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Adult album alternative (also triple-A, AAA, or adult alternative) is a radio format. [1] [2] [3] [4] Its roots trace to both the "classic album stations of the ’70s as well as the alternative rock format that developed in the ’80s." [5]



The format has a broader, more diverse playlist than most other formats. Musical selection tends to be on the fringe of mainstream pop and rock as well as many other music genres such as indie rock, Americana, pop rock, classic rock, alternative rock, alternative country, jazz, folk, world music, jam band and blues. The musical selections tend to avoid hard rock and rap music. Music selection also includes tracks from albums that are not singles, which leads to the enhanced and larger playlist. Some AAA outlets focus more on classic rock artists, folk and blues while others focus on more contemporary artists and modern/indie rock. [1] [6] [7]


Some of the songs that first air on the Triple-A format have later found additional popularity on the Adult Top 40, modern rock, or adult contemporary charts months after their initial Triple-A chart runs. The format is often seen as a "test market" for emerging artists. [1] [8]

The format has gone off and on in the Los Angeles radio market. Currently KCSN and simulcast partner KSBR broadcast a Triple A format in the Los Angeles and Orange Country areas respectively. The format still exists in New York City (WFUV); Chicago (WXRT); Philadelphia (WXPN); Minneapolis (KCMP); Boston (WXRV, WERS, and Americana leaning WUMB-FM); Aspen, Colorado (KSPN-FM); Denver (KBCO and KVOQ); Fort Collins (KJAC); Portland, Oregon (KINK); Portland, Maine (WCLZ); Indianapolis (WTTS); Nashville (WRLT, WNXP, and Americana leaning WMOT); Conway, New Hampshire (WMUV); Burlington, Vermont (WNCS); Turners Falls-Northampton, Massachusetts (WRSI); Woodstock, New York (WDST); Austin (KGSR-HD2, KUTX, and KTSN); and Dallas (KKXT). [8] [9] [10] [11]

On July 10, 2008 Billboard began a Triple-A chart (using information from sister-publication Radio and Records , a news magazine devoted to the radio and the music industries that has since ceased publication). Rival Mediabase 24/7 also compiles a Triple A chart. As of mid-2009, Radio and Records publications and accompanying charts were discontinued. As of 2010, Billboard publishes Triple A charts in the magazine and for its premium members on its website. Mediabase also publishes Triple A charts on a daily basis.

Additional Triple-A charts are published by CMJ and FMQB. FMQB also produces the annual Triple A Conference in Boulder, Colorado, USA, an event that grew out of the Gavin Report's Triple A Summit, first held in 1993. FMQB took over production of the event, rebranding it as the Triple A Conference, after the closing of Radio & Records in 2009.

At the end of 2019, FMQB closed and all Triple A services were absorbed by Jack Barton Entertainment, LLC (JBE), helmed by Jack Barton, former VP/Triple A at FMQB. JBE has rebranded the Boulder convention as the Triple A SummitFest and continues to publish weekly Triple A charts, including a Non-Commercial album chart, as well as a weekly newsletter (JBE Triple A Report) covering Triple A radio and the music it plays.

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KCSN Public radio station at California State University, Northridge

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WNYL (FM) Alternative rock radio station in New York City

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Americana is an amalgam of American music formed by the confluence of the shared and varied traditions that make up the musical ethos of the United States, specifically those sounds that are emerged from the Southern United States such as folk, gospel, blues, country, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, bluegrass, and other external influences. Americana, as defined by the Americana Music Association (AMA), is "contemporary music that incorporates elements of various mostly acoustic American roots music styles, including country, roots rock, folk, gospel and bluegrass resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw. While acoustic instruments are often present and vital, Americana also often uses a full electric band."

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KSBR Jazz music radio station at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, California

KSBR is a non-commercial educational radio station licensed to Mission Viejo, California and broadcasting to the Orange County area. The station is owned by Saddleback College and airs adult album alternative (AAA) and Americana music with a mix of legends, new music, and local music with some specialty programming on weekends. KSBR is simulcast with KCSN in Northridge, California.

WTTS Radio station in Indiana, U.S.

WTTS is an FM radio station serving Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana, in the United States, licensed to Trafalgar, Indiana and broadcasting at 92.3 FM. The station's format is classified as Adult Album Alternative or "Triple A." WTTS uses the slogan "World Class Rock" to describe its music mix. The station plays a variety of rock-based music from the mid-1960s to the present, including acoustic, reggae, classic rock, blues and alternative rock. In 2001, WTTS was among the first American radio stations to play music by the artists John Mayer and Norah Jones, both of whom went on to become Grammy Award winners. The station maintains studios in both downtown Indianapolis and Bloomington, its former city of license. WTTS' main transmitter is located in Trafalgar.

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WIXM is an FM radio station licensed to Grand Isle, Vermont and serves the Burlington-Plattsburgh area. The station is owned and operated by Radio Broadcasting Services, Inc. It airs a hot adult contemporary music format known as "The New Mix 102.3".

Adult contemporary music Radio format and music genre

In North American music, adult contemporary music (AC) is a form of radio-played popular music, ranging from 1960s vocal and 1970s soft rock music to predominantly ballad-heavy music of the present day, with varying degrees of easy listening, pop, soul, R&B, quiet storm, and rock influence. Adult contemporary is generally a continuation of the easy listening and soft rock style that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s with some adjustments that reflect the evolution of pop/rock music.


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