John Cobethorn

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John Cobethorn was Dean of Exeter between 1415 and 1419. [1]


  1. Ursula Radford (1955). "An Introduction to the Deans of Exeter". Report & Transactions of the Devonshire Association 87: 1–24.
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Stephen Payn
Dean of Exeter
Succeeded by
John Hals

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Exeter Cathedral, properly known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter, is an Anglican cathedral, and the seat of the Bishop of Exeter, in the city of Exeter, Devon, in South West England. The present building was complete by about 1400, and has several notable features, including an early set of misericords, an astronomical clock and the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in England.

Simon of Apulia 13th-century Bishop of Exeter

Simon of Apulia was an Italian-born canon lawyer who served as Bishop of Exeter in Devon, England, from 1214 until his death in 1223.

John Arundel was a medieval Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield and Bishop of Exeter.

Dean of Exeter

The Dean of Exeter is the head of the Chapter of Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter, England. The chapter was established by William Briwere, Bishop of Exeter (1224–44) who set up the offices of dean and chancellor of Exeter Cathedral, allowing the chapter to elect those officers. The deanery is at 10 The Close, Exeter. The current dean is Jonathan Greener.

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Roger de Wynkleigh was Dean of Exeter between 1231 and 1252.

William De Stanwey was Dean of Exeter between 1231 and 1252.

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George Carew (1497/98–1583) was an English churchman who became Dean of Exeter.

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Jonathan Lee Draper is an American Anglican priest, theologian, and academic. Since 2017, he has been the General Secretary of Modern Church. From 2012 to 2017, he was the Dean of Exeter, at Exeter Cathedral in the Church of England Diocese of Exeter.

Bartholomew de Sancto Laurentio was the Dean of Exeter between 1311 and 1326.

John Pycot was Dean of Exeter between 1280 and 1283.

Edward Trelawney, of Coldrenick, near Liskeard, Cornwall, was an English clergyman who served as Dean and Archdeacon of Exeter between 1717 and 1726.

Edward Young was Dean of Exeter between 1662 and 1663. He was the father of Edward Young.

William Peterson was Dean of Carlisle between 1626 and 1629; and of Exeter between 1629 and 1661.

Edward Willoughby was Dean of Exeter between 1496 and 1508.

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