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In the United States, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awards certification based on the number of albums and singles sold through retail and other ancillary markets. [1] Other countries have similar awards (see music recording certification). Certification is not automatic; for an award to be made, the record label must request certification. [2] The audit is conducted against net shipments after returns (most often an artist's royalty statement is used), which includes albums sold directly to retailers and one-stops, direct-to-consumer sales (music clubs and mail order) and other outlets.


Description and qualifications

A platinum award for the album GHV2 of Madonna Madonna platinum record 2.png
A platinum award for the album GHV2 of Madonna

A Gold record is a single or album that sells 500,000 units (records, tapes or compact discs). The award was launched in 1958; [3] originally, the requirement for a Gold single was one million units sold and a Gold album represented $1 million in sales (at wholesale value, around a third of the list price). [4] In 1975, the additional requirement of 500,000 units sold was added for Gold albums. [4] Reflecting growth in record sales, the Platinum award was added in 1976, for albums able to sell one million units, and singles selling two million units. [4] [5] The Multi-Platinum award was introduced in 1984, signifying multiple Platinum levels of albums and singles. [6] In 1989, the sales thresholds for singles were reduced to 500,000 for Gold and 1,000,000 for Platinum, reflecting a decrease in sales of singles. [7] In 1992, RIAA began counting each disc in a multi-disc set as one unit toward certification. Reflecting additional growth in music sales, the Diamond award was instituted in 1999 for albums or singles selling ten million units. [3] Because of these changes in criteria, the sales level associated with a particular award depends on when the award was made.

Nielsen SoundScan figures are not used in RIAA certification; the RIAA system predates Nielsen SoundScan and includes sales outlets Nielsen misses.[ citation needed ] Prior to Nielsen SoundScan, RIAA certification was the only audited and verifiable system for tracking music sales in the U.S.; it is still the only system capable of tracking 100% of sales (albeit as shipments less returns, not actual sales like Nielsen SoundScan).[ citation needed ] This system has permitted, at times, record labels to promote an album as Gold or Platinum simply based on large shipments. For instance, in 1978 the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band soundtrack shipped Platinum but was a sales bust, with two million returns. [8] Similarly, all four solo albums by the members of Kiss simultaneously shipped Platinum that same year but did not reach the top 20 of the Billboard 200 album chart. [9] The following year, the RIAA began requiring 120 days from the release date before recordings were eligible for certification, although that requirement has been reduced over the years and currently stands at 30 days. Sony was widely criticized in 1995 for hyping Michael Jackson's double album HIStory as five times Platinum, based on shipments of 2.5 million and using the RIAA's recently adopted practice of counting each disc toward certification, while SoundScan was reporting only 1.3 million copies sold. [10] A similar discrepancy between shipments and sales was reported with The Lion King soundtrack. [11]

In the digital era, changes in the way music is consumed resulted in changes in the certification criteria. Actual album sales had dropped significantly, while digital download followed by streaming became increasingly dominant. On-demand audio and video streams started to be counted towards Digital Single units consumed in 2013. [12] [13] Track downloads and audio and video streams were then included in album certification in 2016 using formulas converting downloads and streams into the album units for certification purpose. [14]

List of certifications


Starting from February 1, 2016, each album unit may be one of the following: [14] [15]

  1. One digital or physical album sold or shipped;
  2. 10 tracks from the album downloaded;
  3. 1,500 on-demand audio or video streams of songs from the album.


Multi-disc albums are counted once for each disc within the album if it is over 100 minutes in length or is from the vinyl era. For example, the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (running time of 121:39) and OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (running time of 134:56), both double albums, were counted twice, meaning each album was certified diamond after 5 million copies were shipped. Pink Floyd's The Wall and the Beatles' White Album , both vinyl-era, are also counted as double even though their running times are under the minimum requirement. Rules may or may not apply depending on most recent staff within the Distributions position.


Since 2000, the RIAA also awards Los Premios de Oro y De Platino (Gold and Platinum Awards in Spanish) to Latin albums which are defined by the RIAA as a type of product that features at least 51% of content in Spanish. [16]

As of December 20, 2013, the award levels for Latin certifications are: [17]

  • 30,000 units: Disco de Oro
  • 60,000 units: Disco de Platino
  • 120,000 units: Disco de Multi-Platino
  • 600,000 units: Disco de Diamante

For certifications made before December 20, 2013, the award levels are: [18]

  • 50,000 units: Disco de Oro
  • 100,000 units: Disco de Platino
  • 200,000 units: Disco de Multi-Platino
  • 1,000,000 units: Disco de Diamante

Note: The number of sales required to qualify for Oro and Platino awards was higher prior to January 1, 2008. [18] The thresholds were 100,000 units (Oro) and 200,000 units (Platino). All Spanish-language albums certified prior to 2008 were updated to match the current certification at the time. [18] [19] "La Bomba" by Bolivian group Azul Azul is the only single to receive a Latin certification based on shipments before the creation of the Latin digital singles awards in 2013. [20] The Disco de Diamante award was introduced after the RIAA updated the thresholds for Latin certifications on December 20, 2013. The Disco de Diamante is awarded to Latin albums that have been certified 10× Platinum. [21] [22]


Standard singles are certified:

Note: The number of sales required to qualify for Gold and Platinum discs was higher prior to January 1, 1989. The thresholds were previously 1,000,000 units (Gold) and 2,000,000 units (Platinum). [23]

Digital singles are certified:

From 2004 through July 2006, the certification level was 100,000 downloads for Gold and 200,000 for Platinum. When the RIAA changed the certification standards to match retail distribution in August 2006, all Platinum and Multi-Platinum awards for a digital release were withdrawn. Gold certifications, however, were not, meaning a song that was downloaded over 100,000 times and certified so by the RIAA during that time frame retains its Gold status. [24]

Starting May 9, 2013, RIAA certifications for singles in the "digital" category include on-demand audio and/or video song streams in addition to downloads at a rate of 100 streams=1 certification "unit". [12] [25] On January 2, 2016, this rate was updated to 150 streams = 1 certification unit. [13]

Latin digital singles are certified:

The Latin Digital Single Awards began on December 20, 2013. As with the digital sales, 100 streams count as one download sale. [17]

Video Longform

Along with albums, digital albums, and singles there is another classification of music release called "Video Longform." This release format includes DVD and VHS releases, and certain live albums and compilation albums. The certification criteria are slightly different from other styles. [26] [27]

Video Single

For Video Single certification, the title must contain no more than two songs and must have a running time of no more than 15 minutes. The certification criteria are: [27]

As of 2021, the titles certified the most Video Single awards are "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down and Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation", both winning 6× Platinum for 300,000 copies. [28] Since 2010, only 5 titles have been certified Video Single. The latest Gold was awarded to "R40" by Rush in 2017. [29]

Video Box Set

The "Video Box Set" (or "Multi-Box Music Video Set") award is a classification for video compilations that include three or more videos that are grouped and marketed together as a set. Like Video Longform, this includes DVD and VHS releases and the certification criteria are the same. Each individual video within set is counted as one toward certification. [27]

The best-selling video box set as certified by the RIAA is the Rolling Stones' Four Flicks DVD compilation from their Licks World Tour, with a 19X Multi-Platinum designation. This was likely achieved due to exclusive distribution rights owned by Best Buy by their short-lived music production company, Redline Entertainment. [30] [31]

Master Ringtone

Master Ringtone (mastertone) awards were introduced in 2006. [32] Certification levels are identical to those of singles, 500,000 for Gold and 1,000,000 for Platinum and Multi-Platinum.

Many Master Ringtone certifications were awarded until 2009, but since then only ten certifications were awarded in 2010, three in 2012 and three in 2019, all three to AC/DC. [33]


Lists from RIAA site showing current status holders of RIAA Certifications:

Artists with the most album certifications

Most Platinum

This list show the artists with at least 10 platinum albums (excluding compilations)

George Strait 24
The Beatles 19
The Rolling Stones 18
Barbra Streisand 17
Elton John 16
Reba McEntire 15
Alabama 15
Luther Vandross 15
AC/DC 14
Kenny Rogers 14
Rod Stewart 13
Jay Z 13
Bruce Springsteen 13
Chicago 13
U2 12
Alan Jackson 12
Prince 12
Garth Brooks 11
Aerosmith 11
Bob Dylan 11
Billy Joel 11
James Taylor 11
Willie Nelson 11
Linda Ronstadt 11
Mariah Carey 11
Kenny Chesney 11
Elvis Presley 10
Neil Diamond 10
Madonna 10
Rush 10
Celine Dion 10
John Mellencamp 10
Metallica 10
Van Halen 10

Most Diamond

Garth Brooks 9
The Beatles 6
Led Zeppelin 5
Shania Twain 3
Whitney Houston 3

Artists with the most single certifications

Most Platinum

This table tracks artists with some number of singles that have received at least 10 digital platinum certifications (excluding features).

Nicki Minaj 104
Drake 71
Chris Brown 47
Justin Bieber 43
Nicki Minaj 43
Taylor Swift 43
Kanye West 40
Rihanna 38
Eminem 34
Big Sean 34
Juice Wrld 34
NBA YoungBoy 33
Blake Shelton 29
Carrie Underwood 27
Lil Baby 26
Luke Bryan 26
Maroon 5 26
Ariana Grande 23
Bruno Mars 23
Katy Perry 23
Cardi B 23
Selena Gomez 22
Lil Wayne 21
Lady Gaga 21
2 Chainz 21
XXXTentacion 20
Lil Uzi Vert 20
Ludacris 20
Billie Eilish 19
Jason Aldean 19
Keith Urban 19
Tim McGraw 19
A Boogie 19
Michael Jackson 18
Eric Church 18
21 Savage 17
Ed Sheeran 17
Halsey 17
Kenny Chesney 17
Bruno Mars 16
Mariah Carey 16
Whitney Houston 16
Usher 16
Florida Georgia Line 16
Panic At The Disco 16
Jay-Z 15
Demi Lovato 15
Thomas Rhett 15
Dierks Bentley 15
Calvin Harris 15
Imagine Dragons 15
ASAP Rocky 15
Beyoncé 14
Sam Smith 14
Polo G 14
Chris Young 14
Twenty One Pilots 14
Ne-Yo 13
Zac Brown 13
Justin Timberlake 12
Lee Brice 12
Miranda Lambert 12
Queen 12
Shawn Mendes 11
Linkin Park 11
R. Kelly 11
Flo Rida 11
Camila Cabello 11
T.I. 11
Train 10
Akon 10
Billy Currington 10
Kane Brown 10
Fall Out Boy 10
Destiny's Child 10

Most Diamond

This table tracks artists with some number of singles that have received at least 2 Diamond certifications.

Bruno Mars 5
Justin Bieber 3
Eminem 3
Ed Sheeran 3
Imagine Dragons 3
Katy Perry 3
Cardi B 3
Post Malone 3
Lady Gaga 2

Note: The RIAA provides the Detailed List of Artists with Most Singles Certified Units

RIAA Diamond certifications

Diamond (10+ million) certified albums and singles [34]

Year of releaseArtist(s)TitleLabel(s)CertificationYear of certificationRelease type
1976 Eagles Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) Rhino 38× Platinum2018Album (greatest hits)
1982 Michael Jackson Thriller Epic 34× Platinum2021Album
1976 Eagles Hotel California Rhino 26× Platinum2018Album
1980 AC/DC Back in Black Columbia 25× Platinum2019Album
1971 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV Atlantic 24× Platinum2021Album
1968 The Beatles The Beatles Apple 24× Platinum2019Album
1985 Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II Columbia 23× Platinum2011Album (greatest hits)
1979 Pink Floyd The Wall Columbia 23× Platinum1999Album
1998 Garth Brooks Double Live Capitol Nashville 21× Platinum2006Album (live album)
1994 Hootie & the Blowfish Cracked Rear View Rhino 21× Platinum2018Album
1977 Fleetwood Mac Rumours Warner Bros. 20× Platinum2014Album
1997 Shania Twain Come On Over Mercury Nashville 20× Platinum2004Album
1990 Garth Brooks No Fences Pearl18× Platinum2020Album
1987 Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction Geffen 18× Platinum2008Album
1992 Whitney Houston The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album RCA 18× Platinum2017Album (soundtrack)
1976 Boston Boston Epic 17× Platinum2003Album
1974 Elton John Greatest Hits Island 17× Platinum2016Album (greatest hits)
1973 The Beatles 1967-1970 EMI 17× Platinum2010Album (greatest hits)
1995 Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill Maverick 16× Platinum1998Album
1977 Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track Capitol 16× Platinum2017Album (soundtrack)
1975 Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Swan Song 16× Platinum2006Album
1991 Metallica Metallica Atlantic/Elektra 16× Platinum2012Album
1984 Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend Island 15× Platinum2014Album (compilation)
1984 Bruce Springsteen Born in the U.S.A. Columbia 15× Platinum1995Album
1988 Journey Greatest Hits Columbia 15× Platinum2011Album (greatest hits)
2019 Lil Nas X "Old Town Road" (Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus) Columbia 15× Platinum2021Single
1973 Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Harvest 15× Platinum1998Album
1999 Santana Supernatural Arista 15× Platinum2003Album
1978 Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-78 Capitol 15× Platinum2021Album (greatest hits)
1973 The Beatles 1962-1966 Apple 15× Platinum2001Album (greatest hits)
2011 Adele 21 Columbia 14× Platinum2016Album
1997 Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys Jive 14× Platinum2001Album
1999 Britney Spears ...Baby One More Time Jive 14× Platinum2004Album
1991 Garth Brooks Ropin' the Wind Capitol 14× Platinum1998Album
2011 Gotye "Somebody That I Used to Know" (Featuring Kimbra) Republic 14× Platinum2021Single
2012 Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" Interscope/KIDinaKORNER 14× Platinum2021Single
1977 Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell Epic 14× Platinum2001Album
1972 Simon & Garfunkel Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits Columbia 14× Platinum2003Album (greatest hits)
2016 The Chainsmokers "Closer" Columbia 14× Platinum2021Single
1999 Backstreet Boys Millennium Jive 13× Platinum2001Album
1986 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live/1975–85 Columbia 13× Platinum1999Album (live album)
2010 Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" Atlantic 13× Platinum2021Single
1971 Carole King Tapestry Ode 13× Platinum2021Album
2013 John Legend "All of Me" Columbia 13× Platinum2020Single
2017 Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee "Despacito" Universal Music Latino/Republic 13× Platinum2020Single
1991 Pearl Jam Ten Epic 13× Platinum2009Album
1984 Prince and The Revolution Purple Rain Warner Bros. 13× Platinum1996Album
1998 The Chicks Wide Open Spaces Monument 13× Platinum2020Album
1985 Whitney Houston Whitney Houston Arista 13× Platinum1999Album
1980 Aerosmith Aerosmith's Greatest Hits Columbia 12× Platinum2021Album (greatest hits)
1986 Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Mercury 12× Platinum1995Album
1994 Boyz II Men II Motown 12× Platinum1996Album
1996 Celine Dion Falling Into You 550 Music 12× Platinum2021Album
1987 Def Leppard Hysteria Mercury 12× Platinum1998Album
2014 Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" Atlantic 12× Platinum2019Single
2011 Eminem "Love the Way You Lie" (Featuring Rihanna) Shady/Aftermath/Interscope 12× Platinum2018Single
1995 Jewel Pieces of You Atlantic 12× Platinum2006Album
2010 Justin Bieber "Baby" (Featuring Ludacris) Island/Def Jam 12× Platinum2013Single
2010 Katy Perry "Firework" Capitol 12× Platinum2020Single
1992 Kenny G Breathless Arista 12× Platinum1998Album
1980 Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits Liberty 12× Platinum1997Album (greatest hits)
1969 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II Atlantic 12× Platinum1999Album
2000 Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Warner Bros. 12× Platinum2020Album
1996 Matchbox Twenty Yourself or Someone Like You Atlantic 12× Platinum2001Album
2002 Norah Jones Come Away With Me Blue Note 12× Platinum2021Album
1985 Phil Collins No Jacket Required Atlantic 12× Platinum2001Album
1995 Shania Twain The Woman in Me Mercury Nashville 12× Platinum2000Album
1994 Soundtrack Forrest Gump Epic 12× Platinum2000Album (soundtrack)
1969 The Beatles Abbey Road Apple 12× Platinum2001Album
1971 The Rolling Stones Hot Rocks 1964-1971 London 12× Platinum2002Album (greatest hits)
1994 TLC CrazySexyCool LaFace 12× Platinum2019Album
1993 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits Interscope 12× Platinum2015Album (greatest hits)
2015 Adele 25 Columbia/XL 11× Platinum2017Album
2017 Bebe Rexha "Meant to Be" (Featuring Florida Georgia Line) Warner Bros. 11× Platinum2021Single
2012 Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man" Elektra 11× Platinum2021Single
1999 Creed Human Clay Wind-up 11× Platinum2004Album
2018 Drake "God's Plan" Young Money/Cash Money/Republic 11× Platinum2019Single
1982 Eagles Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 2 Asylum 11× Platinum2002Album (greatest hits)
1997 Elton John "Candle in the Wind 1997"/"Something About the Way You Look Tonight" Rocket 11× Platinum1997Single
2012 Florida Georgia Line "Cruise"BMX11× Platinum2018Single
1976 James Taylor Greatest Hits Warner Bros. 11× Platinum1996Album (greatest hits)
2013 Katy Perry "Dark Horse" Capitol 11× Platinum2018Single
1998 Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause Lava 11× Platinum2003Album
2009 Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" Streamline/Interscope 11× Platinum2015Single
1973 Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Atlantic 11× Platinum1999Album
2014 Mark Ronson "UpTown Funk!" (Featuring Bruno Mars) RCA 11× Platinum2016Single
2014 Maroon 5 "Sugar" Interscope 11× Platinum2022Single
1987 Michael Jackson Bad Epic/Legacy 11× Platinum2021Album
2000 NSYNC No Strings Attached Jive 11× Platinum2001Album
1997 Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death Bad Boy/Rhino 11× Platinum2000Album
2003 Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below So So Def 11× Platinum2006Album
2013 Pharrell Williams "Happy" Columbia 11× Platinum2020Single
2016 Pinkfong "Baby Shark" Pinkfong 11× Platinum2020Single
2016 Post Malone "Congratulations" (Featuring Quavo) Republic 11× Platinum2021Single
2018 Post Malone & Swae Lee "Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)" Republic 11× Platinum2020Single
2002 Shania Twain Up! Mercury Nashville 11× Platinum2004Album
1987 Soundtrack Dirty Dancing RCA 11× Platinum1994Album (soundtrack)
1997 Soundtrack Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture Sony Classical 11× Platinum2000Album (soundtrack)
1967 The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Capitol 11× Platinum1997Album
2000 The Beatles 1 Capitol 11× Platinum2010Album (greatest hits)
1999 The Chicks Fly Monument 11× Platinum2020Album
2015 The Weeknd "The Hills" Republic/XO 11× Platinum2020Single
2015 Wiz Khalifa "See You Again" (Featuring Charlie Puth) Atlantic 11× Platinum2019Single
1998 2Pac Greatest Hits Interscope 10× Platinum2011Album (greatest hits)
1996 2Pac All Eyez On Me Death Row/Interscope 10× Platinum2014Album
2010 Awolnation "Sail" Red Bull 10× Platinum2021Single
1986 Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill Def Jam 10× Platinum2015Album
1977 Billy Joel The Stranger Columbia 10× Platinum2003Album
1994 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Greatest Hits Capitol 10× Platinum2017Album (greatest hits)
2000 Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again Jive 10× Platinum2005Album
2010 Bruno Mars "Grenade" Elektra 10× Platinum2020Single
2016 Bruno Mars "That's What I Like" Atlantic 10× Platinum2021Single
2017 Camila Cabello "Havana" (Featuring Young Thug) Epic 10× Platinum2021Single
2017 Cardi B "Bodak Yellow" Atlantic/KSR10× Platinum2021Single
2018 Cardi B "I Like It" (Featuring J Balvin & Bad Bunny) Atlantic/KSR10× Platinum2021Single
2012 Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" Schoolboy/Interscope 10× Platinum2016Single
1997 Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love 550 Music/Epic 10× Platinum1999Album
2015 Chris Stapleton "Tennessee Whiskey" Mercury Nashville 10× Platinum2021Single
1985 Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits Fantasy 10× Platinum2016Album (greatest hits)
1983 Def Leppard Pyromania Mercury 10× Platinum2004Album
1976 Doobie Brothers Best of The Doobies Warner Bros. 10× Platinum1996Album (greatest hits)
2017 Ed Sheeran "Shape of You" Atlantic 10× Platinum2019Single
2017 Ed Sheeran "Perfect" Atlantic 10× Platinum2019Single
1970 Elvis Presley Elvis' Christmas Album RCA Camden/Pickwick 10× Platinum2011Album
2000 Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP Aftermath/Interscope 10× Platinum2011Album
2002 Eminem The Eminem Show Aftermath/Interscope 10× Platinum2011Album
2010 Eminem "Not Afraid" Shady/Aftermath/Interscope 10× Platinum2014Single
2002 Eminem "Lose Yourself" Shady/Aftermath/Interscope 10× Platinum2018Single
1992 Eric Clapton Unplugged Reprise 10× Platinum1996Album (live album)
2014 Fetty Wap "Trap Queen" 300/RGF10× Platinum2019Single
2007 Flo Rida "Low" (Featuring T-Pain) Atlantic 10× Platinum2021Single
2011 Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks" Columbia 10× Platinum2020Single
2011 fun. "We Are Young" (Featuring Janelle Monáe) Fueled by Ramen 10× Platinum2019Single
2020 Future "Life Is Good" (Featuring Drake) Epic/Freebandz 10× Platinum2021Single
2007 Garth Brooks The Ultimate Hits Pearl10× Platinum2016Album (greatest hits)
1997 Garth Brooks Sevens Capitol Nashville 10× Platinum2006Album
1989 Garth Brooks Garth Brooks Capitol 10× Platinum2006Album
1994 Garth Brooks The Hits Liberty 10× Platinum1998Album (greatest hits)
1993 Garth Brooks In Pieces Pearl10× Platinum2020Album
1992 Garth Brooks The Chase Pearl10× Platinum2020Album
1987 George Michael Faith Columbia 10× Platinum1996Album
1994 Green Day Dookie Reprise 10× Platinum1999Album
1990 Hammer Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em Capitol 10× Platinum1991Album
2012 Imagine Dragons "Demons" Interscope/KIDinaKORNER 10× Platinum2021Single
2017 Imagine Dragons "Believer" Interscope/KIDinaKORNER 10× Platinum2021Single
2008 Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" Atlantic 10× Platinum2019Single
1981 Journey Escape Columbia 10× Platinum2021Album
2015 Justin Bieber "Sorry" Def Jam 10× Platinum2021Single
2007 Kanye West "Stronger" G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam 10× Platinum2021Single
2013 Katy Perry "Roar" Capitol 10× Platinum2017Single
2008 Lady Gaga "Poker Face" Streamline/Interscope 10× Platinum2015Single
1998 Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Ruffhouse/Columbia 10× Platinum2021Album
1990 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Atlantic 10× Platinum2006Album (boxed set)
1983 Lionel Richie Can't Slow Down Motown 10× Platinum1985Album
2011 LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem" Interscope/Geffen/A&M 10× Platinum2018Single
2013 Lorde "Royals" Republic 10× Platinum2017Single
2012 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Thrift Shop" (Featuring Wanz)Macklemore, LLC10× Platinum2015Single
1984 Madonna Like a Virgin Sire 10× Platinum1998Album
1990 Madonna The Immaculate Collection Sire 10× Platinum2001Album (greatest hits)
2015 Major Lazer "Lean On" (Featuring & DJ Snake) Mad Decent 10× Platinum2021Single
1995 Mariah Carey Daydream Columbia 10× Platinum1998Album
1993 Mariah Carey Music Box Columbia 10× Platinum1997Album
2003 Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Columbia 10× Platinum2021Single
2011 Maroon 5 "Moves like Jagger" (Featuring Christina Aguilera) A&M Octone 10× Platinum2021Single
2018 Maroon 5 "Girls Like You" (Featuring Cardi B) Interscope 10× Platinum2021Single
2014 Meghan Trainor "All About That Bass" Epic 10× Platinum2018Single
2009 Miley Cyrus "Party in the U.S.A." Hollywood 10× Platinum2020Single
1998 NSYNC *NSYNC RCA 10× Platinum2000Album
2000 Nelly Country Grammar Republic 10× Platinum2016Album
2005 Nickelback All the Right Reasons Roadrunner 10× Platinum2017Album
2011 Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" Cash Money/Republic 10× Platinum2021Single
1991 Nirvana Nevermind DGC 10× Platinum1999Album
1995 No Doubt Tragic Kingdom Trauma/Interscope 10× Platinum1999Album
2013 OneRepublic "Counting Stars" Mosley/Interscope 10× Platinum2018Single
1967 Patsy Cline Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits MCA 10× Platinum2005Album (greatest hits)
2017 Post Malone "Rockstar" (Featuring 21 Savage) Republic 10× Platinum2020Single
1975 Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" Hollywood 10× Platinum2021Single
1980 R.E.O. Speedwagon Hi Infidelity Epic/Legacy 10× Platinum2017Album
2013 Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" Star Trak/Interscope 10× Platinum2018Single
2019 Roddy Ricch "The Box" Atlantic/Bird Vision10× Platinum2021Single
2014 Sam Smith "Stay with Me" Capitol 10× Platinum2020Single
1995 Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Virgin 10× Platinum2012Album
1994 Soundtrack The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Disneyland 10× Platinum1995Album (soundtrack)
1976 Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life Motown 10× Platinum2005Album
2008 Taylor Swift Fearless Big Machine 10× Platinum2017Album
2014 Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" Big Machine 10× Platinum2020Single
2009 The Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" Interscope/Geffen/A&M 10× Platinum2018Single
1985 The Doors The Best of The Doors Elektra 10× Platinum2007Album (greatest hits)
2009 Train "Hey, Soul Sister" Columbia 10× Platinum2021Single
2018 Travis Scott "Sicko Mode" Cactus Jack/Epic/Grand Hustle 10× Platinum2020Single
1987 U2 The Joshua Tree Island 10× Platinum1995Album
2015 Twenty One Pilots "Stressed Out" Fueled by Ramen 10× Platinum2021Single
2004 Usher Confessions So So Def 10× Platinum2008Album
1978 Van Halen Van Halen Warner Bros. 10× Platinum1996Album
1984 Van Halen 1984 (MCMLXXXIV) Warner Bros. 10× Platinum1999Album
1987 Whitney Houston Whitney Arista 10× Platinum2020Album
1992 Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" Arista 10× Platinum2022Single
2018 XXXTentacion "Sad!"Bad Vibes Forever10× Platinum2021Single
1983 ZZ Top Eliminator Warner Bros. 10× Platinum1996Album

RIAA Diamante Latin certifications

Diamante certified Latin albums and singles (1+ million for Latin albums certified before December 2013 and 600,000+ for Latin albums and singles certified after December 2013) [21]

Year of releaseArtist(s)TitleLabel(s)CertificationYear of certificationRelease type
2018Nio Garcia, Casper Magico, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Darell & Nicky Jam "Te Boté (Remix)"Flow La Movie, Inc./Glad Empire80× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 J Balvin & Willy William "Mi Gente" (Featuring Beyoncé) Universal Music Latino 68× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
1995 Selena Dreaming of You Universal Music Latino 59× Platinum (Latin)2017Album
2017 Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee "Despacito" Universal Music Latino/El Cartel 55× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
2018 Bad Bunny "Mia" (Featuring Drake) OVO Sound/Warner Bros. 50× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 Becky G & Bad Bunny "Mayores" Sony Music Latin 46× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 Maluma "Felices los 4" Sony Music Latin 44× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2018 Daddy Yankee "Dura" Universal Music Latino/El Cartel 43× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2019 Karol G & Nicki Minaj "Tusa" Universal Music Latino 41× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2019 Daddy Yankee "Con Calma" (Featuring Snow) Universal Music Latino/El Cartel 41× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2018 Becky G & Natti Natasha "Sin Pijama" Sony Music Latin 38× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
1994 Selena Amor Prohibido Universal Music Latino 36× Platinum (Latin)2017Album
2018 Nicky Jam & J Balvin "X" Sony Music Latin 35× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2019 Sech & Darell"Otro Trago" Rich Music 35× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2005 Shakira "La Tortura" Epic 32× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2013 Prince Royce "Darte un Beso" Sony Music Latin 31× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2019 Bad Bunny "Vete"Rimas27× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2016 Carlos Vives & Shakira "La Bicicleta" Sony Music Latin 27× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2015 Nicky Jam "El Perdón" Sony Music Latin 27× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
2010 Prince Royce "Corazón Sin Cara" Sony Music Latin 26× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2018 Pedro Capó & Farruko "Calma (Remix)" Sony Music Latin 25× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2020 Bad Bunny "Yo Perreo Sola"Rimas24× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2020 Bad Bunny YHLQMDLG Rimas24× Platinum (Latin)2021Album
2016 Daddy Yankee "Shaky Shaky" Universal Music Latino/El Cartel 23× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2019 Luis Fonsi Vida Universal Music Latino 22× Platinum (Latin)2019Album
2016 Nicky Jam "Hasta el Amanecer" Sony Music Latin 22× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
2020 Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy & Ñengo Flow "Safaera"Rimas21× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2017 Christian Nodal "Adiós Amor" Fonovisa 21× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2017 Ozuna "Se Preparó" VP 21× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2018 Reik "Me niego" (Featuring Ozuna & Wisin) Sony Music Latin 21× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2019Jhay Cortez, Bad Bunny & J Balvin "No Me Conoce (Remix)" Universal Music Latino 20× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
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2019 Rauw Alejandro & Farruko "Fantasías"Duars Entertainment19× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2011 Romeo Santos "Promise" (Featuring Usher) Sony Music Latin 19× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
2004 Juanes Mi Sangre Universal Music Latino 18× Platinum (Latin)2019Album
2002 Selena Ones Universal Music Latino 18× Platinum (Latin)2017Album (greatest hits)
2018 Bad Bunny "Solo de Mí"Rimas17× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2020 Bad Bunny "Si Veo a Tu Mamá"Rimas17× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2017 Daddy Yankee "La Rompe Corazones" Universal Music Latino/El Cartel 17× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2017 Carlos Vives & Sebastián Yatra "Robarte un Beso" Sony Music Latin 16× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2018 Farruko "Krippy Kush" Sony Music Latin 16× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
1993 Gloria Estefan Mi Tierra Epic 16× Platinum (Latin)2000Album
2013 Marc Anthony "Vivir Mi Vida" Sony Music Latin 16× Platinum (Latin)2015Single
2020Nio García, Brray, Juanka, Myke Towers & Anuel AA "La Jeepeta (Remix)"Flow La Movie/Glad Empire16× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 Ozuna Odisea VP/New Masters16× Platinum (Latin)2020Album
2016 Shakira "Chantaje" (Featuring Maluma) Sony Music Latin 16× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
2020 Bad Bunny & Sech "Ignorantes"Rimas15× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2020 Bad Bunny "La Difícil"Rimas15× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2016 Chino & Nacho "Andas en Mi Cabeza" Universal Music Latino 15× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2020 J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny & Tainy "Un Dia (One Day)" Universal Music Latino 15× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2020 Karol G "Ay, Dios Mio!" Universal Music Latino 15× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 Natti Natasha & Ozuna "Criminal" Pina 15× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2017 Prince Royce & Shakira "Deja Vu" Sony Music Latin 15× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2015 Ricky Martin "La Mordidita" (Featuring Yotuel) Sony Music Latin 15× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2021Gera MX & Christian Nodal "Botella tras botella" Virgin Music Mexico 14× Platinum (Latin)2022Single
2020Lenin Ramirez"Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo (En Vivo)" (Featuring Grupo Firme) DEL 14× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2020 Maluma "Hawái" Sony Music Latin 14× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
1990 Ottmar Liebert Nouveau Flamenco Higher Octave 14× Platinum (Latin)2002Album
2018 Raymix "Oye Mujer"Aftercluv14× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2016 Reik "Ya Me Enteré" Sony Music Latin 14× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2018 Thalía & Natti Natasha "No Me Acuerdo" Sony Music Latin 14× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2015 Yandel "Encantadora" Sony Music Latin 14× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2018 Anuel AA & Haze"Amanece"House Of Haze/Cinq13× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2017 Danny Ocean "Me Rehúso" Warner Music Latina 13× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2013 Marc Anthony 3.0 Sony Music Latin 13× Platinum (Latin)2021Album
2019 Myke Towers, Farruko, Arcángel, Zion & Sech "Si Se Da (Remix)"One World Music/Casablanca/Glad Empire13× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 Nicky Jam "El Amante" Sony Music Latin 13× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
2017 Ozuna "Siguelo Bailando" VP 13× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2014 Romeo Santos "Odio" (Featuring Drake) Sony Music Latin 13× Platinum (Latin)2017Single
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2016 Bad Bunny "Soy Peor"Rimas/Hear This Music11× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
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2021 Karol G KG0516 Universal Music Latino 11× Platinum (Latin)2021Album
2021 Karol G & Mariah Angeliq "El Makinon" Universal Music Latino 11× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
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2019 Maluma "HP" Sony Music Latin 11× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2018 Mau y Ricky, Manuel Turizo & Camilo "Desconocidos" Sony Music Latin 11× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
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2017 Romeo Santos Golden Sony Music Latin 11× Platinum (Latin)2020Album
2005 Shakira Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 Epic 11× Platinum (Latin)2009Album
2019 Anuel AA & Karol G "Secreto" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2019 Aventura "Inmortal" Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
2018 Bad Bunny X 100pre Rimas10× Platinum (Latin)2019Album
2019 Camilo & Pedro Capó "Tutu" Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
1996 Charlie Zaa Sentimientos Sonolux10× Platinum (Latin)2012Album
2017 Daddy Yankee "Vuelve" Universal Music Latino/El Cartel 10× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2015 J Balvin "Ginza" Capitol Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2016Single
2014 J Balvin "Ay Vamos" Capitol Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2015Single
2013 J Balvin "6 AM" (Featuring Farruko) Capitol Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2015Single
2020 Jhay Cortez, Anuel AA & J Balvin "Medusa" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2017 Karol G "Ahora Me Llama" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2018 Karol G "Mi Cama" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2018 Karol G & Anuel AA "Culpables" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2018 Maluma F.A.M.E. Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2020Album
1997 Maná Sueños Líquidos WEA Latina 10× Platinum (Latin)2000Album
2017 Nacho "Báilame" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2018Single
2010 Prince Royce Prince Royce Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2020Album
2010 Prince Royce "El Amor Que Perdimos" Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2021Single
2016 Sebastián Yatra "Traicionera" Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2019Single
2020 Sech "Relación" Rich Music 10× Platinum (Latin)2020Single
1998 Selena Anthology Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2017Album (greatest hits)
1999 Selena All My Hits: Todos Mis Exitos Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2017Album (greatest hits)
1992 Selena Entre a Mi Mundo Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2017Album
1993 Selena Mis Mejores Canciones: 17 Super Exitos Universal Music Latino 10× Platinum (Latin)2017Album (greatest hits)
2010 Shakira Sale El Sol Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2018Album
2017 Shakira El Dorado Sony Music Latin 10× Platinum (Latin)2018Album

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Music recording certification System of certifying that a music recording has shipped, sold, or streamed a certain number of units

Music recording certification is a system of certifying that a music recording has shipped, sold, or streamed a certain number of units. The threshold quantity varies by type and by nation or territory.

A remix album is an album consisting of remixes or rerecorded versions of an artist's earlier released material. The first act who employed the format was American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson. As of 2020, the best-selling remix album of all time is Michael Jackson's Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix (1997).

<i>The Ego Has Landed</i> 1999 studio album (compilation) by Robbie Williams

The Ego Has Landed is a compilation album by English singer Robbie Williams. After the success of Williams around the world, especially in Europe, Williams was signed to Capitol Records in the United States, which was a part of EMI at the time. The album was released in May 1999 in the United States and Canada, and later issued worldwide. All tracks were previously released on Williams' first two albums, Life thru a Lens (1997) and I've Been Expecting You (1998).

The Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana (FIMI) is an umbrella organisation that keeps track of virtually all aspects of the music recording industry in Italy. It was established in 1992, when major corporate labels left the previously existing Associazione dei Fonografici Italiani (AFI). During the following years, most of the remaining Italian record labels left AFI to join the new organisation. As of 2011, FIMI represents 2,500 companies operating in the music business.

Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers

The Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers is an Argentine organization member of the IFPI, which represents the music industry in the country. It is a nonprofit organization integrated by multinational and independent record labels.

<i>Amar es Combatir</i> 2006 studio album by Maná

Amar Es Combatir is the seventh studio album released by the Mexican Latin pop/Rock en Español band Maná. The album, which was released on August 22, 2006, became the band's first release in four years.

Paulina Rubio discography

Mexican singer-songwriter Paulina Rubio has released eleven studio albums, fifteen compilation albums, 62 singles, ten promotional singles, and has made some eleven guest appearances. In 1992, Rubio signed a recording contract with record label Capitol Latin in order to launch her career as a solo artist, after recording ten albums with Timbiriche between 1982 and 1990.

Top Latin Albums is a record chart published by Billboard magazine and is labeled as the most important music chart for Spanish language, full-length albums in the American music market. Like all Billboard album charts, the chart is based on sales. Nielsen SoundScan compiles the sales data from merchants representing more than 90 percent of the U.S. music retail market. The sample includes sales at music stores, the music departments of electronics and department stores, direct-to-consumer transactions, and Internet sales of physical albums or digital downloads. A limited array of verifiable sales from concert venues is also tabulated. To rank on this chart, an album must have 51% or more of its content recorded in Spanish. Listings of Top Latin Albums are also shown on Telemundo's music page through a partnership between the two companies. Before this, the first chart regarding Latin music albums in the magazine was published on the issue dated December 30, 1972. Then, all Latin music information was featured on the Latin Pop Albums chart, which began on June 29, 1985, and is still running along with the Regional Mexican Albums and Tropical Albums chart. The Latin Pop Albums chart features music only from the pop genre, while the Regional Mexican Albums chart includes information from different genres like duranguense, norteño, banda and mariachi, and the Tropical Albums includes different genres particularly salsa, merengue, bachata, and cumbia. In 2005, another chart; Latin Rhythm Albums was introduced in response to growing number of airplays from reggaeton. On the week ending January 31, 2017, Billboard updated the methodology to compile the Top Latin Albums chart into a multi-metric methodology to include track equivalent album units and streaming equivalent albums units.

Recording Industry Association of America Trade organization representing the recording industry in the U.S.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is a trade organization that represents the recording industry in the United States. Its members consist of record labels and distributors that the RIAA says "create, manufacture, and/or distribute approximately 85% of all legally sold recorded music in the United States". RIAA is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Regional Mexican Albums is a genre-specific record chart published weekly by Billboard magazine in the United States. The chart was established in June 1985 and originally listed the top twenty-five best-selling albums of mariachi, tejano, norteño, banda and duranguense, which are all sub genres of regional Mexican music. The genre is considered by musicologist as being "the biggest-selling Latin music genre in the United States", and represented the fastest ever growing Latin genre in the United States after tejano music entered the mainstream market during its 1990s golden age. Originally, Billboard based their methodology on sales surveys it sent out to record stores across the United States and by 1991 began monitoring point-of-sales compiled from Nielsen Soundscan. Musicologist and critics have since criticized the sales data compiled from Nielsen, finding that the company only provides sales from larger music chains than from small shops that specialized in Latin music—where the majority of Latin music sales are generated. The magazine decided to rank Latin music recordings in August 1970 under the title Hot Latin LPs, which only ranked the best-selling Latin albums in Los Angeles (Pop) and the East Coast (Salsa). Before the chart's inception, musicians' only chart success was the Texas Latin LPs section where regional Mexican music was more prominent. Beginning in November 1993, Billboard lowered the rankings from twenty-five to fifteen positions on its Latin genre-specific charts, while the Top Latin Albums expanded to fifty titles. From July 2001 until April 2005, the chart increased to twenty titles and then lowered back to fifteen titles. Since 2009, the Regional Mexican Albums chart list the top twenty best-selling albums determined by sales data compiled from Neilsen Soundscan.

Pro-Música Brasil Brazilian music industry association

Pro-Música Brasil (PMB), previously Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos (ABPD), is an official representative body of the record labels in the Brazilian phonographic market.

Tropical Albums is a record chart published by Billboard magazine. Established in June 1985, the chart compiles information about the top-selling albums in genres like salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, and vallenato, which are frequently considered tropical music. The chart features only full-length albums and, like all Billboard album charts, is based on sales. The information is compiled by Nielsen SoundScan from a sample representing more than 90% of the U.S. music retail market, including not only music stores and music departments at electronics and department stores but also direct-to-consumer transactions and Internet sales. A limited number of verifiable sales at concert venues is also tabulated. Innovations by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico was the first album to reach number-one in the chart. Up until May 21, 2005, reggaeton albums appeared on the chart. After the installation of the Latin Rhythm Albums chart, reggaeton titles could no longer appear on the Tropical Albums chart. By removing reggaeton albums from the Tropical Albums chart, it opened slots for re-entries and debuts. American bachata group Aventura claimed the top spot on the Tropical Albums chart, which marked the first time since the issue dated November 6, 2004 that an reggaeton album was not at the number-one spot.

<i>Up All Night: The Live Tour</i> 2012 video by One Direction

Up All Night: The Live Tour is a video album documenting the 3 January 2012 show of English-Irish boy band One Direction's Up All Night Tour. It was released on 28 May 2012 by Syco Music. Filmed at the International Centre in the British city of Bournemouth, the 73-minute recording was directed by Andy Saunders and produced by Saunders and Tom Bairstaw. Up All Night: The Live Tour features concert footage and backstage content.

This is a list of notable events in Latin music that took place in 2000.

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2021 in Latin music Overview of the events of 2021 in Latin music

The following is a list of events and new music that happened or are expected to happen in 2021 in the Latin music industry. Latin regions include Ibero-America, Spain, Portugal, and the United States.


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