Paralympic World Cup

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Cycling at the Manchester Velodrome, during the 2009 World Cup.

The Paralympic World Cup is an annual international multi-sport event for elite athletes with a disability, [1] that has been hosted in Manchester, England, since 2005. It is organized by the British Paralympic Association (BPA) in coordination with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).



British sprinter John McFall, after taking the gold in the men's 200 metres T42 (single amputation above the knee) at the 2007 World Cup.

Since 2010, athletes are divided into four teams: Great Britain, Europe, Americas and one team with the rest of the world. Athletes' individual performances also count towards a team score, and the winning team get the BT Paralympic World Cup trophy. [2]

Prior to 2011, the event was broadcast by the BBC with international highlights available. [3] Prior to 2011, the credit card company Visa was the title sponsor for the event.

In 2011, the event's title sponsor was BT (British Telecommumications plc). [4] For 2011, Channel 4 is the host broadcaster. [2]



Games Date Nations Athletes Sports Notes
2005 Visa Paralympic World Cup 12–15 Mayca 40ca 3504 [5]
2006 Visa Paralympic World Cup 1–7 May403604 [6]
2007 Visa Paralympic World Cup 7–13 May47ca 3504 [7]
2008 Paralympic World Cup 45ca 4004 [8] [9]
2009 BT Paralympic World Cup 40over 4004 [10]
2010 BT Paralympic World Cup 25–31 May283034
2011 BT Paralympic World Cup 23–28 Mayover 30over 3003 [11]
2012 BT Paralympic World Cup

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