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Coordinates: 50°31′00″N30°15′00″E / 50.51667°N 30.25000°E / 50.51667; 30.25000 Coordinates: 50°31′00″N30°15′00″E / 50.51667°N 30.25000°E / 50.51667; 30.25000
CountryFlag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Oblast Flag of Kyiv Oblast.png Kyiv
Municipality Irpin city
City rights1956
  City110.83 km2 (42.79 sq mi)
  Density540/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
08200 — 08279
Area code(s) +380 4597
Website Official website
1 The metro population for Irpin are the statistics for the whole Irpin Municipality.

Irpin (Ukrainian : Ірпі́нь), or Irpen (Russian : Ирпе́нь) is a city located on the Irpin River in Kyiv Oblast (province) right next to Kyiv city in northern Ukraine. A portion of Irpin, the settlement of Kotsiubynske, is an exclave within Kyiv.


Administratively, it is incorporated as a city of oblast significance and serves as an administrative center of Irpin Municipality, which includes the city of Irpin and three urban-type settlements. Its population is approximately 60,084(2020 est.) [1] .

The city has a railway station built in 1899.[ citation needed ] Starting from 2003, the "Irpen Film Festival" [2] for alternative cinematography takes place every year.


Since the 17th century on territory of Irpin, there was a village of Romanivka and khutir Lyubka. In the 19th century there appeared Severynivka village and khutirs Rudnya and Stoyanka.

Irpin was formed in 1899 as a passing loop, during construction of the KyivKovel railway line. Railway workers founded the town near the railway road along with other localities such as Bucha and Vorzel. The city's name (along with the city of Vorzel) was chosen due to its location on the Irpin River.

From July 26, 1941, right after the Battle of Kyiv, it was occupied by the Wehrmacht until early February 1944. Most of its Jewish population was killed in either Babi Yar or other massacres.

In 1956, Irpin's status was changed to that of a "city of raion (district) subordination," subordinate to the Kyiv-Sviatoshyn Raion (district).

On December 30, 1962, the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR issued a decree changing the status of Irpin to that of a "city of oblast subordination," thus being directly subordinate to the oblast authorities rather than the city administration housed within the city. Also mentioned within the decree were the inclusion of the urban-type settlements of Bucha (a city since 2007), Vorzel, Hostomel, and Kotsiubynske within the city limits.


There are 22 industrial manufacturers operating in the Irpin region. The city has close to one thousand enterprises of various forms of ownership. The most notable are Peremoha Industrial Complex of Irpin (bricks, reinforced concrete components, heat insulation and sound proofing materials), Irpinmash (gears for agricultural industry), Perun Trading Firm (books), KATECH-electro Private Commercial and Manufacturing Company (cabling and wiring products), Irpintorfmash factory (construction materials), and a furniture factory, just to name some.

The agricultural sector of Irpin provides the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, with potatoes and other vegetables.

The city is also a health resort area known for its recreational facilities.


The city has well developed sports infrastructure. At some point it used host several professional football clubs among which are Dynamo Irpin (later known as FC Ros Bila Tserkva), Nafkom-Akademiya (later known as FC Nafkom Brovary), others.

In summer of 2016 there was opened newly built small city stadium. [3]

There also is a sports school, a football academy, several other sports organizations such as a rugby club. Number of sports events are conducted regularly at the city's stadium.


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