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Urban-type settlement
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Coordinates: 50°13′N30°39′E / 50.217°N 30.650°E / 50.217; 30.650 Coordinates: 50°13′N30°39′E / 50.217°N 30.650°E / 50.217; 30.650
OblastFlag of Kiev Oblast.svg  Kyiv Oblast
Raion Obukhiv Raion
Postal code
Area code(s) +380 4472
Website https://web.archive.org/web/20070922032227/http://www.kozin.com.ua/

Kozyn (Ukrainian : Козин) is an urban-type settlement in Obukhiv Raion of Kyiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Population: 3,392(2020 est.) [1] .

Kozyn is situated on the rivers Dnieper and Kozynka, 25 km. to the south of Kyiv.

In Red Cavalry, Isaac Babel includes a one-page description of the Jewish cemetery in Kozyn. 'A cemetery in a Jewish shtetl. Assyria and the mysterious decay of the East on the weed-cluttered fields of Volyn.' [2]

Cottage towns

On the territory of Kozyn there are cottage towns "Green Wood Club", "Montana Village", "Blaue Lagune", "Kozyn Seven Club" [3] .

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