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The journal publishes "communications" (articles for rapid publication), "reviews" (state-of-the-art accounts of a research field), "mini-reviews" (research highlights in an emerging area of materials science, usually from the past 2–3 years) and "focus articles" (educational articles providing an overview of a concept in materials science). [4]

Abstracting and indexing

The journal is indexed in the Science Citation Index. [5] Selective content is also indexed in Polymer Library, Inspec, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Abstracts, METADEX, Mechanical Engineering Abstracts, Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts, Metal Abstracts and CSA Technology Research Database, and CABI. [6]

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American Chemical Society American scientific society

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a scientific society based in the United States that supports scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry. Founded in 1876 at New York University, the ACS currently has nearly 157,000 members at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields. It is the world's largest scientific society by membership. The ACS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United States Code. Its headquarters are located in Washington, D.C., and it has a large concentration of staff in Columbus, Ohio.

Proceedings of the Royal Society is the parent title of two scientific journals published by the Royal Society. Originally a single journal, it was split into two separate journals in 1905:

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing research and review articles on any aspect of physical chemistry, chemical physics, and biophysical chemistry. It is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry on behalf of eighteen participating societies. The editor-in-chief is David Rueda,.

<i>Dalton Transactions</i> Academic journal

Dalton Transactions is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original (primary) research and review articles on all aspects of the chemistry of inorganic, bioinorganic, and organometallic compounds. It is published weekly by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The journal was named after the English chemist, John Dalton, best known for his work on modern atomic theory. Authors can elect to have accepted articles published as open access. The editor is Andrew Shore. Dalton Transactions was named a "rising star" by In-cites from Thomson Scientific in 2006.

<i>Nature Materials</i> Academic journal

Nature Materials, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Nature Publishing Group. It was launched in September 2002. Vincent Dusastre is the launching and current chief editor.

George M. Whitesides American chemist and professor of chemistry

George McClelland Whitesides is an American chemist and professor of chemistry at Harvard University. He is best known for his work in the areas of Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, organometallic chemistry, molecular self-assembly, soft lithography, microfabrication, microfluidics, and nanotechnology. A prolific author and patent holder who has received many awards, he received the highest Hirsch index rating of all living chemists in 2011.

<i>Lab on a Chip</i> (journal) Academic journal

Lab on a Chip is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which publishes original (primary) research and review articles on any aspect of miniaturisation at the micro and nano scale. Lab on a Chip is published twice monthly by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the editor-in-chief is Abraham Lee. The journal was established in 2001 and hosts other RSC publications: Highlights in Chemical Technology and Highlights in Chemical Biology. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2016 impact factor of 6.

CSA was a division of Cambridge Information Group and provider of online databases, based in Bethesda, Maryland before merging with ProQuest of Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2007. CSA hosted databases of abstracts and developed taxonomic indexing of scholarly articles. These databases were hosted on the CSA Illumina platform and were available alongside add-on products like CSA Illustrata. The company produced numerous bibliographic databases in different fields of the arts and humanities, natural and social sciences, and technology. Thus, coverage included materials science, environmental sciences and pollution management, biological sciences, aquatic sciences and fisheries, biotechnology, engineering, computer science, sociology, linguistics, and other areas.

Galen D. Stucky American chemist

Galen D. Stucky is an American inorganic materials chemist noted for his work with porous ordered mesoporous materials such as SBA-15.He won the Prince of Asturias Award in 2014, in the Scientific and Technological Research area.

Acta Crystallographica is a series of peer-reviewed scientific journals, with articles centred on crystallography, published by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). Originally established in 1948 as a single journal called Acta Crystallographica, there are now six independent Acta Crystallographica titles:

<i>Energy & Environmental Science</i> Academic journal

Energy & Environmental Science is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original (primary) research and review articles. The journal covers work of an interdisciplinary nature in the biochemical and biophysical sciences and chemical and mechanical engineering disciplines. It covers energy area. Energy & Environmental Science is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the editor-in-chief is Joseph Hupp,.

The International Journal of Nanoscience is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal published by World Scientific. It covers research in nanometer scale science and technology, with articles ranging from the "basic science of nanoscale physics and chemistry to applications in nanodevices, quantum engineering and quantum computing".

<i>Scripta Materialia</i> Academic journal

Scripta Materialia is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is the "letters" section of Acta Materialia and covers novel properties, or substantially improved properties of materials. Specific materials discussed are metals, ceramics and semiconductors at all length scales, and published research endeavors explore the functional or mechanical behavior of these materials. Articles tend to focus on the materials science and engineering aspects of discovery, characterization, development, structure, chemistry, theory, experiment, modeling, simulation, physics processes, synthesis, processing (production), mechanisms, and control.

<i>Metallomics</i> (journal) Academic journal

Metallomics is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering the growing research field of metallomics. The journal's scope is aimed at "elucidating the identification, distribution, dynamics, role and impact of metals and metalloids in biological systems". It is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The executive editor is Jeanne Andres, while the current chair of the editorial board is David Giedroc at Indian University Bloomington.

<i>ACS Photonics</i> Academic journal

ACS Photonics is a monthly, peer-reviewed, scientific journal, first published in January 2014 by the American Chemical Society. The current editor in chief is Harry A. Atwater. The interdisciplinary journal publishes original research articles, letters, reviews and perspectives.

<i>Journal of Materials Chemistry C</i> Academic journal

The Journal of Materials Chemistry C is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering the properties, applications, and synthesis of new materials related to optical, magnetic and electronic devices. It is one of the three journals created from the splitting of Journal of Materials Chemistry at the end of 2012. Its first issue was published in January 2013. The journal is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and has two sister journals, Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Journal of Materials Chemistry B. The editor-in-chief for the Journal of Materials Chemistry family of journals is currently Nazario Martin. The deputy editor-in-chief for Journal of Materials Chemistry C is Peter Skabara, while the executive editor is Sam Keltie.

Stephen Mann, FRS, FRSC, is Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Centre for Organized Matter Chemistry, Director of the Centre for Protolife Research, and was Principal of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials at the University of Bristol, UK.

<i>Biomaterials Science</i> (journal) Academic journal

Biomaterials Science is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that explores the underlying science behind the function, interactions and design of biomaterials. It is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The current editor-in-chief is Jennifer Elisseeff, while the executive editor is Neil Hammond.

Vibrational Spectroscopy is a bi-monthly peer reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and near infrared spectroscopy. Publication began in December 1990 under the original editors Jeanette G. Grasselli and John van der Maas. The current editor-in-chief is Keith C. Gordon. In addition to research articles and communications, review articles are also published in the journal.


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