Premier of Victoria

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Premier of Victoria
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Daniel Andrews

since 4 December 2014
Style The Honourable
Member ofCabinet
Reports to Parliament
Seat Parliament House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Appointer Governor of Victoria
by convention, based on appointee's ability to command confidence in the Legislative Assembly
Term length At the Governor's pleasure
contingent on the premier's ability to command confidence in the lower house of Parliament
Inaugural holder William Haines
Formation30 November 1855
Salary AU$422,562 [1]

The Premier of Victoria is the head of government in the Australian state of Victoria. The Premier is appointed by the governor of Victoria, and is the leader of the political party able to secure a majority in the Legislative Assembly. [2]


Responsible government came to the colony of Victoria in 1855. Between 1856 and 1892, the head of the government was commonly called the premier or the prime minister, but neither title had any legal basis. The head of government always held another portfolio, usually Chief Secretary or Treasurer, for which they were paid a salary. The first head of government to hold the title of premier without holding another portfolio was William Shiels in 1892.

The incumbent Premier of Victoria since the 2014 election is Daniel Andrews of the Australian Labor Party.

List of premiers of Victoria

No.PremierPortraitPartyTerm of officeDays in office [3]
1 William Haines Williamhaines.jpg 30 November 185511 March 1857468
2 John O'Shanassy Johnoshanassy.jpg 11 March 185729 April 185750
(1) William Haines Williamhaines.jpg 29 April 185710 March 1858316 (Total 784 for 2 terms)
(2) John O'Shanassy Johnoshanassy.jpg 10 March 185827 October 1859597 (Total 647 for 2 terms)
3 William Nicholson Williamnicholson.jpg 27 October 185926 November 1860397
4 Richard Heales Richardheales.jpg 26 November 186014 November 1861354
(2) John O'Shanassy Johnoshanassy.jpg 14 November 186127 June 1863591 (Total 1238 for 3 terms)
5 James McCulloch Jamesmcculloch.jpg 27 June 18636 May 18681776
6 Charles Sladen Charlessladen.jpg 6 May 186811 July 186867
(5) James McCulloch Jamesmcculloch.jpg 11 July 186820 September 1869437 (Total 2213 for 2 terms)
7 John Alexander MacPherson Johnmacpherson.jpg 20 September 18699 April 1870202
(5) James McCulloch Jamesmcculloch.jpg 9 April 187019 June 1871437
8 Charles Gavan Duffy Charles Gavan Duffy 1846.JPG 19 June 187110 June 1872358
9 James Francis Jamesfrancis.jpg 10 June 187231 July 1874782
10 George Kerferd Georgekerferd.jpg 31 July 18747 August 1875373
11 Graham Berry 12Grahamberry.jpg 7 August 187520 October 187575
(5) James McCulloch Jamesmcculloch.jpg 20 October 187521 May 1877580
(11) Graham Berry 12Grahamberry.jpg 21 May 18775 March 18801020 (Total 1095 for 2 terms)
12 James Service Jamesservice.jpg 5 March 18803 August 1880152
(11) Graham Berry 12Grahamberry.jpg 3 August 18809 July 1881341 (Total 1436 for 3 terms)
13 Bryan O'Loghlen Bryanologhlen.jpg 9 July 18818 March 1883608
(12) James Service Jamesservice.jpg 8 March 188318 February 18861079 (Total 1231 for 2 terms)
14 Duncan Gillies Duncangillies.jpg 18 February 18865 November 18901722
15 James Munro Jamesmunro.jpg 5 November 189016 February 1892469
16 William Shiels 16Williamshiels.jpg 16 February 189223 January 1893343
17 James Patterson 17Jamespatterson.jpg 23 January 189327 September 1894613
18 George Turner Georgeturner.jpg 27 September 18945 December 18991896
19 Allan McLean 19Allanmclean.jpg 5 December 189919 November 1900350
(18) George Turner Georgeturner.jpg 19 November 190012 February 190186 (Total 1982 for 2 terms)
20 Alexander Peacock 20Alexanderpeacock.jpg 12 February 190110 June 1902484
21 William Irvine 21Williamirvine.jpg Reform10 June 190216 February 1904617
22 Thomas Bent 22Thomasbent.jpg Reform16 February 19048 January 19091789
23 John Murray John Murray Premier.jpg Commonwealth Liberal8 January 190918 May 19121227
24 William Watt 24Williamwatt.jpg Commonwealth Liberal18 May 19129 December 1913571
25 George Elmslie 25Georgeelmslie.jpg Labor9 December 191322 December 191314
(24) William Watt 24Williamwatt.jpg Commonwealth Liberal22 December 191318 June 1914179 (Total 750 for 2 terms)
(20) Alexander Peacock 20Alexanderpeacock.jpg Commonwealth Liberal18 June 191429 November 19171261
26 John Bowser 26Johnbowser.jpg Nationalist29 November 191721 March 1918113
27 Harry Lawson 27Harrylawson.jpg Nationalist21 March 191828 April 19242233
(20) Alexander Peacock 20Alexanderpeacock.jpg Nationalist28 April 192418 July 192482
28 George Prendergast 28Georgeprendergast.jpg Labor18 July 192418 November 1924124
29 John Allan 29Johnallan.jpg Country18 November 192420 May 1927914
30 Edmond Hogan 30Nedhogan.jpg Labor20 May 192722 November 1928553
31 William McPherson Will McPherson.jpg Nationalist22 November 192812 December 1929386
(30) Edmond Hogan 30Nedhogan.jpg Labor12 December 192919 May 1932890 (Total 1443 for 2 terms)
32 Stanley Argyle Sir Stanley Argyle.jpg United Australia19 May 19322 April 19351049
33 Albert Dunstan Albert Dunstan (cropped).jpg Country2 April 193514 September 19433088
34 John Cain Sr. John Cain 1954.jpg Labor14 September 194318 September 19435
(33) Albert Dunstan Albert Dunstan (cropped).jpg Country18 September 19432 October 1945746 (Total 3834 for 2 terms)
35 Ian Macfarlan Imcfarlanemp.jpg Liberal2 October 194521 November 194551
(34) John Cain Sr. John Cain 1954.jpg Labor21 November 194520 November 1947730 (Total 735 for 2 terms)
36 Thomas Hollway TomHollway.jpg Liberal20 November 194727 June 1950951
37 John McDonald Johnmcdonaldmp.jpg Country27 June 195028 October 1952855
(36) Thomas Hollway TomHollway.jpg Independent28 October 195231 October 19524 (Total 955 for 2 terms)
(37) John McDonald Johnmcdonaldmp.jpg Country31 October 195217 December 195248 (Total 903 for 2 terms)
(34) John Cain Sr. John Cain 1954.jpg Labor17 December 19527 June 1955903 (Total 1638 for 3 terms)
38 Henry Bolte Henry Bolte.jpg Liberal7 June 195523 August 19726288
39 Rupert Hamer Dick Hamer.jpg Liberal23 August 19725 June 19813209
40 Lindsay Thompson No image.png Liberal5 June 19818 April 1982308
41 John Cain Jr. John Cain Junior June 2016.jpg Labor8 April 198210 August 19903047
42 Joan Kirner Joan Kirner, 1992 Swinburne.png Labor10 August 19906 October 1992789
43 Jeff Kennett J.kennett.jpg Liberal6 October 199220 October 19992571
44 Steve Bracks Steve Bracks at a Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony, August 2006.jpg Labor20 October 199930 July 20072841
45 John Brumby JohnBrumby2007crop.jpg Labor30 July 20072 December 20101222
46 Ted Baillieu Chinese New Year 2013 85 - Ted Baillieu (8459813505).jpg Liberal2 December 20106 March 2013826
47 Denis Napthine Premier Denis Napthine.jpg Liberal6 March 20134 December 2014639
48 Daniel Andrews Daniel Andrews 2018.jpg Labor4 December 2014Incumbent1880

Living former premiers

As of 27 January 2020, five former premiers are alive, the oldest being Jeff Kennett (1992–1999, born 1948). The most recent Premier to die was John Cain Jr. (1982–1990), on 23 December 2019.

NameTerm as premierDate of birth
Jeff Kennett 1992–19992 March 1948 (age 71)
Steve Bracks 1999–200715 October 1954 (age 65)
John Brumby 2007–201021 April 1953 (age 66)
Ted Baillieu 2010–201331 July 1953 (age 66)
Denis Napthine 2013–20146 March 1952 (age 67)


Daniel AndrewsDenis NapthineTed BaillieuJohn BrumbySteve BracksJeff KennettJoan KirnerJohn Cain (41st Premier of Victoria)Lindsay ThompsonRupert HamerHenry BolteJohn Cain (34th Premier of Victoria)John McDonald (Victorian politician)Thomas HollwayJohn McDonald (Victorian politician)Thomas HollwayJohn Cain (34th Premier of Victoria)Ian MacfarlanAlbert DunstanJohn Cain (34th Premier of Victoria)Albert DunstanStanley ArgyleEdmond HoganWilliam Murray McPhersonEdmond HoganJohn Allan (Australian politician)George PrendergastAlexander PeacockHarry LawsonJohn BowserAlexander PeacockWilliam Watt (Australian politician)George Elmslie (Australian politician)William Watt (Australian politician)John Murray (Victorian politician)Thomas BentWilliam Irvine (Australian politician)Alexander PeacockGeorge Turner (Australian politician)Allan McLean (Ausralian politician)George Turner (Australian politician)James Patterson (Australian politician)William ShielsJames Munro (Australian politician)Duncan GilliesJames ServiceBryan O'LoghlenGraham BerryJames ServiceGraham BerryJames McCullochGraham BerryGeorge KerferdJames FrancisCharles Gavan DuffyJames McCullochJohn Alexander MacPhersonJames McCullochCharles SladenJames McCullochJohn O'ShanassyRichard HealesWilliam Nicholson (Australian politician)John O'ShanassyWilliam Haines (Australian politician)John O'ShanassyWilliam Haines (Australian politician)Premier of Victoria

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Joan Kirner Australian politician; Premier of Victoria

Joan Elizabeth Kirner AC was an Australian politician who was the 42nd Premier of Victoria, serving from 1990 to 1992. A Labor Party member of the Parliament of Victoria from 1982 to 1994, she was a member of the Legislative Council before later winning a seat in the Legislative Assembly. Kirner was a minister and briefly deputy premier in the government of John Cain Jr., and succeeded him as premier following his resignation. She was Australia's third female head of government and second female premier, Victoria's first, and held the position until her party was defeated in a landslide at the 1992 state election.

Denis Napthine 47th Premier of Victoria

Denis Vincent Napthine is a former Australian politician who was the 47th Premier of Victoria. Napthine was a Liberal Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, representing the electoral district of Portland from 1988 to 2002 and South-West Coast from 2002 to 2015. He was elected leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party on 6 March 2013 following the resignation of Ted Baillieu and was sworn in as premier on the same day. His party lost the Victorian state election on 29 November 2014 and he announced he would step down as leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party, with Matthew Guy being elected his successor on 4 December.

Parliament of Victoria bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Victoria

The Parliament of Victoria is the bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Victoria that follows a Westminster-derived parliamentary system. It consists of the Queen, represented by the Governor of Victoria, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. It has a fused executive drawn from members of both chambers. The Parliament meets at Parliament House in the state capital Melbourne. The current Parliament was elected on 24 November 2018, sworn in on 19 December 2018 and is the 59th parliament in Victoria.

Government of Victoria state government of Victoria, Australia

The Government of Victoria is the executive administrative authority of the Australian state of Victoria.

Alexander Peacock Australian politician; Premier of Victoria

Sir Alexander James Peacock was an Australian politician who served as the 20th Premier of Victoria.

From the turn of the 20th century, women have participated in government in Australia. Following federation, the government of the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia passed the Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902 allowing most women to both vote and stand at the 1903 Federal election. South Australia and Western Australia granted women the vote before federation, and the states of New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria also passed legislation allowing women to participate in government at the state and local levels following federation. Indigenous Australian women did not achieve suffrage at all levels of government and in all states and territories until 1962.

Daniel Andrews Australian politician, Premier of Victoria

Daniel Michael Andrews is an Australian politician who is the 48th Premier of Victoria, a post he has held since 2014. He has been the state leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since 2010, and from 2010 to 2014 was Leader of the Opposition. Andrews has represented the Legislative Assembly seat of Mulgrave since the 2002 election, and served as a parliamentary secretary and minister in the Bracks and Brumby Labor governments. He led the ALP to victory at the 2014 state election, defeating the incumbent Coalition government, and won re-election at the 2018 election with an increased majority.

Mary Wooldridge Australian politician

Mary Louise Newling Wooldridge is a former Australian politician. She has been a Liberal Party member of the Parliament of Victoria since 2006. She was a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, representing the seat of Doncaster from 2006 to 2014; her seat was abolished in a redistribution for that year's election, and she was subsequently elected to the Victorian Legislative Council for Eastern Metropolitan Region in November's state election.

Adem Somyurek Turkish Australian politician

Adem Kubilay Somyurek is an Australian Labor Party politician serving as Minister for Local Government and the Minister for Small Business in the Andrews Ministry, and has served as Member of Parliament (MP) for South Eastern Metropolitan Region since 2002. He had previously held the role of Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade in the Andrews Ministry from December 2014 to July 2015.

Lisa Mary Neville is an Australian politician, currently serving as the member for Bellarine in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. She represents the Labor Party. She currently is the Minister for Police and Minister for Water.

Fiona Catherine Alison Richardson was an Australian politician. She was a Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 2006 until her death in 2017, representing the electorate of Northcote. She was Minister for Women and Minister for Prevention of Family Violence in the Andrews Ministry.

Martin Peter Foley is an Australian politician. He has been a Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly since 2007, representing Albert Park. He has been Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Equality and Minister for Creative Industries in the Andrews Ministry since October 2018.

Steven Ralph Herbert is a former Australian politician. He was a Labor Party member of the Parliament of Victoria from 2002 to 2017: in the Victorian Legislative Assembly as member for Eltham from 2002 to 2014, and in the Victorian Legislative Council for Northern Victoria Region from 2014 to 2017.

Jill Hennessy is an Australian politician. She has been a Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly since February 2010, representing the seat of Altona. She was Minister for Health in the Andrews Ministry from December 2014 to November 2018, and is currently Attorney-General.

Steven Marshall Australian politician

Steven Spence Marshall is an Australian politician serving as the 46th and current Premier of South Australia. He has been a member of the South Australian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia in the South Australian House of Assembly since 2010, representing the electorate of Dunstan.

Jane Garrett Australian politician

Jane Furneaux Garrett is an Australian politician. She was the Labor Party member for Brunswick in the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 2010 until 2018, when she transferred to the Victorian Legislative Council representing Eastern Victoria.

The Napthine Ministry was the 68th ministry of the Government of Victoria. It was a Liberal–National Coalition Government, led by the Premier of Victoria, Denis Napthine, and Deputy Premier, Peter Ryan. It succeeded the Baillieu Ministry on 6 March 2013, following the resignation of Ted Baillieu from the Liberal Party leadership, and the election of Denis Napthine as Liberal Party leader and Premier. The Napthine Ministry consisted of 22 Ministers, most of which held multiple portfolios.

The First Andrews Ministry was the 69th ministry of the Government of Victoria. The Labor Government, led by the Premier, Daniel Andrews, and Deputy Premier, James Merlino, was officially sworn in on 4 December 2014, following the 2014 state election, which was held on 29 November 2014. At the time of its formation, the Ministry comprised 22 Ministers, five of which were members of the Victorian Legislative Council and 17 who were members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. At the time, nine ministers were women.

2018 Victorian state election Election for the 59th Parliament of Victoria

The 2018 Victorian state election was held on Saturday, 24 November 2018 to elect the 59th Parliament of Victoria. All 88 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 40 seats in the Legislative Council were up for election. The first-term incumbent Labor government, led by Premier Daniel Andrews, won a second four-year term, defeating the Liberal/National Coalition opposition, led by Opposition Leader Matthew Guy. Minor party the Greens led by Samantha Ratnam also contested the election.

The Australian Labor Party , also known as Victorian Labor, is the semi-autonomous Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). The Victorian branch comprises two major wings: the parliamentary wing and the organisational wing. The parliamentary wing comprising all elected party members in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, which when they meet collectively constitute the party caucus. The parliamentary leader is elected from and by the caucus, and party factions have a strong influence in the election of the leader. The leader's position is dependent on the continuing support of the caucus and the leader may be deposed by failing to win a vote of confidence of parliamentary members. By convention, the premier sits in the Legislative Assembly, and is the leader of the party controlling a majority in that house. The party leader also typically is a member of the Assembly, though this is not a strict party constitutional requirement.