Thorpdale railway line

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TypeVictorian Railways passenger service
Opened8 May 1888 [1]
Closed4 December 1958 [1]
Line length18 km (11 mi)
Number of tracks Single

The Thorpdale railway line, which ran from Moe to Thorpdale, is a closed railway line in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. [2]


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Distances from Southern Cross station shown.

Thorpdale railway line
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Gippsland line at Moe station
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136.08 km
BSicon exHST.svg
138.51 km
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142.16 km
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148.23 km

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William Anderson Moncur was an Australian politician.

The Cobram railway line was a short branch of the Tocumwal line in the north-eastern region of the Victorian railway network.


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