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John Pycot was Dean of Exeter between 1280 and 1283. [1]

Dean of Exeter

The Dean of Exeter is the head of the Chapter of Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter, England. The chapter was established by William Briwere, Bishop of Exeter (1224–44) who set up the offices of dean and chancellor of Exeter Cathedral, allowing the chapter to elect those officers. The deanery is at 10 The Close, Exeter. The current dean is Jonathan Greener.

Implicated in the murder of one of the Bishop of Exeter's men, Walter Lechlade, in the close of Exeter Cathedral on 5 November 1283 following a local feud, he was banished in December 1285 to a monastery. [2]

Exeter Cathedral Church in Devon, United Kingdom

Exeter Cathedral, properly known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter, is an Anglican cathedral, and the seat of the Bishop of Exeter, in the city of Exeter, Devon, in South West England. The present building was complete by about 1400, and has several notable features, including an early set of misericords, an astronomical clock and the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in England.

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Simon of Apulia was a medieval canon lawyer and Bishop of Exeter.

John Hales (bishop of Coventry and Lichfield) 15th-century Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield

John Hales was Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield (1459-1490). He was one of the Worthies of Devon of the biographer John Prince (d.1723).

Henry Marshal was a medieval Bishop of Exeter.

William Alley Anglican prelate and the Bishop of Exeter

William Alley was an Anglican prelate who was the Bishop of Exeter during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Keith Brynmor Jones is a retired Church of England priest. He was the Dean of Exeter from 1996 to 2004, and the Dean of York from 2004 until his retirement in 2012.

Serlo was Dean of Exeter between 1225 and 1231. He is buried at Exeter Cathedral. Previously he had been Rector of Colaton Raleigh.

Cyril Jonathan Meyrick is the current Bishop of Lynn and former Dean of Exeter.

Roger de Wynkleigh was Dean of Exeter between 1231 and 1252.

William De Stanwey was Dean of Exeter between 1231 and 1252.

Clifford Thomas Chapman FKC was an Anglican priest. He was the Dean of Exeter in the Church of England from 1973 to 1980.

Marcus Knight FKC was an Anglican priest. He was the Dean of Exeter in the Church of England from 1960 to 1972.

Jonathan Draper Dean of Exeter

Jonathan Lee Draper is an American Anglican priest, theologian, and academic. Since 2017, he has been the General Secretary of Modern Church. From 2012 to 2017, he was the Dean of Exeter, at Exeter Cathedral in the Church of England Diocese of Exeter.

Jonathan Parker Fisher was Archdeacon of Barnstaple during 1805: he was later Sub-Dean of Exeter Cathedral.

Andrew de Kilkenny was Dean of Exeter between 1283 and 1302.

Alured Clarke (priest) Dean of Exeter

Alured Clarke (1696–1742) was Dean of Exeter between 1741 and 1742.

Ivo was the inaugural Dean of Wells between 1140 and 1164.

Samuel Creswicke was an 18th Century Anglican priest.

Cathedral Close, Exeter

The area of Cathedral Close, Exeter has been in the centre of Exeter, Devon, England, since Roman times when there was a basilica and a bath house in this area. A church was established here by the seventh century when a young Saint Boniface came from Crediton to study. The area was walled after 1283 and seven gates into the yard were created. The gates included one at St Petrocks and the original grand entrance into the yard – Broadgate. This created the cathedral close.


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