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The first tier of intercollegiate sports in the United States includes sports that are sanctioned by one of the collegiate sport governing bodies. The major sanctioning organization is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Before mid-1981, women's top-tier intercollegiate sports were solely governed by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW). The second tier consists of competition between student clubs from different colleges, not organized by and therefore not formally representing the institutions or their faculties. This tier is also considered to be "intercollegiate" sports. College sports originated as student activities.


Intercollegiate Team Champions of Non-NCAA and Non-AIAW Sports in the United States:

Adventure Racing

United States Adventure Racing Association
Mixed teams unless indicated otherwise.

YearChampion [3]
2007Garrett College (MD) [4] (men's)
2009University of Miami (FL) [5]
2012The Citadel
2013Texas A&M
2014 Garrett College
2016n/a (no entries) [6]


[7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

USA Archery

Overall Team
2015Texas A&M
2016Texas A&M

US Collegiate Archery

(preceded by National Archery Association)

The inaugural U.S. intercollegiate archery championships were held in November 1967 at Arizona State University with individual competition only. [20] The second such event was in May 1969. Team titles were not bestowed, although team scores were kept.

Outdoor Target

YearRecurve, WomenRecurve, MenRecurve, MixedYearRecurve, WomenRecurve, MenRecurve, Mixed
1969Arizona State (unofficial)Arizona State (unofficial)Arizona State (unofficial)1982James Madison [21] Arizona StateArizona State [22]
1970Arizona State Los Angeles Pierce College Arizona1983Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1971Arizona State San Bernardino Valley College Arizona State1984Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1972Arizona StateSan Bernardino Valley CollegePalomar CC (CA)1985Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1973Riverside City College (CA)San Bernardino Valley CollegeSan Bernardino Valley College1986Arizona StateArizona State [23] Arizona State
1974 [24] San Bernardino Valley CollegeArizona StateArizona State1987Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1975 [25] Arizona StateSan Bernardino Valley College East Stroudsburg State 1988Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1976Arizona StateEast Stroudsburg StateArizona State1989Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1977Arizona StateEast Stroudsburg StateWashington1990James Madison [21] [26] Arizona StateArizona State
1978Arizona StateAkronArizona State1991Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1979Arizona StateCal State Los Angeles [27] Arizona State1992Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1980Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State1993Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State
1981Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State1994Arizona State [28] James Madison (inferred) [29] ?

Junior College and 2-Year College Division(discontinued before 1985)

YearRecurve, WomenRecurve, MenRecurve, Mixed
1977Glendale CC (AZ)Colorado NorthwesternAtlantic CC (NJ)
1978Glendale CCColorado NorthwesternAtlantic CC
1979Glendale CCPalomar College (CA) [30] Cypress College (CA)
1980Phoenix CollegeAtlantic CCPhoenix College
1981Pima CC (AZ) [31] Palomar CollegePalomar College
1982Palomar CollegeColorado Northwestern? [22]
1983 #???
1984 #???

# News reports of USIAC results in 1983 and 1984 mention only four-year schools. In 1985, two- and four-year schools are combined in the reported USIAC standings.

Recurve and Compound Bow

YearRecurve, WomenRecurve, MenRecurve, MixedYearCompound, WomenCompound, MenCompound, Mixed
1995 [28] [32] [33] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M1995James Madison ‡ [28] [34] Texas A&MJames Madison † [34]
1996 [33] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M1996Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
1997 [35] James MadisonTexas A&MTexas A&M1997Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
1998Michigan StateTexas A&MMichigan State1998James Madison Penn College James Madison [36]
1999 [37] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M1999James MadisonPenn College [38] Texas A&M
2000 [14] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M †2000Texas A&MJames MadisonJames Madison
2001 [39] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M †2001Texas A&MJames MadisonTexas A&M †
2002 [40] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M2002Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
2003 [41] [42] Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M2003Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
2004Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M2004Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
2005ColumbiaTexas A&MTexas A&M2005Texas A&MJames MadisonTexas A&M
2006StanfordAtlantic Cape CC (NJ)Texas A&M †2006James MadisonJames MadisonJames Madison † [21]
2007StanfordJames MadisonJames Madison2007Texas A&MJames MadisonJames Madison
2008ColumbiaJames MadisonTexas A&M2008James Madison Penn College James Madison
2009 [43] [44] Texas A&M Penn College Texas A&M2009 Penn College Atlantic Cape Community Coll. Penn College
2010 [45] Texas A&M Penn College Texas A&M2010 Penn State Penn College Penn State
2011 [46] ColumbiaTexas A&MTexas A&M2011 Diné College Texas A&MJames Madison
2012 [47] Texas A&M Penn College Arizona2012Texas A&M Penn College Texas A&M
2013 [48] ColumbiaTexas A&MTexas A&M2013Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
2014 [49] Texas A&MTexas A&MAtlantic Cape CC (NJ)2014Texas A&MTexas A&MTexas A&M
2015 [50] FloridaNorthern ArizonaLong Beach State2015Cumberlands (KY)Michigan StateFlorida
2016 [51] UC IrvineUC IrvineUC Irvine2016Cumberlands (KY)Northern ArizonaCumberlands (KY)

† There being a lack of specific citations for this mixed team title, the result was calculated based on the raw FITA round scores. (It appears that by 1995 [28] the competition format added bracketed elimination rounds after the initial FITA rounds to determine the men's and women's champions, but not the mixed team titles.)

‡ Based on a news account, it appears that James Madison was the only team eligible for the women's compound bow team title, a new discipline in the 1995 USIAC.

This is believed to be the first time a tribal college team has won the top-level intercollegiate national championship event in any sport.

Bow Hunter

In 2012 the USIAC began team competition in bow hunting.

YearBow Hunter, WomenBow Hunter, MenBow Hunter, Mixed
2012 Penn. Coll. of Technology Penn. Coll. of TechnologyPenn. Coll. of Technology
2013Penn. Coll. of TechnologyTexas A&MPenn. Coll. of Technology
2014Michigan StateMichigan StateJames Madison
2015University of the CumberlandsUniversity of the CumberlandsUniversity of the Cumberlands
2016University of the CumberlandsUniversity of the CumberlandsUniversity of the Cumberlands

Basic Bow

YearBasic Bow, WomenBasic Bow, MenBasic Bow, Mixed
2013n/aGeorgia Southernn/a
2014n/aU of California–IrvineGeorgia Southern
2015Georgia SouthernU of California–IrvineGeorgia Southern
2016U of California–IrvineU of California–IrvineU of California–Irvine

3D Target

2014n/an/aSoutheastern Illinois College
2015Univ. of the CumberlandsUniv. of the CumberlandsMississippi College
2016Univ. of the CumberlandsSoutheastern Illinois CollegeUnion College
2014n/an/aUniv. of the Cumberlands
2015Union College (KY)Univ. of the CumberlandsUnion College
2016 [54] Madisonville Comm. College (KY)Univ. of the CumberlandsUnion College

National Archery Association

Telegraphic or Mail Tournament (Women Recurve) [55]

National Archery Association (1930 - at least 1973)


[65] [66] [67] [68] [69] [70] [71] [72] [73] [74] [75] [76]

Women's championships administered by DGWS (1970-72) / AIAW (1973-82) are included for completeness.

All others administered by American Badminton Association (later named U.S. Badminton Assn., now USA Badminton).

YearMenWomenMixed TeamYearMenWomenMixed TeamYearMenWomenMixed Team
1970Long Beach State1991Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2012
1971Arizona State1992Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2013UC Berkeley [77]
1972Pasadena City College1993Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2014
1973Pasadena City College1994???2015UC Berkeley [78]
1974Long Beach State1995??Howard [79] 2016USC [80]
1975Cal State–Dominguez Hills [81] Arizona State1996 George Washington Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr College (PA)2017
1976San Diego State [82] Arizona State1997 [83] Stanford [84] 2018
1977 UCLA UCLA1998Stanford [85] 2019
1978Arizona StateArizona State1999 [86] StanfordStanfordStanford [87] 2020
1979Cal State–Dominguez Hills [88] Arizona State2000??UC Berkeley [89] 2021
1980Arizona StateArizona State2001Howard University (DC)UC San DiegoUC San Diego [90] 2022
1981UCLA [91] Arizona State2002??Howard [92] 2023
1982UCLA [91] Northern Illinois2003 [93] UC San DiegoUC San DiegoUC San Diego2024
1983Arizona StateWisconsinArizona State2004??UC Irvine [94] [95] 2025
1984Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2005 [93] UC San DiegoUC San DiegoUC San Diego2026
1985Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2006 [93] UC San DiegoUC San DiegoUC San Diego2027
1986Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2007UC Irvine [96] ?UC Irvine [95] 2028
1987Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2008 [96] UC IrvineUC BerkeleyUC Irvine [95] 2029
1988Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2009??UC Berkeley2030
1989Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2010 [97] UC BerkeleyUC Berkeleynot awarded2031
1990Arizona StateArizona StateArizona State2011 [98] PurdueIllinois-Urbananot awarded2032

Intercollegiate Badminton Association, a league founded in 2007, held a few competitions starting in 2008 and faded for lack of members. [99] [100]

YearMenWomenMixed Team
2008Purdue Bryn Mawr College ?


Association of College Unions International
(ACUI) has conducted intercollegiate billiards tournaments since 1933. [101] See the ACUI website [102] for the list of men's and women's individual champions since 1937.

(1936–38 telegraphic)

YearPocketStraight railThree-cushion
1936 [59] MichiganPurdueCornell
1937 [60] WisconsinCornellIowa State
1938 [61] FloridaCornellWisconsin


United States Bowling Congress(American Bowling Congress 1975–1977, ABC/WIBC 1977–2005, USBC 2005–)

Men [103]
Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1975 Wisconsin–La Crosse1984 Buffalo State1993 Wichita State2002 Western Illinois2011 Fresno State [104] 2021 Wichita State [105]
1976 South Carolina1985 Wisconsin–La Crosse1994 Wichita State2003 Wichita State2012 Webber International (Florida) [106]
1977 West Liberty (West Virginia)1986 Erie Community College (NY)1995 Wichita State2004 Kansas2013 Robert Morris–Illinois [107]
1978 Minnesota1987 Wichita State1996 Nebraska2005 Lindenwood (Missouri)2014 Lindenwood [108]
1979 California1988 Erie Community College1997 Saginaw Valley State2006 Saginaw Valley State2015 Wichita State [109]
1980 Wichita State1989 Cal State-Fullerton1998 Wichita State2007 Saginaw Valley State2016 McKendree (IL) [110]
1981 Arizona State1990 Nebraska1999 Western Illinois2008 Wichita State2017 Webber International [111]
1982 Washington State1991 Saginaw Valley State (Michigan)2000 West Texas A&M2009 Wichita State2018 McKendree [112]
1983 Vincennes (Indiana)1992 William Paterson (NJ)2001 Western Illinois2010 Wichita State [113] 2019 Webber International [114]

2017 title won by Webber International was vacated due to use of a player who was ineligible for competition.

United States Bowling Congress(Women's International Bowling Congress 1975–1977, ABC/WIBC 1977–2005, USBC 2005– )

Women [103]
Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1975 Wichita State1984 Indiana State1993 William Paterson (NJ)2002 Morehead State2011 Maryland Eastern Shore [104] 2021 Wichita State [105]
1976 San Jose State1985 West Texas State1994 Wichita State2003 Central Missouri State2012 Webber International [106]
1977 Wichita State1986 Wichita State1995 Nebraska2004 Pikeville (Kentucky)2013 Maryland Eastern Shore [107]
1978 Wichita State1987 West Texas State1996 West Texas State2005 Wichita State2014 Robert Morris–Illinois [108]
1979 Penn State1988 West Texas State1997 Nebraska2006 Lindenwood (Missouri)2015 North Carolina A&T [109]
1980 Erie Community College (NY)1989 Morehead State (Kentucky)1998 Morehead State2007 Wichita State2016 Webber International [110]
1981 Arizona State1990 Wichita State1999 Nebraska2008 Pikeville2017 McKendree (IL) [115]
1982 Erie Community College1991 Nebraska2000 Morehead State2009 Wichita State2018 Lindenwood [112]
1983 West Texas State1992 West Texas State2001 Nebraska2010 Webber International (Florida) [113] 2019 Robert Morris–Illinois [114]

Starting in 2004, the NCAA has sponsored a women's team championship, apart from the USBC national championships.


[116] [117]
National Collegiate Boxing Association
Preceded by NCAA championships, 1932–1960


Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1976 Nevada1985 US Air Force Academy 1994 US Air Force Academy2003 US Air Force Academy2012 US Military Academy2021 No tournament held
1977 West Chester State College (PA)1986 US Air Force Academy1995 US Air Force Academy2004 US Air Force Academy2013 US Military Academy
1978 Nevada1987 US Naval Academy 1996 US Naval Academy2005 US Naval Academy2014 US Military Academy
1979 West Chester State College1988 US Air Force Academy1997 US Naval Academy2006 Nevada-Las Vegas2015 Nevada
1980 US Air Force Academy1989 US Air Force Academy1998 US Naval Academy2007 Lock Haven University (PA)2016 US Military Academy
1981 US Air Force Academy1990 US Air Force Academy1999 US Air Force Academy2008 US Military Academy2017 US Military Academy
1982 West Chester University1991 Nevada2000 US Air Force Academy2009 US Military Academy2018 US Military Academy
1983 US Air Force Academy1992 US Air Force Academy2001 US Air Force Academy2010 US Military Academy2019 US Military Academy
1984 US Air Force Academy1993 Nevada2002 US Air Force Academy2011 US Military Academy2020 No tournament held


2014Washington [118]
2015Washington [119]
2016Washington [120]
2017U.S. Military Academy [121]
2018U.S. Military Academy [122]
2019U.S. Naval Academy [123]
2020No tournament held

United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association

2013 [124] UC DavisUS Military Academy
2014 [125] [126] MichiganUS Military Academy
2015 [127] Virginia Military InstituteMichigan
2016 [128] Olivet College (MI)Michigan
2017 [128] MichiganMichigan
2018 [128] IllinoisMichigan
2019 [129] IllinoisGeorgetown
2020No tournament held

Cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. [130]



USA Canoe/Kayak

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1978 St. Mary's College (Maryland) [131] 2004 Stanford2008 Georgia Tech2012 Oklahoma City University [132] [133] 2016 ?
2001 Georgia Tech [134] [135] 2005 Stanford [136] 2009 Georgia Tech2013 North Georgia [137] 2017
2002 Stanford [138] 2006 Georgia Tech [139] 2010 Georgia Tech [140] 2014 North Georgia [141] 2018
2003 Stanford [142] 2007 Georgia Tech2011 Georgia Tech [143] [144] 2015 ?2019


American Canoe Association

2007 [145] Albion College (MI)†
2008Albion College [146]
2009Albion College
2010Albion College [147]
shifted from fall 2011 to spring 2012
2012Albion College [148]
2013Warren Wilson (NC) [149]
2014Warren WilsonWarren Wilson
shifted from spring (2015) to fall (2014 and thereafter)
2014 [150] Warren WilsonAlbion College
2015 Penn State [145] Warren Wilson [151]
2016 Penn State Warren Wilson

In 2007 all other competitors withdrew because of rough river conditions.


USA Climbing

2009Central Florida
2010Central Florida
2011Central Florida [152]
2012Texas [153]
2013Texas [154]
2014Texas [155]
2015Colorado State [156]
2016Colorado State [157]


Intercollegiate Cricket Association (1881–1924)

1881 [158] no award [159] [160] 1890Pennsylvania, Haverford, Harvard [161] [162] 1899Harvard [163] 1908Pennsylvania [164] 1917not played (WWI) [165]
1882Pennsylvania [166] 1891Pennsylvania [167] 1900Pennsylvania [160] [168] 1909Pennsylvania [169] [170] 1918not played (WWI) [171]
1883Pennsylvania [172] 1892Pennsylvania, Haverford, Harvard [167] 1901Pennsylvania [173] [174] 1910Haverford [175] 1919Haverford [176]
1884 Haverford [159] [172] 1893Haverford [160] [177] 1902Haverford [178] 1911Pennsylvania [179] 1920Pennsylvania [180]
1885Pennsylvania [160] [181] 1894Harvard [182] 1903Pennsylvania, Haverford, Harvard [183] 1912Pennsylvania [184] 1921not played [185] [186]
1886Pennsylvania1895Haverford [182] 1904Haverford [160] [187] [188] [189] [190] 1913Pennsylvania [191] 1922Pennsylvania, Haverford [192]
1887Pennsylvania1896Haverford [160] [193] 1905Haverford [160] [194] [195] [196] 1914Pennsylvania [197] 1923Haverford [198] [199]
1888Pennsylvania1897Harvard [200] 1906Pennsylvania, Haverford, Cornell [160] [196] 1915Haverford [201] [202] 1924 [203] Haverford [204] [205]
1889Pennsylvania1898Haverford [206] 1907Pennsylvania [207] 1916Haverford [201]


American College Cricket

2009 [208] Montgomery College (MD) [209]
2010York University (Toronto) [210]
2011George Mason (VA) [211]
2012York College (NY)
2013 Maryland–Baltimore County
2014South Florida [212]
2015University of Texas at Dallas [213]
2016South Florida [214]
2017Ryerson [215]
2018Virginia Tech
2019West Virginia


[216] [217] [218] [219] [220] [221] [222] [223] [224] [225] [226]

US Croquet Association


[235] [236] [237]

College Curling USA

US College Curling National Championship

Prior to 2013, the championship was set up into "Experience" Divisions (Division I most experienced, Division V least experienced) with schools permitted entries in more than one division. Entry into the championship tournament was open to any team until the division bracket was full. Starting in 2013 there is a single national champion; entry is by invitation to the top sixteen schools in the country based on Merit Points earned in competition during the year. [238] In all cases there is no gender breakdown; teams can consist of any combination of men and women players.

1992Wisconsin–Eau Claire
1993 ?1999 ?
1994 ?2000 ?
1995 ?2001 ?
1996 ?2002 ?
1997 ?2003 ?
1998 ?2004 ?
YearDivision IDivision IIDivision IIIDivision IVDivision V
2005Green BayMarquetteMarquetteOakland Lawrence Tech
2006WashingtonBoston UniversityMinnesota–DuluthOaklandPurdue
2007Multi-school teamBoston UniversityWisconsin–Stevens PointRITHamilton (NY)
2008Wisconsin–Eau ClaireNorthwesternHamilton (NY)Hamilton (NY)
2009MinnesotaHamilton (NY)TennesseeNorthwestern
2010Wisconsin–OshkoshNorthwesternNorthwesternCarroll (WI)
2012Not contested [239]
2013MinnesotaSt. Benedict/St. John's (MN)MITBoston University
2014Green BayVillanovaCarroll (WI)MIT
2015Wisconsin–Stevens PointPennMITRITBoston University
2016 [240] PennMinnesotaMITColgateHamilton (NY)
2017MinnesotaNebraskaWisconsin–Stevens PointPennSt. Norbert
2018Wisconsin–Stevens PointNebraskaYalePennRIT
2019North Dakota StateSUNY PolyMITYaleSyracuse


Disc Golf

National Collegiate Disc Golf Union

YearMen's ChampionWomen's Champions
2007Georgia [241]
2009Mississippi State
2010Augusta State
2012Colorado StateMississippi State
2013Tennessee TechMississippi State
2014Georgia RegentsHumboldt State
2015Ferris StateCal State Monterey Bay
2016AugustaCal State Monterey Bay

different names for same school


National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

2005Ohio State University [242]
2006Ohio State University
2007 Grand Valley State
2008Grand Valley State
2009Grand Valley State [243]
2010Grand Valley State [244]
2011Central Michigan [245]
2012Saginaw Valley State
2013Grand Valley State [246]
2014Grand Valley State
2015Grand Valley State
2016Grand Valley State [247]
2017Grand Valley State
2018Grand Valley State
2019Towson University


Logo of ESW Equestrian NCAA ESW Equestrian Logo.png
Logo of ESW Equestrian

Equestrian became an NCAA Emerging Sports for Women in 2002.

Sources: [248] [249] [250] [251] [252] [253] [254] [255] [256] [257] [258] [259] [260] [261] [262] [263] [264] [265] [266] [267] [268]


Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1971 Stony Brook1985 Southern Seminary College1999 Skidmore College2013 Tie: St. Lawrence University and Skidmore College
1972 Connecticut1986 Mount Holyoke College (MA)2000 Mount Holyoke College2014 Centenary College [269]
1973 St. Lawrence University (NY)1987 Southern Seminary College2001 University of Findlay (OH)2015 Savannah College of Art and Design (GA) [270]
1974 Bennett College (NY)1988 Southern Seminary College2002 Ohio University2016 Savannah College of Art and Design [271]
1975 Massachusetts1989 Tie: Colby-Sawyer College (NH) and Penn State 2003 Stonehill College (MA)2017
1976 St. Lawrence University1990 Skidmore College (NY)2004 Virginia Intermont2018
1977 St. Lawrence University1991 Skidmore College2005 Virginia Intermont2019
1978 Centenary College (NJ)1992 Virginia2006 Mount Holyoke College2020
1979 Centenary College1993 Hollins College (VA)2007 Virginia Intermont2021
1980 Stony Brook1994 Colby-Sawyer College2008 Kentucky2022
1981 Southern Seminary College (VA)1995 Skidmore College2009 Centenary College2023
1982 Southern Seminary College1996 Skidmore College2010 Skidmore College2024
1983 Southern Seminary College1997 Delaware2011 Centenary College2025
1984 Southern Seminary College1998 Hollins College2012 St. Lawrence University2026

American National Riding Commission

The championship showcases the American Forward Riding System and the sporting horse. Judged on equitation as a three-phase competition, competitors complete a dressage sportif ride, an outdoor hunter trials course and a USEF Medal-type hunter seat equitation course. Riders ride the same horse throughout the competition, and jumps do not exceed 3 feet in height.

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1978 - Sweet Briar College (VA)1987 - Sweet Briar College1996 - St. Andrews Presbyterian College (NC)2005 - Savannah College of Art and Design (GA)2014 - Savannah College of Art and Design [272]
1979 - Sweet Briar College1988 - Sweet Briar College1997 - St. Andrews Presbyterian College2006 - Savannah College of Art and Design2015 - Savannah College of Art and Design [273]
1980 - Sweet Briar College1989 - Sweet Briar College1998 - St. Lawrence University (NY)2007 - St. Andrews Presbyterian College2016 - Centenary College [274]
1981 - Virginia1990 - Sweet Briar College1999 - Sweet Briar College2008 - Savannah College of Art and Design2017 -
1982 - Virginia1991 - Virginia2000 - St. Andrews Presbyterian College2009 - Savannah College of Art and Design2018 -
1983 - Virginia1992 - Virginia2001 - St. Andrew's Presbyterian College2010 - Savannah College of Art and Design [275] 2019 -
1984 - Virginia1993 - Virginia2002 - St. Andrew's Presbyterian College2011 - Savannah College of Art and Design [276] 2020 -
1985 - Virginia1994 - Virginia2003 - Savannah College of Art and Design2012 - Savannah College of Art and Design2021 -
1986 - Sweet Briar College1995 - Virginia2004 - Virginia Intermont College2013 - Centenary College (NJ)2022 -


Intercollegiate Dressage Association

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
2002 Mount Holyoke College (MA)2007 Virginia Intermont College2012 Johnson & Wales University (RI) [277] 2017
2003 Mount Holyoke College2008 Mount Holyoke College2013 Mount Holyoke College [278] 2018
2004 Mount Holyoke College2009 New Hampshire2014 Virginia Intermont College [279] 2019
2005 Lake Erie College (OH)2010 Virginia Intermont College [280] 2015 Emory & Henry (VA) [281] 2020
2006 Virginia Intermont College2011 Lake Erie College (OH) [282] 2016 Emory & Henry [283] 2021


American Quarter Horse Association

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1979 & 1980 Miami University (OH)1989 Michigan State1996 Ohio State2005 University of Findlay (OH)2014 Ohio State [269]
1981 Murray State (KY)1990 Western Kentucky (tie)1997 Ohio State2006 Ohio State2015 Berry College [270]
1982 Miami University1990 Michigan State (tie)1998 New Mexico State2007 University of Findlay2016 St. Andrews University (NC) [271]
1983 Ball State (IN)1991 Ohio State1999 Ohio State2008 Ohio State2017
1984 Morehead State (KY)1992 Ohio State2000 Oklahoma State2009 University of Findlay2018
1985 Murray State1993 Ohio State2001 University of Findlay2010 University of Findlay2019
1986 Otterbein College (OH)1994 Colorado State (tie)2002 Texas A&M and Ohio State (tie) [284] [285] 2011 Berry College (GA) [285] 2020
1987 Midway College (KY)1994 Texas A&M (tie)2003 Texas A&M and West Texas A&M (tie) [286] 2012 Oregon State2021
1988 Ball State1995 New Mexico State2004 Texas A&M2013 West Texas A&M2022


National Collegiate Equestrian Association

A Varsity Equestrian championship is held each year among colleges and universities competing at the varsity level. Because equestrian has two unique disciplines, through 2013 this event crowned a national champion in each of three areas: Western, Hunter Seat and Overall.

YearWesternHunter SeatOverallYearOverall
2002West Texas A&MGeorgiaTexas A&M2014Georgia
2003Oklahoma StateGeorgia and Stonehill (MA)Georgia2015South Carolina
2004Oklahoma StateGeorgiaGeorgia2016Auburn [287]
2005Texas A&MSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina2017
2006Oklahoma StateSouth CarolinaAuburn2018
2007Texas A&MSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina2019
2008 TCU AuburnGeorgia2020
2009Texas A&MGeorgiaGeorgia2021
2010 [288] Texas A&MGeorgiaGeorgia2022
2011 [289] Texas A&MAuburnAuburn2023
2012Texas A&MBaylorTexas A&M2024
2013Oklahoma StateAuburnAuburn2025

Fencing, Women-only

National Intercollegiate Women's Fencing Association (NIWFA), (IWFA 1929-63)

Team Foil

NIWFA title competition was held in addition to the AIAW championship from 1980–82 and the NCAA women’s championship from 1982–89. Starting in 1990, the NCAA has sponsored a combined men's and women's team championship, declaring one overall combined champion. NIWFA membership in 2008 consisted of 23 schools. There were 41 schools with women’s varsity programs in all divisions of the NCAA, as of 9/1/09. Most, if not all, NIWFA member schools are members of the NCAA.

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1964 [290] Paterson State College (NJ)1974 Cal State-Fullerton1984 St. John's * (NY)1994 Princeton2004 Temple (PA)2014 Temple
1965 Paterson State College1975 San Jose State1985 St. John's *1995 Princeton2005 Temple2015 Temple
1966 Paterson State College1976 San Jose State1986 Temple *1996 Rutgers (NJ)2006 Temple2016 Temple
1967 Cornell1977 San Jose State1987 Temple *1997 Temple2007 Temple2017
1968 Cornell1978 San Jose State1988 Temple *1998 Fairleigh Dickinson (NJ)2008 Temple2018
1969 Cornell1979 San Jose State1989 Temple *1999 Temple2009 Temple2019
1970 Hunter College (NY)1980 Penn State (also won AIAW)1990 Paterson State College2000 Temple2010 Temple2020
1971 New York University1981 St. John's (AIAW: Penn State)1991 Temple2001 Temple2011 Temple2021
1972 Cornell University1982 Yale * (also won AIAW)1992 Cornell2002 Temple2012 Temple2022
1973 Cornell1983 Yale *1993 Cornell2003 Temple2013 Temple2023

* did not win NCAA women’s championship (held 1982-89)

Team Épée, Team Sabre, Combined Weapon

YearTeam ÉpéeTeam SabreCombined (Foil, Épée, Sabre)
1996James Madison (VA)Temple (PA) †
1997Johns Hopkins (MD)Temple †
1998TempleTemple †
1999TempleTemple †
2000TempleTufts (MA)Temple
Div III: US Military Academy
Div III: Johns Hopkins
2004TempleUS Military AcademyTemple
2005Fairleigh Dickinson (NJ)Drew (NJ)Temple
2007Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)TempleTemple
2016Stevens InstituteTempleTemple

Foil and Épée only

Figure Skating

[291] [292] [293] [294] [295]

US Figure Skating

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
2000 [296] [297] Miami University2005 Dartmouth2010 Boston University [298] 2015 Delaware [299]
2001 Miami University2006 Dartmouth [300] 2011 Delaware [301] 2016 Delaware [302]
2002 Delaware [303] 2007 Dartmouth2012 Dartmouth2017
2003 Cornell2008 Dartmouth [304] 2013 Delaware [305] 2018
2004 Dartmouth2009 Boston University2014 Delaware [306] 2019


Bass Fishing (two-person team)

FLW Outdoors College Series

2010University of Florida [307]
2011University of Florida [308]
2012Kansas State University [309]
2013University of Louisiana-Monroe [310]
2014University of Minnesota [311]
2015University of South Carolina
2016University of South Carolina
2017Kansas State University

Bassmaster College Bass Fishing Series

2005Stephen F. Austin
2006Arkansas Tech
2007Virginia Tech
2008Arkansas Little Rock
2009North Carolina State
2010Eastern Kentucky
2011Stephen F. Austin
2012Oklahoma State
2013Auburn Montgomery (AUM)
2014UNC Charlotte
2015Texas A&M
2016Kansas State
2017Bryan College (TN)

Association of Collegiate Anglers, Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series [312]

2006North Carolina State
2007Texas A&M
2009Murray State
2012North Carolina State
2013Bethel (TN)
2015Northern Kentucky
2017North Alabama

Saltwater Fishing

An intercollegiate deep-sea fishing championship was held from 1956 through 1975 off of Wedgeport, Nova Scotia. Yale University won in 1956. [313] [314] [315] [316] Beginning in 1974, Coastal Carolina University has hosted an annual intercollegiate invitational fishing tournament. [317]

Flag Football

American Collegiate Intramural Sports and Fitness

1979Central Florida [318]
1980Louisiana StateSoutheastern Louisiana
1981New OrleansLouisiana State
1982New OrleansTexas - Austin
1983New OrleansTexas - Austin
1984Southeastern LouisianaNew Orleans
1985New OrleansTexas - AustinNortheast Louisiana
1986New OrleansGeorgia TechWest Virginia
1987Southeastern LouisianaNew OrleansSouthwestern Louisiana
1988Southern MississippiGeorgia TechNew Orleans
1989FloridaGeorgia TechSoutheastern Louisiana
1990Southeastern LouisianaGeorgia SouthernNorth Carolina State
1991Southeastern LouisianaNew OrleansNorth Carolina State
1992Delgado Community CollegeGeorgia SouthernNortheast Louisiana
1993West FloridaUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoNortheast Louisiana
1994South FloridaFloridaLouisiana State
1995Southern University - New OrleansAlabamaNortheast Louisiana
1996Ohio StateUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoNebraska
1997Ohio StateInstituto Politecnico NacionalNortheast Louisiana
1998Delgado Community CollegeInstituto Politecnico NacionalNorth Carolina State
1999Nunez Community CollegeInstituto Politecnico NacionalNorth Florida
2000Nunez Community CollegeInstituto Politecnico NacionalNorth Florida
2001South FloridaInstituto Politecnico NacionalFlorida
2002Southern University - Baton RougeInstituto Politecnico NacionalFlorida
2003Nunez Community CollegeStephen F. Austin StateConnecticut
2004Georgia SouthernSouthern University - Baton RougeCentral Florida
2005Pensacola Junior CollegeSam Houston StateTarleton State
2006IowaWest FloridaLouisiana - Monroe
2007FloridaFlorida A&MNorth Carolina - Chapel Hill
2008North FloridaWest FloridaNorth Texas
2009Central FloridaFlorida A&MNorth Carolina - Charlotte
2010KentuckyFlorida A&MAngelo State
2011FloridaFlorida A&MCentral Florida
2012Kennesaw StateFlorida A&MAngelo State [318] or Nebraska [319]

National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association

2006-07 [320] Texas-Pan American [321] Sam Houston State (TX)University of West Florida
2007-08North Carolina - CharlotteFlorida A&MNorth Carolina - Charlotte
2008-09Central FloridaCentral FloridaAngelo State (TX)
2009-10North Carolina A&TFlorida A&MCentral Florida
2010-11North Carolina A&TFlorida A&MCentral Florida
2011-12 [319] Central FloridaFlorida A&M [322] Central Florida
2012-13NebraskaFlorida A&MAngelo State
2013-14Kennesaw State (GA)Central FloridaAngelo State
2014-15Valdosta State (GA)Central FloridaValdosta State
2015-16 [323] Valdosta StateCentral FloridaAngelo State


These competitions were part of the CBS Sports "Collegiate Nationals " and "Alt Games" presentations.

2008 Mesa College (CA) [324]
2009Mesa College [325]
2011San Diego State [326]

Flying (Aviation)

[327] [328]

National Intercollegiate Flying Association

Flying events:

SAFECON Championship Trophy

1966San Jose State1976Northeastern1986North Dakota1996North Dakota2006North Dakota2016Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott) [329]
1967Parks College of Saint Louis University1977Southern Illinois1987North Dakota1997Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2007Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2017
1968San Jose State1978Southern Illinois1988North Dakota1998Western Michigan2008Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2018
1969San Jose State1979Southern Illinois1989North Dakota1999Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2009North Dakota2019
1970Iowa State1980?1990North Dakota2000North Dakota2010North Dakota2020
1971Oklahoma State1981Southern Illinois1991North Dakota2001North Dakota2011Southern Illinois2021
1972Broward Junior College1982Southern Illinois1992Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Daytona)2002Western Michigan2012Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2022
1973Louisiana Tech1983Western Michigan1993Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2003Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2013Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2023
1974Southwest Missouri State1984Southern Illinois1994North Dakota2004North Dakota2014Southern Illinois2024
1975Oklahoma State1985North Dakota1995North Dakota2005Embry Riddle Aeronautical (Prescott)2015Southern Illinois2025

Handball (American)

[330] [331] [332] [333] [334] [335] [336] [337] [338]

US Handball Association

From 1953 to 1980 only a men's title was awarded. Women participated in a non-scoring method in 1980. From 1981 through 1986 women contributed to a combined team championship, the only title given. In 1987 two championships — a men's and a women's — were established. In 1988, the current men-women-combined championships were established.

1953Illinois-Navy Pier, University of Detroit (tie)
1954University of Detroit
1955University of Texas
1956University of Texas
1957University of Texas
1958Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Notre Dame (tie)
1959Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1960University of Texas
1961Michigan State
1962University of Minnesota
1963University of Texas
1964University of Texas
1965University of Texas
1966University of Texas
1967 [339] University of Texas
1968University of Texas
1969University of Miami (FL)
1970University of Texas
1971University of Texas, Lake Forest College (tie)
1972University of Texas
1974Lake Forest College (IL)
1975Lake Forest College
1976Lake Forest College
1977Memphis State
1978Lake Forest College
1979Lake Forest College
1980Lake Forest College
1981Lake Forest College, University of Texas (tie)
1982Lake Forest College
1983Lake Forest College
1984Lake Forest College
1985Texas A&M
1986Memphis State
1987 [340] Memphis StateUniversity of Texas--
1988Memphis StateTexas A&MLake Forest College
1989Memphis StateTexas A&MTexas A&M
1990Memphis StateTexas A&MTexas A&M
1991Memphis StateTexas A&MTexas A&M
1992Memphis StateTexas A&MTexas A&M
1993Memphis StateSouthwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri State
1994Southwest Missouri StateTexas A&MSouthwest Missouri State
1995Southwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri State
1996Southwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri State
1997Southwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri State
1998Lake Forest CollegeSouthwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri State
1999Lake Forest CollegeSouthwest Missouri StateSouthwest Missouri State
2000Lake Forest CollegeSouthwest Missouri StateLake Forest College
2001Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest College
2002Texas A&MLake Forest CollegeLake Forest College
YearMenWomenOverallDivision II
2003Texas A&MLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeHardin Simmons
2004Dublin Institute of TechnologyLake Forest CollegeSouthwest Missouri State--
2005Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeHardin Simmons
2006Lake Forest CollegeMissouri StateMissouri StateFlorida
2007Missouri StateLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeSouthwestern University
2008Missouri StateMissouri StateMissouri StateFlorida
2009Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeFlorida
2010 [341] Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeMinnesota State
2011 [342] Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeMinnesota State
2012 [342] Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeAngelo State
2013Lake Forest CollegeMissouri StateLake Forest CollegePacific University
Division IDivision IIDivision III
2014Lake Forest CollegeMissouri StateLake Forest CollegeMichigan StateWestern WashingtonPacific University (OR)n/a
2015 [343] Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeStony Brook UniversityAngelo StateTexas A&MDublin City University
Open DivisionA DivisionB Division
2016 [344] University of Limerick (Ireland)TexasLake Forest CollegeTexas A&MPacific UniversityPacific UniversityColorado School of Mines
2017University of Limerick (Ireland)Missouri StateMissouri StateStony Brook UniversityPacific UniversityPacific UniversityMichigan State
2018Lake Forest CollegeMissouri StateMissouri State


National Collegiate Gaelic Athletic Association

2011Indiana [345] [346]
2012Purdue [347] [348]
2013UC–Berkeley [349]
2014Montana–Missoula [350]
2015Montana–Missoula [351]



ISKF Shotokan

[352] [353]

National Collegiate Karate Association

YearKataKumite (Men)Kumite (Women)
1980New OrleansNew Orleans
1981Temple (PA)Arizona State
1984TempleU.C. Riverside
1987TempleU.C. Riverside
1988Temple Drexel (PA)
1989DrexelOhio State
1991DrexelMankato State (MN)
1993Delta State (MS)Delta State
1994South FloridaTemple
1995South FloridaWilliam & Mary (VA)
1997Northern ColoradoDrexel
1999Louisiana StateLouisiana State †No women's team title
2000Louisiana StateLouisiana State †Tulane †
2001Tulane (LA)Drexel † Penn State
2002DrexelLouisiana StateTulane
2003 Penn State Tulane Penn State
2004 Penn State Louisiana StateDrexel
2005 No tournament held
2006AlaskaAlaskaNo women's team title
2007 [354] Penn State Penn State Penn State [355]
2008 [356] DrexelDrexelDrexel
2009 [357] DrexelDrexelDrexel
2010 [358] DrexelOhio StateMinnesota
2011 [359] ColoradoOhio Statenot held
2012 [360] Drexel
2013 [361] Ohio StatePenn State [362] Brown
2014 [363] Mesa Community CollegeMesa Community CollegeSalve Regina
2015 [364] DrexelMesa Community College (AZ)
2016 [365] DrexelBrownSalve Regina

† In 1999, 2000 and 2001, the kumite competition included brown belts in addition to black belts.
Hurricane Katrina caused cancellation.
2012 results do not mention team titles for kumite.
Official results state that the championship title was for "Collegiate Team Kumite."

ITF Karate

Schools that follow the ITF standards typically use the Chang Hon forms.

1985Wake Forest (NC)


US Orienteering Federation

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1973 [366] Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania 1981 US Military Academy1989 US Military Academy1997 US Military Academy2005 US Military Academy2013 US Military Academy
1974 Ohio University1982 US Military Academy1990 US Military Academy1998 US Military Academy2006 US Military Academy2014 US Military Academy
1975 Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania 1983 Kansas1991 Bates College (ME)1999 US Military Academy2007 US Military Academy2015 US Military Academy
1976 Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania 1984 Kansas1992 US Military Academy2000 US Military Academy2008 US Military Academy2016 US Military Academy
1977 Lake Superior State University (MI)1985 US Military Academy1993 Washington2001 New Hampshire2009 US Military Academy2017
1978 US Military Academy1986 US Military Academy1994 Washington2002 Washington2010 US Military Academy2018
1979 US Military Academy1987 US Military Academy1995 US Military Academy2003 US Military Academy2011 US Military Academy [367] 2019
1980 US Military Academy1988 US Military Academy1996 US Military Academy2004 US Military Academy2012 US Military Academy2020


[368] [369] [370] [371] [372] [373] [374] [375]

Beginning with the 2011 championship, the Division AA competition switched to the Race To-2 format. Division A format is X-Ball. [376]

National Collegiate Paintball Association

YearDivision ADivision AA
2005IllinoisArizona State
2006ConnecticutUC Irvine
2007ConnecticutEastern Illinois
2008Illinois StateLong Beach State
2010 [377] DrexelEastern Tennessee State
2011 [378] TennesseeSUNY–Buffalo
2012Long Beach State [379] [380] Florida Gulf Coast [381]
2013Florida Gulf Coast [382] Wisconsin–Platteville [383]
2014Central Florida [384] [385] North Carolina State [386]
2015Florida Atlantic [387] East Carolina
2016Texas A&M [388] Wisconsin–Platteville [389]
2017South Florida [390]
2018South Florida [390]
2019Drexel [391]


[392] [393] [394]

US Parachute Association

The USPA National Collegiate Parachute Championships consist of both individual and team events. Individual events are classic accuracy, sport accuracy and freefall style. The team events are classic accuracy and formation diving (and before 2007, 2-person freefly diving). Schools other than the service academies have been competitive only in sport accuracy and freefly diving. In the Team Accuracy and Formation Skydiving events, multiple yearly entrants from the service academies have dominated. For example, in 2008, 6 USMA and 4 USAFA teams placed in the top 10 in team accuracy.


National Rifle Association

YearFree PistolStandard PistolAir PistolAir Pistol (W)Sport Pistol (W)Aggregate-OpenAggregate (W)
1981 [395] Navy Army Army
1982Navy Air Force Air Force
1983NavyNavyAir Force
1984Navy Texas–Arlington Texas–Arlington
1986Army MIT MITArmy
1987Navy The Citadel NavyindividualNavy
1989Air ForceArmyNavyindividualArmy
1990NavyNavy Oregon State individualNavy
1994ArmyAir ForceThe Citadel Coast Guard Coast GuardAir Force
1997ArmyNavyNavyArmyCoast GuardArmy
1999Air Force Ohio State NavyMITOhio StateArmy
2000Ohio StateOhio StateNavyOhio StateOhio StateOhio State
2001Ohio StateNavyArmyCoast GuardCoast GuardNavyCoast Guard
2002NavyCoast GuardCoast GuardMITOhio StateNavyCoast Guard
2003The CitadelNavyNavyNavyNavyNavyNavy
2004NavyArmyNavyOhio StateOhio StateNavyOhio State
2005MITOhio StateMITOhio StateOhio StateMITOhio State
2006Army Utah ArmyArmyMITArmyCoast Guard
2007ArmyNavyMITOhio StateNavyMITNavy
2008NavyNavyNavyOhio StateArmyNavyArmy
2009MITArmyOhio StateOhio StateOhio StateArmyOhio State
2011Ohio StateArmyArmyNavyNavyArmyNavy
2013NavyThe CitadelArmyArmyNavyArmyNavy
2014NavyOhio StateArmyMITOhio StateOhio StateMIT
2015UtahOhio StateUtah North Dakota State MITOhio StateMIT
2016Ohio StateOhio StateThe CitadelMITMITOhio StateMIT

Polo (Arena)

[396] [397] [398] [399] [400]

US Polo Association

19???1932Yale [401] 1951Miami1963Cornell1975UC Davis [402] ?1987Virginia [403] Cornell1999Colorado StateVirginia [404] 2011Virginia [405] Cornell [406]
1921Princeton [407] 1933Harvard [56] 1952New Mexico Military Institute [ citation needed ]19641976Xavier University [402] Yale [404] 1988VirginiaCornell2000Texas A&M [403] Cornell2012VirginiaVirginia [404] [408]
1922Princeton [407] 1934Princeton [57] 195319651977Xavier University [402] 19892001Texas A&M [403] Cornell2013 Westmont College (CA)Virginia [404]
1923Yale [409] 1935US Military Academy [58] 1954New Mexico Military Institute [ citation needed ]1966Cornell19781990Colorado StateVirginia [404] 2002VirginiaCornell2014 [410] Westmont CollegeVirginia [404]
1924Yale1936US Military Academy [59] 1955Cornell19671979UC Davis [403] Cornell [411] 1991Colorado StateCornell2003VirginiaCornell2015 [412] Colorado StateCornell
1925Yale [413] 1937Cornell [60] 1956Cornell196819801992CornellVirginia [404] 2004VirginiaCornell2016 [414] Texas A&MCornell
1926Yale [415] 1938Yale [61] 1957Yale [403] 196919811993VirginiaVirginia [404] 2005CornellConnecticut2017Roger Williams [416] University of Virginia
1927Yale [417] 19???1958Cornell197019821994VirginiaTexas A&M2006Texas TechConnecticut2018Texas A&M [418] Texas A&M
1928 Pennsylvania Military College [419] 1947?1959Cornell1971Yale [403] 19831995VirginiaTexas A&M2007Texas A&MConnecticut2019 [420] Texas A&MTexas A&M
1929Harvard [421] 1948Miami (FL) [422] 19601972Connecticut1984Cornell1996Texas A&MConnecticut2008Texas A&MConnecticut2020
1930Princeton [423] 1949Miami1961Cornell1973Connecticut1985Cornell1997Texas A&MConnecticut2009VirginiaVirginia [404] 2021
1931Yale [424] 1950Miami1962Cornell1974Connecticut1986Yale [403] Cornell1998Texas A&MConnecticut2010Texas A&MVirginia [404] 2022

Powerboating (Outboards)

1930Colgate [423] 1935Yale [58]
1931Dartmouth [424] 1936Dartmouth [59]
1932Yale (Eastern), Occidental (Pacific Coast) [401] 1937Princeton [60]
1933Rutgers [56] 1938Princeton [61]
1934Rutgers [57] 19?? ?


Earlier national collegiate powerlifting championships are known to have been held during 1969 (at Florida State) and 1976 (at Ohio University). [425]

USA Powerlifting/American Drug Free Powerlifting Association

Year [426] [427] MenYearWomenYearCombined
1978 AAU Louisiana Tech
1979 AAU?
1980 AAU?
1983Texas A&M [428] 1983?1983?
1984 USPF?1984Louisiana Tech1984?
1985 USPFLouisiana Tech1985Louisiana Tech1985Louisiana Tech
1986 USPFLouisiana Tech1986Louisiana Tech1986Louisiana Tech
1991 ADFPAPurdue1991Purdue1991Texas A&M
1992 ADFPATexas1992Texas1992Texas A&M
1993 ADFPAEast Stroudsburg1993East Stroudsburg1993Texas A&M
1994 ADFPAEvansville1994 (A)Texas1994 (A)Texas
1994 USPFLouisiana Tech1994 (U)Louisiana Tech1994 (U)Louisiana Tech
1995 ADFPAEvansville1995 (A)Texas1995 (A)Texas
1995 USPFLouisiana Tech1995 (U)Louisiana Tech1995 (U)Louisiana Tech
1996Louisiana Tech1996Louisiana Tech1996Louisiana Tech
1997 [429] Louisiana Tech1997Louisiana Tech1997Louisiana Tech
1998Louisiana Tech1998Louisiana Tech1998Louisiana Tech
1999Louisiana Tech1999Louisiana Tech1999Louisiana Tech
2000Louisiana Tech2000Louisiana Tech2000Louisiana Tech
2001Louisiana Tech2001Louisiana Tech2001Louisiana Tech
2002Louisiana Tech2002Louisiana Tech2002Louisiana Tech
2003Louisiana Tech2003Louisiana Tech2003Louisiana Tech
2004Louisiana Tech2004Nicholls State2004Louisiana Tech [430] [431]
2005Louisiana Tech2005Nicholls State [432] 2005Louisiana Tech
2006 [433] Louisiana Tech2006Louisiana Tech2006Louisiana Tech
2007 [434] [435] LSU2007Louisiana Tech2007LSU
2008Louisiana Tech2008LSU2008Louisiana Tech
2010 [436] Louisiana Tech2010Texas A&M [437] 2010LSU [438]
2011 [439] Louisiana–Lafayette2011LSU2011Official results after 2010 do not show combined titles.
[440] [441] [442] [443] [444] [445]
2012LSU [446] 2012Louisiana–Lafayette2012
2015Texas A&M [428] [420] 2015UTSA2015
2016 *UTSA (open)
U.S. Military Academy (raw)
2016Texas (open)
Northeastern (raw)
2017Louisiana Tech (equipped)
Texas A&M Kingsville (raw)
2017UTSA (equipped)
Rutgers (raw)
2018UTSA (equipped)
Midland (raw)
2018Texas (equipped)
Rutgers (raw)
2019UTSA (equipped)
Midland (raw) [447]
2019Texas A&M (equipped) [420]
Midland (raw) [447]
2020 [447] Midland (equipped)
Midland (raw)
2020Midland (equipped)
Midland (raw)
2021 [447] Midland (equipped)
Midland (raw)
2021Midland (equipped)
Midland (raw)

* In addition to the traditional equipped divisions, raw divisions were inaugurated for both men and women in 2016, with 12 women’s and 14 men’s teams entering the raw team competition. [448]

World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters

2008University of Houston-Downtown [449]
2009University of Houston-Downtown [450]
2010University of Houston-Downtown [451]


US Racquetball Association
Division I and II championship competitions were separated in 2005.

1973 [452] Illinois1989Memphis StateSacramento State2004Colorado State–PuebloUtahAlabama [453]
1974Tennessee1990Memphis StateMemphis State2005Colorado State–PuebloAlabamaAlabama [454]
1975Memphis State [lower-alpha 1] Memphis State1991SW Missouri StateSW Missouri State2006Colorado State–PuebloOregon StateOregon State [455]
1976IllinoisMemphis State1992SW Missouri StateSW Missouri State2007Colorado State–PuebloArizona StateAlabama [456]
1977Memphis StateMemphis State1993SW Missouri StateSW Missouri State2008 [457] Colorado State–Pueblo [458] BYUOregon State [459]
1978Memphis StateMemphis State1994SW Missouri StateMemphis State2009Colorado State–PuebloOregon StateOregon State [460]
1979Memphis StateMemphis State1995Nichols (MA)BYU2010 [461] Colorado State–PuebloOregon StateOregon State
1980Memphis StateMemphis State1996Southern Colorado [lower-alpha 2] BYU2011 [462] Colorado State–PuebloOregon State [463] Oregon State
1981Memphis State (team II)Memphis State1997FloridaBYU2012Colorado State–Pueblo [464] Oregon State [465] Oregon State
1982Memphis StateFlorida1998Southern ColoradoBYU2013Oregon StateOregon StateOregon State
1983Memphis StateMemphis State1999Southern ColoradoBYU2014 [466] Colorado State–PuebloOregon StateOregon State
1984Memphis StateMemphis State2000MemphisBYU2015Oregon StateMissouriOregon State [467]
1985Memphis StateMemphis State2001Baldwin–WallaceTexas2016Baldwin–WallaceOregon StateOregon State [468]
1986Memphis StateSacramento State2002Baldwin–WallaceBYU2017Baldwin-WallaceOregon StateOregon State
1987Memphis StateSacramento State2003MemphisBYU2018
1988Memphis StateSacramento State2019

Division II

2005Utah Valley StateClarksonClarkson [469]
2006 [470] ClarksonBaldwin–WallaceBaldwin–Wallace
2008Bryant [471]
2009Clarkson [472]
2011Baldwin–WallaceClarksonClarkson [473]
2012Baldwin–WallaceBaldwin–WallaceBaldwin–Wallace [474]
2013Baldwin–WallaceShenandoahBaldwin–Wallace [475]
2014Baldwin–WallaceBaldwin–WallaceBaldwin–Wallace [476]
2015Western Health SciencesBaldwin–WallaceRPI
  1. Dropped "State" from its name in 1994.
  2. Became Colorado State–Pueblo in 2003.


[477] [478] [479] [480] [481] [482] [483]

National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association

During 1960, the NIRA split into two organizations: the American Collegiate Rodeo Association (ACRA) with 13 member schools and the parent NIRA. The two reunited in 1961.


Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1949 Sul Ross State College (TX)1960 California Poly, San Luis Obispo1971 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo1982 Sul Ross State1993 Southwestern Oklahoma State2004 Oklahoma Panhandle State2015 Tarleton State [484]
1950 Sul Ross State College1961 Wyoming1972 Montana State1983 Sul Ross State1994 Vernon Regional Jr. College (TX)2005 Tarleton State2016 Feather River College (CA) [485]
1951 Sul Ross State College1962 Sul Ross State College1973 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo1984 Southwest Texas State1995 Montana State2006 West Texas A&M2017 Panhandle State [486]
1952 Sul Ross State College1963 Casper College (WY)1974 Eastern New Mexico1985 Southwestern Oklahoma State1996 College of Southern Idaho2007 Ranger College (TX)2018
1953 Hardin-Simmons (TX)1964 Casper College1975 Montana State1986 Western Texas College1997 Oklahoma Panhandle State2008 Walla Walla Community College (WA)2019
1954 Colorado A&M1965 Casper College1976 Southeastern Oklahoma State1987 Blue Mountain Community College (OR)1998 Oklahoma Panhandle State2009 Western Texas College2020
1955 Texas Tech1966 Casper College1977 Southeastern Oklahoma State1988 Montana State -Bozeman1999 Southwestern Oklahoma State2010 Vernon College2021
1956 Sam Houston State College (TX)1967 Tarleton State College (TX)1978 Southeastern Oklahoma State1989 Odessa College (TX)2000 Oklahoma Panhandle State2011 Sam Houston State (TX)2022
1957 McNeese State College (LA)1968 Sam Houston State College1979 Southeastern Oklahoma State1990 Montana State -Bozeman2001 College of Southern Idaho2012 Walla Walla Community College [487] 2023
1958 McNeese State College1969 Eastern New Mexico1980 Southeastern Oklahoma State1991 Montana State -Bozeman2002 College of Southern Idaho2013 Oklahoma Panhandle State [488] 2024
1959 McNeese State College1970 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo1981 Dawson Community College (MT)1992 Southwestern Oklahoma State2003 Vernon College (TX)2014 Tennessee-Martin [484] 2025


Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1961 Sam Houston St. Teacher’s College (TX)1970 Tarleton State College (TX)1979 Central Arizona College1988 Southwestern Oklahoma State1997 Weber State (UT)2006 Weber State2015 Blue Mountain Community College (OR) [484]
1962 Sul Ross State College (TX)1971 Tarleton State College1980 Southeastern Oklahoma State1989 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo1998 Lewis-Clark State College (ID)2007 Wyoming2016 Blue Mountain Community College [489]
1963 Colorado State1972 Eastern New Mexico1981 Eastern New Mexico1990 Wyoming1999 Nevada-Las Vegas2008 Nevada-Las Vegas2017 Sam Houston State [486]
1964 Colorado State1973 Arizona1982 Southeastern Oklahoma State1991 Wyoming2000 Western Texas College2009 Wyoming2018
1965 Sam Houston State College1974 Sam Houston State1983 Eastern New Mexico1992 Walla Walla Community College (WA)2001 Oklahoma State2010 Gillette College (WY)2019
1966 Arizona State1975 New Mexico State1984 Sam Houston State1993 Wyoming2002 Texas A&M2011 Montana State2020
1967 Eastern New Mexico1976 New Mexico State1985 Sul Ross State1994 Southwestern Oklahoma State2003 Vernon College (TX)2012 Texas Tech - Lubbock [487] 2021
1968 Sam Houston State College1977 Utah State1986 Montana State1995 Southeastern Oklahoma State2004 Oklahoma State2013 Idaho State [488] 2022
1969 Tarleton State College (TX)1978 Central Arizona College1987 Scottsdale Community College (AZ)1996 Southeastern Oklahoma State2005 Tarleton State2014 Central Arizona [484] 2023

Roller Hockey, Inline

National Collegiate Inline Hockey Association (1996–98)

Collegiate Roller Hockey League (1999 through 7/31/2003)

National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (8/1/2003 - )

YearChampionYearDivision II ChampionYearDivision III ChampionYearJunior College Champion
1996El Camino College (CA)
1997Saddleback College (CA)
1998Missouri-St. Louis
Division I
1999Michigan State1999Grossmont College (CA)
2000Michigan State2000St. Charles Comm. College (MO)
2001Rochester IT2001Eastern Michigan2001St. Charles CC
2002Lindenwood (MO)2002Illinois State2002St. Charles CC
2003Lindenwood (Premier Div.)
Cal Poly Pomona (Competitive Div.)
2003SUNY Binghamton2003St. Charles CC
2004Lindenwood2004Missouri - St. Louis2004Lindenwood2004St. Charles CC
2005Lindenwood2005Nevada2005Lindenwood2005St. Charles CC
2006Lindenwood2006 Neumann College (PA)2006Lindenwood2006Riverside CC (CA)
2007Lindenwood2007Stony Brook2007Lindenwood2007St. Charles CC
2008Lindenwood2008 Neumann College (PA)2008Lindenwood2008Broward CC (FL)
2009Missouri-St. Louis2009Grand Valley State (MI)2009Lindenwood2009St. Charles CC
2010Lindenwood2010West Chester (PA)2010Penn State [490] 2010St. Charles CC
2011Long Beach State (CA)2011Miami (FL)2011Lindenwood2011St. Charles CC
2012Bethel (TN)2012Central Michigan2012Lindenwood2012St. Charles CC
2013Lindenwood2013Colorado at Colorado Springs2013Lindenwood2013St. Charles CC
2014Lindenwood2014California State University, Fullerton2014Lindenwood2014St. Charles CC
2015Neumann University2015Farmingdale State College2015Lindenwood2015St. Charles CC
2016Neumann University2016Massachusetts2016Lindenwood [490] 2016St. Charles CC


[491] [492] [493] [494] [495] [496] [497] [498] [499] [500] [501] [502] [503]

Varsity Openweight Eights

Rowing Association of American Colleges
The RAAC was the first collegiate athletic organization in the United States. [504]

1871 Mass. Agricultural College 6s18771883Cornell4s1889Cornell8s

Intercollegiate Rowing Association [505]

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1895 Columbia1913 Syracuse1932 California1951 Wisconsin1970 Washington1989 Pennsylvania2008 Wisconsin
1896 Cornell1914 Columbia1933 not held *1952 Navy1971 Cornell1990 Wisconsin2009 Washington
1897 (a) Cornell1915 Cornell1934 California1953 Navy1972 Pennsylvania1991 Northeastern2010 California
1897 (b) Cornell1916 Syracuse1935 California1954 Winner disqualified †1973 Wisconsin1992 Dartmouth, Navy, Penn (tie) [506] 2011 Washington
1898 Pennsylvania1917 - not held1936 Washington1955 Cornell1974 Wisconsin1993 Brown2012 Washington
1899 Pennsylvania1918 - not held1937 Washington1956 Cornell1975 Wisconsin1994 Brown2013 Washington
1900 Pennsylvania1919 - not held1938 Navy1957 Cornell1976 California1995 Brown2014 Washington
1901 Cornell1920 Syracuse1939 California1958 Cornell1977 Cornell1996 Princeton2015 Washington
1902 Cornell1921 Navy1940 Washington1959 Wisconsin1978 Syracuse1997 Washington2016 California [507]
1903 Cornell1922 Navy1941 Washington1960 California1979 Brown1998 Princeton2017 Yale
1904 Syracuse1923 Washington1942 - not held1961 California1980 Navy1999 California2018 Yale [508]
1905 Cornell1924 Washington1943 - not held1962 Cornell1981 Cornell2000 California2019 Yale
1906 Cornell1925 Navy1944 - not held1963 Cornell1982 Cornell2001 California2020 cancelled (pandemic)
1907 Cornell1926 Washington1945 - not held1964 California1983 Brown2002 California2021 Washington
1908 Syracuse1927 Columbia1946 - not held1965 Navy1984 Navy2003 Harvard2022
1909 Cornell1928 California1947 Navy1966 Wisconsin1985 Princeton2004 Harvard2023
1910 Cornell1929 Columbia1948 Washington1967 Pennsylvania1986 Brown2005 Harvard2024
1911 Cornell1930 Cornell1949 California1968 Pennsylvania1987 Brown2006 California2025
1912 Cornell1931 Navy1950 Washington1969 Pennsylvania1988 Northeastern2007 Washington2026

* Not held in 1933 due to the Depression. However, the first college 2000-meter national championship ever held was conducted by local businessmen in Long Beach, California, as a substitute. Washington raced both Harvard and Yale for the first time at this event and defeated Yale by eight lengths to win the championship. [509] Washington counts this victory among its string of Men’s National Varsity Eight Championships. [510]

Navy was disqualified from the IRA Regatta for use of an ineligible coxswain. Trophies won by Navy were forfeited and not awarded. Cornell finished second. [511]

(Results for 2V8 and Novice 8 are included for completeness due to the paucity of events conducted.)

YearVarsity 8
John Murphy Trophy
Second Varsity 8Novice 8
1997 [512] Boston UniversityBoston CollegeRadcliffe
1998 [513] WisconsinWisconsinCornell
1999 [514] KansasYalenot held

Varsity Fours

YearVarsity 4
with cox
Varsity 4
without cox
YearVarsity 4
with cox
Varsity 4
without cox
YearVarsity 4
with cox
Varsity 4
without cox
YearVarsity 4
with cox
1974Coast GuardCoast Guard1988BrownNavy2002CaliforniaWisconsin2016Washington
1975Oregon StateWisconsin1989NavyPennsylvania2003WashingtonWisconsin2017Washington
1976NavyWisconsin1990Wisconsinnot awarded2004WashingtonColgate2018Not contested due to weather
1978Coast GuardOregon State1992NavyGeorgetown2006StanfordHarvard2020cancelled (pandemic)
1979Washington StatePennsylvania1993GeorgetownNavy2007CaliforniaNavy2021Washington

Varsity Lightweight Eights

Intercollegiate Rowing Association

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1987 Yale [515] 1995 Harvard2002 Yale2009 Princeton2016 Columbia
1988/1989 Princeton [516] 1996 Princeton2003 Harvard2010 Princeton2017 Cornell
1990 Yale [517] 1997 Harvard2004 Navy2011 Yale2018 Columbia
1991 Harvard1998 Princeton2005 Yale2012 Harvard2019 Cornell
1992 Cornell1999 Harvard2006 Cornell2013 Harvard2020 cancelled (pandemic)
1993 Harvard2000 Yale2007 Cornell2014 Cornell2021 Navy
1994 Princeton2001 Harvard2008 Cornell2015 Cornell2022


Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1997 Radcliffe (MA)2002 Princeton2007 Bucknell (PA)2012 Stanford2017 Stanford
1998 Villanova (PA)2003 Princeton2008 Wisconsin2013 Stanford2018 Stanford
1999 Princeton2004 Wisconsin2009 Wisconsin2014 Radcliffe2019 Stanford
2000 Princeton2005 Wisconsin2010 Stanford2015 Stanford2020 cancelled (pandemic)
2001 Princeton [518] 2006 Wisconsin2011 Stanford2016 Stanford2021 Princeton

Lightweight Four/Double

Intercollegiate Rowing Association
Men's Varsity Lightweight Four

(with coxswain)
(without coxswain, "straight four")
2018 [508] (cancelled)best in heats: Georgetownbest in heats: Navy
2021not heldNavy

Overall Points

Intercollegiate Rowing Association

The IRA awards the Jim Ten Eyck Trophy, named in honor of Syracuse's rowing coach (1903–1938), to the team that accumulates the most points during the IRA Championship Regatta in a system based on the finishing places of three eights crews. From 1952 through 1973, the winning team was the one with the most points in the varsity, junior varsity and freshman eights. Starting in 1974, all races counted in the scoring under a system adopted by the coaches of the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges. More recently, the scoring system was revised to include only three of the four possible eights from each school in the points standings. [520]

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1952 Navy1962 Cornell1972 Wisconsin1982 Navy1992 Wisconsin [506] 2002 Wisconsin2012 Washington
1953 Washington1963 Navy1973 Wisconsin1983 Navy1993 Navy2003 Harvard2013 Washington
1954 †1964 Washington1974 Wisconsin1984 Navy1994 Brown2004 Harvard2014 Washington
1955 Cornell1965 Navy1975 Wisconsin1985 Princeton1995 Navy2005 Harvard2015 Washington
1956 Cornell1966 Pennsylvania1976 Pennsylvania1986 Wisconsin1996 Wisconsin2006 California2016 California
1957 Cornell1967 Pennsylvania1977 Pennsylvania1987 Wisconsin1997 Wisconsin2007 Washington2017 Washington
1958 Cornell1968 Pennsylvania1978 Pennsylvania1988 Wisconsin1998 Princeton2008 Washington2018 Washington [508]
1959 Washington1969 Pennsylvania1979 Wisconsin1989 Pennsylvania1999 Wisconsin2009 Washington2019 Washington
1960 Navy1970 Washington1980 Wisconsin1990 Navy2000 Wisconsin2010 Washington [521] 2020 cancelled (pandemic)
1961 Cornell1971 Cornell1981 Cornell1991 Pennsylvania2001 Wisconsin2011 Washington2021 Washington

Navy was disqualified from the IRA Regatta for use of an ineligible coxswain. Trophies won by Navy were forfeited and not awarded. [511]

Women and Combined

Camden County Freeholders Trophy
Combined Men & Women
Robert Mulcahy III Trophy
1997 [522] WisconsinWisconsin
1998 [523] WisconsinWisconsin
1999 [524] University of MiamiPrinceton
2000 [525] PrincetonWisconsin

Smaller Colleges

The Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta, which is held in Philadelphia and is sponsored by the Dad Vail Rowing Association, [526] is a national championship caliber regatta for lower level college teams. It is the largest collegiate regatta in the nation.

Men's Openweight Team (1982–96)

The now defunct National Collegiate Rowing Championship was a quasi-official national championship (as nothing until that time could be called "official" rather than de facto) for men's collegiate rowing held in Cincinnati, Ohio between 1982 and 1996. During these years Harvard, Yale and Washington, three of the sport’s powers, did not participate in the IRAs. In 1982, a Harvard alumnus decided to remedy this perceived problem by establishing a heavyweight varsity National Collegiate Rowing Championship race in Cincinnati, Ohio. [527] It paid for the winners of the Pac-10 Championship, the Eastern Sprints, the IRA and the Harvard-Yale race to attend. It was a finals-only event, and other crews could attend if they paid their own way and there was room in the field. After 1996 the race was discontinued.


Women's Varsity Eights (1971–96)

The National Women's Rowing Association (NWRA) sponsored an annual open eights national championship from 1971–1979, among college and non-college teams. (There were no eights prior to 1971.) During this period, only in 1973 and 1975 did a college team win the national eights championship outright. According to US Rowing Association, contemporary news reports in 1976 and 1977 do not mention a national collegiate title. Beginning in 1980, the NWRA sponsored the Women's Collegiate National Championship, including varsity eights. In 1986 the NWRA dissolved after recognizing US Rowing's assuming of responsibility as the national governing body for women’s rowing.

NWRA Open National Championship
Eights top college finishers, 1971–1979 (champion in parentheses) :

NWRA / US Rowing Women's Collegiate National Championship, Varsity eights:

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1980 California1985 Washington1989 Cornell1993 Princeton
1981 Washington1986 Wisconsin1990 Princeton1994 Princeton
1982 Washington *1987 Washington1991 Boston University1995 Princeton
1983 Washington1988 Washington1992 Boston University1996 Brown
1984 Washington

* simultaneous AIAW championship, the only one conducted

The above Women's Varsity 8 results are included for completeness, even though women's rowing is now an NCAA sport and has had annual NCAA women’s championships from 1997, in which women currently compete in a Varsity 8, a Second Varsity 8, and a Varsity Four.


USRowing announced that an inaugural USRowing Collegiate National Championship regatta was to be held May 21–23, 2010, at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J. The regatta was to be open to all athletes enrolled in a college or university. Events were to include both small and large boats, from single sculls to eights. The regatta was to be open to all collegiate programs, club or varsity, across all divisions and was to include both lightweight and open weight boat classes. USRowing stated that it hoped to provide a chance for varsity and club programs to compete head-to-head on a 2000-meter course and an opportunity for collegiate athletes to compete in small boats and sculling events.


Logo of ESW Rugby NCAA ESW Rugby Logo.png
Logo of ESW Rugby

Rugby became an NCAA Emerging Sports for Women in 2003.

Rugby 7s

Collegiate Rugby Championship

USA Rugby Sevens Collegiate National Championships

In the first three years, strong teams that won bids declined to participate. [534] [535] [536]

National Small College Rugby Organization

American Collegiate Rugby Association (Women)

YearD1 ChampionD2 Champion
2014Norwich [554] Notre Dame College (Ohio)
2015Army [555] Davenport
2016 [556] replaced by NIRA 7s [557] (see below)Winona State [558]
2017Davenport [559]

National Intercollegiate Rugby Association (Women)

2016 [560] Army [561]
2017 [562] Dartmouth
2018Dartmouth [563]

Rugby Union

Men, Division I

USA Rugby, Men, Division I
YearChampionYearChampionYearChampion (Div IA)Champion (Div IAA)
1980California1996California [564] [565] 2011California (Premier) [566] Davenport (Div I) [567]
1983California1999California2014Saint Mary'sUCF
1984Harvard2000 [568] California2015Saint Mary'sUC Davis
1985California2001California2016LifeUC Davis [569]
1986California2002California2017Saint Mary's [570] Notre Dame (OH) [571]
1987 San Diego State 2003Air Force2018LifeMary Washington [572]
1988California2004California2019Life2018 (fall) Bowling Green [573]

2019 (spring) Dartmouth [574]

1989Air Force2005California2020canceled2019 (fall) Iowa Central CC [575]

2020 (spring) canceled

1990Air Force2006California2021canceled2020 (fall) canceled

2021 (spring) canceled

1991California [576] 2007California2022
1993California [577] 2009BYU [578] 2024
Year Varsity Cup Championship Result [579]
2013BYU 27, California 24
2014BYU 43, California 33
2015BYU 30, [lower-alpha 1] California 27
2016California 40, BYU 29
2017California 43, Arkansas State 13
  1. In 2016, BYU was stripped of the 2015 title for using an ineligible player. [580]

Women, Division I

USA Rugby

YearWomen, Division I Elite Result
2016 Penn State 15, BYU 5 [581]
2017 Penn State 28, Lindenwood 25 [582]
2018Lindenwood 36, Life 9 [572]
2019Lindenwood 36, Life 19
2020cancelled (pandemic)
2021Lindenwood 54, Life 12
Women, Division I [583]
Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1991 Air Force1998 Harvard-Radcliffe2005 Stanford2012 Penn State 2018-19
fall – Air Force [573]
spring – BYU [574]
1992 Boston College1999 Stanford2006 Stanford2013 Penn State 2019-20
fall – Air Force [584]
spring – canceled
1993 Connecticut2000 Penn State 2007 Penn State 2014 Penn State 2020-21
fall – canceled
spring – canceled
1994 Air Force2001 Chico State2008 Stanford2015 Penn State 2021-22
fall –
spring –
1995 Princeton 2002 Air Force2009 Penn State 2015-16
fall – Connecticut [585]
spring – UC Davis [586]
fall –
spring –
1996 Princeton 2003 Air Force2010 Penn State 2016-17
fall – Air Force [587]
spring – UC Davis [588]
fall –
spring –
1997 Penn State 2004 Penn State 2011 Army [589] 2017-18
fall – Davenport [590]
spring – Chico State [572]
fall –
spring –

Division II

USA Rugby

Men, Division IIWomen, Division II [591]
1995 Lock Haven[ citation needed ]
1996 Salisbury
1997 Salisbury
1998 UC San Diego
1999 UC San Diego
2000 Sacramento State2000 Plymouth State (NH)
2001 Baylor2001 Northern Iowa
2002 Stanford2002 Northern Iowa
2003 Radford2003 Dayton
2004 Salisbury2004 Temple
2005 Northern Colorado2005 Providence
2006 Coast Guard2006 UC Santa Cruz
2007 Middlebury2007 Iowa State
2008 Radford2008 Shippensburg
2009 Middlebury2009 Shippensburg
2010 Claremont2010 Washington State
2011 Wisconsin–Whitewater [592] 2011 Harvard-Radcliffe [593]
2012 Lindenwood2012 Norwich
2013 (spring) Salisbury
(fall) Minnesota–Duluth
2013 Washington State
2014 Minnesota–Duluth2014 Mary Washington
2015 Minnesota–Duluth2015 Notre Dame (OH)
2016 Wisconsin–Whitewater [594] 2016 Davenport [595]
2017 Wisconsin–Whitewater2017 Davenport [596]
2018 North Carolina State [597] 2017-18
fall – Winona State [598]
spring – Tulane [572]
2019 Queens University (NC) [575] 2018-19
fall – Vassar [599]
spring – Fresno State [574]
2020 canceled (pandemic)2019-20
fall – Winona State [584]
spring – canceled
fall – canceled
spring –
fall –
spring –

Small College Championship

National Small College Rugby Organization

From 2002 to 2006 for Men's Division III and from 2003 to 2006 for Women's Division III, event name was "East Coast Division III Collegiate Championship." In 2007, events were renamed to "National Men's Collegiate Division III Championship", "National Women's Collegiate Division III Championship" and "National Women's Collegiate Division IV Championship". Effective August 2012, Small College Championship nomenclature replaced Division III.

Division III / Small College
Division III / Small College
Division IV
2002 Western Carolina
2003 Furman2003 College of New Jersey
2004 Furman2004 Fordham
2005 Furman2005 Castleton State
2006 Bentley2006 Babson
2007 Bentley2007 (spring) Stonehill
(fall) Stonehill
2007 (spring) Rhode Island
(fall) Roger Williams
2008 Plymouth State2008 Bryant2008 Holy Cross
2009 Coastal Carolina [600] 2009 MIT2009 Drexel
2010 Penn State Berks [601] 2010 Bentley [602] 2010 Lock Haven [602]
2011 Longwood [603] 2011 Carleton [604] 2011 Johnson State
2012 Salve Regina2012 Wayne State (NE)
2013 Saint John's (MN)2013 Wayne State (NE)
2014 Saint John's (MN)2014 Roger Williams
2015 New England College2015 Minn. State–Moorhead [605]
2016 Mount St. Mary’s [606] 2016 Wayne State (NE) [607]
2017 Claremont Colleges [608] 2017 Wayne State (NE)
2018 Iowa Central Community College2018 Wayne State (NE) [609]
2019 Claremont Colleges [610] 2019 Wayne State (NE) [584]
2020 canceled2020 canceled
2021 canceled2021 (fall)


American Collegiate Rugby Association (Women)

YearD1 ChampionD2 Champion
2013Norwich [611] Winona [612]
2014ACRA organized the USA Rugby D1 and D2 fall championships. [613]
2015ACRA withdrew from organizing D1. [613] Davenport [614] (qualified for USA Rugby D2 championship final in May, 2016)

National Intercollegiate Rugby Association [615] (Women)

2015Quinnipiac [616]
2017Quinnipiac [617]


Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association Championship

[618] [619] [620] [621]

The Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA; Inter-Collegiate Yacht Racing Association prior to 2001) holds National Championships in six different events. Since intercollegiate sailing is a fall and spring sport, three of these championships are held in the fall and three are held in the spring.

The Fall Championships are for single-handed men and women and sloops. The Sloop Championships take place in mid-November using small keelboats supplied by the venue. Each sloop team sails with a crew of three. In the fall of 2010, the sloop championship was converted to a match racing format. [622]

The ICSA National Championship Regatta is held once each year in May and is actually composed of three different regattas: a Team Racing Championship, a Women's Championship and a Coed Dinghy Championship. The most prestigious of these events is the Coed Dinghy Championship.

The title for best overall performance (Leonard M. Fowle Trophy winner) includes the six National Championships: Men's Singlehanded, Women's Singlehanded, Match Racing Championship (previously Sloop), Women's Dinghy, Team Race, and Coed Dinghy.

Dinghy (1937–1966)
Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1937 MIT1943 MIT1949 Yale1955 MIT1961 MIT
1938 MIT1944 Coast Guard1950 Yale1956 Navy1962 Coast Guard
1939 MIT1945 MIT1951 MIT1957 Navy1963 Princeton
1940 Princeton1946 MIT1952 Harvard1958 MIT1964 British Columbia
1941 Princeton1947 Yale1953 Harvard1959 Harvard1965 Rhode Island
1942 Brown1948 Brown1954 MIT1960 Coast Guard1966 Coast Guard
YearCoed DinghyWomen's DinghySloops [623] (Match racing from 2010)Team Race Overall Performance [624]
1967USC Wilson (PA)
1968San Diego StateRadcliffe
1969San Diego StateRadcliffe
1971-72UC IrvineRadcliffeMichiganSUNY Maritime
1972-73TulaneMITSUNY MaritimeSUNY Maritime
1975-76TuftsPrincetonUC Santa CruzTufts
1976-77Rhode IslandPrincetonNavyRhode IslandNavy
1978-79Merchant MarineNavyTexasNavyNavy
1979-80TuftsNavyUC IrvineBoston UniversityNavy
1980-81TuftsNavyTexasLong Beach StateNavy
1981-82Boston UniversityOld DominionBoston UniversityBoston UniversityNavy
1982-83Merchant MarineNavyNavyMerchant MarineNavy
1983-84Merchant MarineTuftsUC Santa BarbaraTuftsTufts
1984-85Boston UniversityBrownWashingtonUSCBoston University
1985-86College of CharlestonTuftsSpring HillTulaneCollege of Charleston
1986-87Merchant MarineOld DominionNavyNavyNavy
1987-88UC IrvineBrownConnecticut CollegeUC IrvineCollege of Charleston
1988-89Old DominionTuftsOld DominionNavyOld Dominion
1989-90UC IrvineTuftsOld DominionOld DominionOld Dominion
1990-91NavyNavyCollege of CharlestonNavyBrown
1991-92DartmouthDartmouthCollege of CharlestonNavyNavy
1992-93NavyTuftsOld DominionTuftsTufts
1993-94NavyTuftsSt. Mary’s (MD)TuftsTufts
1994-95NavySt. Mary's (MD)NavyTuftsTufts
1995-96Merchant MarineTuftsNavyTuftsTufts
1996-97TuftsNavyBoston UniversityStanfordNavy
1997-98Old DominionBrownMerchant MarineOld DominionCollege of Charleston
1998-99Boston UniversityTuftsCollege of CharlestonSt. Mary’s (MD)Tufts
1999–2000St. Mary’s (MD)DartmouthMerchant MarineSt. Mary’s (MD)St. Mary’s (MD)
2001-02St. Mary's (MD)Old DominionHarvardHarvardHarvard
2002-03HarvardTuftsCollege of CharlestonHarvardHarvard
2003-04HawaiiYaleMerchant Marine [625] St. Mary’s (MD)Harvard
2004-05Hobart and William SmithHarvardTexas A&M Galveston [626] Hobart and William SmithHarvard
2005-06College of CharlestonCollege of CharlestonUC IrvineGeorgetownGeorgetown
2006-07College of CharlestonSt. Mary’s (MD)College of CharlestonSt. Mary’s (MD)College of Charleston
2007-08GeorgetownBoston CollegeSt. Mary’s (MD)Boston CollegeBoston College
2008-09St. Mary’s (MD)YaleSouth FloridaBoston CollegeYale
2009-10Boston CollegeCollege of CharlestonBoston CollegeSt. Mary's (MD)Boston College
2010-11Boston CollegeRhode IslandBoston College [627] Roger WilliamsBoston College
2011-12 [628] GeorgetownBoston CollegeNavyCollege of CharlestonCollege of Charleston
2012-13College of Charleston [629] Dartmouth [630] TuftsYale [631] Yale
2013-14Yale [632] Dartmouth [633] Georgetown [634] Yale [635] Yale
2014-15Yale [636] Yale [637] Georgetown [638] Yale [639] Charleston
2015-16GeorgetownCoast GuardCharleston [640] YaleYale

Collegiate Offshore Large Boats Championship

Kennedy Cup, boat class: Navy 44

1965 [641] Harvard1977Navy1989Navy2001Massachusetts Maritime [642] 2012-13Navy [643]
1966Navy [644] 1978Tennessee1990Navy2002College of Charleston [645] 2013-14California Maritime [646]
1967Stanford1979Tufts1991Rhode Island2003College of Charleston [647] 2014-15Charleston [648]
1968Stanford1980Navy1992Rhode Island2004Rhode Island [649] 2015-16California Maritime [650]
1969Cornell [651] 1981Navy1993Navy [644] 2005Merchant Marine [652] 2016-17South Florida [653]
1970Tulane1982Navy1994USC2006Navy [654] 2017-18South Florida [655]
1971Tulane1983SUNY Maritime [656] 1995Navy2006-07Rhode Island [657] 2018-19Charleston
1972Merchant Marine1984UC-Santa Barbara1996Rhode Island2007-08Navy [658] 2019-20Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
1973Michigan1985Texas A&M Galveston [659] 1997Navy2008-09Rhode Island [660] 2020-21
1974Dartmouth1986Rhode Island [661] 1998Rhode Island2009-10California Maritime [662] [663] 2021-22
1975Texas1987Rhode Island1999College of Charleston [664] 2010-11Maine Maritime [665] 2022-23
1976Yale1988Navy2000College of Charleston [666] 2011-12Navy [667] 2023-24

Collegiate Match Racing Championship

Douglas Cup

1966Long Beach State [668] 1973Hawaii [669] 1980 ?1987College of Charleston [670]
1967British Columbia [671] [672] [673] 1974USC [674] 1981 ?1988 ?
1968USC [675] [676] 1975California [677] 1982Long Beach State [678] 1989Tulane [679]
1969Tulane [676] [680] 1976Navy [681] [682] 1983 ?1990SUNY Maritime [683]
1970Tulane [684] 1977Washington [685] 1984Texas [686] 1991 ?
1971USC [687] 1978 [688]  ?1985Texas [689] 199? [lower-alpha 1]
1972Washington [691] 1979UC Irvine [692] 1986College of Charleston (?) [693] [694]
  1. The last Douglas Cup competition was in the 1990s. [690]

Snowboard and Ski

[695] [696] [697] [698] [699] [700] [701] [702] [703] [704] [705] [706] [707] [708]

United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association

In 2009, events included Giant Slalom, Slalom, Cross-Country Sprints, Cross-Country Relays, Cross-Country Distance, Halfpipe, Slopestyle, SkierCross, and Snowboard Cross. NCAA championship alpine events likewise include slalom and GS. However, the NCAA Nordic program is limited to 2 events. Because the USCSA Nordic competition occurs in 4 or more events each for men and women, the Nordic winners are included here.

YearNordic (M)Nordic (W)Snowboard (M)Snowboard (W)Freestyle (M)Freestyle (W)Overall (M)Overall (W)
1994?College of Idaho
1995?College of Idaho
1996Cornell University?
1997Whitman College (WA)?
1999??Simon Fraser University (B.C.)Simon Fraser University (B.C.)
2000??Simon Fraser University (B.C.)Simon Fraser University (B.C.)
2001??Whitman College?
2002??Whitman College?
2003?WyomingWhitman College?
2005St. Olaf (MN)St. Olaf (MN)Western MichiganWestern Michigan
2006WyomingSt. Olaf (MN)Sierra Nevada CollegeWeber State (UT)
2007 [709] CornellWyomingSierra Nevada CollegeU of Idaho
2008 [710] St. Olaf (MN)St. Olaf (MN)Sierra Nevada CollegeU of IdahoColorado (invitational)Colorado (invitational)
2009 [711] WyomingWyomingSierra Nevada CollegeWestminster College (UT)Southern CaliforniaColorado
2010 [712] Wyoming [713] WyomingSierra Nevada CollegeWestminster CollegeSouthern California"under review"
2011 [714] Western State CollegeSt. OlafSierra Nevada CollegeWestminster CollegeCollege of IdahoCollege of Idaho
2012 [715] [716] Clarkson [713] ClarksonSierra Nevada CollegeWestminster CollegeColoradoSierra Nevada College
2013Wyoming [717] St. Olaf [717] Sierra Nevada College [718] Westminster College [718] Colorado [718] Colorado [718]
2014 [719] St. OlafWyomingSierra Nevada CollegeSierra Nevada CollegeSierra Nevada CollegeSierra Nevada CollegeSt. OlafSt. Olaf
2015 [720] Wyoming [720] [721] St. Olaf [720] [721] Westminster College [722] Westminster College [722] Sierra Nevada College [722] Sierra Nevada College [722] St. OlafSt. Olaf
2016 [723] [724] WyomingClarksonSierra Nevada CollegeWestminster CollegeColoradoSierra Nevada CollegeClarksonSt. Olaf

Softball (Slow-pitch), Women

After the last AIAW competition in 1982, college championships were conducted by the Amateur Softball Association in 1983 and 1984. [725] [726] It appears that most of the college women's slow-pitch teams at that time were from Florida and North Carolina. After 1984, the highest level of collegiate national championship was conducted by the National Junior College Athletic Association, whose slow-pitch tournament was held from 1983 through 2000. [727]

Year and Champion
1983 University of South Florida
1984 University of South Florida
1985 Palm Beach Community College [lower-alpha 1]
1986 Lake City Community College (now Florida Gateway College) [lower-alpha 2]
1987 Lake City Community College
1988 Pensacola Junior College
1989 Lake City Community College
1990 Lake City Community College
1991 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (Georgia)
1992 Lake City Community College
1993 Lake City Community College
1994 Tallahassee Community College
1995 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
1996 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
1997 Meridian Community College (Mississippi)
1998 Calhoun Community College (Alabama)
1999 Calhoun Community College
2000 Calhoun Community College
  1. also won NJCAA title in 1984
  2. also won NJCAA title in 1983


College Squash Association

National nine-player team champions: From 1942 to 1988, the title was based on dual-match records, with the team with the best record becoming the national champion. Since 1989, the title has been based on performance in the National Team Championships, with the team winning the “A” division becoming the national champion.

Men, 9-player team
Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1942: Princeton [728] 1967: US Naval Academy1989: Yale2011: Trinity College [729]
1943: Yale1968: Harvard1990: Yale2012: Princeton
1947: Yale1969: Harvard1991: Harvard2013: Trinity College
1948: Yale1970: Harvard1992: Harvard2014: Harvard
1949: Yale1971: Harvard1993: Harvard2015: Trinity College
1950: Yale1972: Harvard1994: Harvard2016: Yale
1951: Harvard1973: Harvard1995: Harvard2017: Trinity College
1952: Yale1974: Princeton1996: Harvard2018: Trinity College
1953: Harvard and Yale1975: Princeton1997: Harvard2019: Harvard
1954: Harvard1976: Harvard1998: Harvard2020: Harvard
1955: Princeton1977: Princeton1999: Trinity College (CT)2021:
1956: Harvard1978: Princeton2000: Trinity College2022:
1957: US Naval Academy1979: Princeton2001: Trinity College2023:
1958: Yale1980: Harvard2002: Trinity College2024:
1959: US Naval Academy1981: Princeton2003: Trinity College2025:
1960: Harvard1982: Princeton2004: Trinity College2026:
1961: Yale1983: Harvard2005: Trinity College2027:
1962: Yale1984: Harvard2006: Trinity College2028:
1963: Harvard1985: Harvard2007: Trinity College2029:
1964: Harvard1986: Harvard2008: Trinity College2030:
1965: Harvard1987: Harvard2009: Trinity College [730] 2031:
1966: Harvard1988: Harvard2010: Trinity College2032:

Between 1956 and 1988, the National Intercollegiate Squash Racquets Association awarded an additional team trophy based on players’ performances in the national individual tournament. From 1956 to 1968, teams competed with four players, and from 1969 to 1988, they competed with six players.

4-player team champion
6-player team champion
6-player team champion
1956Harvard1969Harvard [731] 1982Harvard
1958Williams College (MA)1971Pennsylvania1984Harvard
1964Harvard1977Western Ontario
1967Harvard1980Western Ontario
Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1973: Princeton [732] 1986: Yale1999: Princeton2012: Harvard
1974: Princeton1987: Harvard2000: Pennsylvania2013: Harvard
1975: Princeton1988: Harvard2001: Harvard2014: Trinity College
1976: Princeton1989: Princeton2002: Trinity College2015: Harvard
1977: Yale1990: Harvard2003: Trinity College2016: Harvard
1978: Princeton1991: Princeton2004: Yale2017: Harvard
1979: Princeton1992: Yale2005: Yale2018: Harvard
1980: Princeton1993: Harvard2006: Yale2019: Harvard
1981: Princeton1994: Harvard2007: Princeton2020: Harvard
1982: Harvard1995: Harvard2008: Princeton2021:
1983: Princeton1996: Harvard2009: Princeton2022:
1984: Princeton1997: Harvard2010: Harvard2023:
1985: Harvard1998: Princeton2011: Yale2024:


National Scholastic Surfing Association (1978 - )

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1970 UC San Diego [733] 1989 Point Loma Nazarene College [734] 2002 UC Santa Barbara [735] 2015 Point Loma Nazarene University
1976 & 1977 Orange Coast College [736] 1990 UC San Diego [737] 2003 UC San Diego2016 Point Loma Nazarene University
1978 Orange Coast College [733] 1991 UC Santa Barbara [738] 2004 MiraCosta College2017 Point Loma Nazarene University
1979 Golden West College1992 UC Santa Barbara2005 UC Santa Barbara2018
1980 Orange Coast College [739] 1993 UC San Diego2006 Saddleback College [740] 2019
1981 Orange Coast College [741] 1994 UC Santa Barbara2007 San Diego State2020
1982 Orange Coast College [742] 1995 UC San Diego2008 UC Santa Barbara2021
1983 UC San Diego1996 UC Santa Barbara2009 California State, San Marcos2022
1984 UC Santa Barbara [743] 1997 UC San Diego2010 UC Santa Barbara [744] 2023
1985 UC Santa Barbara(?) [745] 1998 UC Santa Barbara2011 MiraCosta College2024
1986 UC Santa Barbara(?)1999 Point Loma Nazarene University [746] 2012 MiraCosta College [747] 2025
1987 UC Santa Barbara(?)2000 MiraCosta College [748] 2013 San Diego State [749] 2026
1988 UC Santa Barbara(?)2001 California State, Long Beach [750] 2014 Saddleback College [751] 2027

Several archived articles at the NSSA website state that UCSB had won eight national championships before 2002 and won their ninth in 2002. The NSSA Facebook site states that UCSB won its fourth in 1991. Therefore, the titles for two previous years attributed to UCSB from 1985 to 1988 are incorrect.

Synchronized Skating

US Figure Skating

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
1997 Miami (OH)2002 Miami (OH) [752] 2007 Miami (OH) [753] 2012 Miami (OH) [754] 2017
1998 Miami (OH)2003 Miami (OH) [755] 2008 Miami (OH)2013 Miami (OH) [756] 2018
1999 Michigan [757] 2004 Western Michigan [758] 2009 Miami (OH) [759] 2014 Miami (OH) [760] 2019
2000 Miami (OH) [761] 2005 Miami (OH) [762] 2010 Miami (OH) [763] 2015 Miami (OH)2020
2001 Miami (OH)2006 Miami (OH) [764] 2011 Miami (OH) [765] 2016 Miami (OH) [766] 2021

Synchronized Swimming

United States Synchronized Swimming

Preceded by AIAW tournament 1977-82

1983Ohio State1990Ohio State1997Ohio State2004Ohio State2011Ohio State2018Ohio State
1984Arizona1991Ohio State1998Stanford2005Stanford2012Ohio State2019Ohio State
1985Ohio State1992Ohio State1999Stanford2006Stanford2013Stanford2020cancelled (pandemic)
1986Ohio State1993Ohio State2000Ohio State2007Stanford2014Lindenwood [767] 2021Stanford [768]
1987Ohio State1994Ohio State2001Ohio State2008Stanford2015Ohio State2022
1988Ohio State1995Ohio State2002Ohio State2009Ohio State2016Stanford2023
1989Ohio State1996Ohio State2003Ohio State2010Ohio State2017Ohio State2024

Table Tennis

National Collegiate Table Tennis Association [769]

1993Stony Brook2000Johns Hopkins2005Texas WesleyanVirginia Tech2012Texas WesleyanLindenwood
1994Brown2001Bradley2006Texas WesleyanStanford2013Texas WesleyanTexas Wesleyan
1995Penn2002Illinois2007Texas WesleyanTexas Wesleyan2014 [770] Texas WesleyanPrinceton
1996not held2003Illinois2008Texas WesleyanTexas Wesleyan2015Mississippi College [771] Princeton
1997RPI2004Texas Wesleyan2009 [772] Texas WesleyanTexas Wesleyan2016Texas Wesleyan [773] Texas Wesleyan [774]
1998Johns Hopkins2005n/a2010 [775] Texas WesleyanLindenwood2017
1999not held2006n/a2011 [776] Texas WesleyanTexas Wesleyan2018


National Collegiate Taekwondo Association

Year [777] Men [778] Women [778] YearOverallYearOverallYear"Championship Div."Year"Championship Div."
1976California [779] California1985Iowa State1994California2003Iowa State2012California
1978HowardHoward1987Iowa State1996California2005California2014California
1979HowardHoward1988Iowa State1997California2006California2015California
1980HowardHoward1989Iowa State1998California2007California2016Army
1983HowardHoward1992California2001California2010California [780] 2019
1984HowardHoward1993California2002California2011California [781] 2020

1984 was the final year of separate men's and women's team competitions. [782]

Beginning in 1997, the black belt competition has been conducted in a "championship division." Separate team awards were added for other belt colors and novices.

Team Handball

[783] [784] [785] [786] [787] [788] [789] [790] [791] [792] [793]

USA Team Handball

Year Men Women Year Men Women Year Men Women Year Men Women Year Men Women Year Men Women
1965 First
1975 Willamette University Kansas 1985 West Point Fullerton 1995 West Point [794] 2005 [795] North Carolina West Point 2015 [796] [797] West Point West Point
1966 1976 West Point [798] [799] Slippery Rock 1986 West Point 1996 [800] West Point West Point 2006 North Carolina West Point 2016 [801] West Point West Point
1967 1977 Air Force [802] 1987 [803] West Point Minnesota 1997 West Point Slippery Rock 2007 [804] West Point West Point 2017 West Point [805] West Point [806]
1968 1978 Air Force [807] Ohio State 1988 West Point Air Force 1998 West Point 2008 West Point [808] Cortland State (NY) [809] 2018 West Point Penn State
1969 1979 West Point 1989 West Point 1999 West Point West Point 2009 West Point North Carolina [810] 2019 West Point West Point
1970 1980 West Point West Point [811] 1990 [812] West Point West Point 2000 [813] West Point West Point 2010 [814] West Point North Carolina 2020
1971 1981 West Point 1991 [815] West Point West Point 2001 West Point [798] [799] West Point 2011 [816] West Point North Carolina 2021
1972 1982 West Point West Point 1992 West Point Slippery Rock 2002 [817] Air Force West Point 2012 West Point West Point [818] 2022
1973 1983 USC 1993 West Point [798] [799] 2003 [819] West Point West Point 2013 West Point West Point [820] 2023
1974 1984 1994 2004 North Carolina North Carolina 2014 West Point West Point 2024

Team Tennis, Co-ed (WTT format)

USTA Tennis on Campus, club-level only

Year and Champion [821]
2000 North Carolina
2001 North Carolina
2002 Texas A&M
2003 Florida
2004 Texas A&M
2005 Texas A&M
2006 Texas A&M
2007 Texas A&M
2008 Texas
2009 Duke
2010 UC-Berkeley
2011 UCLA [822]
2012 UC-Berkeley
2013 Georgia
2014 UC-Berkeley
2015 UC-Berkeley [823]
2016 Auburn [824]

Tennis, Indoor

Intercollegiate Tennis Association(1973–present)

Trap & skeet shooting

[15] [826] [827] [828] [829] [830] [831]

Association of College Unions International annually sponsors the National Intercollegiate Trap and Skeet Championships. The championships are the only national tournament in which shooters may compete in five different clay target games in the same program: American Trap, International Trap, American Skeet, International Skeet and Sporting Clays. The 2011 championship event is "the 43rd of the championship's history." [832]

1969?1976Trinity University
1970?1977Trinity University
1971?1978Texas A&M [833]
1973?1980Trinity University
1975Trinity University (San Antonio) [834] 1982Texas A&M

1983–1995: ?

1997Purdue2003Purdue2009Lindenwood2015Lindenwood [835]
1998Purdue2004 Lindenwood 2010Lindenwood [836] 2016Lindenwood [837]
1999Purdue2005Lindenwood2011Lindenwood [838] 2017
2000 [839] Purdue2006Lindenwood2012Lindenwood2018
2001Trinity Univ. (TX)2007Lindenwood2013Lindenwood2019Texas A&M [420]

Division II
2015: Texas A&M [420]


Logo of ESW Triathlon NCAA ESW Triathlon Logo.png
Logo of ESW Triathlon

Triathlon became an NCAA Emerging Sports for Women in 2014.

Sources: [840] [841] [842] [843] [844] [845] [846] [847] [848] [849] [850] [851] [852] [853] [854] [855] [856] [857]

USA Triathlon

1995??Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
2002US Naval AcademyColoradoColorado
2003US Naval AcademyColoradoColorado
2004UC BerkeleyColoradoColorado
2006 *UC BerkeleyMontanaMontana
2007US Naval AcademyUS Naval AcademyUS Naval Academy
2008UC BerkeleyUC San DiegoUC Berkeley
2009 [858] UC BerkeleyUC San DiegoUS Naval Academy
2010 [859] ColoradoUS Military AcademyColorado
2011ColoradoUS Naval AcademyColorado
2013ColoradoUC BerkeleyColorado
2015US Naval AcademyUCLAColorado
2017 [860] US Naval AcademyColoradoColorado
2018 [861] US Naval AcademyUC BerkeleyUS Naval Academy

* 2006 event was a duathlon (water temperature too cold for swim), with 5K run, 40K bike and 10K run segments. [862]


Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America

Conducted at the annual track and field championship meet.

1880 [863] Columbia1886Harvard
1883 Lafayette (PA)1889Columbia


Ultimate Players Association (1979-2010), USA Ultimate (2010–present)

Division I

YearOpen ChampionYearOpen ChampionYearOpen ChampionYearOpen ChampionYearWomen's ChampionYearWomen's ChampionYearWomen's ChampionYearWomen's Champion
1984 [864] Stanford1996UC Santa Barbara2008Wisconsin20201996UNC Wilmington2008British Columbia2020
1985 Pennsylvania 1997UC Santa Barbara2009 Carleton College (MN)20211997Stanford2009UC Santa Barbara2021
1986Massachusetts1998UC Santa Barbara2010Florida20221998Stanford2010Oregon2022
1987Chabot CC (CA)1999NC State2011 Carleton College 20231987Kansas1999Stanford2011UC Santa Barbara2023
1988UC Santa Barbara2000Brown2012 Pittsburgh 20241988UC Santa Barbara2000Carleton College2012Washington2024
1989UC Santa Barbara2001 Carleton College 2013Pittsburgh20251989UC Davis2001Georgia2013Oregon2025
1990UC Santa Barbara2002Stanford2014Colorado20261990UC Santa Barbara2002UC San Diego2014Ohio State2026
1991UC Santa Cruz2003Wisconsin2015North Carolina - Chapel Hill20271991UC Santa Barbara2003Stanford2015Oregon2027
1992Oregon2004Colorado2016Minnesota20281992UNC Wilmington2004UC Davis2016Stanford2028
1993UNC Wilmington2005Brown2017 Carleton College 20291993UC Berkeley2005Stanford2017Dartmouth2029
1994East Carolina2006Florida2018North Carolina - Chapel Hill20301994UC Santa Cruz2006Stanford2018Dartmouth2030
1995East Carolina2007Wisconsin2019Brown20311995UC Santa Cruz2007Stanford2019UC San Diego2031

Division III

YearOpen Champion [865] YearWomen's Champion [866]
2010Carleton2010Pacific Lutheran
2016Georgia College2016Carleton
2018Bryant2018St. Olaf


American Wakeboard Association (2001-2004 [867] ), USA Wakeboard (2005–present), College Wake (2010–present)

YearChampionYearUSA Wakeboard ChampionCollege Wake Champion
2001Wisconsin–La Crosse [868] [869] 2010CSU - ChicoTexas [870]
2002Florida Southern [871] 2011TennesseeSouth Florida [870]
2003Florida Southern [872] 2012CSU - Chico [873] CSU - Chico [870]
2004Central Florida2013Central Washington [874] Arizona State [870] [875]
2005Central Florida2014Arizona State [876] Arizona State [875]
2006 [lower-alpha 1] Florida (spring), [877] Central Florida (fall) [878] 2015Florida [879] Texas A&M [880]
2007Central Florida [881] 2016Florida [882] Florida [883]
2008Florida [884] 2017(fall)
2009Florida [885] [886] 2018
  1. The spring 2006–2012 USA Wakeboard events were part of the CBS Sports "Collegiate Nationals " and "Alt Games" presentations.

Cable Wakeboarding

2009Texas State [887]
2013Central Florida [888]
2014Central Florida [889]
2015Baylor [890]
2016Central Florida [891]

Water skiing

[892] [893] [894] [895] [896] [897] [898] [899] [900] [901] [902] [903] [904] [905] [906] [907] [908]

National Collegiate Water Ski Association

Year and ChampionYear and ChampionYear and Champion
(Division I)
Year and Champion
(Division II)
Year and Champion
(Division I)
Year and Champion
(Division II)
1979 San Diego State [909] 1991 Central Florida2002 Louisiana-Monroe (Div I-A)2002 Rollins College (FL) (Div I) [910] 2014 Louisiana-Monroe2014 Clemson [911]
1980 Northeast Louisiana1992 Central Florida2003 Louisiana-Lafayette
(formerly Southwestern Louisiana)
2003 Rollins College2015 Louisiana-Lafayette2015 Western Washington [912]
1981 Northeast Louisiana1993 Northeast Louisiana2004 Louisiana-Monroe2004 UC San Diego2016 Louisiana-Monroe [913] 2016 Miami University (Ohio)
1982 Northeast Louisiana1994 Northeast Louisiana2005 Louisiana-Lafayette2005 Texas A&M20172017
1983 Northeast Louisiana1995 Southwestern Louisiana2006 Louisiana-Monroe2006 San Diego State20182018
1984 Northeast Louisiana1996 Northeast Louisiana2007 Louisiana-Monroe2007 Texas State20192019
1985 Northeast Louisiana1997 Southwestern Louisiana2008 Louisiana-Monroe2008 Cincinnati20202020
1986 Northeast Louisiana1998 Northeast Louisiana2009 Louisiana-Monroe2009 Wisconsin20212021
1987 Northeast Louisiana1999 Louisiana-Monroe
(formerly Northeast Louisiana)
2010 Louisiana-Lafayette2010 Ohio State20222022
1988 Northeast Louisiana2000 Louisiana-Monroe2011 Louisiana-Monroe2011 Texas State [914] 20232023
1989 Rollins College2001 Arizona State2012 Louisiana-Monroe2012 Clemson [915] 20242024
1990 Northeast Louisiana2013 Louisiana-Monroe2013 UC Davis [916] 20252025

Barefoot Waterskiing

2004Wisconsin [917]


[918] [919]

USA Weightlifting

YearMen CoedWomen
1953Notre Dame [920]
1963Southwestern Louisiana [921]
1964Michigan State [922]
1965Southwestern Louisiana [923]
1977Virginia Tech [924] [925]
1978Virginia Tech [924]
1979Virginia Tech [926]
1983Virginia Tech [927]
1985 [928] ?
1987Texas A&M [929]
1993 [930] ??
1999Montana State [931]
2001McNeese State (LA) [932] ?
2006 [933] [934] LSU-Shreveport
2007 [935] LSU-ShreveportNorthern Michiganno team entrants
2008 [936] LSU-ShreveportLSU-ShreveportEmory (GA)
2009 [937] LSU-ShreveportLSU-ShreveportLSU-Shreveport
2010Northern MichiganNorthern MichiganLSU-Shreveport
2011 [938] LSU-ShreveportLSU-ShreveportLSU-Shreveport
2012 [939] LSU-ShreveportNorthern MichiganNorthern Michigan
2013 [940] LSU-ShreveportLSU-Shreveport
2014 [941] [942] GeorgiaLindenwoodGeorgia
2015 [943] Northern MichiganNorthern MichiganNorthern Michigan
2016 [944] Northern MichiganLindenwoodNorthern Michigan

Wrestling, Women

[945] [946] [947] [948] [949] [950] [951]

Intercollegiate team champions of NCAA and AIAW sports

Many team sports that are played at the collegiate level are currently, or at one time were, governed by multi-sport intercollegiate athletic associations that were organized to meet the needs of their member colleges and universities. The oldest of these is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), founded in 1906 to address the rash of serious injuries and deaths arising in the collegiate sport of American football. It conducted its first team national championship events in the sport of track and field in 1921. Over the years, the NCAA has added championship events for a variety of sports, with divisions of competition based upon school size and enrollment, and now conducts over 90 championships. Before NCAA events were initiated in particular sports, national governing bodies for many of those sports typically conducted annual collegiate championship events.

The organization that is now the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) began in 1937 with the first collegiate men's basketball tournament, which led to the formation of the National Association of intercollegiate Basketball in 1940. It serves primarily small colleges. With the growth of organized women's intercollegiate sports, the Division for Girls' and Women's Sports first conducted women's championship events and later created the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) in 1972 to govern women's sports at the collegiate level, coinciding with the advent of Title IX federal legislation. The NCAA later usurped the mission of the AIAW by conducting its first women's championships in twelve sports directly head-to-head with the AIAW in a year of dual team championships in 1981-82. The AIAW was legally dissolved in 1983.

NCAA Team Champions: see NCAA Championships

Pre-NCAA Team Champions: see Pre-NCAA intercollegiate championships

AIAW Team Champions: see AIAW and DGWS Championships

NAIA Team Champions: see NAIA Championships

See also

Related Research Articles

NACDA Directors Cup Athletics award for collegiate teams

The NACDA Directors' Cup, known for sponsorship reasons as the NACDA Learfield IMG College Directors' Cup or simply as the Directors' Cup, is an award given annually by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics to the colleges and universities in the United States with the most success in collegiate athletics. Points for the NACDA Directors' Cup are based on order of finish in various championships sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) or, in the case of Division I Football, media-based polls. A first-place finish in a sport earns 100 points, second place 90 points, third place 85 points, and lesser values for lower finishes. The award originated in 1993 and was presented to NCAA Division I schools only. In 1995 it was extended to Division II, Division III, and NAIA schools as well, then extended further to junior colleges in 2011 based on standings from the NATYCAA Cup. Each division receives its own award.

The Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women was founded in 1971 to govern collegiate women’s athletics and to administer national championships. During its existence, the AIAW and its predecessor, the Division for Girls' and Women's Sports (DGWS), recognized via these championships the teams and individuals who excelled at the highest level of women's collegiate competition.

College rugby

College rugby, more specifically rugby union, is played throughout universities in the United States of America. Men's college rugby is governed by USA Rugby, and does not fall under the auspices of the NCAA with the exception of 21 NCAA women's programs. Women's Rugby has been classified as an NCAA Emerging Sport since 2002.

NCAA Boxing Championship Football league

The NCAA Boxing Championship was discontinued by the National Collegiate Athletic Association after 1960. The popularity of college boxing peaked in 1948, when 55 colleges participated in intercollegiate competition. The popularity of college boxing had been waning in the years leading up to 1960, and only 20 teams competed at the 1959 championship. At the 1960 NCAA Championships Charlie Mohr, a boxer on the University of Wisconsin–Madison team, collapsed with a brain hemorrhage and died one week later.

Penn State Nittany Lions Intercollegiate sports teams of Penn State University

The Penn State Nittany Lions are the athletic teams of Pennsylvania State University, except for the women's basketball team, known as the Lady Lions. The school colors are navy blue and white. The school mascot is the Nittany Lion. The intercollegiate athletics logo was commissioned in 1983.

NC State Wolfpack

The NC State Wolfpack is the nickname of the athletic teams representing North Carolina State University. The Wolfpack competes at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) for all sports since the 1953–54 season. The athletic teams of the Wolfpack compete in 23 intercollegiate varsity sports. NC State is a founding member of the ACC and has won eight national championships: two NCAA championships, two AIAW championships, and four titles under other sanctioning bodies. Most NC State fans and athletes recognize the rivalry with the North Carolina Tar Heels as their biggest.

The Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) governs intercollegiate rowing between varsity men's heavyweight, men's lightweight, and women's lightweight rowing programs across the United States, while the NCAA fulfills this role for women's open weight rowing. It is the direct successor to the Rowing Association of American Colleges, the first collegiate athletic organization in the United States, which operated from 1870–1894.

South Florida Bulls

The South Florida Bulls are the athletic teams that represent the University of South Florida. USF competes in NCAA Division I and is a member of the American Athletic Conference for all sports besides sailing, which competes in the South Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association within the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association.

Navy Midshipmen

The Navy Midshipmen are the athletic teams that represent the United States Naval Academy. The academy sponsors 33 varsity sports teams and 12 club sport teams. Both men's and women's teams are called Navy Midshipmen or "Mids". They participate in the NCAA's Division I, as a non-football member of the Patriot League, a football-only member of the American Athletic Conference in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), and a member of the Collegiate Sprint Football League (men), Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges (men), Eastern Association of Women's Rowing Colleges, Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League (men), Mid-Atlantic Squash Conference (men) and Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association. Navy is also one of approximately 300 members of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC).

Georgia Gymdogs

The Georgia Gymdogs is the women's gymnastics team of the University of Georgia. The team is part of NCAA Division I and competes in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The Gymdogs compete in Stegeman Coliseum in Athens, Georgia.

The AIAW Women's Basketball Tournament was a national tournament for women's collegiate basketball teams in the United States, held annually from 1972 to 1982. The winners of the AIAW tournaments from 1972 to 1981 are recognized as the national champions for those years.

Princeton Rugby

The Princeton University Rugby Football Club competes in the Ivy League in Division I-AA of USA Rugby's intercollegiate competition.

Eastern Collegiate Womens Hockey League

The Eastern Collegiate Women's Hockey League (ECWHL) is an American Collegiate Hockey Association Women's Division 1 club level hockey-only college athletic conference for women's hockey teams. It is one of four ACHA Women's Division 1 conferences, along with the Central Collegiate Women's Hockey Association, the Western Women's Collegiate Hockey League, and Women's Midwest College Hockey. Primarily, the league has been concentrated in New England and Upstate and Western New York, with eleven of its thirteen members over fourteen seasons based in those areas.

Haverford Fords

The Haverford Fords compete at the NCAA Division III level in the Centennial Conference. The program has a modest history in collegiate athletics. Haverford boasts the only varsity cricket team in the United States. Its men's and women's track and field and cross country teams are perennial powerhouses in their division. The outdoor track and field team won the first 16 Centennial Conference championships, and men's cross country has won all but two Centennial Conference championships. The soccer team is among the nation's oldest, having won its first intercollegiate match in 1905 against Harvard College. The lacrosse team has placed well nationally in the NCAA championships, while Haverford's fencing team has competed since the early 1930s.

Samantha Bricio Mexican volleyball player

Samantha Bricio is a Mexican volleyball professional player, the youngest player to play for the Mexico national team in its history. Bricio played in the 2009 FIVB Girls Youth World Championship and again in 2011, finishing twelfth. She received the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games Best Scorer and Best Server awards and the Best Scorer award in the 2011 Youth Pan-American Cup, 2011 Junior Pan-American Cup and the 2013 Pan-American Cup.

The Men's College National is a team handball tournament to determine the College National Champion from the US.

The Women's College National is a team handball tournament to determine the College National Champion from the US.

The first tier of intercollegiate sports in the United States includes sports that are sanctioned by one of the collegiate sport governing bodies. The major sanctioning organization is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Before mid-1981, women's top-tier intercollegiate sports were solely governed by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW). The second tier consists of competition between student clubs from different colleges, not organized by and therefore not formally representing the institutions or their faculties. This tier is also considered to be "intercollegiate" sports. College sports originated as student activities.

The first tier of intercollegiate sports in the United States includes sports that are sanctioned by one of the collegiate sport governing bodies. The major sanctioning organization is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Before mid-1981, women's top-tier intercollegiate sports were solely governed by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW). The second tier consists of competition between student clubs from different colleges, not organized by and therefore not formally representing the institutions or their faculties. This tier is also considered to be "intercollegiate" sports. College sports originated as student activities.


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