provide environmentally friendly transportation to and within the Expo area.

The cost of the Expo has been estimated at 340 billion yen ($3.3 billion). However, the recorded 22,049,544 visitors greatly exceeded the target of 15,000,000 and the Expo made a profit of over 10 billion yen.

The nearby city of Toyota also held some related events, although there was no special area set aside.

The area in Nagakute can be reached from Nagoya by subway (Higashiyama line) to the last stop in Fujigaoka, followed by a ride on the newly built Linimo magnetic levitation train.


121 Participants of countries set date for their own Pavilions.

CountryReceipt of Announcement forLocationNational DayAichi Hospitality PartnerParticipation(common)
Angola2003/ 3/175September 6.Haruhi Town
Argentina2003/ 1/ 82July 11Okazaki City
Armenia2003/ 6/174June 7
Australia2003/ 7/166April 21Anjo City(Japanese only)Obu City
Austria2003/ 5/144April 27Kozakai Town
Azerbaijan2003/ 4/144May 17Shippo Town
Bangladesh2004/ 4/181June 9Nisshin City
Belgium2003/ 1/234June 14Nagakute Town
Belize2003/ 2/212August 19 (SICA)Miyoshi Town(Japanese only)
Benin2001/10/115September 21Ichinomiya Town
Bhutan2001/ 6/201June 2Handa City
Bolivia2001/ 5/112August 5Toei Town
Bosnia and Herzegovina2003/ 6/ 93Ichinomiya City
Brunei Darussalam2003/ 7/196May 18Takahama City(Japanese Only)
Bulgaria2002/10/284May 13Toyoake City
Burkina Faso2003/ 6/195June 16Konan City
Burundi2001/12/215September 12Isshiki Town(Japanese Only)
Cambodia2002/10/ 96May 10Kota Town(Japanese Only)
Cameroon2001/12/265June 21Tsushima City
Canada2001/ 5/ 22April 5Kasugai City(English) (Portuguese) (Chinese) (Filipino)Kariya City
Chad2001/ 8/295June 8Aisai City
China2002/ 8/281May 19Toyohashi City
Congo2003/ 4/ 75September 14Seto City
Costa Rica2003/ 3/312August 19 (SICA)Tsugu Village(Japanese only)
Côte d'Ivoire2002/ 7/ 55August 3Anjo City(Japanese only)
Croatia2003/ 5/273April 12Hekinan City
Cuba2002/ 5/ 92July 26Iwakura City
Czech Republic2002/ 1/ 44June 24Otowa Town
Democratic Republic of Congo2003/ 2/ 45May 31Obu City
Denmark2003/ 6/134April 20Anjo City(Japanese only)
Djibouti2002/12/265June 28Kariya City
Dominican Republic2003/ 2/ 62May 25Atsumi Town
Ecuador2003/ 6/302August 10Komaki City(Japanese only)
Egypt2003/ 1/145July 22Kira Town(Japanese only)
El Salvador2003/ 3/312August 19 (SICA)Nishiharu Town
Eritrea2004/ 1/305June 10 (W / Rwanda)Inuyama City
Ethiopia2003/ 3/ 35May 16Horai Town
Fiji2003/11/246June 22Taketoyo Town(Japanese only)
Finland2003/ 6/254May 12Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
France2002/ 3/273April 14Seto City

Jushiyama Village

Gabon2003/ 3/ 75July 12Aisai City
Georgia2002/ 4/234September 22Kasugai City(English) (Portuguese) (Chinese) (Filipino)
Germany2002/ 9/203April 13Inuyama City. Toyohashi City
Ghana2001/ 9/ 25June 30Ichinomiya Town
Greece2002/10/153May 20Inazawa City(Japanese only)
Guatemala2003/ 3/242August 19 (SICA)Handa City
Guinea2001/10/195August 26Inazawa City(Japanese only)
Honduras2003/ 6/132August 19 (SICA)Toyohashi City
Iceland2003/ 6/174July 15Chiryu City
India2001/12/101July 20Kariya City
Indonesia2002/ 8/ 66August 17Togo Town(Japanese only)
Iran2002/ 5/291April 1Jushiyama Village
Ireland2003/ 7/184March 31Kiyosu City(Japanese only)
Italy2003/ 5/213April 28Ichinomiya City
Jordan2002/11/273July 5Kasugai City(English) (Portuguese) (Chinese) (Filipino)
Kazakhstan2002/11/111June 15Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
Kenya2002/ 4/155August 18Higashiura Town(Japanese only)
Kiribati2002/ 3/196August 15 (W / Tuvalu)Ichinomiya Town Obu City
Kyrgyzstan2001/ 6/291August 4Tomiyama Village
Lao People's Democratic Republic2002/ 1/146June 13Tahara City
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya2003/ 3/243April 7Tahara City
Lithuania2002/ 4/104July 6Toyohashi City
Madagascar2003/ 4/ 15May 30Nukata Town
Malaysia2003/ 6/ 96August 31Tokoname City
Mali2003/ 5/ 55September 1Jimokuji Town
Marshall Islands2003/ 8/296Tobisihma Village(Japanese only)
Mauritania2001/ 8/225July 14Nishio City(Japanese only)
Mexico2002/11/ 62September 15Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
Micronesia2003/11/276August 22Konan City
Mongolia2002/ 4/181May 27Kanie Town(Japanese only)
Morocco2003/ 4/ 43July 1Toyoyama Town(Japanese only)
Nepal2001/12/ 61July 7Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
Netherlands2003/ 9/ 54April 19Yatomi City(Japanese only)
New Zealand2003/ 9/ 96June 3Ichinomiya City

Nishio City

(Japanese only)
Nicaragua2003/ 3/202August 19(SICA)Oguchi Town(Japanese only)
Nigeria2003/ 4/105August 23Oguchi Town(Japanese only)
Norway2003/ 7/ 34April 11Inazawa City(Japanese only)
Pakistan2003/ 4/251August 11Tsushima City
Palau2003/ 7/296July 8Nissin City
Panama2003/ 6/132August 19 (SICA)Aisai City
Papua New Guinea2003/ 3/286September 16Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
Peru2003/ 3/282July 28Toyokawa City
Philippines2003/ 3/ 76September 20Toyokawa City
Poland2002/ 8/234May 9Gamagori City(Japanese only)
Portugal2003/ 3/254May 24Oharu Town(Japanese only)
Qatar2003/ 3/231September 2Chita City
Republic of Korea2002/ 3/ 81May 11Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)Shikatsu Town
Romania2002/ 4/234June 1Minamichita Town
Russian Federation2002/ 5/284June 17Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
Rwanda2002/10/235June 10 (W / Eritrea)Kiyosu City(Japanese only)
Samoa2003/ 6/136August 30Shitara Town(Japanese only)
São Tomé and Príncipe2003/ 6/115July 21Tokai City(Japanese only)
Saudi Arabia2001/ 8/ 81September 9Toyone Village(Japanese only)
Senegal2003/ 3/ 65April 8Fuso Town(Japanese only)
Singapore2001/10/136August 9Mihama Town(Japanese only)
Solomon Islands2003/ 9/156July 13Agui Town(Japanese only)
South Africa2003/ 8/135April 26Aisai City
Spain2001/ 5/243July 25Kiyosu City(Japanese only)
Sri Lanka2002/ 5/281July 27Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
Sudan2003/10/125August 16Kasugai City(English) (Portuguese) (Chinese) (Filipino)Kariya City
Sweden2003/ 6/264April 6Okazaki City
Switzerland2001/12/194April 15Shinshiro City(Japanese only)
Tajikistan2003/ 4/ 71September 13Shikatsu Town
Thailand2003/ 3/106August 12Inazawa City(Japanese only)
Tonga2003/ 1/156July 4Owariasahi City
Tunisia2002/12/193June 23Seto City
Turkey2002/12/193August 2Tokai City(Japanese only)
Tuvalu2003/12/296August 15 (W / Kiribati)Cita City
Uganda2001/ 5/245September 7Kiyosu City(Japanese only)
Ukraine2002/11/124August 24Hazu City(Japanese only)
UK2003/ 7/194April 22Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)
United Republic of Tanzania2002/ 2/195May 26Komaki City(Japanese only)
USA2003/11/182June 20Toyohashi City Toyota City(English) (Portugues) (Espanol)Anjo City
Uzbekistan2001/ 6/ 11September 8Ichinomiya City
Vanuatu2003/11/106August 1Gamagori City(Japanese only)
Venezuela2003/ 4/112June 29Toyohashi City
Viet Nam2002/ 9/166September 5Miwa Town
Yemen2002/ 5/ 61May 23Nishio City(Japanese only)
Zambia2003/10/285July 19Okazaki City
Zimbabwe2003/ 7/145April 18Mito Town


Morizo and Kiccoro on flower wall Morizo Kikkoro.JPG
Morizo and Kiccoro on flower wall

Morizo (モリゾー) and Kiccoro (キッコロ), collectively known as "Moricoro," (モリコロ) were created to be Aichi Banpaku's mascots. The popular fluffy green creatures are both from the forest of Seto.


Theme songs

The official theme song of the Expo was "I'll Be Your Love," composed by Yoshiki, and performed by Dahlia, an Okinawan-American musician (then aged 24) from Honolulu, Hawaii. [7] On March 24, 2005, Yoshiki conducted an orchestra and performed the song for the opening ceremony of the Expo. [8] Pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki also performed a classical version of her single "A Song Is Born" on the event's opening day. [9]

New transportation system


The holder was Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition whose president was Shoichiro Toyoda, the honorary president of Toyota Motor Corporation.

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Urso Chappell was an American graphic designer, writer and world's fair historian born in 1967 in St Louis who died in December 2020.

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